1964-06-29 - Bourbon at noon is never a good idea.
Summary: Lorna comes to Remy's room. This is never a good idea.
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Lorna came down the hall with a wandering gait, and a brown paper bag held in her grip. Green hair flounced with each step as she came to a halt before Remy's door and knocked. Gone were the short shorts for the moment, and back to her light weight summer dress of soft teal. Her feet clad in flip flops she waited a beat, "Hey Remy, it's me. I brought a gift for Oliver." She called, casting a glance down that hall at the voice of a few of the younger students playing on the stairs with a slinky.

The door opens slowly as Remy looks to be recovering from a drinking spell. By drinking. A bottle is in his other hand as the door opens and he nods to her. "Dat a fact? Lil ole Ollie sure be happy 'bout dat, for certain." He's wearing a pair of jeans. He leaves the door open and heads back towards his bed where he reclines. The black and white cat is milling about, especially when he notices a visitor at the door. He walks towards it questioningly as Lorna stands at the door. He must have been sleeping because he has some difficulty opening his eyes.

Lorna grinned as she entered, shutting the door behind her with a wave of her hand as she promptly settled on the floor beside the bleary eyed kitten. The paper bag crinkled as she opened it, and several cat toys spilled out of it. A coo and she was running her hands over the kitten's head before she reached for one of the toys and started to dangle it in front of him.

"Isn't it a bit early to be into the booze?" She hooked a brow upwards, "I mean, it's hardly even afternoon."

"Well dat all a question of relativity, non?" Remy says as he lounges with the bottle at his side. "S'drinkin' time somewhere," he adds. Meanwhile, the kitty seems rather interested in the toy, batting at it fiercely and quickly going into hunter mode.

Lorna coo'ed and praised the kitten by equal amounts, letting the little toy mouse be captured by tiny paws and giggling lightly at Oliver. "Oh he's so cute!" She burst out after a moment. Then green eyes flitted back toward Remy where he lounged.

"Doesn't mean it is here." She offered dryly, but there was little judgement in her voice. "So… I have another nephew now. Apparently." She added after a moment. "He's a nice boy."

"Yeah?" Remy says with a slow smile expanding on his face. "Congratulations be in order. What's de little boy's name?" he asks. Oliver goes onto his back and bats at the toys. "You wanna drink?"

Lorna laughed and shook her head, "See, here's where I tell you something and you might be too drunk to take me seriously. Also another reason for someone to run screaming at my family." Still, she gave over the toy to Oliver before she moved to settle on the edge of the bed.

"A sip, but only that." She hooked a green eyebrow upwards.

"So, apparently he's not little, even if he was only 'born' the other day." She muttered and shrugged, "Fully grown. His name is Vic. Or Victor I guess. My sister and her man apparently magicked him up out of thin air. I dunno, or rather, I would prefer to keep not knowing what they were doing."

"Magic?" Remy gets a look on his face and passes her the bourbon as if she's going to need it more than he will. "Back in Nawlins we dealt wit all sorts of black magic and voudon. Best be careful and all dat. Sure yo family must know what dey doin, course."

A laugh followed as she took up the bourbon and took a swig. "I don't think it's black magic, Remy. I mean it's definitely magic, but I think I would know if that's what my sister and her man got up to. I mean, she can rewrite things and so can Billy, my other nephew.. but I don't think that was it this time. It sounded more like Doctor Strange, my sister's man.. was more involved this time." A shrug and she coughed faintly as the bourbon took her by surprise.

"Still, points for still hanging around as friend even knowing how messed up my family is."

"Dey ain't so bad," Remy says with a shrug. "We all got our crazy family stories." Boy does he. Try that time that his ex-fiance put her fist through his ex-wife's head. "Even as it may, havin' a new nephew sure beats not havin one, ah spose. He a nice runt?"

A shrug followed, "Most people think it's too much by half, so you're a bit unique, Remy." She smiled and took another sip of the bourbon. "But yeah he's a nice kid. Met him for dinner. He ate everything on his plate, and even asked for seconds of the cookies I baked. He quite happily called me Auntie Lorna and even helped me with the dishes." She grinned and handed the bottle back to Remy.

"So now I have two nice nephews, and one prankster. Not too bad all in all. I want a niece though. So not fair."

Remy snickers, "Well, if ah end up havin' a lil one someday you can call her your niece till you gets one of y'own." He takes teh bottle and takes a large pull and a moment to refocus. "Soundin' like you got some peace wit yo'family. Magic or no, dat be a good thing."

Loran flopped back on Remy's mattress and shrugged, her hair splayed out behind her. "I'll take that. I get to be the cool auntie though. That means giving her all the candy, and toys she could want. I'll get her hyper on sugar and give her loud toys and then give her back." She laughed and then fell quiet for a long moment as she considered the rest of his words.

"Yeah.. I .. I do." A smile pulled at her lips. "I'm lucky."

Remy makes a face as Lorna discusses all of the ways that she plans on spoiling a child of his, "Well, under dat info'mation, ahm thinkin' it'd be best if ah ain't never have no daughter." He smiles faintly at her and is genuinely happy for her.

Another laugh followed and Lorna reached up to flick a finger at Remy's side. "Oh c'mon! That's what an aunt is supposed to do! I get to be the fun one and then when they cry or get snippy, I hand them back. It's why being an Aunt or Uncle is so much better than being a parent. I get to have a pleasant night's sleep and not have to change diapers." She snickered and trailed off in thought, her brow furrowing.

"Now that I wouldn't want to be a mother some day. I would," She held up her hands and considered them. "I wonder if I had a kid if they'd get my mutation or not." She mused.

Remy laughs and catches her hand after she flicks him. "No way to tell I dun think. Least not before hand. T'be honest, I ain't exactly sure how it all works out genetically. But you make a strong point about bein' diapey free and sleepin' late."

Lorna wiggled her hand as he caught it in his grip. "Well my father had the same mutation as I have, so if it's like having blue eyes or something, then there's a good chance any kids I had would have it too. Of course then there's my sister and her twin Pietro. And then she had twins too, another speedster and her magic." A pause as she considered, her brows shooting upwards.

"Twins run in my family. Oh ew. I don't want twins."

Remy once, he has her hand in his grasp lets it go in a move not unlike when they went fishing. Catch and release. "Twins is a whole lot of diapers, Auntie Lorna. Dat much fo' sho." He takes another swig from his bourbon.

Too happily to play at the amusement of flicking him in his side, Lorna tried it again with an amused lift of her lips as soon as he'd released it. "I guess Wanda got out of it easy by having her kids magically? They showed up fully grown." She blinked, "Though technically she hasn't had the twins yet. So she'll have to deal with it sooner or later." Her head tilted to the side.

"You should've seen my nephew's face though when I told him he was Magneto's grandson. It was rather hilarious."

This time Remy lets the flick pass as if it's no big deal. "She'll have to have de tw…." Remy just shakes his head. "My brain is gettin' turned into jelly wit all of dat stuff. Dun make no sense." He grins at the idea of the nephew learning his lineage, "Did he even know who dat was, given he was born like…yesterday?"

A laugh and Lorna shifted onto her side to watch Remy's reactions a she spoke, "Hey pass the bourbon back over here." She asked after a beat. "And yeah, he knew who Magneto was. My father has been in the newspaper and on TV. Apparently he has memories of stuff that happened.. it's kinda screwy, something magical thing that inhabited.. eh you know, it makes no sense to me. Either way, he knew. And suddenly, he understood my dating troubles!" She grinned and shrugged a shoulder.

"Before that he suggested that I try to find some baseline and just not tell them who my father was for like.. six months."

Like usual, Remy is relaxed. He slides the bottle over a bit so it sits between them. "You worry t'much bout de influence yo poppa has on dese boys you chasin. If dey had half a brain dey would make nice wit him and all would be good."

Lorna picked up the bottle and took another swig, her eyes watering partly as it burned faintly. "See that's the thing, my father has only been nice to them. Heck, my last boyfriend was giving money to the Brotherhood and all my father did was suggest that he meet with Uncle Charlie." She shook her head and propped up her chin before setting the bottle back between them.

"He even cooked dinner when Julian came over. Seriously, apron and everything."

"You really tink dat yo daddy was de reason dat Julian left?" Remy asks raising an eyebrow. "Or was it sometin' different?"

A shrug and a sigh followed, "I don't know." The bottle was taken back up, "But he was around until that dinner. After which he just.." she waved her hand, "Disapeared. Three months of going steady and then he just stopped returning my phone calls. Stopped everything."

Another swig of the bottle was taken and she set it back down.

"He had said I was unlike the other girls he'd .. known.." The lift of her eyebrows as she said the word made the implication clear. "Maybe he ditched me because I wasn't like them after all. He complained about it before."

"Boys will be boys, love. Bad boys will be worse. Ah know dere kind, ya see. Mebbe he got what he wanted outta dat relationship. Mebbe he didn't. Dey will say all sorts of tings t'get what dey want," Remy says as he takes his turn for a swig of bourbon.

A shrug followed, "Well it's just as good that I didn't give into his complaining." She said lightly, it was clear that compared to when she last spoke of the boy, she was much less troubled than she had a few months ago.

"But I just figured it was my family, as I had introduced my father to another guy and he quite literally ran after meeting my father."

"I dun get it," Remy says as he takes another swig. "What was he complainin' bout anyhow?" His eyebrow raises, "Ya seem aiight t'me."

A blush crossed Lorna's cheeks, hot and bright as she reached for the bottle after Remy's swig. "He wanted to be more.. physical." She muttered, glancing at anywhere besides Remy.

"I mean, I didn't do anything, but he wanted that. So he was uhm.. complaining that I was.. er.. wasn't… exactly uhm.." She trailed off and to fill her fumbling admittance, took another sip of from the bottle before replacing it. Her limbs already feeling the warmth and lightness from her last few sips.

"Ain't good to pressure no girl into sometin' she dun wanna do," Remy says with a shrug. "It prolly normal for him t'feel dat way, but whinin' about it dun do no good for no one. Someday y'might look back and be tankful. Good riddance."

Lorna sagged backwards against his mattress and nodded, her blush cooling slowly. "Yeah, I know. I just didn't think much about it. I mean he was my first like.. actual boyfriend. Living in a small town as like the only mutant? I might have dyed my hair, but people knew. No one wanted to date the weirdo." She huffed a breath.

"So maybe it was me, or my father or who knows what. I don't know."

"It doesn't really matter in the long run." She rubbed her face with the back of her hand.

"Well, it seem t'matta a whole lot to you, love. It's all ya talk about," Remy says with a laugh. "First love is always de hardest. It'll get better. Dat for sure." He chuckles a bit more as he looks at her, "Y'got a lot more time yet."

Lorna shifted again onto her side to peer at him. "I do?" She turned red. "Sorry. It's, okay, it's maddening that Wanda has someone, so do my nephews, and my father.. and now even Uncle Charlie. And I just feel like the odd one out." She mumbled, turning her gaze to the bedding and reaching out to pick at a stray thread.

"You know?"

"I do know. Like ah tole ya, I had my own struggles. Dat bein' said, when you are how ah am, y'sorta get what you deserve," Remy says to her with a chuckle. "You'll find yo'self a nice boy. Dis place is full of em."

A snort followed and a twist of her lips into a smile. "Remy, nice boys are terrified of my father." She shook her head, "Or Uncle Charlie just gives them this look and then they back off. Have you ever seen him do that? Cause he totally does it. And Miss Frost has even warned boys away from me. Can you imagine? That's like three people here that tell 'em to stay away. It's like a conspiracy to keep me single forever."

"Ahm tinkin dat if a boyfriend is all you want in de world, it's probably de worst time in de world to have a boyfriend. At yo' age a boy is gunna want one ting. You know dat and ah know dat," Remy admits. "Mebbe dese folks be lookin' out for yo best interest."

A pout followed as she reached for the bottle, "Yeah, obviously." She reached for the bottle again and sipped at it. "It's not all I want in the world, but it would be nice." She sighed and then set the bottle aside afte another small swig. So much for not drinking so early.

"Hey, did I tell you that my father is gonna start teaching me combat ways to use my powers? He decided to start my combat training, formally, next week."

"Ooh," Remy says with a devilish grin. "Dat sound excitin'. Any idea what he gun have ya do? Hopefully you'll be ova yo' hangover by den."

A blink, "Hangover? What?" She hadn't gotten up from the mattress yet, and doubtlessly by now she would feel it if she so much as tried to stand. Then a beat passed and her attention shifted rapidly again.

"I dunno what he'll have me work on. He and Uncle Charlie said that ball bearings are a good idea though. Apparently my father used 'em when he was still expanding his powers. They have a good concentration of iron in them so it makes them easier to manipulate. Also I think nails or screws or something might work in replacement of coins. Better iron content than coins. Then there's less a chance I'll slip up or lose 'em."

"All dis booze you be drinkin' means you gun feel mighty badly after you had a chance t'sleep it off," Remy says with a chuckle. "Ah remember dat you were pretty insistent on de ball bearins. Dere bout a t'ousand jokes ah could make but ah'll spare ya."

"But I don't want a hangover." She whimpered, twisting to bury her features against the bedding. "I had one before, it sucked." Came the muffled addition after a moment, then her head lifted faint to peer at him.

"Reeemy, I don't want to be hung over. How do I make it not happen?" She pleaded, her voice edged in misery. No one had taught little Lorna Dane how to drink properly, it would seem. And then she poked his side again.

"And don't make dirty jokes. I know you can make them."

"Should prolly drink plenty of water before you g't' sleep and when ya wake up I recommend ya get yo'self sometin greasy," Remy says with a chuckle. "And you should polly not get into bed with naughty, half naked mutants, as a rule."

"Water is that it? How much?" She ventured, stifling a yawn behind her hand. "And greasy? Why should I have something greasy?" Her brows furrowed and her nose wrinkled up faintly as she considered him. Then, of course his other chuckled remark registered.

Another blush crawled over her cheeks, and she made a face, sticking her tongue out. "Well it's a good thing I don't know any."

"Watch your tongue, lil lady. Y'never sure where it might end up," Remy says as he reaches for the cap on his bottle and screws it shut. He places it over on the far end and repositions himself with one arm behind his head. "Y'know at least one," he says absently.

As if simply out of spite at the teasing, Lorna stuck her tongue out again and then shifted on the bed to stretch her arms out of her head as she turned onto her back. "I dunno. I always thought that the term naught was subjective." She mused back, a quirk of her lips following. A side long glance followed as she shifted around again onto her side and stifled another yawn.

"But why greasy food? You never told me."

"Because ah said so," Remy says simply as he brings his arm over his eyes and seems fully ready to fall asleep right then and there. He doesn't respond physically to the next time she sticks out her tongue, but his dry voice does ring out a bit though it sounds a bit parched, "Dun say I din warn ya."

Another yawn pulled from Lorna and she shifted to curl up on her side. "Oh." A pause followed and she wrinkled her nose again after a moment, her lips pursing together.

"Warn me about what?" She mumbled, and patted the bedding beside to try to tempt the kitten up beside her. Her flip flops were kicked off the edge as she pillowed her arm under her cheek.

"I dunno," Remy says. "I forget." He slides over onto his side and slides his arm over the waist of her dress in a slightly less than chaste manner as he settles in to go to sleep.

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