1964-06-30 - High in the Sky
Summary: No, not on LSD.
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Soho is full of neat old buildings vacated months or years ago. The place is dangerous by night, though 'danger' is a word based very much on perception. Not too many of the thugs and gangsters in this neck of the woods even rank on Hope's definition of the scary list. In the daytime it just looks run down. Artists are moving in by the bushel for cheap real estate. But it's not /cool/ here. It's not where the nice people go. In the spillover from the village, there's old stalwarts like the Village Vanguard and Cafe Wha? that are in Greenwich. But past them, a few streets up and five stories off the ground, there's a redhead. Her feet swing lightly in the air as she holds a handstand and then rolls into a somersault. Flypaper and tar are piled up where someone hasn't done roofing repairs in years.

Five stories below there was not one, but two of the same person? Different outfits. Twins rather dissimilar, and yet somehow identical walking along. Art was interesting and trouble was at least interesting. One turned to teh other and noted, more in observation than concern for safety, "I'm telling you we are definiately lost. There was sounds of scraping above and out of instinct and need to know the young man stopped and looked up trying to figure out what that was all about. That he heard it might be the odd part. "I think there's a really big bird up there. How big are birds supposed to get in Soho? You think they're keeping one bigone to keep the pigeons away?" And he wasn't usually considered the more inquisitive of teh two. "We might need a big anti-pigeon bird." Or a cat. They could just get a cat too one would suppose.

Squinting and looking up, Kellan looks around and then glances back to Kaleb and says, "Pretty sure that the birds in Soho aren't any unnaturally bigger than anywhere else." He can't see anything up there, but then, it's dark. He slides his hands into his pockets as they stroll along. "Though if you want to get something for the balcony to make sure that giant birds don't get you in the middle of the night…?" He grins slyly over toward Kaleb.

The birds in Soho do not wear jeans. They do not have flaming red plumage for the most part. Cardinals don't really hide out among rusty water towers, anyways, so the point is pretty much moot. The girl on her feet takes four long strides, running up to the rounded edge of the building. She flirts with disaster there, since a fall of that height kills the average person. And she is average. In a roundabout way sort of way.

The leap and lunge has her literally poised on her hands, staring over the edge at the twins down below. Her feet are anchored on the brick, slid apart widely for a brace to pull herself back up. They give her a headache in that weird rattling pressure way, and that means only one thing. "Huh."

Kaleb glanced back to Kellan and away from the rooftop returning the sly grin back at him. "That would require a really big cat. I don't think the balcony's that big." He looked back and-OH GOD THERE'S A LADY THERE! He didn't often get terribly surprised but in this case he took a step back startled, "Don't fall on us we'll get in trouble!" So much for bravery and heroism. But she wasn't falling and there was no meaty splat and things were… alright? ooookay. Kaleb looked to Kellan, or perhaps the other way around and finally he asked, "You really are going to fall if you keep doing that you know. Are you being chased?" Wether that wac concern, interest, or self-interest remained to be seen.

"What if the cat could shrink and grow in size as needed?" Kellan asks, hypothetically. What? It could happen. Stranger things.. He grins and then notices that Kaleb is looking up again. It's clear that Kellan can't hear whatever it is that Kaleb can. But up and up he looks again and it's now that he spots someone way up there and he blinks a little bit. When Kaleb calls up to her, Kellan gives a little wave in greeting, then glances around them to see who else might be nearby, but it seems it's just them on the ground and the girl on the roof.

"This coming from people talking about cats. Shrinking and growing cats." The building has fire escapes on the side, though they've probably not been inspected into thirty years. She could possibly use the bricked in windows for leverage, but that doesn't make for a very good descent. She scoots along sideways, looking for a better vantage point. "You lost or something? Because you look like it." Her nose wrinkles and she ignores the persistent tug on her senses, slipping lower to peer down at them. "I'm fine if I fall. Really."

Kaleb said flatly, "People who discuss economically sized animals aren't often victims of pursuit." She was descending. Kaleb looked to his brother and mouthed 'there are stairs' at him with some confusion. Still the strangeness didn't make him overly concerned so much as curious, "I don't know about fine, but I'm pretty certain you wouldn't be chased anymore." A bit of a grin came to him as a thought occurred to him, "Are you going to rob us?" And a funnier thought occurred to hihim as he pressed his knuckle to his mouth to contain the snicker. Something about this was terribly funny to him. Finally he commented to his brother, "Hey I was right. It was a 'bird'" Oh yeah, clever slang pun. He'd be proud of himself for the next hour. His eyes traveled from Kellan to Hope curious now.

"I'd be curious to know where you came up with that probability," Kellan says to Kaleb with a bit of a smirk and a shake of his head, "I can't come up with any sort of mathematical context in which that can be proven to be accurate." He gives his brother a ruffle, reaching out to muss his hair, then he looks back toward Hope and says, "Nope. This doesn't meet the criteria of being truly lost. 1) You must not know where you are, 2) You must be hungry, 3) You must need to pee, and 4) You must not have any idea in which direction one might proceed to resolve any of those three problems." He can't help but rollll his eyes at the ''bird'' joke and nudges Kaleb in the ribs.

Hope's hands rest underneath her chin for a moment. She is still on her stomach precariously perched on high, and it would be pretty easy for her to slither back or fall on her head. Not likely suicidal, though. Her hand grips the stone and she pushes herself up, walking along the edge back to an ideal spot to make her series of complicated leaps and catches easier. It's not like she has claws to jam into the front of the building like some people. "Then you're haf-lost, maybe. I'm not going to speculate on your bladder." There's a faint smirk on her lips, and she adds, "Robbery? No way. That's too easy." The descent happens a moment later as she basically leaps for the corner of the building where it meets another. Flat-soled running shoes catch the uneven surface and break the speed, allowing her to scramble down the intersection of the two walls. When the cement lip of a windowsill is in reach, grabbing that and directing towards them is a whole lot easier.

Kaleb laughed at the tehcnical correction from his brother asking for his math which was met with a "Shhhh!" math statistics totally not important right now. Kaleb nodded to hope seeming satisfied. "Good. That's a terrible outfit for a burglar." He though about all of the assessment of their sitation and grew quiet. THey might be lost. He was definiately hungry. "I wasn't hungry before you both brought this up." As if it were their design somehow. "Soooo why are you on the roof? " His eyes widened and the back of his hand tapped Kellan like they discovered something awesome. "You a runaway? Like a real one?"

"Well, I figure if we keep heading that way," Kellan nods northward, "We'll eventually get home, or hit Connecticut.. even odds on that one. There are worse fates." Then he grins a little lopsidedly. "Guess we could go and get some food. I've been eating whenever Vic does which means that I am stuffed full most of the time. I think he has a hollow leg." Then he grins over at Hope, curious perhaps why she was up on the roof, himself. When Kaleb starts whacking him like they've discovered a race from an alien planet, he says patiently, "Forgive him. A three star hotel is his idea of roughing it."

Connecticut is kind of a terrible fate, one way or the other. Don't ask Hope about it, though. She bounds off the wall with a foot and somersaults, hitting the ground and stumbling back a few steps. Momentum has to go somewhere. She brushes her hair back from her face, the ponytail not doing much to keep her bangs from covering her eyes. "A what star?" The crackling green of her eyes is intense, and her gaze has a weight to it when she shifts her attention from Kellan - the understandable one - to Kaleb, who is considerably lower on that bar for her. "Good view up there. Why not take advantage of it? No one is gonna bother you like a park." For the Sixties, her clothes are definitely a bit odd. Jeans, yes, but that t-shirt is much more fitted than some would allow. And the shoes are definitely masculine. "I don't know, what do you define a runaway as?"

Kaleb offered to Kellan, "I don't know why there are that many stars. You go below three and you're renting a box with a bed." As if that shouldn't even be thought of as a thing. It was the eyes though that got the tapping on Kellan's sleeve to stop. Huh. "I suppose. Um…" The word 'runaway' in itself was a compound word. He blinked. "Someone who runs. Usually away. I supposed from a something or some… situation. Family generally. Like a hobo but under the age of 20. Junior league hobo?" He tried and seemed to hit a wall as to why he wasn't understood which gave him pause.

At least it isn't Newark. When Hope finally comes down to earth, he lifts his hands and applauds for her acrobatic display, grinning a little bit. "That was pretty cool," he tells her, seemingly impressed. The startling green of her eyes seems to surprise him a little and he studies her curiously, taking in her outfit and then looking back up to her eyes. His clothes consist of jeans and a t-shirt with some running shoes, not looking particularly out of place one way or the other. He looks over at Kaleb and then back to Hope, not sure where this line of questioning is going but he does stop hitting him for the moment.

If anyone's asking, she's major league hobo. Probably worse than that. But the redhead stares at them with the intense, unblinking stare and her teeth work the inside of her cheek, nibbling a little. Only a little, at least. Kellan gets his grin returned in kind. "You seem pretty cool. What, you like slumming it in boxes with beds? Maybe only a couch?" Her hands slide into her back pockets, anchoring there, elbows pointed backwards rather than winging out the sides. Project friendliness. Remember how to be cool. "I guess we're all running from something. Like working, or whatever. I dunno. I just do what I do."

Kaleb was really not the diplomat of the two. Maybe a tad too blunt, or a tad too disconnected. There was something. He watched her and Kellan for a moment letting him answer. Her answer though oddly struck home causing him to look around with a second glance. "Yeah. Suppose so." He had to agree with her there. "You have a name?" His eyes shot back to her for the answer. Yeah he was personable like throwing rocks at the windows of a hospital to get help for someone.

Kellan opens his mouth and then closes it, not entirely sure how to answer that question. When it comes down to it he says, "So anyway.. uh, how'd you learn to do all the flipping and jumping and climbing stuff? That's pretty crazy. I'm Kellan, by the way, and this is Kaleb." He introduces the pair of them when Kaleb asks what her name is. "And we were just kind of wandering, really. No boxes tonight, not unless they're pizza boxes." He then nods down the street and says, "Want to go find something to eat?"

"Hope." The way she says it is quick and clipped. "Nice to meet you, Kellan. Kaleb." Repeating the names makes them stick in memory, and that counts for something. Her hand slides through her ponytail, straightening up the flame bright colours. "Learned the hard way, fall and cut myself if I didn't get it right. It's something I've done for a while, I guess. Not really crazy to me, but I guess it's more exciting than sitting into the park throwing those plastic disks." What the heck is the point of Frisbee? There are fundamental questions for the time displaced.

Kaleb poked the toe of one of his sneakers at the dirt. It was worn it but it didn't look overly worn. "Hope." Greeting, or filing it in memory for later. He had to admit though, "Looks like fun… Mom'd have a fit." This seemed to put the 'sport' in favour with him. Kellan proposed food. He was hungry, and her eyes were really messed up. He smirked and relented to echo teh offer, "Should come grab food with us. Roof doesn't have people but I bet it don't have a soda shop up there either." That might have actually been nice for him in an oblique manner.

Kellan nods his agreement when Kaleb invites Hope to join them for food. "Know anyplace good nearby?" he asks her, wondering prehaps if she'd surveyed anything interesting from her perch up there. Then he looks over at Kaleb and says "YOu should learn," with a grin, more than happy to enable his brother in doing things crazy and death-defying.

"Round here? Probably not that great, it's cheap though. The diners halfway into Greenwich are better, and the pizza places…" There's no distinction between timelines. Someone from the twenty-eighth century probably likes delicious pizza as much as someone born in 1947. She all but smirks at her reaction and then shrugging her shoulders, gestures to the right direction. "Pick your place. I should probably eat. Been a bit and all that working out…" Pretty obvious there. "It's a fun thing to do. Though you learn on flat surfaces a lot lower to the ground, because you probably can't fly."

Food? Kaleb spoke food. He might have opinions on the quality of things, but apparently wasn't stingy about this and warmed a grin, "Should take her to Tony's." As if it was decided. There might be a hundred questions for her about this 'running' thing she was doing but the inference from Kellan that he should learn was not left unanswered. The comment about not being able to fly from he woman withthe electric green eyes gor a grin, "Who says I can't and I'm just being polite?" He stopped and just looked at Kellan with a sigh, "Don't answer that." Because there was no way in Hell's Kitchen that Kaleb was hte polite one of the two. "You'll have to explain this later. First food. Very important."

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