1964-06-30 - Midnight Pizza
Summary: Kellan and Vic go out for pizza.
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It's Vic's idea to come out for pizza. Mario's in Brooklyn is the place to be. Proper Brooklyn pizza by the slice or pie. He holds the door open for Kellan. "I like to come here in the middle of the night sometimes because it's open all hours." The smell of pizza wafts on the air, and Vic groans with anticipation. "I'm still looking for a job, and I swear I will pay you back once it gets off the ground."

"I am all for midnight pizza," Kellan says with a grin as he steps through the door and breathes in the scent of fresh baked dough and cheese. He grins over his shoulder and says, "Seriously, don't worry about it. I mean it, Vic. I can handle it." He gives him a little shoulder nudge then and walks over to look up at the menu. "Do you want to .. " then he pauses, "Okay maybe you need a pie or two of your own.. I'll just get something for me." He laughs. Sharing could be an issue with Vic's appetite.

"I think we could share a big one," Vic says. "And I just don't want to be a mooch. I guess maybe I'll be a kept man." He says this in a very low tone, and he ducks his head with a shy grin. "So what kind of pie do you want? Pepperoni? Cheese? Maybe we could bring one home to eat later. I like it cold if I'm hungry enough." And he does get hungry enough. He comes up to the ordering counter, and he looks at the menu board. "Do you want to split a pitcher of beer? You know, I keep drinking the stuff and I can't seem to even get a buzz."

Kellan grins a little sidelong at the low murmured words and he murmurs back, "You can help buy groeries and stuff when you have a job. You don't need to pay me back for anything now. But then? Sure, you can help out, okay?" Then he considers and says, "I like pretty much everything but hot peppers and sardines." He grins and says, "Peperoni is good, or cheese, or mushroom, or mushroom and peperoni, or one with everything on it.. really.. lets get two of whatever you like and we can take one home." He shakes his head and says, "Coke'll be fine or me. I don't need to drink every night."

"Mushroom and pepperoni," Vic says decisively. "I'll get Coke, then." He places the order, two extra large pies, one to go, mushroom and olive, and a pitcher of Coke." Then he steps aside so the one with money can pay. Then he takes the little order tent for the table and goes to find one, a booth in a corner. He comes back for the Coke and says, "I also make a good lackey. Anything else you need me to carry?"

Kellan seems satisfied with the order choice and then he pays for the pizza and the dirnks, grinning as Vic gets them a booth and comes back for the carryings. He lets Vic take the tray with the pitcher of coke and glasses on it, too. "Sure, go ahead. You can carry the stuff to the table while I grab napkins. Do you want cheese or red pepper flakes?" He wanders over to where those are to go and grab a shaker of each as well as some napkins.

"Red pepper flakes," Vic says, "definitely. I'll only put them on my side if you don't like them. Oh! And the cheese." He slides into the booth and watches Kellan, schooling his features so his smile is friendly rather than longing. When he comes to the table, he pours Kellan some Coke from the pitcher and slides it to him. "This is cool," he says. "Going out and doing normal things. I talked to my dad today. That was all right."

"I like both," Kellan says as he returns the table with a shaker of each, grinning as he settles down into the booth across from Vic. He can't hide the fact that he grins a little bit of a silly grin. "It's like a real date," he murmurs, very quietly, as there are no people directly around their booth. "Thanks," he says when his drink is poured for him and then he says, "Yeah? How did that go? Is he cool? What's he like? Did he tell you all about.. you know.. where you came from and everything?" Oh the questions.

"He's nice, I think," Vic says. "Still doesn't really seem sure what to do with me, but he was welcoming. We talked about what we're like, about my mom. She sounds really great. I'm going to meet her soon, I hope." He ducks his head and grins, running his hand through his hair. "I'm proud to be their kid. They, like, protect reality. But it's a secret that we're related. I trust you." As for the last question, he admits, "I'm still not sure how I came to be, but I'll figure it out."

Kellan nods his head as he listens, genuinely curious and interested in hearing all about Vic's new family. It makes him grin and he says, "That's super cool.. that you get to meet her soon. And protecting reality sounds like a pretty big job.. important." He fiddles a little bit with his straw then says, "I won't tell anyone. Though, why is it a secret that you're related? It's not a secret that he's Billy's dad, right?"

Vic nods quickly and says, "Really important." He take a drink of his coke, then says, "It kind of is, I think? I think he just figured you were okay to talk shop around. It's a secret because when you're someone that important, you make enemies, and if they wanted to get him to do something, all they'd have to do is threaten one of his kids. Besides, it'll seem weird if this guy named Vic Delano was suddenly calling some guy named Dr. Strange Dad."

"Yeah, I guess you have a point," Kellan says. He keeps forgetting that Vic-not-Vic has this whole history of Vic Delano tied to him. He nods then and says, "Well, I'm not going to say anything to anyone. That's your business to tell or not tell as you see fit." Then he grins a little and says, "My brother's back from Europe. I guess he got in trouble and pissed off my folks and they sent him back. I saw him tonight and told him about you. He really wants to meet you."

Vic perks up as he says, "Really? Is he the bad boy of the family?" Implying Kellan must be the good one? "I'd love to meet your brother. Wait, he doesn't want to meet me so he can beat the crap out of me for putting the moves on his brother, does he?" Vic's brow furrows. "Because I don't want to fight, but I'm also not sorry I did it."

"He.. likes attention, and when he doesn't get it, he likes to make trouble to get it. They must have been ignoring them like they usually do, and he did something. There was an ice sculpture. I don't even know," Kellan admits with a little bit of a grin. "I guess you could call him.. the instigator." Then he raises his brows and shakes his head, "No, he wants to meet you because I told him how cool you are. He wants to find out for himself. I also told him that you ate like a ravenous pirhana.. and then he was disappointed when I told him that you weren't, in fact, a fish-person." He grins a little lopsidedly.

Vic laughs, and his cheeks turn a touch pink. "I don't know why I'm always hungry." Around then, a waitress brings the pizza out, one on a platter and the other in a box. Vic thanks her with a warm grin, and he dives in. Mushroom and pepperoni, mmm. "I'll try to will gills into existence if it'll make him feel better, but I don't have Billy's knack. It's cool, though, that he's all right with things like fish-people. Does he know about your tricks?"

Kellan nods his head and says quietly, "He's a mutant, too. Just, different from me, different abilities. He knows about me, about that, about us. He's cool with all of it." His voice is pitched low and he doesn't say any of that until the waitress is back behind the counter and far from their table. Then he reaches out and grabs a slice of pizza, folding it in half, and attacking it from the pointy end as it droops a bit, the cheese still souper hot and oozy. He lets his eyes close as he noms blissfully. "This is one of my favorite combinations."

Vic too keeps his voice low. They both look normal. No reason to give anyone a reason to think otherwise. He's generous with red flecks and cheese on his slice, and then he folds it and bites in. "So good," he says amidst chewing. "Ow, and hot, ha ha." But he doesn't stop eating. Pizza goes in da mouth. "How can something as simple as cheese on bread tastes so good?" He takes another bite and washes it down with Coke. "Well, I can't wait to meet him. I think family's great."

Kellan grins as he watches Vic enjoy his food, and he works on his slice. He manages to allow all the cheese and toppings to slide off the end and he eats all of that, then he unfolds the crust and covers it in parmasean and liberally adds red pepper flakes and eats that portion too. Then he reaches for another slice. While he might have the ravenous hunger that Vic does, he is more than happy to devour some pizza. "I don't know and I don't care as long as it gets in my mouth." He laughs just a little bit.

Vic's eyes lid. He doesn't even have to make the dirty joke, does he? He's quick to grab a second piece. "Fair enough," he says. He watches Kellan for a little while, while he polishes off his second slice. Finally, he says, "I really like you. I don't want to come off as clingy or anything, but I've just had you in my mind all day."

Kellan smirks and blushes just a little as it occurs to him that a dirty joke might be possible right there. He tries to focus on his pizza and not blushing, eventually the color going out of his ears and he just grins a little. Then he looks up and his expression grows a little more serious and he says quietly in return. "I really like you, too. And you're not. I'm.. I'm really surprised.. in a good way.. and it's a good thing."

Vic grins broadly, white-teethed and dimpled. "That's great," he says, and he glances from Kellan's face to the table to quash the infatuation in his eyes let someone see. "If you wanted, I don't have to sleep on the couch tonight. Especially if your brother's coming over, it'll be tidier if I don't." His third piece of pizza he works on more slowly, the beast that is his stomach finding some satiation, for now.

"I don't want you to sleep on the couch anymore," Kellan says with a little shake of his head, looking at Vic across the table, careful to keep his back toward most of the rest of the restaurant, meeting his eyes. "I want you to stay in my room with me," he murmurs, watching Vic's reaction to that admission.

Vic's eyes widen, and so does that smile. "Sure," he says. "I mean it just makes sense, right? For reasons that are good." He nods firmly. Yes he's being sensible. His eyes are bright with that grin, though. "I'll stay in your room with you. Will your brother wonder? If he comes over and sees both our stuff in there?"

"Um, I'm pretty sure he got the gist from what I've already told him," Kellan says a little bit reassuringly. "He's not going to wonder anything. He's not going to say anything to anyone either. Kaleb's uh, pretty preoccupied with himself most of the time, and the things that he wants." He grins a little bit lopsidedly and resists the urge to reach across the table to grab Vic's hand, instead fiddling with his napkin.

"Oh, you told him? Phew, that saves a lot of sneaking around. I told my dad, and he says not to feel bad about it, because love is love." He takes a drink, then says quickly, "Not that I'm saying this is… I mean, just. That it's okay with him, and we don't have to pretend around him." He busies himself with another slice of pizza, though as he winds down toward its end, he asks, "So you wanna get out of here?"

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