1964-06-30 - Regards from Europe
Summary: Kaleb and Kellan reunite when Kaleb returns home from Europe a little early and under dubious circumstances.
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Kellan sits sprawled on one of the low couches in front of the black and white TV that is playing some sort of variety show. A few people are watching and Kellan has a drink in one hand, though for the moment it's just a coke. He seems comfortable and at ease and has been here for a while, having been playing pool earlier for a while. Now he seems content just to relax.

Kaleb showed with something that looked like a leather case for a pool cue carried like one might a clarinet. He walked up and stood a few feet from his brother and said, more out of curiosity, "That what we're wearing today?" He looked down at himself and back up to Kellan and warmed a grin. Kellan, was singularly, the only person on the planet incapable of truly irritating him. Kaleb helped himself to a seat, and took a deep breath letting out a bit of a sigh. He might be sizing up the tables truthfully and then looked to Kellan, "You want me to tell you that they send their regards?"

Kellan glancing up from the TV and over in Kaleb's direction, Kellan's brow furrows and he says, "You're home." Because that was not what he was expecting. Then he glances down at his plain blue button down, white t-shirt, and jeans with a pair of tennis shoes. "What's wrong with what I'm wearing. It's a pool hall, Kaleb." He grins a little and nods to the empty seat next to him and says, "Apparently that's not all they sent. Why aren't you trekking around Europe right now?"

Kaleb widened a grin shifting the look back to his brother and chuckled. "Nothing's wrong. I just didn't bring mine." As to the other part of why he wasn't there Kaleb shrugged. "You weren't there. I got bored." That wasn't the answer. It was an answer but not the answer. His eyes shifted up to the television for a moment taking in the small details on the curved screen, the humming of the tubes in it hitting him for a moment on frequency before he was able to tune that hum out for himself and answered, "Something something broken ice sculpture and really I couldn't be bothered with the rest. It was a total drag. Really." He sighed and said "England was fun. That I want to go back to. They have these rock concerts there that are just on a different level. It's pretty far out."

"I moved into the apartment that mom and dad set up for me," Kellan says. "It's nice. Need to get some stuff to make it more mine.. ours.. uh.. So don't tell them, but I've got someone living with me there." He drops his voice low so that only Kaleb can really hear him. Then he glances up toward the TV back toward his brother. "Broken ice sculpture? What'd you do?" Because the usual answer is that Kaleb did something.

Kaleb gave Kellan a dubious look and wry grin, "Uhhhh yeah. You always -have- someone with you. That's sorta the point." He instinctively overlooked the mundane meaning of the statement and the it dawned on him. A hand flapped, "Pfft tell them it's me. If they actually notice I think we should get them a trophy for the study." Okay he was a little jaded. As to the ice sculpture he just shook his head unconcerned, primarily because it wasn't his, "Please, it was ugly. No one will really miss it. So who's our mystery roommate?" This, ion the contrary, was interesting to him. The nice part was he didn't have to raise his voice to get the question across. In a way he was an unconventional good listener like that.

Kellan rolls his eyes a little bit and then says, "No, someone else who doesn't look like us." Then he shakes his head and says, "I was just curious." But not curious enough to pursue it, apparently. Instead, he says, "His name's Vic. You'll meet him soon. He's kind of like us but not.. He's got abilities, but he's not a mutant. I also met some other folks, other mutants.. they've got this cool group going on, that like, saves the world and stuff. We're going to go fight some big crystal spiders. Want to come? Way less boring than ice sculptures."

Kaleb listened and an eyebrow went up. Ooooh there was a Vic? This sounded more interesting by the minute. Both eyebrows went up at him not being a mutant? Okay that was cool and interesting. Finally though there was a look of confusion and he answered the most important question you could ask of a sonic 18 year old, "Uhhhhh yeeeeah I want to go break some crystal spiders." Scream at things, break them, not get in trouble? "Yeah, sign me up for that." He blinked and heard about these things. His twin got a weird look. "Help people…save the world and stuff?" Well… he hadn't considered it before. He shrugged. "Haven't done it before. And we keep all our things here. Sounds pretty ginchy." He wasn't an altruistic teen, but anything sounded better than nothing too and he trusted Kellan's judgement.

"They seem like a cool group, and they're.. kind of a lot like me, and kind of not all at the same time, and they're a lot of fun. I think you'll like them," Kellan says with a little shrug of his shoulders. "And you have to meet Vic, because he and I are.. well.." He lets that sort of speak for itself. He's never really talked about it save for in private or in secret, but it seems that he and Vic may be a little closer than friends. "It's a thing." Then he says, "But yeah, we need to meet up with Teddy and Billy to talk about the spiders at some point. You should come and meet them."

Kaleb shrugged and admitted, "Well I like YOU so… Yeah I'll give it a go." Kellan really didn't ahve to tell Kaleb that much. He sometimes knew his brother better than he could figure himself out and knew that it was important to him when it came up and before Vic had a name. When Teddy and Billy came up his head tilted down and said "That's a terrible name for a band, but sure. Suuuure." Because yes he might be innately judgmental of everything to a point he stopped being self-aware of it. The thought did occur to him with a slightly theatrical sigh and a glance back to Kellan. "You're going to ask me to be nice too aren't you?"

"Yeah, I am. They are cool and it's nice having some friends. Especially friends that get me." He never told anyone other than Kaleb, either about his mutation or being gay. So having people he can be out to in all senses of the word? It's a tremendous relief. Kellan says, "And it's not a band. I'm not even sure any of them can play music." His brow furrows a little bit "Though I didn't ask."

Kaleb reached out a hand and rest it on Kellan's shoulder. Kaleb, by contrast, didn't make connections easily and didn't place much value in them overall. Things yes, people no. Things were reliant and dependable and stayed where one put them. While part of him thanked their parents for that the other part did appreciate Kellan's willingness to do this and that wasn't something he took lightly. Kellan wasn't people, he was the rest of himself, and sometimes one might think all the nice parts. "Weeeeeell that's why I'm here. Also to avoid arrest by foreign authorities."

It's not that Kellan didn't appreciate things so much as he also wanted that connection with people, a connection that he's only really had with Kaleb, and with Kaleb having been in Europe since their graduation, he'd finally had some occasion to go out and try to make connections with other people. He grins a little lopsidedly and shakes his head. "Are you staying at home?" he asks curiously. "And yes, don't get arrested by foreign authorities. You're not.. actually being chased by foreign authorities are you?"

Kaleb shrugged and said "I was staying at home. I mean I came from there." He paused and picked up the whole understanding of invite or concern and look to Kellan and said "I mean if I moved no one would notice. I'm pretty certain if one of us moved out they'd still think we're both there. It's not even far." A finger itched at the bridge of his nose and considered the other question like he hadn't actually contemplated it or be inconvenienced long enough to really care on the matter. "I don't think they are?" His brow furrowed. Was he? And in the span of time it took to ask that question he shrugged and the moment passed. "I'm sure if it's important they'll let me know."

"Was just wondering," Kellan says with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Didn't know if you'd decided what you wanted to do when you got back." He then just shakes his head slowly and says, "Well if they are after you, that's also a little bit of a concern for me, all things considered." He gives Kaleb an elbow in the ribs to remind him that his trouble sometimes becomes Kellan's trouble by proxy.

Kaleb fidgeted a bit and, well, he had no plan. He shook his head to indicate as much. "I, um, I dunno. They want us to go to school. There's all… this." Hands gestured vaguely to the room of mutants. "And besides they can only arrest one and they wouldn't know which so they can't arrest someone if they can't prove who was where. Also no I really don't think they have any interest in us. Really makes ya wonder how much stuff does a guy have to break to get someone to notice anything these days." There was the subtle threat that at least part of him wanted to know, but his body language shifted as he considered other things. "So what kinda place is it? Loft? Penthouse? Manhattan or uptown? We have a cook? They do eggs Benedict and they're not too runny are they? We're going to need a new cook."

"Well, I'm taking a year off from school. I don't plan to go back until next year when I figure out what I want to do and where I want to go from here. I need to take some time though, you know?" Kellan shrugs his shoulders just a little bit, though his eyes narrow just a little bit and says, "Don't break things in here. I like coming here." He gives him another elbow in the side. "Uhm, no, I don't have a cook. I mostly order take-out. There's a lot of cool places to eat nearby. Though Vic eats like a piranha so.. there's always a lot of food around."

Kaleb looked around thoughtfully, which was not like he was casing the joint so much as likely looking for a potential mark for a game. he did bring his cue. The elbow got a laugh out of him and a look that was a bit incredulous, "Kellan I'm just looking. Wait…" Oh Kaleb's eyes got huge with interest, "IS…Vic a piranha?" He squint and now had to know.

Kellan stares at Kaleb for a moment and then he laughs, and then he cant' stop laughing. Part of him wants to say that yes, yes that is exactly it, with all the sharp pointy teeth and everything, but finally he says, "No, Vic just eats everything in sight. When I met him he devoured six hot dogs from that guy on the corner like they were nothing. He's just got a huge appetite."

Kaleb could not look more crushed if he had actual feelings! "Argh! That would have been so groovy tooooo!" And by groovy he meant for him and likely not for any unfortunate mutant afflicted with such a manifestation. That would take forethought. The disappoint was genuine. "Awwww, but he's still cool though right? So like… he's like us but isn't like us, and can't pass for one of us…" in a very literal sense which left him curious, "So like what's his gig? Can you talk about it here?"

Kellan shrugs and says, "Should probably talk about it back home. But he is a telekinetic. I can tell you that much. He can move stuff with his mind. That's how we kind of got found out by Billy and Teddy. At any rate, if you want to crash with us, you probably can, as long as you're cool with Vic being there and all. We've got room enough. If you don't want to stay at mom and dad's place."

Kaleb considered that and nodded pausing, "Wait are those the movers right?" Well at least he didn't ask if they could use a payphone without a dime. Thoughtfully he admitted, "He play pool? I wanna play em." This is where his priorities were, not with there being another person at the apartment, but if he played pool or not and if he could win still if Vic was cheating. As for being at home he shrugged indifferently playing it cool before giving the throw-off answer, "If they're not even here to irritate why bother? Besides all my best stuff is there." He meant Kellan's things. Not that he was entirely serious, but he wasn't going to pass up the novelty of this. "Really though, sure. That'd be swell."

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