1964-06-30 - The Twins And The Body-Snatcher
Summary: Kellan introduces Kaleb to Vic, and the trio get to know one another.
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Kellan and Kaleb had been out wandering around for most of the day doing the things that the twins get up to when left alone to their own devices. Tonight, they met Hope and grabbed some grub at a diner with her before heading back home. Kellan opens up the door and holds it for Kaleb to follow him in. "And where the heck did you get the fact that people with cats are less likely to be chased? How does that even..?" He seems to be asking as he moves through the foyer and toward the living room.

Kaleb stopped just in side the door and held one hand out palm up looking at it. "Think of the amount of times you've seen or heard of someone being chased." He held out the other hand as if weighing that argument, "Now how many guys are chased while holding a cat." He adjusted his hands like a scale balancing with one side vastly outweighing the other. Kellan-Copy stepped in and whistled carefully. "Good view. This isn't terrible at all."

Vic emerges from Kellan's room wearing jeans. Just jeans. He's got fine abs, does Vic. Raking his fingers through his disheveled hair, he meanders toward the kitchen, then pauses. Peering at Kellan and Kaleb, he asks, "Copy or brother?" He stretches, then gestures toward the kitchen. "I'm just going to…" To dig into that leftover pizza like he's been starving for days.

When Vic comes out, Kellan grins and turns to follow him over toward the kitchen and says, "Vic, this is Kaleb.. brother, not copy. Kaleb, this is Vic, not pirhana." He moves over to the dining area near the kitchen since the small galley is not nearly enough for them to hang ou tand talk in, and settles into a chair by the window. Then he nods to Kaleb and says, "I gave you the room with the terrace."

Kaleb looked to Kellan with a pained expression. Ugh, he told the truth. THough VIc got a looking over. Other-Kellan/Kaleb eyed him critically and said slightly disappointed, "Yeah, he doesn't look like a piranah. Nice to meet you anyways." Oh that's big of you, kid. He wandered over to teh middle of the room and looked from Vic, to Kellen, to Vic, to Kellan, and back to Vic. "So what's your story. You from upstate?"

Vic sets the pizza on the table and sits next to Kellan. "It's good to meet you, Kaleb. The not-piranha snags a piece of cold pepperoni-mushroom pizza and folds it, then stuffs it in his face. His eyes lid with pleasure. Food. It goes in da mauf. After he chews and swallows, he says, "Nah, I'm from Brooklyn, but I've lived all over the city." He wolfs down another bite. He may look like a normal boy, but he does eat like a piranha. This pizza doesn't stand a chance. He glances at Kellan. How much should he tell the other-Kellan/Kaleb?

Kellan rolls his eyes a little when Kaleb is magnanimous enough to greet Vic even though he is not, in fact, a fish-person. Then he says to Vic, "I mentioned that you were a little like us.. about the telekinesis. I was explaining how Billy and Teddy figured us out." He then nods toward Kaleb and says, "He's like me, I mean, different abilities, but we're both mutants. I don't have any secrets from Kaleb." He pushes out another seat with his foot for Kaleb to take up if he wants to. He doesn't get anywhere near that pizza, so he doesn't lose a finger.

Magnanimous enough was a good way to put it. Very, very judicious. The other laddie was grinning ear to ear like this was some fantastic show or something. There was a pause though and Kaleb had a sort-of-human feeling and shrugged admitting, "Yeah we're messedup too." Kellan did get a smile though and he sort-of shared with Vic, "We tried not to but he..and I… it's pointless." he shrugged and offered, "You move things though? Yooooou play pool?" This was actually a hopeful tone.

"I wouldn't call it messed up," Vic says between bites, and to show he's of a generous spirit, he nudges the box toward Kellan. He won't lose a hand this time. He snaps down the last of his first slice and takes up a second. "We're enhance, gifted. And yeah, I can move things with my mind. I've played pool a few times." That smile is so sweet, surely trustable. "I can also heal fast, and I metabolize so quickly I can't get drunk."

"Which is probably why he eats like food was going out of style," Kellan explains with a little bit of a grin. He glances between the pair of them when pool comes up and just chuckles. He shakes his head when the box is pushed toward him. He's not actually hungry, still full from the diner food from earlier. He'd been eating whenever Vic had lately and it was beginning to catch up with him. He does not have that sort of metabolism.

Who does!? Kaleb listened watching, his smile pulling into a bit of a smile and he pulled his best Eddie Haskel and said "Awww that's great Vic. I've really been looking for someone to play with. Could be fun." He got real chummy and nice all a sudden. Yeah he was totally not up to anything nefarious. He called it his Kellan Immitation(tm). "But yeah. Kellan and I are the same but not… the SAME teh same. THere's only one of me. I'm pretty certain teh city is grateful for that."

"You have a way about you," Vic tells Kaleb, "that makes me think it's rarely a boring time hanging out with you." He continues eating pizza, slowing down a bit now that the initial STARVING has been sated. "I'm learning more things I can do every day. Technically, I'm not even a week old, so I'm still playing all this by ear. Like I found out I can ease someone's fatigue by touching them."

Kellan isn't nearly so smarmy about it, however, and thus he just smirks at Kaleb. "Should take you both to the eight ball sometime." He leans back a little in his chair, sprawling comfortably. He then looks over toward Vic and says, "Like when you boosted the energy for Billy?" He's curious about that ability, it seems interesting.

Kaleb blinks and blinks again. Slowly there's a tilt of his head with an almost comical expression that appeared when he was owlishly caught off guard. "Wait like you were in a coma or like your powers and stuff are just coming to you?" There was another blink looking to Kennaln as this was new news, and then back to Vic. "Okay I'll be honest, not being able to drink sounds like a total bummer drag, but healing fatigue? How long can you stay up? How long can you run? Do you ever get tired?" Sooooo many questions.

"This body was brain dead," Vic explains, "and I was brand new, created by mystical powers, and when I was experiencing movement, I sort of fell into this form, and now I can't get out. That's all right, I don't want to. I've got the host body's memories and I can just pretend to be Vic Delano. My real name is Serendipity." He smiles self-consciously. He nods to Kellan and tells him, "Exactly, Billy just took the energy and molded it because he can." Then, to Kaleb, "I can run for a long time, and fast, and I can stay up for a day or two if I have to, but I love sleep. Sleep is great. I do get tired, especially if I've used my powers too much."

"Yeah," Kellan says, "So.. he's kind of.. new, but not, all at the same time. It's complicated." He says, "I wish I could sleep well. I get real overloaded if I don't sleep for a long time, and I have trouble sleeping.. two not so great things that don't go so great together." He then looks over toward Kaleb and chuckles, "He can drink. Vic could drink." He also grins a little lopsidedly when Kaleb does all the questions that he usually does.

Kaleb stood there stunned, and for the first time in a long time was just speechless. More blinking. "Wow…" Very eloquent. Eyes drift to the leniloim countertop and hung there for a moment trying to wrap his brain around all of that. Quietly words followed trying to sound casual, "Yeah we get, um… overwhelmed. Tired. Sloppy. not good. Sleep's good though. Sooooo when you play pool can yooooou say move hings with your mind then?" Dubious glance up is dubious.

Vic smiles at Kaleb tentatively. He doesn't mind the questions, but the brand new ball of energy might be a little shy. That smiles gains confidence as his gaze turns to Kellan. That he's got it bad for the youth is written plainly in those big blue eyes. "Maybe we can work on the sleep thing. I can draw energy away, too. It makes one tired. I'd never hurt you." To Kaleb, he hedges, "I could move things with my mind, but that's no fun unless it's mutual. Like if I played against my brother, Billy."

Kellan smiles over at Vic and leans over far enough so that he can give him a little shoulder-bump. "Maybe that would work. Sometimes I have to drug myself to get to sleep, and that always sucks, and is hard to wake up from," he says to Vic, and then he looks over toward Kaleb and grins a little bit, regarding him curiously as though trying to figure out exactly what it is that Kaleb's getting at. "I'm sure that you could just play a friendly game without anyone resorting to flinging the balls through the air."

Kaleb eyed his brother and nodded quietly. He wasn't always one to volunteer information apparently. The notion of playing casual got a unconvined look from the other twin who asked, "People describle me as friendly?" In that same tone of 'have you met me before? He could be. Sort of. He was friendly to Kellan at least? Okay he was kind of a snot and he knew it. He anted up, "I can't make them fly through the air. I don't think. Break? Yeah, but it's hard to score points with a broken ball. They don't roll so well." Very casually he admitted, "Vic, I'm gonna say cheat away. That's like half the fun and it's no fun if we have to pretend to be like other people all the time.

Vic shoulder-nudges Kellan back, and he grins. He's managed to stuff four rather large slices of pizza in his face, and that seems enough for now. He closes the box, then gets up and puts it back in the fridge. "It might be no fun," he tells Kaleb, "but it's useful. Besides, I like most of the people I've met. Humanity is still very novel. Even unpleasant people are interesting." He returns to his seat and scoots the chair closer to Kellan, just incidentally.

Kellan grins over at Kaleb and says, "You're capable of being friendly when you want to be." He kicks his feet up on one of the other chairs at the table and he leans a little toward Vic, making himself comfortable. "I don't really have anything that would affect a game.." he thinks as he tries to figure out how he could cheat at pool. "I mean, I guess I could make multiple copies of myself and claim they all get their own turn.." He grins and shakes his head, not really buying that either. He nods to Vic and says, "People are.. well, people. Unpleasant people.. just avoid them. Or make really annoying buzzing noises in their heads til they leave." Okay, so he's not an entirely goody-two-shoes.

Kaleb looked a bit unconvinced, but looked at Kellan witha bit of a shrug. "Maybe" As for Vic scooting over? There was nothing he seemed to peraonlly need to address. THe idea of having multiple copies warmed a cocky grin back to Kaleb's face, "That's good. I'd allow that." He never even claimed how he would cheat but he seemed certain enough of himself. Annoying sound in people's ears? He just nodded. "And I'm so glad you gave me that idea to do that too. Vic? It works."

Vic leans his shoulder against Kellan's. "That sounds useful," Vic says. "If I run into someone I want to go away I'll… well, I won't be able to do that but I'll think of something. I mostly just hang out with people who Vic knew. I know how to talk to them." His hand brushes Kellan's lightly, just incidental. It doesn't mean anything, honest. Plausible deniability. "So do you two ever team up? Do your abilities compliment each others?"

"Ever have a tiny fly buzzing around your ear? Maddening. It's like that," Kellan says. Then he chuckles at Kaleb and says, "We should get a pool table." There's actually room enough for it in the large empty space between where the living room furniture has been set up and the foyer. "We could get a cover for it when we want to use it as a regular table. What do you think? Of course.. then that would kind of defeat the purpose of getting out of the house and going down to eight ball or something.. and we should do that." He then brushes the backs of his fingers against Vic's hand a little and says, "When we were kids we'd get into trouble with our nanny from time to time. She was the only one who knew."

Kaleb turned and considered the space. "I think we should get one. Then we cna play when people are too much. Or house parties. Something sturdy in case people dance on that. There was this party in London, someone did that. Craziest thing." It was a fond memoryand it made him smile just a little bit. "Kell? I don't think that's what Vic meant." He looked back to Vic and shrugged, "Not really similar at all, but we get by. I mean anyone can compliment anyone else if you know what they can do and get creative right?"

"You have a point," Vic tells Kaleb. "Whatever you have, it depends on how you use it." He swallows then asks, his voice hitching, "You're okay with me living here? With your brother?" He glances to Kellan tentatively, then smiles. "You've got no secrets from each other, so…" He takes Kell's hand in his. To Kaleb, he says, "We're going to be part of a team called the Contingency Plan. Crime fighting, that sort of thing. I don't suppose you've got a white hat streak, do you?"

"Okay, so we'll get a sturdy pool table that people can dance on if we have a party," Kellan says with a little bit of a chuckle, seeming willing enough to indulge Kaleb on that one. He raises his eyebrows a little and says, "What? Oh.. well I'm not telling him what you can do unless you want to talk about it and you don't seem to want to talk about it so.. I'm not .. saying anything. He knows about my copies and my telepathy and such." When Vic takes his hand, he gives it a squeeze and smiles over at him, seeming comfortable, at ease. "Oh! Yeah, spiders, crystal spiders…I mentioned that to Kaleb earlier."

Kaleb said casually, "I know my brother likes you Vic. That's all I really need to know." For someone that seemed to ahve some strong opinions he seemed to give this one a pass. Additionally, "Besides if you're only a week old you've not got enough credit built up withthe bank to really have any place wroth habitating so you might as well stay here…" He looked to Kellana nd back to Vic, "We on't talk about people we actually like unles they want to." Okay so somewhere there were ethics. Somewhere. His face warmed back up with a lopsided grin, "I need to see these spiders. We get to wreck em?" Someone had a destructive streak.

Vic gives Kellan's hand a squeeze, and he graces Kaleb with silence on the topic of just how much he likes his brother. He nods to what Kellan says and adds, "You don't have to tell me a thing, I don't mind." He sighs quietly, then admits, "The guy who lived in this body before racked up a criminal record, so getting a job has been tough. No one wants to hire a convict, but I'm going to get this worked out and find something. I don't want to be a mooch." He smiles then, and he says, "Yeah, we get to wreck 'em."

Kellan returns the squeeze to Vic's hand, slipping fingers through his, reassuring. "Yeah, I am guessing that we get to wreck'm. I am going to see if I can communicate with them telepathically but I don't have high hopes for that. I'm pretty sure that I don't speak crystal spider. But, we need to meet up with Billy and Teddy again to talk about the plan, and I need to introduce you to the two of them." This, he says to Kaleb, since obviously Vic already knows them.

Kaleb seemed slightly confused, "Well if you can be why not?" He, on teh other hand didn't see turning the fine art of mooching as a bad thing. "If people are going to hand you things why wouldnt you take them?" Yup. Total anathema to him. Vic was pretty forthcoming and he looked at the hands againa nd walked to teh fridge to get himself a bottle of soda if they had one. Maybe. Or milk. Milk was good too. Fianlyl he came back and admitted, "Never thought about fighting crime or anything. I don't really know too many people like… us." He shrugged and worked at playing it cool. "I…" He looked to Kellan and back to Vic and it was weird. This just wasn't a thing he talked about. It wasn't something that he really necessarily knew how to do but he tried it anyways. "I um, do things with sound." There not too bad. "And I get what I want." Well that was one way of putting it. He shrugged and watched for someone to get upset about that. He looked at his milk and said only to follow up. "You're the second person I told. Our nanny found out by accident."

"I suppose if worse comes to worst, I could be a kept man." Vic sneaks a sly sidelong glance to Kellan and smiles. "But it's a matter of pride not to have to ask for money. I mean I've got all these super powers, and I can't buy a sandwich? That's pretty sad." He watches Kaleb as he moves about the kitchen. He has no room to talk on the topic of getting what he wants, and he shows no upset. "Sound, huh. That's cool. Maybe the right frequency will shatter these spiders."

"I've already told you I don't mind, but I understand wanting to do something," Kellan says. "So, go out there and do what you want to do. And we'll figure it out as it goes. If it takes a while, that's fine. You'll get there." He seems optimistic about that. "There's coke in there if you want some," Kellan says "It's at the back." Everything else kind of got shoved into the fridge in front of it. Then he looks over at Vic, then at Kaleb and says, "I bet the right frequency would totally shatter them. Wouldn't that be bad ass?"

Kaleb blinked at Vic talking about a matter of Pride. This was where Kaleb just kind of gave him a vacant stare and had to ask, "But… whyyyy?" But oh soda. He dug through teh fridge for a while and took a slice of the pizza that wasn't devoured out of the box and also a coke. Help youself Kaleb. Aaaand he did. And he did. He got a paper napkin and rejoined them. There was an impish grin and a slow not giving his twin an almost sharklike expression, "Not much different a glass spider to saaaaay an ice sculpture of an ugly swan?" So that's what happened to that thing.

Kellan understands at least. Vic regards Kaleb's blankness with fascination. "In part," he says, "it's because the Vic whose memories I have show that he was a ne'er-do-well who skated by on using people, and he had poor impulse control that ended him in prison. That's where he was beaten to death, on the last day of his sentence. I'm trying to be a different person, and besides, he was going to turn over a new leaf, and I think the best way to honor him is to do that." He glances to Kellan, so quick to defer to him. "I guess I sound a bit like a goody-two-shoes, but I want to experience work at least once."

"There's nothing wrong with wanting to experience it and going out and doing it. If you like it, stick with it. If you don't, well at least you know that it's not going to make any difference to me. And it sure doesn't matter to Kaleb," Kellan chuckles just a little bit as he watches his brother's bafflement over the idea that anyone might want to work. He squeezes Vic's hand and says, "You are an entirely different person, even though you have a lot of foundation from those memories. All your choices now are your own."

Kaleb was a total blank canvas on that one. The explaination just got more and more bizzare. Honouring someone he didn't know who wouldn't benefit from it in any way and wasn't really technically alive anymore. Kaleb blinked. Kellan, however, took teh words from him. It really didn't matter to him one way or the other, he was just trying to understand and came up with no scenarios where it made sense to him. "Hey if you're happy that's what's important."

Vic's gaze upon Kaleb turns sympathetic. He doesn't mean to cause such confusion, he really doesn't. "Don't worry," he says, "I won't expound upon the virtues of a hard day's work. It's a standard I hold only myself to. Besides, there's this Greek restaurant I've got my eye on, and if they need a dishwasher, the food is amazing. I could eat there almost every night. I had the baklava a couple days ago." His expression turns deadly serious. Deadly. Serious. "The baklava. I can't stress this enough. It. Was. Amazing. I would do more than wash dishes for more of that baklava. I'd do things I'm not proud of."

Kellan looks over at Kaleb and says, "We should try this baklava." Because this is a portion of the conversation that he has a feeling that Kaleb can get beind, grinning over at his twin. Then he glances back at Vic and both eyebrows raise a little. "What exactly would you do for the baklava?" Maybe he's considering what he can get out of this.

Kaleb blinked and looked to Kellan for his reaction at this. He got up and looked around for where teh phone was tehered to the wall. "I'll call Dortha. We cna have her make a baklava." The rest of the conversation was far too bizzare for him to really delve into, though he did isly ask, "So your borother like you or is it former-Vic's brother oooor? How's that work? Does he know? Is he a body snatcher too? Does he float?"

"You don't understand," Vic tells Kaleb. "This chef, he's amazing. Why he's running a little restaurant near Mutant Town's anyone's guess, but he's good." He smiles slyly and leans over, telling Kellan quietly, "I'll show you later." Then he sighs. That baklava. "Plus he's got this dish with homemade cheese and lemon that's good. I'm just saying, it's worth trying to get in at the ground level. If I earned how to make some of his stuff, I could have it whenever I wanted." This is the important bit: securing the goodness 24/7.

"You should learn to cook. Get in there, start doing some dishes or something, then see if you can start learning how to cook. That sounds like a great plan," Kellan says with a grin. "Then you can make it up to me by cooking all the food that I buy." He then looks over toward Kaleb and asks "Whose brother?" Then he glances at Vic, "I didn't think Vic had a brother…"

Kaleb blinked. But they had people for that. He didn't even ask why they just didn't have the cook come here. He moved onto other things that confused him differently, "They who is Billy?" He itched above his eyebrow and was trying to piece all of this together. "And Kellan's not wrong. I mean you learn to cook and sleep only occasioanlly that means food whenever we want right? Though given how fast you took down that pizza I dunno if anyone can jut cook that fast. That wa impressive!"

"Oh! Yeah, Vic had half-siblings he only met once or twice. Billy is my brother. The people who created me are his parents, and that makes them mine. We're kind of secretive about who, exactly, because we could be used against them." He smiles broadly. "They know about me and they want me around, even though I wasn't exactly planned." He glances down at where the pizza was and rubs the back of his neck self-consciously. "Yeah, I'll have to learn how to cook restaurant portions just to keep us all fed. I just burn so much energy existing."

"Oh, Vic's sibling, not old-Vic's siblings.. got it," Kellan says, going a little cross-eyed as he tries to keep everything straight. Then he nods when Vic clears it all up, looking a little bit relieved. He leans in against Vic's shoulder comfortably and says, "I'm not going to complain about you making huge amounts of food." Then he looks over to Kaleb and says, "We met another.. I think she might be a mutant.. today as we were wandering through Soho. She could do all kinds of crazy flips and twists and run down the sides of buildings. Hope was her name."

Kaleb boggled "YEah she climbed down a building. I think she's afraid of stairs. I don't blame her they looked super unsafe." He shook his head and looked to Vic and Kellan curiously, "Everyeon's brought up saving the world in teh last two days I…. are we in danger?" He wasn't even scared but he was now doing the math. "I mean if aliens came to earth like My Favourite Martian how would they sneak up on it with people facing out on all sides?" These weren't answers he was expecting so much as stray thoughts he was now thinking about. "Sooo this Billy, he a guy or a… force? Are his- your parents magicians? THey have one of them cool stick-wand things?"

Vic releases Kellan's hand so he can slip an arm around his shoulders. "I'd like to meet her," he says. "I may not be a mutant, but they're my new community. I can't really go back to being the same old Vic." He considers Kaleb as he thinks. "There's always something going on," he says. "Danger's everywhere, but there's also people like us to keep it sorted out. Right now it's crystal spiders, so we'll take care of them." Then there is the matter of his family. "I think Billy is a guy. Our parents are mystical, yes." Then he laughs and adds, "I haven't seen wands or pointy hats yet."

"I don't know that we're in any more danger than we've always been," Kellan says speculatively. "I think maybe we're just more aware that it's out there now? I mean.. we see it in the news and stuff, but there must be a lot going on that never makes it on the radio or in the papers. When Vic slides his arm around his shoulders, Kellan fits himself into the crook of that arm and settles there comfortably. He laughs a little and says, "I find the lack of wands and pointy hats disappointing." He's kidding, however.

Kaleb was thinking on that though, giving the soda bottle an idle swirl. He was thinking which was weird since it didn't pretain to the usual suspects of things he usually thought about. "People like us to sort it out? Like… we're the good guys or something?" Sure there were movements but it was evident, from his expression, that he never considered this to in any way be applicable to him. There was a whole shift of paradigm there. Finally he reconciled, "I wanna go chase down big crystal spiders."

"I'd like to be one of the good guys," Vic says. "I mean, if nothing else, I want to defend this world because it's got baklava and pizza, and ice cream, and you guys, and my family, and I only just got here. I want to live for as long as I can. It's great. So, yeah, it's the right thing, but it's also enlightened self-interest. We've got to save the world, guys, it's where we keep all our stuff." Now he's getting daring, and he gives Kellan's temple a quick kiss. "I'm motivated to keep safe what I've got going on."

"I mean, I don't figure that all of us are good guys, or bad guys, or whatever. I guess everyone chooses based on what they want to do. There's probably good mutants and bad mutants just like there are good people and bad people," Kellan says, "But I'd like to think that we're at least not bad guys, even if we're not like, superheroes." He then grins over at Vic and then laughs, nodding toward Kaleb, "Yeah, Kal.. it's where we keep all our stuff!"

Kaleb chortled, "I said that earlier. And I dooooo like stuff." Often moreso than people. Usually in fact. The kid bit his lip and considered this. It was a big concept to take in until he asked Kaleb, "Will people still be mad at us? Will it go in teh paper? Will mom and dad find out? They gonna disown us?" As if his twin was granted the ability of precognition ebcause Kaleb was demanding answers, or at least interested in them.

"That's why you take a code name and wear a mask," Vic says. "It might seem weird, but it's actually really cool. It's the face the public sees, and it protects you from getting found out, and your family from being used against you. I go by Serendipity. Billy's going to help me with my costume. It's going to look great. But the important thing is that people see it, not you."

"We need costumes?" Kellan asks. This was news to him. I mean sure, he'd seen other mutants in the news and they had costumes and codenames but for some reason it had escaped him that he might need one too if he was going to start doing this sort of thing with any regularity. He glances between them both and says, "What sort of a costume? I don't think I have any applicable skills to make one."

Kaleb was actually quiet. Any other day he'd point out 'pay a guy' but right now he was actually focused on teh possibilities. He wa not generally 'nice' to other people and was really an ass wether intended or not by his nature. He got up and thought about it more. Hmmm. Finally he offered to Kellan, "Be nice to maybe do something like that. It wouldn't be terrible necessarily. I get to try to explode spiders." This really appealed to him. "People might even say thank you. Wouldn't that be somethin?" And as quickly as a whimsical thoguht came ti was replaced with a bitter expression. "I'm going to grab a shower. Need to think on a name. Vic…" He eyed the body-snatcher and relented, "Your'e groovy. I won't like… tell …anyone." Forming words for that sentance came as a jumble as if trying that whole 'being thoughtful' think novelly while also being sincere.

"I bet Billy can hook you up," Vic says. Then Kaleb goes off to shower, and Vic perks up. "He said I'm groovy," he tells Kellan. "I had no idea I was so invested in him liking me, but I'm so glad that he does." He rests his forehead against Kellan's temple. "And he doesn't mind me staying here. This is going to work out. I think we'll make a great team."

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