1964-07-02 - Shopping Trip
Summary: Delphyne and Babs are out shopping, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?
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Midtown features some of the best shopping to be found in New York. Home of the stripmalls, Macy's, a straight shot to Times Square or Central Park, and one of the cleanest subway stations, it's where things happen. The glitz and the glam converge here.

Cassie is taking a chance today, being out in broad daylight unattended. She's tired of sneaking around and figures The Hand won't be brazen enough to try something in crowded midday. Besides that, Julie and Lorna both agree that her wardrobe is desperate. She's been saving her pickpocketting earnings for a while. No, she doesn't do that around the school. But she does pretty much everywhere else, and she's cleaned up a tidy amount for today. She's come to check out the clothing stores without someone gawking over her for a change.

Though she hasn't been getting money from pickpocketing, more from amateur detective work, Delphyne is at the clothing store with Barbara, having dragged the latter out for some practical wardrobe advice. After all, the Gorgon has little to wear that isn't horribly casual or intended for fighting. She pulls out a light blue silk blouse, looking over at Barbara with a curious expression, "So… what do you think?" Her lips curl in a bit of a smile, snakes tied back behind her with a scrunchie as her head tilts a tad.

Barbara? She'd gone for option three: a day job. The problem was…she much prefered her night job to the sorting files and occasionally fetching coffees. Still, money was money and cover was important. Not everyone was born a billionaire! Even so, the chance to spend a little of that hard-earned cash and keep Delphyne company was enough to keep her spirits up. "Blue does look good on you," she nods her approval, but her head tilts to oneside. "It always did go well with green…maybe another dark blue might look even better. It depends if you're trying to look all serious."

Batgirl giving fashion advice? Figures!

Cassandra Cain the dour teenager isn't far off. She's peering at a new pair of khakis at the moment, utterly oblivious to the others for the moment. Cassie stares at the pants with a raised brow, contemplating how much crap she can stuff in cargo pockets. Her imagination runs a little wild here as she fancies half the store fitting in them. Literally.

A big grin spreads from ear to Cassie ear.

Delphyne laughs softly as she looks over at Barbara, "I think you're right. A darker blue would be better, particularly with my… ah, complexion." She hmms, "But what were you thinking of getting? I wouldn't want to be dragging you around where you didn't buy anything for yourself."

"Well…" Barbara grins, moving a little closer to Delphyne as she holds up a dark green dress of her own she'd tucked under one arm and drawing nearer to the Gorgon. "Funny enough, the colors green and red are complementry. They look great on each other…" she's still grinning a little when her eyes move across Cass' presence in the background. For the woman with an Eidetic memory? There's a blink of sudden recognition. She'd seen the girl before…in a prison cell.

Cassandra Cain is indeed one and the same. She folds the pants over an arm and goes to find herself a new coat. She can only have her hoody mended so many times after all, it really is getting kind of rough though she's fond of it. She'll make her way over to that spot when she herself notes Barbara looking her way. She knows the language of recognition, and it's written all over her. She'll set the pants down and move behind the rack to duck. A moment later, she'll be on her way. Making herself scarce when she's not even supposed to be in town seems a good idea at the moment, especially when that recognition didn't look to be a good sort.

Delphyne glances over at Barbara, and smiles at the dress, "Wow, that looks, ah… wow." Apparently Del got a mental image of Barbara in that dress, but she's disciplined enough to notice the change in Babs' demeanor, "Wait, you saw something?" She knows Babs enough to know when something is up, and she puts the blouse to the side, thinking two things: 1) get a dark blue dress to match Babs, and 2) see what's going on.

Barbara nods, but there's a frown on her features for a moment before she bites her bottom lip and turns away, reaching for her handbag. This wasn't exactly something she could do a -lot- about right now, but a sighting was a sighting. She didn't really have the luxury of her utility belt being at hand to try and track Cassie in her fleeing. "That girl over there, I've seen her before…" she doesn't say more, but tone alone might suggest the context being one beyond simple social encounter.

Cassandra Cain will get some distance to be comfortable that she isn't being chased, moving around and behind clothing racks and shelves to stealth her way away. She isn't inclined to quit the scene entirely, so she'll simply move to another clothing depot. No sense stopping now.

So where are the khakis here, Cassie wonders…

Del glances at Barbara, and nods, "Possible trouble?" She recognizes the tone, looking about warily but not seeing where Cassandra vanished to. So she shakes her head a little, "Want to go after her, or should we finish our dress shopping? Because if you're wearing that green number, I have to get a blue one to match."

What could Barbara actually do? A frown and a thought clear on her features. "I think…we'll have to leave it be." She couldn't go tackling some young woman in the middle of the store, especially out of her costume, and she didn't have any trackers or similar within easy reach. A sighting and an area was all she really had to go with. Exhaling a breath she turns back to the dresses her and her green-skinned companion were looking at, biting her lip. "R-right, blue or red."

Cassandra Cain hrmms now that she's verified that she's not being bothered. She wonders where she knows the other girl from, because clearly she knows Cass. The hair is familiar, but not overly uncommon. She won't stress on it long, however. There's shopping to be done now that she's next door. She's sorting through trying to find something similar to what she'd had before she was interrupted. She'll find khakis soon enough, but they aren't cargo pants. Crud, oh well. The coat is what's really important anyway…

Delphyne nods slightly, "Well, okay then. I suspected as much, but you know this city much better than I do." She smiles a little, and pulls out a shimmering red number, holding it in front of her as she tilts her head at Barbara, "So, something like this?" Del does keep an eye out, though, not that into the dress shopping as she keeps an eye out for that strange woman.

Babs was trying to concerntrate on the shopping date, truely, but of course part of her attention would be on the rest of the room. Thankfully, the red dress Delphyne pulls earns her gaze and she nods, smiling brightly. "Exactly like that," she nods before giving a soft laugh. "The more we get, the more we'll have to find reason to wear. You know that right?"

Cassandra Cain doesn't want to get in trouble, but at the end of the day she /is/ a teenager. One who isn't used to getting around in town, at that. Naturally, she is curious about what the other two are so keen on so ends up making like a raccoon who spots a shiny and peers through a window between the stores to get a clue. Huh, a red dress. Not really her thing, says her expression. After a moment of peering, she'll go back to her own perusing, finding the coats. Alas, they don't have one quite like hers, but a new one can't hurt for variety's sake either.

Delphyne laughs softly, "I suspect that you'd be a good motivation for me to dress up, Barbara." She chuckles, "At some point, I should have you meet the Princess. You'd like her a lot, I think." Wait, there's a Princess involved?

Thankfully, Barbara didn't look lost at the mention of a 'Princess'. She'd done her homework. Barbara Gordon always did her homework! "That would be…amazing," the redhead nods, holding up her own choice to herself once more as she looks in one of the nearby store mirror. It was mostly a gesture used to disguise the fact she was trying to watch Cass' movements through the reflection, but she -did- actually quite like the outfit. All work and no play makes Babs a dull girl.

Cassandra Cain grabbing her new clothes, she'll find her way over to the shirts section where she gets lost. What the hell to look for here. She hasn't the first clue, so just peruses with an occasional finger at this or that as she wanders with an occasional frustrated stare at something. Eventually a clerk comes over, noting how long the solitary girl has lingered. Cassandra will greet her with a trademark deadpan stare that can't help but be offputting.

"Um…hi. Can I…help you with something?"


"Hi…Yes, do you need help?"


"Help, yes. Is there something you're looking for?"

At that point she just stares, sensing the circular discussion developping. A few beats pass, and she goes back to looking, the poor clerk scratching her head as it dawns that hardly a thing she said was understood.

Delphyne grins, "Well, she would adore you, I think. Diana is magnificent, and worthy of the title of princess." She smiles and leans in towards Babs, whispering quietly in her ear, "Don't react, but over by the shirts section, I think our friend is back there."

"I'd love it…but if we're going to be hosting a Princess? I think I'm going to need to have more than soda and day old pizza in my apartment…which needs a cleaning too come to think of it." Another grin, this one manages to remain on her features as she considers for a moment before biting her lip. "If we pay for these, do you think you could put them somewhere safe? I might need to…get changed and come back."

Cassandra Cain eventually finds a shirt with Lil Richard printed on it and grabs it. She likes Lil Richard, as anyone who has gotten annoyed with the hours she spends in the gym at Xavier's will attest. Lil Richard and Count Basie marathons that likely have sent more than one of the younger Beatles or Elvis lovers bonkers. She sets it on her pile as the clerk shakes her head, giving up to go back to the counter likely writing her off as an immigrant or burned out stoner given her autistic sounding mode of speech. Cassandra will move on to grabbing a roll of socks before heading up to the counter herself to get into the short line to check out.

Delphyne murmurs, "Yeah, I can. Though… she seems to be just checking out some clothes. I'll shadow if you need to go change, hon?" The gorgon looks over at Babs, giving her a concerned look as she says louder, "Well, this'll be my treat then. If this is the one you want, I'll go ahead and get in line."

A pause, a frown, but Barbara nods before she adjusts her plan. Opening her handbag, she very carefully goes fishing for the small zipper sewn to conceal the partition that contained her belt. It was a delicate affair to manage without being seen, but thankfully CCTV wasn't really commonplace in all but the most high-tech of facilities. Retrieving a small device about the same size as a coin she rolls the tracker between her fingers and then zips the handbag closed. "Plan B then…" she murmers before gesturing for them to make their way to the counter. Dropping the tracker on Cass or into a bag/pocket might be tricky…but Babs was pretty damn good at this. She just had to be good enough today!

Cassandra Cain is an odd sort, being attentive to a level akin to paranoia in most views. This might be noted in the fact that she seems to never blink, unless it's a purposeful action. She always has an owlish stare about her that is noticeable as she waits in line to pay for her clothes, seeming to burn a hole dead ahead though at nothing in particular. Not much of a haul is in her grasp, but she has reasons not to linger much longer.

Delphyne glances over at Cassandra curiously, then ahems a bit, "That's a nice shirt you picked out, which aisle was that in?" She makes sure to try and distract the girl, at least enough that maybe Babs can get away with planting the tracker. Besides, gorgons tend to be distracting enough as it is.

Either it would work and Barbara was going to be looking into a certain school later, or it wouldn't. But there was little more Babs could do. With the attempt made she continues to play casual. Trackers weren't that common, most people wouldn't know to look for them and it was only by the grace of a certain Billionaire that she had access to one at all. For now? She moves to the counter and starts digging for cash. Delphyne had offered to have this as her treat, but the redhead was beating her to it. The Gorgon will have to get dinner instead!

Cassandra Cain will furrow her brows when she notes something about the jacket atop the small stack in her arms. The little coin is fairly insignificant though, so easily finds a home in there to be carried along when she gets up to the counter. Poor Cass has a tragic concept of numbers, so when everything is bagged she merely presents the cashier with a couple twenties and a ten, much to her confusion. It's way more than she asked for.

As Cassandra pays for the clothing, she'll glance back at Delphyne, and just utter,"Thanks."

A look of recognition is on her features as Cass regards her, knowing she was with Barbara earlier. Her expression is slightly wary as she glances about for her partner, knitting her brows if she spies her and ready to make herself scarce if it seems necessary.

Delphyne smiles at Cassandra, "Oh, I'm new here myself. But you shouldn't forget your… change, right?" She gestures towards the extra money the cashier is holding, "They like to be precise here, or something, from what I understand." She shakes her head, "Personally, I prefer to haggle. This is still odd to me."

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