1964-07-05 - Girl on Fire
Summary: Gabriel and Charles talk Jean off of a ledge.. maybe..
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The slamming of her door was iminent; how she stormed into her office with a sort of sadness and anger, her hands pressed against the desk as she lowers her head to close her eyes to sort it out. Her eyes snap open immediately, feasting her eyes upon the corner as the woman who looks -just like her-, remains.

'This was inevitable.'
"I know."
'The longer we stay here..'
"I know."
'I asked and you refused. Do you kno-..'

The second outburst of anger has her shoulders and hair bursting into flames, her eyes burning a deep red as she stares into that spot. To anyone else, no one would be there.. but to those close.. they just may catch a glimpse.. a phantom of -her-.. grinning.

"Yes, I have to go, sorry. Emergency at home." Gabriel explained to the foreman and took off, without really taking the opportunity to explain how he knew there was an emergency. Worse case, they'll dock his pay. They can't fire the guy who does more work than half the crew combined.

Feeling the stress that was rolling over Jean from the distance of the city was enough to send him enroute towards the mansion with as much alacrity as he could muster. The building up of her anger has been burning over a couple of hours, so that the timing of her slamming of the desk coincides with his walking into the office with the door swinging open.

"Breathe." The word comes out from the man at the same time his strides fall to the floor. "Breathe."

To say that Charles was concerned about his honorary little sister is a bit of an understatement. After delegating a response to the information about Logan to others, he moved towards Jean's office, sensing that she was still in there and not, at least, destroying several boroughs of New York. However, he paused a bit, sensing Gabriel in there as… well, perhaps he could get through to Jean where Charles couldn't manage it initially.

"I -am-." Jean says through gritted teeth, her hands slamming upon the desk, which causes it to crack faintly under the blow. "It's not working."

As she looks towards the other Jean in the corner, she still retains that grin, though there was a slight worry as the stare from her, went to Gabriel at his entrance. Annoyed, perhaps? Maybe..

"You heard about Logan. You know what they're doing to him.." Due to their shared link, maybe? "He helped us. We owe it to him to go find him no matter the cost."

"Wrong." Gabriel says calmly as he steps towards the desk, head tilting to the side. "Not at any cost. That was what we agreed to." He extends a hand out to the woman, palm up in an open gesture. "Calm minds will find the solution, not heated ones. Preparation, not reaction." The words almost sound rehearsed; in many ways they have been over several lifetimes. "We've been here before, we know what we must do and your current course is not it. You know this." His eyes drift from Jean down to his open palm, waiting.

There was an obvious struggle of the minds as Jean turns to face Gabriel, her shoulders slowly beginning to slump as the visage of the other 'Jean' disappears, the weight bearing down upon her as her hand lifts.. then grips upon her shoulder. Stress.

She groans just a touch, then slowly takes the steps to cross the distance, her hand resting into his. "And we've been on this current course. And it ended with our rule. But we can change the tide and make it.. different than what they made us see.."

She wanted to take her hand away, but she doesn't. "We can find him. You and me. -They- can help us. Just this once. And if the Phoenix or Vulcan get out of control we can end them. It is -that- simple."

"This is personal." Gabriel says quietly back to Jean, shaking his head slowly, "Personal does not count. The world is not in danger. Reality is not in danger." He tilts his head back towards the door he walked through, "Any of the others are capable in this matter. We must be more. No matter the individual pain. He's my friend as well Jean, and you know that your pain is my pain. But in this… for one man, we cannot risk the toll it would bring."

His somber tone matches his expression as he squeezes her hand gently. "It is not the time for them. Let's do this as Jean and Gabriel; not as the Phoenix and Vulcan. Everytime we turn to them it makes it that much easier for the next, until that is all that remains."

Charles takes a deep breath, leaning against the wall. He's not monitoring more than just the general conversation, but he's feeling a bit relieved that Gabriel seems to be talking Jean down.

Even if he can't shake that creepy feeling of the Phoenix smiling at him from before…

"Everything counts." Jean takes her hand from Gabriel's, then slowly rolls her shoulders, her eyes closing as the fire that does wrap around her slowly dies down. She still looks horrid, her jaw tensing, the veins within her skin standing out as she finally looks towards him, her lips pursed.

"Fine." Her hands draw up and smack down heavily, even as she moves towards the closet. "Jean and Gabriel. Suit up. And while you're at it, let Charles in."

Gabriel nods towards Jean, "Very well. My stuff is in the room." He stops by the door, pushing it open and tilting his head towards Charles for him to come in, "Do we even know why Logan was taken?"

Charles shakes his head, "No, we don't. If I had to make a guess, it might be because of his healing factor. Assuming, of course, there is a reason for this." He looks over at Gabriel and nods, then looks at Jean, "I just didn't wish to interrupt the conversation." Which is true enough, as he then glances back to Gabriel, "Apparently Illyana detected some mystical wards, so I'm reaching out to Strange to see what he can help us with."

Jean steps behind her closet as a series of zips and thumps are heard. "I don't think the 'why' should matter.." Yes, it was clear that she was still angry, but the fact that Charles may have heard everything..

..now -that- unnerved her.

"What matters is, we find him and get him out of there and let the chips fall where they may. Finding Strange, it may be too late. I'm going to find him tonight and bring him home. Come if you want, or not. I. Don't. Care."

"They why does matter." Gabriel says in response to Jean from where he stands, voice quiet as he speaks. "If he was taken for ransom then they do not value him beyond what they can get. If they took him because they vaule him, their approach will be different." His tone remains as stoic as he can manage, but his fingers do clench momentarily as he looks to the area where Jean is changing.

"And you do care. Perhaps it would be best if you followed another's lead in this one."

Charles glances over at Gabriel, "I don't know the why, yes. But I want to find out. And we're going to get him back." He's very determined about that, and not just because of Jean's reactions. "However, Gabriel, you are correct. We don't know enough yet about who or what we're facing. The fact that they somehow infiltrated the grounds at all to take Logan is a cause for concern by itself." He frowns at that, not quite sure how that happened, and it's easy to see that bothers him a great deal.

"No, it does not. All that matters is that they took him, and he is still alive. Let the rest of the talkers and the team underneath Scott and Charles worry about the why's." Behind the area, her hair was put up again, it was a wonder why she didn't take the scissors to it right then and there.

Though, Gabriel's suggestion nearly has her lashing out, but instead she steps out, then gives a shake of her head, bending to lace her boots together. "I love you Gabriel, but fuck you." Thankfully, Charles didn't say anything quite as mean as that, else she would have added 'both' to those words.

Gabriel's eyebrow quirks up slowly at Jean as he watches her outburst, watches her draw herself up and then he simply folds his arms. The man remains silent and maintains a calm demeanor on his expression as he watches the woman for a bit. Then he slowly turns to look at Charles. "We'll be ready to go when the rest of the team is ready."

Charles nods, "Thank you Gabriel. We'll be ready to move soon. Once we have a location, I think Illyana getting us in for the element of surprise is the best approach." He sounds fairly neutral talking about the tactics involved, but there's definitely a sense of satisfaction of taking the fight to where the kidnappers live before they can react.

Jean finishes strapping up, then looks to the both of them mildly shocked. Is he serious? Is Gabriel -really- serious right now? Even as the conversation continues, Jean just rolls her eyes and shakes her head, stomping off towards her desk in a mini-temper tantrum (and yet admittedly, she -does- feel better) to open draws and slam them.

Okay. She feels calm, level-headed, still a bit angry but.. just better. Not that she'd tell them.

Finally she looks up, then throws her hands into the air. "Are you two seriously ignoring me right now?"

Yup, temper tantrum..

Gabriel nods to Charles as he confirms the speed of moving. "Very well. I'll get my stuff and be ready to come as well, as insurance only." He lifts his eyes then to glance at Jean, making it clear who he is going on behalf of. "In the meantime. I'm going to find the restroom. It was a long ass run out here."

Charles blinks at Jean, then tries really hard to not smile. Because that's probably the worst thing he could do right now as far as Jean's mood is concerned. Still, he does sound a touch amused as he says, "Not at all. More like tiptoeing around the angry tigress." He moves over towards the desk, looking at Jean from the other side, "And, honestly, I worry about you, sis." Almost more worry in his thoughts for Jean than Logan, truth be told.

Her eyes go to Gabriel's back as he exits the room, her jaw heavily tensed as she closes her eyes and shakes her head. It almost felt like Gabriel was insisting that she stay back, stay home and let the raid happen without her interference. And almost.. almost.. she nearly agreed.

"Don't.. don't worry about me." She finally manages, leaning back upon her desk before unzipping the top half of her uniform. "I'll just.. keep busy, or something." She looks ready to cry, but she doesn't, only drawing in through her nose and out through her lips. "Did you see Nurse Anna?"

Charles smiles a little, "Can't help it Jean. It's part of my job description. Says so right in the school charter and everything." Okay, bad humor is his trademark, so why should he stop now. Though at the mention of nurse Anna, he gets a bit of a wry look, "I did, as a matter of fact, shortly after yesterday's… ah, session, in the Danger Room. She recommended a few things." Of course, then Charles took his own advice as far as therapy was concerned, which leads to aspirin, opera, bourbon… the Sixties style of stress management.

Which, to be honest? Not all that effective.

The little joke gets a pass, her lips curling up into a faint smile, even though she looks defeated. She feels defeated. But never the less, something was ticking in that brain of hers, and it was easily clear that the 'disconnect' was there.

"Good.. well.." She slowly stands, then moves around her desk to retrieve a bottle of shampoo and other various cleaning products, bundling them within her arms as she prepares to head for the door.

"I'm going to go grab a shower. I .. still smell like sulfur." What a liar. And a pretty decent one at that.

Charles hmms, "Well, I'm sure Illyana could market that as a fragrance and have all of upper society hopping. 'One whiff and you'll be feeling so hot.'" He gives Jean a look, then says, "We'll get you when we go." And he isn't lying about that, at least. He fully intends to bring Jean along, because… well, either she can control things. Or she can't. And one way or another, they have to know.

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