1964-07-05 - Nail Polish and Stealth
Summary: Situation: Stealth Mode. Goal? Painting fingernails.
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So, Lorna and Julie wanted to try something different. And they found a scenario in the Danger Room flagged by Jean as a stealth scenario. Activating it, the holographic technology materializes… to show the Professor's office. The Professor himself is sleeping lightly in his chair by the window, a light snoring coming from him.

Then Jean Grey's recorded voice comes over the speakers, "Alright, students. This is a stealth exercise. Your objective, is to paint the Professor's fingernails without waking him." There's a muffled "HEY!" in the background, that sounds vaguely like the Professor, as Jean's voice continues, "If he awakens, then the exercise is failed. You need to approach, paint the nails, and leave without him noticing you. Good luck!"

Lorna had gone down to just the jumpsuit that she'd worn under her magnetized armor for this. A stealth scenario likely didn't require armor and as Jean's voice came over the speakers? It was everything to the green haired mutant to not burst out into giggles and riotous laughter. She shifted, waving her fingers as she brought her feet up a few inches off the floor boards. A glance spared to Julie as she pressed a finger to her lips that were drawn into a wide smile. A bottle of nail polish in her hand.

Cheating? Possibly. But Lorna also had to be extra careful to not accidentally knock anything over with her magnetic field, bubble like as it was around her.

Julie hrms, as her eyebrows raise a bit. She glances around, without saying anything, for once, though it's clear there's some comment waiting behind her eyes somewhere. She nods to Lorna, and pauses to look around the place, notably, at things like floorboards and carpets. She checks her pockets slowly while Lorna goes, for anything that might rattle or jingle. The quietest thing she can do right now is nothing, by comparison.

|ROLL| Julie +rolls 1d20 for: 11

|ROLL| Lorna +rolls 1d20 for: 20

Before Julie takes any steps, she notices several points on the floorboards that are pretty squeaky looking, or at least rather suspect. So those would be easy to avoid. The carpets seem alright to step on, but of course Lorna doesn't have that problem as she's hovering in the air.

The problem being, though, that Lorna notices that the magnetic fluctuations from her hovering is causing a bit of rattling of the paper-clip container on the desk. However, Lorna is a smooth enough criminal to adjust her field so that the paper clips don't go flying.

Meanwhile, the holoProf sleeps onward, oblivious as he naps. Unaware of his impending doom.

Lorna had to pause and stop, reorient herself and focus. Her breathing controlled as she adjusted her magnetic fields to not disrupt the paperclips. When she approached and they didn't so much as jiggle? She'd release the softest of exhales. She floated over closer, enough that she could hover over the edge of the desk and not touch the wood or so much as wobble over it.

Then came the moment of truth. Uncapping the nail polish bottle. Her eyes flickered between the image of the sleeping Professor, back to Julie and then to the bottle as she tried to silently open it up. It wouldn't be that geat a nail job without having shook the bottle, but at least she could try to keep the little metal bead in it from clicking against the side.

Julie is taking her time observing the details, approaching things like a technical problem, since Lorna's sneaking is going so well. Playing lookout's pretty familiar from various hijinks, really, so there's a number of glances inside. The mixing ball, she might be able to do something with, at least, but if Lorna glances back, indicates any lights she might cast shadows on the Prof by. She looks over the Prof himself from where she is, looking for any loose items that could be further disturbed, then ahs. If there's a fan in the room, nearby, she holds up a hand and starts turning it lazily at first, likely backwards, to start trying to deal with any smell of the nail polish. Trying to avoid audible sound effects or a real breeze.

|ROLL| Julie +rolls 1d20 for: 5

|ROLL| Lorna +rolls 1d20 for: 1

Lorna tried very hard to be silent opening the bottle… so silent, in fact, that she fumbles the cap, the brush spiraling down and landing on the floor. Fortunately, the rug absorbs the noise, but the Professor does stir a bit before going back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Julie has her own problems, as there's a soft meow coming from nearby. The tortoiseshell cat Pryde meows again, before bounding over towards Julie, obviously wanting a treat. At least her collar doesn't jingle!

Lorna inhaled sharply as she fumbled with the bottle cap and it hit the floor. She tensed, shoulders rising high and pinching the inside of her lip to keep from yelping in surprise. It was hard. A glance back at the Professor as he stirs and goes back to sleep follows and she slowly unlocks her muscles to bend and pick up the brush.

A dip in the bottle and it was back out again. Sweat formed on her forehead as she held her breath and tried to carefull lean over and slide the paint over one of the sleeping Professor's nails.

Julie is, meanwhile, occupying herself with distract-a-kitty. She stoops and offers the back of a hand for nosebumps… Cause formalities must be observed, and sometimes she smells a bit of her shop cat Skiddums. Kittypurrs will have to be the chance they take.

|ROLL| Lorna +rolls 1d20 for: 2

|ROLL| Julie +rolls 1d20 for: 4

Lorna hovers carefully, and just as she's about to apply the nail polish, the Professor turns his head and mutters in his sleep, "Emma… nooo… that tickles…" There's a soft snort from the Professor as he drifts back off. But now, his hand is resting in his lap. Making it doubly difficult to apply now.

Meanwhile, the kitty meows again, purring loudly as she nuzzles against Julie's hand very hard. Purr purr purr purr. Then the cat looks at Julie and meows again, louder, causing the Professor to stir again.

Lorna had to stifle yet another groan of irritation. And a few choice words in regards to the programming. Her nose wrinkled as Charles mutters in his sleep. Her brows furrowing as she bit her lower lip. Her gaze narrowing on the hand now resting on his lap. Another dip of the fingernail paint into the bottle followed and Lorna shifted herself for a better angle. Levitation had its perks after all.

Then another attempt, the paint at the ready.

Julie slips on a driving glove among kitty-teasings. Here's something to chew on, a finger! She does glance up to Lorna, eyes the location of light bulbs in a spare moment. Not that it helps much regarding telepaths, but one thing familiar from discreet exits some Saturday nights and such.

|ROLL| Lorna +rolls 1d20 for: 8

|ROLL| Julie +rolls 1d20 for: 17

The kitty blinks, then noms on the finger, quieting down as she nibbles on the glove, fascinated by that as Julie keeps the cat distracted. Meanwhile, Lorna leans in and slowly manages to paint the nails on the Professor's hand. It's not the neatest job, but it is definitely a success!

Now, to just get out without waking the Professor!

Lorna tried, she really did, try to make it look some what decent. But there's only so good a job you can manage when levitating off the ground and trying to not wake the sleeping Professor in utter silence. A dip of paint into the bottle, and out, repeated. Five times. It was enough to make the back of her jumpsuit sticky with sweat.

When she was done, Lorna capped the bottle as carefully as she could. Then made to float back toward Julie, her brows held high at the sight of the cat.

Julie is of course making googley-eyes toward the kitty cat, she glances up to Lorna and nods her head sideways toward the door… She'll make her way out slowly by means of what more-solid spots she scoped out previously, keeping the kitty involved with her finger… Winces a moment at some of the kitty-chewings, but back she goes. Well, who guessed Dizzy was a cat person.

|ROLL| Julie +rolls 1d20 for: 7

|ROLL| Lorna +rolls 1d20 for: 9

Once Julie starts edging out, then the cat loses interest, scampering over by the window. And the Professor. Just as Lorna floats out and Julie closes the door quietly, the cat can be heard pouncing into the Professor's lap, as his yawn is audible through the door.

Then Jean's voice echoes in the Danger Room as the scene pauses, "Congratulations. You passed the Stealth Exam. Have a nice day."

And with that, the holographic grids become visible once more, the metal gray of the room appearing as the hallway for the Manor fades out from view.

Julie quips. "Just like being back in school."

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