1964-07-06 - Stealth Mode
Summary: Lorna tells Remy of the good news
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Lorna bounded up the stairs, making her way to her room, clad in the jumpsuit meant for training in the basement. She paused on her way past Remy's room and then shrugged and made to knock on the door, breathless and with a grin upon her lips. "Hey! It's me, Lorna, you decent?" She called, leaning against the door frame.

Once he'd spoken or greeted her or anything, she came barreling inside. "I got through a level ten scenario! It was a stealth mission but I managed it!" She grinned, infectious and unable to stifle it.

By the time Remy opens his door he's smiling. He's decent enough, wearing an untucked white button down shirt and jeans. "Well, ah reckon you gave dat scenario all it can handle. The door is open fully and the Cajun leans against the door jam on the other side of her with Oliver looking on quizzically. "Tell me 'bout dat stealth mission."

The green haired mutant laughed and Lorna folded her arms as she stepped inside as the door was opened. "Well Julie and I were teamed up for it. And it was kinda silly, but oh my gosh it was hard." She gushed. "The mission was to paint a sleeping image of the Professor's nails with nail polish and not wake him." She grinned again.

"Jean set it up, I didn't do it. But I did complete the mission." She stepped lightly around, and it became apparent how she'd managed when she lifted herself up from the floor boards by an inch or two. Floating. Her green hair picking up lightly around her in her magnetic bubble. And it became very clear how she'd managed to accomplish the stealth mission.

Remy folds his arms over his chest, still grinning at the sight of Lorna in such a positively floating mood. Pun probably intended. "I can't tink of no time where ah done seen you so giddy. Congratulations, gal, you deserve it." Then, he moves to clarification, "Ahm assumin' dat it was a fake Professor and not de real deal, right?"

Another grin, "Thanks!" She shifted in the air, her legs folding as she floated idly along. It was well, rather suiting for her mood. "I have never completed a level ten scenario down there. Especially considering I'm just starting with my combat training and all. But man, I never knew I'd be so good at stealth. I didn't knock over any paper clips in there or anything. There were some definite close calls. I mean there was a cat in it! Julie handled that though." She shrugged and floated back down to the floor.

"And yeah, it was an image. I don't think I can actually sneak up on the Professor if I wanted. Even if he was asleep." A pause followed.

"And I don't think he sleeps alone these days anyways." She muttered, rolling her eyes upwards.

"Yeah, bout dat," Remy says as he repositions himself against the doorjam, re-folds his arms, and clears his throat. "How well do you know de Professor?" He looks away, out the window specifically. "Errybody speaks well of 'im. Seem like a good dude an' all dat. But I just can't get sometin out of ole Remy's mind."

Lorna's eyebrows furrowed and she tilted her head to the side. Her pleasant mood evaporating briefly. "Huh? Well.. I mean, I've known him as long as I've known my father. Er more or less. He was there when I got my blood tested and found out about all that." She made a face and waved her hand.

"And he's always been there for me when my father is off doing whatever. He's listened to a lot of my problems and always been like an Uncle to me. I mean, my father trusts him, they're old friends. Long since before I was hanging out here." Her brow furrowed. "And I trust my father with my life."

Remy takes in a deep breath and nods, giving her his best reassurin' smile. "Den I guess all dose folks was right." He pushes himself off the door jam and plops on his bed before he leans to the side to pick up his kitten. "So what is Miss Level 10 gun do wit de rest of her day now dat she accomplished so much?"

Lorna pursed her lips and crossed her arms, her eyebrows climbing as she eyed him. "Oh no. You are not getting me distracted Remy. Something is bugging you about the Professor." She moved to sit beside him on the bed, her head tilting to the side as she eyed him even as he leaned down to pick up Oliver.

"Just because I trust him, doesn't mean that whatever is bugging you isn't an honest concern." She added after a moment.

"Ahm just a bit worried is all. When we was at Logan's pad, lookin' into what happened dere. De Professor seem a lil more worried about whetha or not his woman bein' respected den wit a missin' member of de family. Gotta be honest dat such a ting rub ole Remy de wrong way. Mebbe ahm tinkin' too much 'bout it. Dunno."

Lorna pursed her lips together, considering as she fell silent for a long moment. "Well… maybe that's how some people cope with a shock? I mean, I know it can be different for everyone." She shrugged lightly, shifting to start undoing the boots of her uniform and settle them on the ground before she tugged her feet onto the bed.

"I mean, I know he's looking for Logan. Him and Jean and a bunch of others. I went into the city to try to find a tracker," She heaved a sigh, "I found her but I also found a bunch of freaky spiders and a vampire." And some Hell-dude. She'd have to talk to Wanda about that later.

"So that didn't exactly work."

Remy looks on and nods as she goes over the rescue efforts for Logan, "Any news on d'otha folks and how they doin' in lookin' for him? If dere any way ah can help, don't hesitate. Dat was one horrible sight over dere at his house the otha day. Hopefully he aiight."

A wordless shrug followed, "I dunno. Everyone has been in and out of the house. I haven't heard a thing. I just assume that if anyone needs me they'll come find me." Her lips thinned. "I wish I could help more. I know the alloys that are in his skeleton. I could at least give them a heads up. My father could do more, his range is better than mine." A sigh pulled from her lips.

"But I have also run into two other people that have the same alloy inside. Scott said it was from this thing called Weapon X. I've never heard of it. Other than when Logan' son mentioned it and hid out at the cafe with me and Julie at our table."

"Have you talked wit yo' father 'bout him? Mebbe dat de next person t'go to, non?" Remy says with a shrug of his shoulders as he lays back a little bit on the bed. "Ah din know dat Logan had a son. Kid like de daddy? Musta been one hell of a shag between dat man and whoeva de motha was. Hopefully she still around t'talk 'bout it."

Lorna wrinkled her nose, "No. My father hasn't been around. He claims that if I try really hard, I can always find him. We're sorta magnetic imperfections in the world. He can always find me no matter where I am." She waved a hand and then let it fall with a grumble. "But I can't sense him when he's in another state or country or whatever." A sigh escaped her. "I can barely find him in the same city block. There's too much back ground noise."

The second part of Remy's words had color spreading over her cheeks. "They don't get along. As much as I can tell Akihiro, or Daken or whatever his name is, is like his father in terms of power. And skeletal structure. It's all adamantium. My father taught me what it was, since I'd never sensed it before. And uhm.. I dunno about his mom." She made a face.

"So gross Remy. Gosh."

Getting a rise out of Lorna seems to make Remy laugh, "I warned y'bout dat, ah do believe." He hasn't met Akihiro to this point, but is frankly more worried about getting Logan back. "Well, mebbe if you do talk to your pops, you could ask him to lend a hand. Shame he doesn't leave a card or sometin like dat, non?"

Lorna leaned over to bat at Remy lightly, "Still gross gosh. I so don't want to think about that at all." She wrinkled her nose and sat back on the bed with a huff and a pout, crossing her arms.

"And yeah, it would be nice. But he's convinced that if it really matters that I can always find him. Doesn't exactly tell me where I can get a phone number though to ring 'im. Especially if it's as general as the idea of—'Hmm he's that way'." She threw her hand in a random direction and grimaced, flopping back on the bed, still in the leather jumpsuit she'd worn to the danger room.

"I dunno. I could ask Wanda. She has magic and stuff. Maybe she can find Logan. I know she can find my father, or anyone in our family if she wants. Bet she can do it for Logan."

"Wanda be a good idea. Not sure how all dat magic works, but dat would definitely help," Remy says as he sighs. Summer days with not much t'do. The life of a thief is a good one. "You ain't hot wearin' dat leather 'round? Dat'd drive ole Remy crazy."

A grimace and Lorna shrugged, "I don't know how it works and I lived with her for three weeks. All I know is that it is crazy and there are alternative dimensions and artifacts and rules. And my nephew can do whatever it is that Wanda can with er.. it's weird. Even for me." She muttered and shifted, shooting Remy a glance.

"Yeah, I'm over heating. I was gonna go change, but I got all excited about getting through a level ten stealth mission."

"You ever wish y'got dose powers instead of de metal?" Remy asks as he raises an eyebrow. "If ya need t'change, dun let Remy get in de way. I won't look. Promise." For effect he covers his eyes and opens his hand just a sliver between the middle and the ring finger.

"Nope. My powers at least have realistic limits. Things that aren't metal? I can't touch. No accidentally undoing reality and erasing an ice cream cone or opening portals to other dimensions and worrying about something crazy coming out. Or doing something really weird like that. I am pretty thankful I've got my father's powers. At least I know what I can do in the future and have someone explain everything to me." A pause, "Wanda and Billy don't really know if there's a limit to what they can do. Billy just wishes for something and it happens."

Green eyes shifted from eyeing the ceiling back to Remy and she elbowed him without getting up from her sprawl on his mattress. "If I changed that means getting up and going to my room. Doofus."

"Was worth a shot," Remy says with a shrug as he stands up quickly to turn on the radio. Soft tones from the fifties are heard low as he approaches the bed once again. On the side of his bed is one of those cat toys that you can bounce around, which he does idly for the cat.

A green eyebrow hitched upwards as Lorna shot him a side eye. "You're utterly shameless you know." She shook her head, and then grimaced, pulling herself up to sit with a groan. A hand dragged over her forehead and into her hair, shaking out green locks around her face.

"I should go change. Man I wish I had ice powers or something. Summer is so gross."

"Neva claimed t'be anyting any different," Remy replies with a laugh. He nods and gives her a wave, "Congratulations on de stealth achievement. If I was Uncle Chuck, I'd be quakin' in my boots."

Lorna stood, stretching her arms over her head. "You should be worried. I am now super stealthy and I might come sneaking in with fingernail polish to paint your nails." She shot back, and then immediately thought better of it. Knowing Remy sneaking in was likely not the best option. She turned pink and turned to go.

"Not that it would be hard if you passed out from drinking again. You sleep like a rock, you know that?" She teased, trying to hide her blush as she stepped for the door, offered a wave and a smile.

"Welp," Remy says with a grin, "I do sleep like a rock. And if ah should be worried, so should you. You sneak into my rom you might find out that ole Remy likes to sleep in de nude."

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