1964-07-07 - A Tour of The Mansion
Summary: Alison walks about the Xavier Mansion, winds up meeting Julie.
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For all of her recent success in the music business, Alison Blaire never expected to find herself in such a huge Mansion anytime soon. So it's only natural that she decided to take some time to explore just how big it actually is. Right now her meandering legs have brought her to the 2nd floor, moving about slowly, and taking in the impressive interior from behind her cateye shades. Yes, she's taken to wearing the shades inside the house as well, in vain attempt to avoid being recognized by some of the students who happen to be big Dazzler fans.

Julie is making her way on down from the dorms, seemingly recently from the shower, since her hair's a bit damp, she's got, cradled in one arm, a couple of books, one something about the history of the NYC subways, perhaps, gives a smile, and a wink, "Hey, there, …Alison, right?" Dazzler might remember Dizzy as that girl from the Mutant town bar one night, or perhaps not, considering. But she winks. "Kinda hope chow's on, down there."

"That's me," Alison offers Julie with a friendly smile, giving her a slight wave of her hand, she doesn't happen to recall Julie, but her eyes are drawn towards Julie's book, "wow…what classes forces you to read these kind of books?" She asks, not so much out of curiosity, as much as to know which classes to avoid if she does wind up registering.

Julie laughs a little, "Well, I suppose you could say I'm getting a head start on some engineering classes, let's say," the new York gal says, and introduces herself, "Dizzy Bottero, I'm sorta starting school next semester for real, and teaching some shop for the kids while I'm at it."

"Engineering, wow! So, this school allows women in engineering classes? Professor Xavier wasn't joking about the school's forward thinking," Alison seems duly impressed, she had a distinct unpleasant childhood that defined her world views quite askewed. Though most places in the world, to be sure, aren't nearly as progressive as this school. At least from what she found thus far. "Alison Blaire, I don't go to school here, but I'm thinking about it…I met the Professor in a show I did at the Lux, and he explained to me the importance of having an education…"

Julie nods, and smiles. "Yeah, I dunno how many others, but that's really something else. I mean, there's probably a few places I could get into those, but, well, for the money, there's more percentage in my brother and cousins going, anyway. She nods, might be one of the kids that recognizes Dazzler, but everyone was told not to make a big deal of things. Such are the times, really. "But yeah, you'd think things woulda changed, my Mama was a welder in the war effort, now everyone's supposed to be Betty Crocker, go figure."

Alison laughs, "yeah, the war sure showed things could be different. Amazing how in times of great need, prejudice against gender don't matter as much," she has something of a silly grin on her face, and quips, "lucky that in my industry it's not as bad, I guess it's because they don't consider brains are as important. Which is not quite true."

Julie nods. "Sure wouldn't be no good at writing music, myself, I think. I like singing now and again, but I guess it takes a lot. She adds, "Hey, you eaten yet? They lay a pretty good spread here, especialy for a school, though a bit of vino with dinner would be an improvement," she smirks.

"Well, lots of practice is one thing, it's harder on a stage though," Alison admits with a playful grin on her lips, before shaking her head at the question, "no, care to show me the kitchen?"

Julie nods, and smiles. "Guess we'll see if we're early, or what, then. Might actually be pasta, if that's what I was smelling, earlier." She says, "Big time been treating you all right, then?" she adds, "Kind of been a bit busy to catch the music news much just lately."

"I've been doing tremendously well since the Ed Sullivan show…I got a contract to perform at the Lux on a regular basis, it's quite the fancy club," Alison offers, looking surprised that Julie knows who she is, "you are really cool for someone who knows me, hope it's not because you don't like my music."

Julie smiles. "Seems pretty good to me, anyway, think I just missed your show at the Eight Ball, spotted you from the TV then, and I guess in some scenes, you never know who might turn out to be a big star or something. Hot rodding's like that, and besides, most of the big names and stuff, they'll talk to anyone, there. Pretty avant-garde stuff, though, ever hang in the Village? You hear all types of stuff there."

"I was lucky the police didn't raid my show when I preformed at the Eight Ball," Alison notes, having attended a show that was crashed by the cops, good thing it's a well kept secret that she's in fact a mutant. Only Professor Xavier seems to know it thus far. "But yeah, I think it's cool to talk to your fans, you get a lot of input that way, and most are real nice people…it's when there's too many people without order that it can get scary."

Julie nods, "My little cousins go ape for these Beatles guys like they're Elvis or something," she winks. She'd be of the age to have been with the poodle-skirts and saddle shoes set back then, something that still lingers in her general group's style, she does gesture on to walk in toward the 'cafeteria,' "Yeah, though I guess people are more likely to lose their cool in large groups and all. People are crazy like that, she winks.

"They're pretty good, I love their on stage charisma, you should watch recorded performances of theirs…I went to see them live when they came to the States, I got to meet them too!" Alison sounds rather excited about that, but she does concede, "there's nothing quite like Elvis though, gotta admit, there's a reason he's the King."

Julie nods, "Catchy stuff, but yeah, seem like they have some fun. Kinda thought California Sound was really gonna be the next big thing, but some stuff gets pretty avant-garede out there, too. Kinda mixes with the surf scene guys. And, let's see who's in the mess hall. Quieter this time of year, I guess, some of the kids can go home to their folks and all."

"Hey, avant-garde is where I breathe," Dazzler grins at Julie, clearly, proud of her original take on music, even if not everyone like it, and some outright called her a devil worshipper for her trouble.

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