1964-07-07 - Home Sweet Home
Summary: Back in Midgard, some of Our Heroes stop off at Saganaki.
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Now that they're back in the warmth of a New York summer, and in the safety of Lamb's place, Bucky sheds his armaments and coat without any selfconsciousness at all. "Mind if I have a shower, first?" he asks Lambert. "I'll be real quick, and then you can soak. These two," He jerks a metallic thumb at the Asgardian and the elf, "'ll be occupied a while." He's utterly matter of fact - that's how it works for humans; you survive danger, you want to fuck. If there ever was embarassment on that front, it's long gone. "And then, I think I'll crash on that bench." He's got his coat- he's perfectly content to sleep like some kind of homeless bandit on Lamb's patio furniture.

Loki doesn't even go there, as far as thinking if Kai and Lambert might hook up as payback. His brain just can't. So he looks a little weirdly at the killing remark, but still doesn't seem to get it, exactly. He does swipe some of that wine straight away though. Then he stands there in the main room and has a swig. Then slowly, he reaches out and touches Kai's cheek, then runs those fingers around his ear, then neck, shoulder, stroking down the fabric covering his left arm, and onwards. Its all done with a pressure to it, like he's inspecting for harm, for wounds, for marks. "I have you back…"

Lambert says to Bucky "No, you can go first. Let me just turn the water on outside." To redirect it from the kitchen below. Lambert pads briefly down into the kitchen, and a squeaky wheel can be heard, before he comes back up "Water is on. Try to be brief for the shower. I will shower too, and can soak later, once I work out which bits are sorest." Then it is wine for everyone, and even though it is a warm day, Lambert has the small fire shortly going so that he can stick pokers in red wine and offer Loki something warmed and spiced. Satyr wine, unstoppered "I'm going to need a brew day soon," he murmurs to himself "Okay. Hmm. Does anyone have any holes in them? I mean bad holes."

Kai says near Loki, keeping a hand at the small of his back as the prince pours himself some wine. He tilts his cheek into Loki's touch, and he smiles up at Loki with heart-wrenching sweetness. "I'm all right," he tells him, though his smile dims and he adds, "But I bear marks from what happened in Svartalfheim." He lowers his gaze, unable to shake the shame of what happened, what of it he can remember. "You'll see. They don't hurt, but I look different."

He had clean clothes in his pack. Just in case. Bucky's darted up the stairs, showered in literally about ninety seconds, and returns in clean fatigue pants, and a white t-shirt, hair towel dried and tousled. The arm is exposed…..but it seems fine. He takes the wine cold, takes a swig - not a tentative taster's sip, but a big swallow - and then his eyes go wide. "Damn," he says to Lambert, with dawning respect. "That is good."

Loki knits his brows as he looks at Kai. "Here?" He brushes two fingers against his collar bone, peeking into the shirt to see if he has the wolf marks. "I have your toy, Kai. It is not lost." Though he's trying to patiently make certain that the elf is ok, before he starts ravishing him, he does lean in and try to kiss him.

"It will knock you on your arse," warns Lambert to both Loki and Bucky, though his eyes slide slightly towards Kai. Curious, apparently. After all, it is very rare in this day and age to see open affection between men. He says "I'll go now." He scoops his own clothes up and is soon off in the shower, singing in greek in that…well. Moderately tuneful voice. It's a little longer as Lambert discovers bruises, bashings, and lord knows what else, the fragmentary results from playing around on the same battleground as true gods. By the time he comes back out in pyjamas (flannel), a waistcoat (printed with tiny goats), and slippers (bunny), those bruises are showing. Then he says to Bucky "I'm shutting down the restaurant for a week. I'm not going to be able to move tomorrow. I'll put some pillows down there between some chairs, and we'll make a comfortable spot for you, eh? You don't have wool like I do. Loki, Kai? Do you want me to get the copper tub for you?"

Kai shows Loki his throat, where there are thankfully no scars that Bucky would have to live with seeing. He shakes his head and says, "No, I'll show you." He unfastens his fancy Alfheimian jerkin and loosens the shirt beneath it. He takes that kiss though, before showing Loki what he's hiding. He has insecurities. This might be the last kiss Loki wants to give him after this! Ridiculous as that sounds. Kai draws back enough to strip to the waist.

The marks he's talking about are clear to see. Shimmering over his shoulders like a mantle is the silvery impression of a net; Bucky will recognize it, the metallic net they bound Kai up in, how it bit into his skin. And on his back, a dark tattoo of a stylized ash tree. It would be beautiful work if not for its origins. "I'm sorry," he says to Loki. Then, to Lambert, "I think wine for now."

"That's just fine," Bucky says, lifting the glass in salute. "I'll have more." He's clean. He can stand to get sloppy drunk on magic wine. Then he toes his folded coat with a boot and notes to Lamb, with a crooked grin, "I brought my own wool." The sigh of Kai's marks wipes the grin away, leaves him looking bleak and old. Now poor Kai, the generous and the trusting, knows what it's like to be bound, branded and marked at someone else's pleasure. "Seriously, I'll take a pillow and that bench. I'm used to sleeping on hard surfaces." A statement of fact, but….

Lambert shoots Kai an odd look at 'I'm sorry', and then he says to him "It's pretty. I mean, I'm sure you think it's horrible, and for good reason. But it's pretty." And then he leans over to give Bucky more wine. Speaking of boots, that is what it feels like. Lambert wrinkles his nose "Is there something you don't like about closed in spaces? Okay. We can do that. I'll go out there with you. I think those two are going to be defiling my poor sheets." HE PUT IT LIKE THAT.

Kai offers Bucky and Lambert both a fragile smile. There's something in his eyes that wasn't there before. Something that might always be there lurking below the surface. He knows what it's like to be bound, branded, and marked at someone else's pleasure. When it's clear Loki wants to head upstairs, Kai murmurs he'll join him in a moment, and he goes over to hug Bucky and Lambert each in turn. "You came for me," he murmurs.

Kai ends up with a metal arm wrapped around him - even cleaned up, there's always that scent to him. "You're my friend. And it was my fault that you were there. WE could hardly leave you there." Not without actual madness - knowing someone else might be going through a version of what he did. "I'm sorry," he says, and his voice is rough. To Lamb, he says, in that low voice, "Yeah. I'm thinking I want to be able to see the sky."

Lambert brightens "Sure!" he says, and he slaps his own chest "It's Greek tradition to go look for awesome people in the lands of the dead!" He pauses, spreading his hand across the skin there with a sudden grimace. The humans and near humans are beaten _up_ from being knocked around by earthquakes and ice and more. Then he says to Kai "I'll have a hot breakfast ready for you. And the quilt is a feather quilt. Hang on." He potters around to the cupboards, and takes out two felt-covered sachets "Lavender and sweet woodruff, for sleep, yes?" He offers them both over to Kai "Don't, ehhh. Don't do sexy things with him unless you want to. Yes? You have had a big shock." Lambert shrugs "He is a God. They seem to get better from everything so fast." Then he nods to Bucky "I'll get some of my cousin's blankets."

Kai murmurs to Bucky, "Shh, it's their fault. All their fault. You're the reason I'm here." He gives Bucky an extra hug, this one lasting for a moment. "We survived, and that's enough, Bucky." He rests his forehead against the assassin's. "Don't blame yourself." Lambert's words make him laugh, though, and he inclines his head to the satyrkin. "Thank you," he says as he accepts the sachets. The satyr gets a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see how I feel. Right now, I just want to be close to him."

More wine, and now Bucky's lost some of that pallor - it's gotten to him. "Nah," he says. "Really. I'm good. It's warm out here, and that's enough." Kai's assertions make his lips thin out, and he's visibly struggling against that grimness. "Go on up to bed, Kai," he says, gruffly. "Lambert and I have some drinking to do."

Lambert says "Just do…well, whatever you think is right for you." He then pats Kai gently "The copper tub is up there. Run it extra hot. Plenty of salts up there. That will help, perhaps. And yes! Everyone survived!" He is honestly shocked "I think I am going to have nightmares for the rest of my life." Then he reaches out and he _hugs_ Kai tightly to him. Wruf! He beams and he says to him "I'm scared of your boyfriend, I think." Now he moves back and he claps Bucky on the shoulder "Sounds good! You know, I have these stories about Crete…"

Kai's brow knits, though he doesn't argue with Bucky. He bows his head, and then Lambert hugs him, and he hugs back. "Oh, he's terrifying," Kai says with an abundance of warmth and affection. He ruffles Lambert's hair, then skips up the stairs, singsonging, "I'm coming, darling!" Irrepressible, despite it all.

And once Kai's gone….it's as if Bucky's let down his guard a fraction more. He doesn't get all broody and grim, but there's clearly still a weight on his shoulders. He turns back to LAmbert and says, "That sounds good. Let's keep drinking and talking."

Lambert watches Kai head off, shakes his head "Do you think he's part satyr?" he asks Bucky, then offers his hand across "Lambert Petropolous! I'm, er, a quarter satyr. I don't usually introduce myself like that but I figured it would help answer any questions you had. Sorry about the lack of decent introductions - that place was confusing my senses rather badly."

"It was pretty weird. I'm James Barnes, I go by Bucky, not Jim, Jimmy, or Jamie," he agrees, shaking that hand. "And….that's wild. The metal arm….it's a long story. Russian experiments, basically. Thanks for helping, and thanks for your hospitality."

"Bucky!" says Lambert, in amusement "That was a nickname for me, sometimes, at school. For obvious reasons." He waves vaguely at his tail - and the eyes. He never bothered hiding himself over there "How…uh. How do you feel things through. Wait, I probably shouldn't ask. Oh! Well, you know, Kai is a friend, and Loki asked me to help out." Lambert hesitates "I didn't know it was going to be _that_ bad," he admits "Er, I can barely use my thrysus."

Bucky's grin is a g host of itself….but genuine enough. "It's from my middle name, Buchanan." He nods at that, mellowed by the booze. "Some of the internal wiring connects to nerves. It…there are signals my brain translates to kind of sensation. Mostly it feels numb by comparison, though. On the other hand, it doesn't hurt when it gets damaged, though it is uncomfortable."

Lambert says "That's wild." He then offers across his standard snack - fresh bread with olive oil and salt. Now he claps Bucky again and he heads them off into the courtyard "So how do you know Kai?" he asks enthusiastically, without having any clue of how painful that might be "And the arm is crazy. Hmm. Here, more wine. Damnit. I suppose, uhhh. I should note that occassionally lovers of mine turn up here, though since you don't seem to be concerned by Kai and Loki, I suppose that won't bother you too much."

"So long as they don't wake me up early, that's fine," Bucky says, apparently calm, though there's a glitter of amusement in his eyes. "I….Kai picked me up in a bar. He was nice to me. And foolishly showed me where he lived."

"Oh!" says Lambert, a little surprised by that. Picked him up in a bar indeed. He sits on one of the benches, and rolls out his cousin's lambswool blankets, lying them out flat. Then he makes one for Bucky, close by. Now more wine, and even Lambert is slurring "Do you…you seem to be really knowin' what you're doin'. I had no idea."

"Not like that," he clarifies. "I'm….I don't look at guys that way. I was living rough and looked it, and Kai was being kind. Like he does. He's basically a really good person. It's….only been a few months, but…"

"Oh! Fair enough," says Lambert cheerily, and he waves a hand "I look at roughly _errehone_ that way. Well, if they're nice people. Or interesting people," he adds, more honestly "S'genetic. I think? I'm not sure. I'm like th'rest of my family. People who only like one thing are the rare ones." He is tipsy, and he leans forward and he beams "Hahaha, he's kind _but_ he's a real trickster. He gets free stuff out of me all the time." His eyes are warm, and brown, and he is looking directly at Bucky.

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