1964-07-09 - Chez Miller
Summary: Jay visits Chez Kellan/Kaleb/Vic. Lucky Jay.
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It's been quite the past couple of weeks for the Miller twins and tonight seems to be a chill-at-home night. There is beer, soda, pizza, and there is something playing on the black and white television that is a little fuzzy. Kellan is slouched down on the couch, curled up against Vic with his bottle of coke and seems content to be as lazy as humanly possible — though he will let Vic up so that he can get more food if needed. Jay had been invited over to come crash Chez Kaleb/Kellan/Vic's place for the evening and enjoy some low key chillaxin'.

This end of town was insane to Jay. Going from back home where 12 people lived in a barn (literally), to the center, to previously crashing at Kai's place, the only thing that comes close is his tiny dorm room at the institute, and that was still a dorm. This? This is a New York City apartment. This is what you think from movies so far as he's concerned. Coming up to the building, it's a slow, uncertain walk. The halls are even worse as he peers at different folks' doors, looking for the polished numbers he was told to come to. Tentatively at first, he knocks, then frowns at himself and knocks three times, a little more assertively. Looking around the hall curiously while he waits. Without a dog to accompany him this time.

Vic has eaten his fair portion and is, if one can believe it, sated for now. The lure of chilling out with Kellan is stronger than the need to feed. He has an arm around Kellan, and he's only sort of watching the television. Laziness is a defining feature today. When there's a knock on the door, he looks to Kaleb. Clearly he and Kellan are too comfortable to get up.

Kaleb said helpfully "Door." And paused. Yeah Vic and Kellan weren't moving. Kaleb frowned and walked over to the pad of paper on the counter adding to the shopping list 'Staff' to acquire. The door opened and it was casual day: no tie at home. He didn't even say him he greeted Jay wiht, "Did you bring the guitar like I asked?" Demanding little prat. Still he gestured the winged one inside. "Guys, Jay's here."

"Hey Jay," Kellan calls out from where he is curled up on the couch, lifting one hand to wave over the back of the couch when Kaleb opens the door. "Come on in and make yourself at home. There's pizza, beer, soda, stuff. Help yourself. We're just kind of hanging out." He reaches up a hand and laces his fingers through Vic's and then asks of Kaleb "Guitar?"

Jay faces forward and tries for a smile when Kaleb opens the door, only to be met with that demand rather than a hello. His expression falls and he blinks widely at Kaleb-Sans-Tie for a couple seconds. "Um," Jay stumbles at first, then reaches down to touch the neck of the instrument hanging upside down by his right hip. "Yes?" The guitar shifts and his wings shiver a little bit, glancing past Kaleb's shoulder to the voice he hears inside. "Hai Kellan." Stepping inside slowly, he glances from side to side to get his bearings. A quick glance into the livingroom, Jay smiles, then pauses, turning his back to the pair on the couch casually in order to mouth silently to Kaleb. 'Are they homosexual?' Because he's still that guy.

"Hey, Jay," Vic calls, and he glances over to smile at the winged one. It doesn't occur to him to stop holding Kellan tucked under one arm, because it's their home, darn it all. He rests his head against Kellan's and murmurs, "Your brother is the perfect host." Then he presses a kiss to Kellan's temple because yes. Yes, they are, Jay.

Kaleb managed to warm a smile and patted Jay on the shoulder twice. Yup, Kaleb Miller: terrible with people. Myabe someday he'll catch on with practice, or maybe just send Kellan in his stead. He looked to Jay and tilted his head at his brother and Vic. He blinked and answered Jay's hanging question, "Nicer than me? Aaaaaabsolutely." He was zen with his social limitations. He then caught that was intended and Kaleb simply said firmly with a sigh, "We don't stand on pretence or judgements here… well.. I mean I DO. I'm pretty much a poster boy for pretense, but we keep judgements relegated to outside the house. Which, you've got to be cramped as hell. You want to let those loose a bit you'resafe in here. We have somene to come and vacume if you get startled and molt. it's ok." It was that tone, everything was fine on his say so. He waded into the kitchen and oddly offered, "Who wants what while I'm up?"

Kellan smiles when he sees Jay come in with the guitar and says, "Oh cool, guitar!" Then he smiles over at Vic and doesn't move either. This is their home where they can be who they are and he doesn't much care what anyone thinks inside. On the street? In public? That's a whole other matter, but for now Kellan isn't moving. He smiles at the kiss to his temple and laughs a little bit. "Kaleb must have got it from dad instead of mom." Their mother was more of the party thrower. Then he glances to Kaleb as he goes off into the kitchen and says, "Can I get another coke?"

Jay doesn't immediately grasp the answer from Kaleb. It takes him a second or so before he nods a little bit, then turns a little pink around the cheeks, scooping a hand through his hair, trying to keep his voice low. "Oh, Ah'm okay—Ah mean, Ah'm fine with it…" His wings shiver a little bit, turning around again as Kaleb slips past him and into the kitchen. Jay waves back to Vic a couple seconds late. "Hey, Vic." He catches himself staring and glances away. "What's happening?" Trying to be casual and failing at it as he follows Kaleb around. "Ah don't usually strip at people's houses, but thanks. Ah'm, uh, past my molt… " kind of sheepishly over his bird like qualities, but there's a smile when Kellan notices his guitar. "Yeah, Kaleb asked me t'bring it by. Either of you, uh, play?"

"Ooh, another coke for me too, please," Vic says, and he flashes Kaleb a broad, boyish smile, showing off those pearly whites. He may not realize how pretty he is, but that doesn't stop him from working it. His lips twitch as Jay looks his way, stares to long, and looks away again. Kellan gets an affectionate squeeze. He has no intention of letting his boyfriend go behind closed doors. "I don't play," he says, "but I'd love to hear you give us a tune. What kind of stuff do you play?"

Kaleb went into the fridge and said offhandedly, "Yes but you're getting one and you all can share." He grinned a bit. Holy capers on crackers he knew how. He pulled four cokes out. He handed one to Jay who was, apparently, joining them in that. He handed one to Vic and chuckled at his twin, "I get you a coke and you give me the biggest damn shoes to fill? Unfair, Kel, unfailr." It was Kellen saying he was like his father which might explain the lack of offense. ALso he wasn't at all wrong. Given his lunch though he admitted, "Prolly, truer than I'd care to admit given recent events." He waded over and found a place to park himself. "Yeah what're you into?" This? This interested him.

Kellan shakes his head and says, "I don't know how to play either but I'd love to hear you play." Kellan sits up just a little bit but not to move outside of the comfortable lean against Vic's chest. He takes the coke from Kaleb with a grin and a "Thanks," then his attention is back to Jay, seeming happy just to have the company. He streeeeeetches over toward the TV and pokes the button to turn it off so that they can talk and listen to music without the drone of whatever was on in the background.

Jay takes the coke when it was passed to him, a little surprised when it appeared in his hand, but he gives Kaleb a smile anyway in gratitude as he follows along in the bossy man's wake into the livingroom. Following yet again like a baby chick. A practiced and smooth move, Jay pulls the guitar from his back while he finds a place to perch and the instrument leans beside him. Mindful of his extra appendages, long primary feathers linger to either side of him and the lump on his back stretches as they angle cockeyed.

Music. Music he can do. More comfortable with that subject than just about any other, the gently anxiety that's been hovering around the man begins to dissipate over the praise and interest. "Well, Ah used to be in a band back home. We played a lot of, like…folk rock? If that makes sense? Garagey, but definitely folk rock. Some covers, Ah mean, you gotta make people happy when they hire ya, so Ah know how to play a lot of popular stuff. Country stuff like the man in black, Patsy Cline, Ray, King, Bare," Jay lists effortlessly off the top of his head, then shakes it a bit as he pops his soda open. "But Ah gotta love some of the way that rock's gone lately, stuff is gettin' good. Lahke, Ah can feel it just gettin' somewhere interestin'. Ah like a lotta folk, though. It feels like it has more heart than a lot of other stuff on the radio. It makes mah blood run warmer." He glances over at each of the three, in turn while he speaks, then smiles gently when he realizes how many words he's said. "But, Ah mean, music's not hard t'figure out once you know how to play a guitar. It's just figurin' it out by ear. What're, uh, you guys into?"

Vic takes the coke passed his way and he says, "Thank you, Kaleb." He's a polite mote. He takes a drink. one hand holding the can, his other arm around Kellan still. "You know, I'm not sure what kind of music I like. I know what, uh, the old me used to like, but it's one of those things where I know it, but I can't really hear it in my head." He shakes his head. "It's confusing, but I'm up for listening to anything." He offers Jay a kind smile, and he explains, "I'm only about a week old."

Kaleb sat back and actually listened. There was a nod of agreement, "I like Johnny Cash. He's pained to the soul and will write the hell out of it." Did Kaleb really know what a feeling was? He looked to Vic admitting his age again and just buried a laugh into his hand for a moment and lifted the bottle in salute to his brother, "You are not breaking him from bringing that up anytime soon, Kel." He took a drink and shook his head admitting to Jay, "Honestly I listen to like… everything. I like the stuff coming out of Motown. . I'vebene kinda on about The Pixies Three and Dusty Springfield. Just saw that new band, the Beatles when I was stopped over in Bristol? Blew… my mind. You won't get me to give up my Jan & Dean though. You ever want to pick through my vinyl collection we can go-" He paused and relized that'd be a terrible plan to go to the Parents' domicile as that may actually endanger more thann half the room. He finished smoothly "and finish moving it here. At home had one room withthe wall filled. Though Billy I might tag to help me with that. He's getting super useful. But really, you're welcome to it." So he was selfish but not stingy. There was hope.

There's that slight blush again that blooms on Kellan's cheeks whenever Vic brings up the fact that he is only a week old. He can't help it, that's not going away any time soon. They're going to be well into their thirties before he doesn't facepalm at least a little at this rate. There's a smirk shot over in Kaleb's direction. Then he turns and he says to Jay, "I like a little bit of everything. Anything that I can sway to, or dance to, or just sing along to.. so most everything in some parts or another." He tilts his head up a little and presses a kiss against Vic's jaw, still grinning a little lopsidedly.

Jay is anxious to hear the fellows opinions on the matter, though he's definitely confused when Vic says he's about a week old. That takes his attention and splits it when Kaleb begins to list what he likes right off. Crimson wings twitch with excitement as the flier leans in toward Kaleb a little bit, engaged right then and there as he takes that hook. "Have ya heard Dusty's new one, 'Ah don't know what to do with myself'? When Ah heard it, I had to sorta chuckle to m'self. It's a solid song, though. Seriously solid." Though his eyes /still/ flick back to Vic in between, the question just on the tip of his tongue, but his manners scream at him not to pry. "Ah had a friend who was tellin' me about the Beatles. Ah haven't gotten my ears on any of it, but Ah really need to catch up. Ah hate feelin' like I'm behind the curve. Drives me batty." Another glance to Vic and Kellan kisses him. Jay's face turns the deepest shade of red possible and eyes dart away again, nodding softly. "Yer an easy one to please then. An' Vic, Ah mean, sounds like yer in good hands with Kaleb here. He can give ya a proper, um, education."

Vic glances between Kellan and Kaleb and says, "Well he knows we're not normal." It's not like he tells people on the street he's a week old. He's just so guileless, though. Couldn't one see him doing it? He regards Jay and that unasked question, and he waits til he's not interrupting the music talk to say, "My body's eighteen, I have its memories, and my thoughts are mature, but I've only just started inhabiting this form a little while ago." He grins into the kiss Kellan gives him, and he returns it in kind. And a nuzzle, because he's in lurve. "Luckily I'm a quick learner."

Kaleb didn't even raise an eyebrow and just drank his soda. He shortened, "Vic is an Optimism Elemental.' that was one way to put it. Kaleb thought on this for a long while and rubbed his jaw wondering out loud to Kellan, "I wonder if I could tweak it to replicate the concert without the stampede. We weird to do indoors though." His eyes drift back to Jay curiously and asked, "What kind of record player do you have? mono? Stereo? Cabinet or just one of those portibles?" And we're back to the 80 thousand questions. It wasn't even a question of DO you have one but what quality as if it were as intrinsic to someone to own as lights.

"I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to music," Kellan agrees. And most other things. Kellan is a pretty laid back guy, all things considered. He smiles a little bit then and says, "Will you play something that you might have played back home?" to Jay, suddenly curious about what sort of rock folk music he would have played back at home instead of what he might play to people in NYC.

Thank. Fucking. God. Vic is kind enough to answer that unasked question for him, which actually leaves more questions than anything else and it shows on Jay's face with a tilt of his head. "Uh. Huh. So. Are y'actually Billy's brother. An', if y'are, he doesn't mind that you just, uh…took over his brother's body?"

Turning his attention back toward Kaleb of the million questions and answers, his brows arch, then he shakes his head. "Ah…don't have a record player, actually. Ah mean, there's one back home, but Ah don't got one, m'self. Kai had a radio b'fore the apartment was trashed. Oh! Ah know where there's one Ah can use though. It's one of those big cabinet ones. Ah haven't looked at it much cause it's not mine, strictly. "Jay explains without explaining, rubbing a hand through his hair, scattering red hair around until it frames his face again. Really, any excuse not to look at the affectionate couple on the couch nearby, he focuses on Kaleb. His attention flicks to Kellan, though. Kellan, then Kaleb, and back again. "Ah could, if ya'd like. Ah mean, Ah brought m'guitar, it'd be a shame if Ah didn't play anythin'." Jay reaches out to pat Kaleb's arm with the back of his hand. "C'mon, a big music fan like you, you gotta play somethin'. What's yer poison?"

"See, he doesn't even think it's all that weird," Vic says. He takes another drink of his coke, and he gives Kellan an affectionate squeeze. He quiets then to listen to the music talk taking place. He starts humming a few bars of 'The Times They Are A'Changing' without seeming to realize it. So he's got knowledge of music somewhere in that secondhand brain of his.

Kaleb was possibly either oblivious or numb to the topic of PDA becaus he didn't bother registering it as occurring. As always he focused on what he wanted to, and Jay's mess of a living situation just boggled his mind, "Well I'm not going to trust my vinyl to someone who may not take care of their turntables or their needles."Someday he may be heralded as a hero of Hipsters, for now though he said with all of the delicate subtlty of a garbage truck, "Don't bother just… come here or something and you can use mine. I swear how you have survived in New York I don't even know. Are you at least staying in a hotel right now while renovations happen? Nice one near the Savoie Theatre actually."

He paused and walked to his room and rooted around bringing the newly acquired Beatles album for him to look at. Hi jaw was set which usually meant math was rolling around in his head. It was an unfair question but that he bothered to ask at all soke to the notion that he paid attention and there was thought put on that at all. Finally there was a shrug. "I dunno how to play an instrument. Can prolly vocalize one. San sing like anyone on the radio that I want to." He shrugged.

Kellan lets someone else choose the music that is going to be played while he sips his coke and seems to enjoy letting the onversation flow around him. He noties Jay's avoiding looking at he and Vic, but he doesn't say anything and he doesn't change his position either, seeming noly perhaps to make a mental note. Then he's chuckling at how protective Kaleb is of his vinyl, though he agrees, "You're welcome over here any time, Jay. We're kind of out of rooms but if you ever need a couch or just want to come over and listen to records or something — you're welcome." He then glances up at Vic and chuckles, "Okay, okay. I will get used to it eventually." He smiles a little apologetically.

"May sister peels her own skin off an' mah closest friend's from outer space. Sort of." Jay explains with a tilt of his head, shrugging to Vic. "Ah mean, it's weird, don't get me wrong, it's weird as all git out, an' Ah got about a million questions, but Ah'm tryin' t'be polite." A tiny smile touches Jay's mouth, a touch of humor making his eyes warm and brighten, holding on to that mirth when Kaleb insults him at least a couple different ways. And somehow, /somehow/, the young winged man manages to /smile/ at it. Bemused. Actually, honestly bemused while Kaleb tells him he can't take care of stuff and is completely helpless in the city. He shrugs gently to the question of how he's survived in New York. "Renovations? No, Ah mean, Ah was stayin' with mah friend while he was, um, sick, then his place got thrashed by someone. But he got better and things are sorta in flux? It wasn't any of my doin', but Ah understand why you'd think that."

Watching Kaleb flee to his room and return with that album, Jay sucks in a breath, impressed and looking at the album like it was one of the most precious things that he's ever seen, much less been able to hold in his hands. New Sound. Wings shiver and threaten the seams on his shirt as they press against cloth in excitement. A grateful smile slid in Kellan's direction, tipping his head forward with a bit of abashedness. "Ah wouldn't wanna be a burden, Kel, but Ah appreciate the offer. Ah mean, how could Ah say no to listenin' to music with y'all? Vic's gotta figure out what he likes or not, after all." Carefully, he reads the list of songs on the sleeve, then glances up again when there's mention he can mimic voices. "Yer a mimic?"

Vic says amiably, "I don't mind if you ask me questions." He watches Kaleb, and he just shakes his head. It hasn't taken him long to learn that Kaleb's gonna Kaleb. He gives Kellan a cuddle, and he murmurs, "I love how generous you are." To Jay, he says, "You shouldn't turn down kindness too much. I know you're just trying to be polite, but look at it this way, by accepting, you enable someone to become their better self. You're doing them a favor. But if you need a place, I know places. I know this city like the back of my hand."

Kaleb furrowed his brow looking to Kellan and boggled. He was going to get hit likely for what followed and said to Jay in that tone, "You're coming over. You're staying here until the other situation os no longer psychotic and homicidal. Trust me when there is a problem I can guarentee I will bring it up." Yes he was bossy. Kellan? Kellan would know exactly what Kaleb just did but to the standing twin it was just a matter of pulling the proverbial trigger on a decision. Unlike Jay Kal was not inhibited by the rigors and trappings of etiquette. "Besides," There was an optimistic tone, "Vic's proven we can't bee eaten out of house and home. And yeah. Sure. I mean there's other things I can do with it but mimicing sound takes like no effort. Waking up an extra-terrestrial slumber party? Moreso. Kellan's a better dancer though." Truth.

"The offer's open," is all that Kellan says when Jay turns them down. "Nobody here's a burden and you wouldn't be either." But then Kellan seems to be okay with letting the conversation move on for the time being. He then smiles up and over at Vic and there's that faint hint of a blush that touches the tips of his ears and cheeks. It's reflexive, that generosity. He just likes offering help if he can give it. "Thanks," he murmurs to Vic, then he looks over at Kaleb and raises both eyebrows. When Kaleb just starts handing out demands, Kellan's mouth drops open and he is momentarily rendered speechless.

"Maybe another time, Ah'll pick yer brain, Vic," Jay promises with threads of humor, flicking his gaze away again and to the album this time and thank goodness for that focus so he doesn't seem too out of place while the couple is all…couple-y on the couch. It's Vic's advice that draws his attention back toward them, tilting his head to one side in an awfully birdlike mannerism. Listening. Thoughtful at the way he phrases it. "You know…fer a week old, you ain't so bad with the perspective stuff, Vic. Ah got a couple spots Ah can crash at. They ain't ideal, but life is that way."

Jay turns his attention in Kaleb's direction when his voice pipes up, brows slowly arching upwards while he holds on to that precious album. A slow smile curves his soft mouth, amused again, touching his eyes and making them shine greenly. "Wow. Well, Ah mean, if it means that much to you, Kale. Jeeze. Ah didn't know you'd get so wound up about it." And just like that, his southern pride, his masculinity, whatever was holding him back, is pushed to the back and he gives in. And pleasantly. "Yer a mimic, though." He touches his own chest. "Me too." Jay's smile expands, entirely forgetting the last subject for the new one.

Vic smiles at Jay amiably and says, "I watch people." He takes another drink of coke, finishing it off, then adds "I don't mean in a creepy way. I just like to people-watch and try to figure out why they do what they do." 'They.' He's still working on being part of this 'they' in his head. "Kaleb's telling the truth, you know. He'll bring it up if there's a problem. I don't think he believes in suffering in silence. Also Kellan's the better dancer." He's allowed to be biased.

Kaleb swiveled a look to Kellan and squint letting Jay pick through the album, "What? Oh don't look at me like I grew a second head." He walked his empty soda back to the kitchen and said "Kellan In the last two weeks we have been dealing with this weird level of crazy?" He leaned on the counter and said looking back to the other guys and said in a tired, but honest tone "There are multiple headlines villainizing our people, us winding up dead or hunted, and the other night he almost got shot and I have no idea what that lazy woman would do to you. Prolly try to get fresh with ya and bite your face off rudely. I can't explain any more than saying having 50 bystandars standing there going 'just kill em. kill em all.' He place was already broken into once and I can't… handle any more headlines this week. Yes. I'm a awful person, but I'd rather our villain be me than some mob with pitchforks." Okay so he apparently did have some sembalnce of community after all. He knew what he did, he knew it was technically wrong and likely in violation of the Geneva Convention, but he justifed his decision to himself. And apparently the room. Apparently the battle in the street outside of Billy's place was still not sitting well with him and sort of was pointing him in a direction. He sighed and quieter listened and just snapped his fingers pointing to Jay, "That's it. It was something. Thaaaaank youfor labeling that. No… kidding. We'll have to compare notes when it won't bore a room to tears, yeah? Should go pop that up on the turntable though. I dunno that Vic got to hear that one." Kaleb smiled to the roommate, "the range on style in the album is really stunning and a far step away from surf pop."

"Yeah Ah kinda noticed that about him," Jay asides to Vic regarding Kaleb's inability to suffer in silence, one corner of his mouth quirking up above the other in gentle amusement. Though, then there seems to be /something/ he doesn't quite understand happening between the twins and Jay's attention flicks between them while Kaleb tries to explain himself. Slowly, Jay raises a hand, and looks back to Vic. "Are you as confused as Ah am right now?"

Kaleb's attention turns back in his direction and back to something he understands, though there's still giant question marks behind his eyes when he hands the album back over to Kaleb. "Well, yeah. Of course we gotta listen to it! no point in have'n it if y'aint gonna listen to it." The hump on his back expands in excitement at the promise of getting to hear something from over seas. New sound.

"I'm confused a lot," Vic admits to Jay. "But I think this is about the incident on the sixth with the dream monsters where you were almost killed by possessed sleepwalkers from what I can tell." He looks to Kaleb. "That's right, isn't it? I wasn't there, but I heard about it." To Jay, he says, "You got shot at? Or someone got shot at, and, uh. They were after a mystic, which may be Billy or that Lamont guy. I'm sorry, I don't know that much about it."

Kaleb didn't see fit to explain himself anymroe than he already did. He was certain he and his brother would talk about what transpired under radar later and ina sense he was grateful for those talks. It was the closest to normal his world got really. But moody with rightous fury and fear or not there was an album. There were people who were excited to be a part of that and it actually made him happy. He took it with a grin and said this'll really blow your hair back. We should also see about a pizza or two too. It's been two hours and I don't want you chewing on the vinyl, Vic." So he paid attention. He'd never admit it, but he did. On occasion. When he bothered to. Today it mattered.

"Ah knew about that part, but the part about him bein' awful an' everythin'…" Jay comments to Vic with a slow shake of his head. He has okay instincts sometimes. He knows when he's missing something, but doesn't always know what. He shrugs gently. "If they were shootin' at me, Ah would'a been hit," Jay comments with extreme casual mention, like it was getting a stubbed toe or something. "It definitely wasn't me. Hey, has anyone talked to Billy's dad about all that? Figure out if it was Billy or Mister Cranston?" Jay remembers as Vic brings it up. Back to a more familiar topic though, Jay pushes at Kaleb lightly, leaning his shoulder into the twin to forcibly get him to move on. "Well stop teasin' me, then, Kale!" Flashing an easy, warm smile at the man.

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