1964-07-09 - Coney Island Carosel
Summary: On a warm summer's day, four local New Yorks converge upon one of the famous rides on the boardwalk and indulge in some fun in the sun.
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It's a sunny day on the boardwalk over by Coney Island. The amusement park is hopping and while it's not quite elbow-to-elbow, there's enough foot traffic that one has to watch where they're walking. Tanya, admittedly, is enjoying the hell out of herself. People watching is a secret hobby of hers. Dressed in a sleek paisley-patterened summer dress to just above her knees, complete with a deep v-cut both front and back, and black sandals, she's as much of a wandering beach-bum or entertainment chaser as the rest of the crowd.

In her hand, an ice cream cone, chocolate in an edible waffle cone. Always a sucker for the stuff, she cleans up an errant droplet trying to snake along her knuckle and smiles to herself.

"Thanks again for the cone, Roy," she says, glancing to the man beside her. She adjusts her purse on her shoulder. "You've earned yourself some charming points today. Spend them wisely."

Roy is dressed a little over-warmly; it's a slightly baggy dress shirt, worn untucked with the sleeves cuffed to his elbow, and comfortable olive colored shorts with men's boat shoes in pale blue.

Better to conceal the pistol at the small of his back and run if a threat rises.

"Yep," Roy responds to Tanya with his usual calm, taking a bite of the caramel cone in his hands. He's eating it in efficient circles to keep it from becoming a messy. Black sunglasses shade his eyes from view and let him survey the crowd discreetly.

With all the press of people, the rides, games and stalls it's all Starfire can do not to hover in place and stare. After all there's nothing quite like this back in 'Europe'. Wearing a simple white sun dress over her alien garments the alien princess looks more than a little out of place. But at least she's only hovering a few inches above the ground while she takes in the full fun fair experience. Her attention seems fixated on a carousel as it goes round and round. With each time it completes a circuit she smiles and claps with joy.

A middle aged man steps away from a hotdog vendor, after tossing a few coins on counter for what an absurdly cheap meal, both in quality and price. But, there was a value in terrible food sometimes. Taking a bite, Gary frowns a little at the dog. Well, not now. Whiping his mouth with a paper napkin, he takes another unfortunate bite as he watches the rides himself. His outfit is simple, a short sleeve, summery shirt and a pair of light khakis over brown leather shoes, with a bucket hat covering his head from the Summer sun.

"You're so eloquent today, Captain," the brunette asides mercilessly, adjusting her step to brush a hip against his. "I'd like to go see the carousel, maybe ride it too. I'm a big fan of them." Of what precisely now? Regardless, Tanya bee-lines off towards the ride in question. Hopefully she doesn't leave Roy behind!

Reaching the general area around the merry-go-round, she immediately notices the source of the random clapping. Oh, that young woman — she's hovering!!! With mouth hanging open ever so slightly, Tanya never drops her eyes from the red-head in the white sun dress and thus, manages to bump right into Gary.

"Oh, accident, my fault," she quickly mutters, flashing him a brilliant smile. "She's floating, I have to go see this." Thus, she wanders over to stand next to Starfire.

Well, not next to, but near enough to imply interest. "Um, excuse me," she says, attempting to get her attention. "How are you doing that?"

"Yep," Roy agrees. "You do know there are horse—" he sighs as Tanya's shuffling along in her sandals with a leggy grace, and moves to follow her dutifully, more shadowy bodyguard than companion from his body language.

"Huh," he grunts, watching Kori. Tanya's asking the questions— Roy's eyes search for something that's elevating or suspending her. If it's a magic trick, it's a damn good one.

Starfire turns at the noise nearby. "Oh! You seem to have run into each other," she notes earnestly. "Are you both okay? I hope you were not dazzled by the mechanical horses.. They are very majestic but not worth causing yourself harm over!" She tilts her head at Gary and his food choice. "I would recommend adding mustard to any of the dogs of hotness." If she's doing a magic trick then it's one which involved painting her skin an inhuman orange colour!

Sadly, the bump is timed just well enough to tilt the condiment covered food right against Gary's shirt, leaving a garish, unsalvageable ketchup stain on the front of the newish looking button-down. Then a pretty girl gives a brilliant flash of teeth, mumbles something about floating, and epherially wanders off. "W-what?" Gary says, looking around, clearly confused. "Just… /what/?" He repeats, dabbing at the mark with his paper napkin, "Of all the damn…." The rest is a short series of dissasfied mumbles, "It certainly would've made a more colorful way to ruin this shirt…" He says, with resignation, looking up towards the orange girl, "I… hey, yeah… what…" More confusion, "Hey uhhh, you an act or something?"

Tanya can't decide whether or not to laugh or stare or frown in confusion. All the emotions probably dance across her face before she decides upon bemusement.

"I…get the impression that you're not from around here," she replies to Starfire. Between the hovering, the orange skin, and the manner of speech, the leggy brunette is probably playing the part of Captain Obvious, but hey — it allows Starfire a chance to explain if she feels so inclined. Upon noticing the arrival of Roy, she gives him a significant look imparting intrigue and invitation into the conversation.

She hears Gary's question and glances to him. The ketchup stain is considered, a little wince flashes over her face, and she adds, "It's a great act if so."

Roy stands behind Tanya, tall enough to look over her easily and create a shadow of safety for her. It might be a touch possessive— he might simply be escorting her to safety. If it's a date, Tanya should get an award for putting up with the World's Most Dour Date.

"I think she's glowing," Roy comments, looking at Kori with a studious examination of her person. He glances at Gary and Tanya, making the connection between the girl and the stain on the fellow's shirt, and offers him the clean napkin wrapped around his ice cream.

Starfire blinks a few times. "I am not an actor, no. My name is Koriand'r although my friends call me Kori," she explains. "And I am from Monaco which is in Europe. Although I have lived in many places, please forgive me if my English is not perfect." With everyone staring at her she glances down and, with an awkward cough, lands. "I sometimes forget that people here find mutant powers to be upsetting. I did not intend to be rude, only this contraption is very delightful!"

"Oh yeah, no wires or lights or mirrors. If she guessed my card, I'd toss buck into the hat." He says taking a few staps forward, still trying to salvage his clothing, and hands from the mess of a meal, taking another bite and finishing the small thing off. His eyes drift to Roy for a moment, but just for a moment, as he brings his hand up to his face, using his thumb to scratch the bridge of his nose, "Oh… oh, right a mutant." He says, "Monaco, eh? That's uh… I hear that's a fun place." He rubs one temple, "And an interesting name…" He mumbles.

"Europe. Huh." Tanya's quick to offer a smile after the red-head lands on the sun-warmed ground. "I'm not from around here either and I have to say, that's an amazing talent, to be able to fly — hover? Both? I'm not upset at all!" Another significant look at Roy, as if coaching him to agree with her. Turns out that the Mamba has a severe soft spot when it comes to young women in any form of trouble, social or in battle alike. "Well, Kori, I'm Tanya. This wet blanket is…Captain." The brunette thumbs at the man standing roughly behind her. It's not a real name, but…she realizes that she still doesn't know his real name.

Awkward turtle cakes. The little frown betrays her concern, but she makes a note to speak with him about this again.

She then indulges in her chocolate ice cream again, seeing as it's melting quickly. Whoops, gotta eat it fast! The risk of brain-freeze is strong with this one.

"Still, he's right," she adds, thumbing over at Gary. "You'd be a great magician if you wanted to be one." Don't mind the spot of chocolate at the corner of her mouth. The brunette licks that away quickly enough. "Are you going to ride the carosel?"

Starfire looks around. "I do not have a hat?" she points out, bemused. "But yes Monaco is very nice, although I have not been there in some time." She holds out her hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you all. Perhaps you would care for the traditional shaking of the hands?"

Hand still extended Starfire adds "I can both fly and hover depending on my needs. However I am currently unable to do any magic, although I did meet someone who claimed to have magical powers granted by Thor. So perhaps I may yet learn! Alas I do not have the money to spare for a carosel ride at this point in time. I am merely here to observe as part of my sociology studies."

Gary reaches up to lift his own bucket hat off his head in emphasis, before letting it drop down with a release of his fingers. "Oh, you should grab one. Useful for busking, especially if you're planning on doing a magic act. Thought, to be honest, theyr'e not terrible impressive whe you're uh… people can just… you know, float." He looks down to the outstretched hand and gives it a polite shake, "I'm Gary." He offers, in his own offer of greeting, though his ear quirks at the man simply identfied as 'Captain'. "Captain of… what?" He asks, before glancing towards Starfire, "Is that why you're here in the states, then? From Monoco? What, you going to SUNY or something?".

Tanya has no idea who this Thor person is, but she shakes the extended hand with a firmly polite grasp not covered in chocolate ice cream. She's a surprisingly dainty eater when it all boils down.

"Sociology studies? You're studying the carosel? I was going to ride it, you can come along." That's a new emphasis within the field. Not that the brunette would really know, given her history, but color her intrigued nonetheless. "Nice to meet you, Gary," she adds, flashing another winning smile that partially reaches her peridot-green eyes.

She'll let the Captain himself answer the question from Gary because anything that comes out of her mouth is probably going to be inappropriate snarkery and earn her a good glowering. And no more ice cream. Or pie! Which would be a damn shame.

"I am not studying formally with an academic institution," Starfire says with a smile. "I simply wish to learn everything I can about the world. History, culture and psychology. All those sorts of things. I find sometimes it helps to go out into the world and simply look at people and places." She shrugs. "I did not specifically come here from Monaco. But I have travelled a lot and decided to settle down for a while and this seemed as good a place as any. I did consider China, but I stand out even more there than I do here!"

"Nice to meet you too, miss… I mean…" He looks down at his shirt again as she turns away to address the 'European'. "Relatively." He notes quietly. He does return the woman's smile with a practiced, charming one of his own. The Captain, of course, can answer or not in his own time. Back to Starfire, he gives a shrug, "Its not a bad idea. People are who they are everyday, naturally. Just… big balls of fears and wants, and goals, and values that keep them from being happy or… satisfied or…" He shakes his head, waving his hand, "People." He smirks, "But its New York City. Its the whole world on an island. Good choice." He slips his hands in his pockets, "How is they treat mutants in Monaco, though, I'm curious?"

Tanya finishes the last of her ice cream cone, nearly losing the melted puddle within the pointed bottom but for a rushed shove into her mouth. Still, all daintily despite the speed. She cleans her fingers as best she can with her napkin before glancing around for a trash can.

"The whole world on an island. Good way to put it, Gary. I'm riding the carosel, Captain, care to tag along? Kori, how about you add riding the thing to your studies? I'll pay for your ticket." She's already reaching into her bag for the dollars she slipped within it as she walks towards the little gate. Various sundry uses for said dollars, from rides to probably teasing Roy into winning her one of those stuffed teddy bears. Because she can, really.

"The carosel." Roy looks at Tanya, then shakes his head in slow exasperation. "Fine." He ghosts in Tanya's wake, walking quietly in the leggy dancer's shadow— clearly somewhere between uncomfortable with the crowd and not wanting to be outside of Tanya's arm's reach.

A strange dichotomy, the two of them.

Roy glances at Gary. "It's a nickname." That's all the explanation Roy gives— he pays for his own ticket and gets on the carosel, resting his back against one of the horses instead of actually clambering onto it.

"I can't believe you're doing this," he tells Tanya.

"Much the same as they are treated anywhere else in the world," Starfire says sadly to Gary. "If you would not be financially harmed by the cost of a ticket, then I would be happy to join you." She tilts her head at Roy as she joins the queue for the carosel. "Is it your nickname because you own a boat? It is a typical term of address for those who own water craft."

Gary gives a shrug, "Something my uhh…. err, right." He says, trailing off as he's about to explain the quotable's origin from his point of few. He doesn't move to travel to the carousel with the rest of them, content to lean against a railing nearby. It wasn't like they wouldn't have to get off at some point. He snorts at the nickname, "Oh, no, I see it. Its the inspiring, energetic way you carry yourself." He says, dryly, giving the fellow a examining look that's a little longer then normal.

Tanya pays for both her and Kori's tickets and then makes her way to one of the horses. Her mount is painted bright blue with pink zebra stripes — garish and amusing to her, apparently, given her grin and bitten lower lip that keeps it from becoming ridiculously big.

Roy is given a side-glance full of mischief. "It's okay, Captain, one of us has to have fun and the other has to be a fuddy-duddy." She adjusts her seating to be side-saddle, knees facing towards Roy, even as she looks to Starfire. "They had to have a carosel in Europe where you're from, Kori?" She makes a little 'whoop' sound as the ride begins to churn to life, jolting every rider momentarily before its motions smooth out.

"I can be fun," Roy says defensively, a little surly note in his voice. He cocks a brow at Gary as the fellow takes a shot, and rolls one thick shoulder in a shrug, stretching his dress shirt a bit. Roy must be built like a swimmer, despite his loose clothing. "Probably," he agrees with Gary, insincerely— more to move along the conversation than anything else.

"It's just— it's just a nickname," Roy says, exhaling slightly as Kori joins in the banter. He glowers a little at Tanya.

"I am sure they have some in Europe for it is a very large place! But I spent a lot of my time in more rural areas," Starfire replies as she selects the most gaudy horse available, then hops on it's back. Her particular riding style shows no sense of propriety, modesty or indeed concern about such matters. "I have a nickname too, it is Starfire."

Leaning forward against a railing that surrounds the line of the carousel from the general public, Gary rests one forearm down on the pole, as the other fixes around in his front shirt pocket for a pack of cigerettes and a matchbook. He folds open the hardpack and selects a cigerette, popping it in his mouth, before unfolding the matchbook to rip off one of the matches, striking it along the back. Its a leisurly smoke after that as he observes the three riding the ride, milling the strange group over silently.

"I know you can, Captain," replies the brunette, giving the glowering man a twinkling smile full of tease. Her gaze flicks to Kori. "Starfire. I like it." Tanya's clearly enjoying herself, even if she has to raise her voice a little over the machinery's clanking movements. The mild wind of the moving ride turns loose strands from her single braid down her back into wispy banners. "I hope that this help you with your studies," she adds.

Gary, with his cigarette and lean against the railing, is given a wave simply for the high of happiness currently ridden by Tanya, on her psychadelic horse. Next…that teddy bear.

Roy clears his throat and politely stops staring at the positively licentious amount of leg Kori flashes when she sprawls on the horse. Even Tanya has a bit more modesty, and just to keep himself from getting in trouble, Roy turns so he's facing a more oblique angle to stop from leering at her. From /appearing/ to leer at her. He folds his arms across his brawny chest and glances at Gary as the carousel goes round.

He looks almost as bored as the big fellow.

Starfire laughs. "It does not help me with my studies," she admits. "But it was most enjoyable." After the ride stops she dismounts in a speedy yet mildly scandalous manner. "Anyway it has been a pleasure speaking with you all, but I should return to my residence for the day." She takes a few steps away from the carosel and lifts off into the air, flying towards the waterfront, pausing only to turn and wave.

The kinship of dour age is a terrible thing, but it certainly is something at least. Gary takes a step back from the railing as the ride ends and the trio departs, only to turn his head and watch Starfire speedily egress. He tilts his head a little, but appears a little more relaxed now that she's zipped off, for whatever reason, "Ahhh, youth. She's gotten to see more the world then most, sounds like." He says, almost to himself.

Tanya's mouth falls open as she watches Kori fly off — like, literally levitate from the ground and disappear off into the sky. She's so surprised that she forgets to wave back and, instead, sits astride her carosel horse until she finally realizes how her jaw is hanging.

"I'll be damned, Captain. She — " Looking at Roy, the brunette points and finally laughs. "She really can fly! Oh lord. I've seen it all now." Dismounting from the flourescently-painted wooden horse, she makes her way back out into the open area beyond the railing.

"Gary, nice to meet you, sorry about the shirt, and if you'll excuse me, the Captain here is now going to win me a giant teddy bear. Why, you ask? Because I ask." A saucy wink towards the middle-aged gentleman, and once she's taken Roy's elbow in a markedly familiar manner, she steers the glowery Archer off towards the gaming tents.

Someone's definitely winning a giant teddy bear.

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