1964-07-09 - If there's alcohol involved, the topic is probably Tony Stark
Summary: A gathering at the Elysium
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The Hotel Elysium was open! The project that had seemingly sprung up rather quickly after an influx of money had come to fruition in the form of the new luxury establishment. The funds might have raised an eyebrow, but was it really so bad to use money stolen from 'bad' people to do good things?" Ne didn't think so, certainly. This was her refuge for people who were like her, it was a new home far from the scrambling desperate life lived on the street…and it was luxurious as hell.

Best of all? It was a place she was no longer going to hide. No illusions cover the unnatural features of the young woman who walks, parasol in hand, coming to rest in the lobby as she exhales a silent sigh of contentment. Her pink hair, unnatural eyes, all of it was as plain to see as the rare happiness on her features.

For the moment? Life was pretty good!

In a sun dress that's gentle and flowing, a peach tone with soft floral waves, there comes a redhead. She seems distracted, but anyone from the Avengers would recognize her as Angelica. New girl to the team, still being tried and tested. She can't pay for anything here, but at least she doesn't seem to be one of those 'bad' people.

Angelica Jones, aka Firestar, has entered the building. And seems to be daydreaming as she looks around.

It wasn't the first time that VX has been here, but that doesn't make it look any less grand in his eyes. This had been an absolute pipe dream during the worst of the Anti-mutant movement, but now here it is in all of its opulence. He makes his way towards Ne quickly as soon as he spots her hair, she is rather distince but just a little difficult to see over a crowd. He comes to a stop a little distance away from the diminutive woman, he is definitly not going to suprise her. He knows what she can do. He offers Ne a broad smile and a wave. "Looks like everything is running smoothly, I am suprised. Didn't think you would have a whole lot of business experience."

Steve Rogers gives a nod to the mutant in the fancy suit who opens the door for him and gives a nod and a small smile as he runs a hand through his hair and shoves his hands into the pockets of his brown bomber jacket. He's hoping to meet a few of the people he knows here to celebrate the opening of what he hopes is a step forward in mutant relations. Steve also is hoping he can find the bar to get a beer.

Bobbi wore a simple pair of black slacks, high waisted and a silken buttoned up shirt of a deep navy blue. Golden hair swung back in a low ponytail, showing off the simple pearl drop earrings she wore. She didn't appear to be too dressed up, nor too underdressed. Nor did she have anything that out-wordly put her as someone special or mutant.

As she spotted Steve, Bobbi changed her course from wandering around seemingly at random. "Hey Rogers, long time no see." She offered, coming up to walk along side him.

Angelica stretches a bit, going up on the toes of her tiny little shoes. She slips behind a plant, peeking around curiously, and then spots the ladies' room. Unto which she pops for a moment, quite certain that she spotted Steve Rogers on the way in AND a few mutants (who aren't her!) and needs to hyperventilate in a stall for a moment before trying this again.

A shrug from the Icecream-colored mutant, Ne holds up a hand with one finger raised…the index finger mind you. This was the first week only after all, but so far so good. Of course, the lobby was likely filled with people either drawn in by the interest of something new in celebration, or the face that there was alchol and Hors d'oeuvres being served to people. The bar proper was in the restaurant of course, but the Star Spangled man could probably find the means of getting his beer without such travel if he found one of the waitstaff.

The short, silent mutant that is Ne spots Angelica's departure and she raises an eyebrow, but then her gaze traces back to spot the rather decently known celebrity that is Steve entering the lobby. A grin, she actually pats VX on the arm before pointing the man out. That ought to help spread word of the place!

VX's reaction as he turns is very different to the small woman that pointed out the fact that Captain America himself is here. His mouth goes dry and the colour drains from his face for a few moments as he fights to bring himself under control. Hopefully he has no clue who he is, it has been awhile since his face was seen anywhere important. Plus people like him have far bigger fish to fry than him. He offers Ne a weaker smile than the one he did earlier. "Hopefully that will bring some more people in. Looks like word has reached all the right people about this place already. I don't think anyone will want to try and mess with what you have here if people like him are known for being here." He pauses for a moment as he considers it "Or they will drag even bigger threats our way. But I am sure they have really good insurance."

Steve gets a devious grin on his face as Bobbi walks up alongside him. "Morse, it's good to see you. How have you been?" The last they talked it was about the Winter Soldier. That was before he died. And before he was alive again. It certainly has been a while and Morse is always someone he's gotten a kick out of. He doesn't notice the others at this point as he begins to talk with Bobbi. "Heard this place was opening up and figured I should get out of the Mansion more and be social."

A nod and Bobbi shoved her hands into her pockets. "Eh, been bored. Things have been slow. I figured to check out the place for the bar." She nodded toward his and flashed him a grin. "Wanna get a beer?"

"I ran into Danvers the other day, have you heard her drama with Stark? Just damn. I know Peggy is like his Aunt and whatever, but setting Danvers and him up?" She winced, "Ended as well as you can expect. And here I thought Stark was supposed to be a smart man."

Bobby does, of course, get noticed. But she's not approached right away, nor is Steve. There was a little more involved in a meet-and-greet if you were a mute after all. It doesn't escape her notice, the rather unnerved look on Vx's face and she grips the man by the sleeve, turning him away from the crowd for a moment before she gestures with her hand. She'd always used her illusions to cover her own features, but there was no reason she couldn't use it to hide another. A change of hair color, a beard, VX could look a new man for the night…although he'd probably feel like his face was out in the cold night. Can't all be positives after all!

With that done, the mutant woman moves towards the concierge desk, retrieving another pile of small cards she'd been handing out speaking greetings, thanks for coming and promoting the hotel's luxuries where her own silent voice couldn't.

Towards the pair having their discussion she'd walk, making the rounds but letting them speak before she hold both out towards the pair, a smile on her features while she nods towards Bobbi and Steve both.

VX continues to follow Ne around a little like a lost puppy, he hasn't really tested out how her illusions last on other people and he has no intention on finding out the limits tonight. Now the man is a redhead with a neatly groomed and short beard. His face is so cold. But after so much time spent with Ne he is at least a little used to it. Sort of. H wants to itch it. But he keeps up his smile as he follows the woman nodding to a few people. If she really needs to speak he can do it for her.

Steve chuckles, "I'd love to." He follows along with Bobbi and searches for the barley refreshment. As they come upon Ne, Steve smiles and gives her a nod. "Hey," he says as he takes the card from her. "Thanks a lot." VX gets a nod as well before he continues on in the conversation with Bobbi, "Sometimes relationships don't work out. I don't really blame Peg, she was just trying to do her best to put two people she liked together." Leave it to Steve Rogers to always defend Peggy Carter.

Emerging late from the ladies' room, the cushy redheaded girl manages to miss, like, ALL the drama chatting. Angelica looks like nothing is at all amiss, relaxed and calm. Unfortunately she doesn't know anyone here save for the one, and Steve's in conversation already. So she looks out at the poolside, trying not to touch anything.

Unfortunately a plant nearby to her seems to be wilting, as she's hiding her stress well but it's still there. Accidentally microwaving some things in her vicinity.

Bobbi flashed a grin toward Ne as she offered her a card in turn, "Thanks." She nodded to the woman without so much as a second glance. The blonde was likely the only unpowered person there, but seemed at total ease regardless. Turning her focus back to Steve she hitched a brow upwards as they made it to the bar.

"Rogers, Stark was still, is still, hung up on Pepper. The man hired another redhead, she wants your autograph by the way, and then dumped Carol 'cause he thought he had a shot at Pepper. Who, when she found out how he treated Carol, promptly gave him a swift kick out the door." She leaned against the bar, turning her attention to the drinks menu briefly.

"I'm sure Peggy meant well, but Stark is a pain in the ass."

With the Avengers crowd talking office politics Ne moves away, finally reaching up to secure a drink for herself from a passing waiter, only to take a small sip from the champagne and make a face. Alright, so she didn't -always- make the cut when it came to trying for the classy image. Even so, the glass remains in her hand as she continues her rounds, looking back at VX-Ginger in his disguise and then tilting her head questioningly, offering the glass to him instead. The other mutant didn't seem all that comfortable, frosted-face or not, but she was grateful for him turning up none the less. Gaze turning back to the center of the room her head tilts with some unspoken thought. A fountain…should they put a fountain in here? It'd be costly and take up space….perhaps not.

That is not what he was expecting that crowd to be talking about, who would have guessed they sounded just like any other office gossips. Not really his kind of scene. He smirks slightly at the face Ne pulls when she sips from her champagne "Can you disguise a glass of coke as a glass of champagne? Might help you pull off the respected business owner bit a little bbit more." He chuckles as he accepts the drink and takes a sip from it quite happily. Not usually his thing but he caan drink it without complaint. He follows her line of sight with a quizzical gaze, he may be better at reading her than most but even he cannot understand a stare into empty space.

Steve tilts his head as he looks to Bobbi out of the corner of his eye. He can't help but chuckle. "Do you mean to tell me that Carol got involved with Tony and is now trying to say that she didn't have an idea what he was all about?" He touches his chest, "I mean, /I/ know what Tony Stark is about and I've been in an ice cube for 20 years." He purses his lips and then adds, "Far as I'm concerned, two consenting adults. Wish it would have worked. But I'm a big fan of Pepper as well, so I can see why he'd be a bit obsessed. Way I see it is that I've had so many issues with women I'm not in a position to be critical of others." Steve notices Angelica and his eyebrows furrow as he tries to decide if that's really her or not. "Hey, is that Ang—-" His chin rises as he calls out, "Angelica!"

Bobbi snickered, "Hell I met the man all of once and already knew what he was like. I mean, I roomed with Pepper and I knew what he was about. The guy tried to feel me up in Madripor at the bar!" She shook her head, and laughed again. "Like I said, I've been bored. What else do I have to do but listen to all the best gossip around here?" She ordered a beer from the bartender and settled on a stool.

A glance spared as Steve called over Angelica.

Angelica thinks she's out of place here. It's too nice, for one thing. For another, she's pretty sure that it's too expensive for her wallet. She sighs, wandering away from the plant she's trying not to murder and very nearly bumps right into Ne as she hears Steve call her name and nearly runs over somebody.

Stopping cold, her eyes widen and she automagically blurts out, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean, I mean that's my fault I'm sorry I'll go." The voice is very recognizeable, along with the hair. And for that matter, she pauses to look at Ne curiously, as if she might recognize the lady herself. "Um…have we met?" Polite way of saying, 'I'm dumb, didn't we blow up doombots together?'

She looks up at Steve, blushing from eartips to where her skin vanishes under the dress, but with her complexion it's probably a full body one.

Had Ne met Angelica? Well…if the redhead hadn't mentioned it she might not have picked up on it. Now? The pink-haired mutant seems to squint for a moment before there's a blink and she straightens up, a smile once more on her lips. Vx's question about coke does earn a shrug from her shoulders. Maybe? Back to Angelica? There's a nod and she raises one slender finger to her features, tracing a faint outline of the mask she'd seen Firestar wearing in that battle on her own features before tilting her head questioningly. Angelica didn't have to confess, but she had opened the door to recognition. Of course, Cap's calling out does gain a few looks and Ne tilts her head the other way with a raised eyebrow. Just how many Avengers had the opening baited across the street?

Back towards VX she looks now, chewing her lip. The night was going well, better than expected in truth. Not having an anti-mutant picket line out the front was a good start. Perhaps location really was key! Still she fishes into her pocket, retrieving her slightly beat-up notepad and a worn pencil as she scratches out a note to hand to the man.

"Well," Steve says with a chuckle as he orders a beer for himself. "You can count me as another who has been bored lately. With Bucky back to life and with Doom behind bars, things have settled down a bit too much lately."

Bobbi glanced at the blushing woman briefly and went back to sipping her beer with a polite wave and smile. "How is it that we end up with enough down time to be bored? What is this? The sign of an oncoming 'end of the world' mission? Because I swear, if that's what's coming I don't want to deal with it. It's too hot for that crap." She wrinkled her nose and sipped at her beer, leaning back against the bartop.

"I like this bar, it's nice. Might come out here more often." She mused.

Angelica gives Ne a grin that lights up her face, nodding firmly at the 'hints' the lady gave. She mouths 'have to get this' and backs off quickly, aiming for Steve so she can answer his page and actually have a moment to speak to the man, though she looks like she's having an entire evening of 'oops' moments.

Coming to a halt in front of Bobbi and Steve, Angelica almost comes to attention. Almost, she doesn't actually know how which is what's stopping her. "Sorry sir, I came as quickly as I could."

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