1964-07-10 - Sleepless Guilt
Summary: Thea comes to see Xavier about what happened to Logan.
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It is unlikely Thea has gone unnoticed, even as she storms towards the mansion. A smart man would be idly 'listening' in the direction of Logan's cabin, and Xavier is a rather smart man. He probably felt the blonde's worry, even a touch of irritation as she moved from the woods, back through the grounds, and headed to the mansion with an insistent 'request' to see the Professor. Blonde hair is down in loose, bouncy curls over a flatter coral hued sundress and matching strappy sandals. There are gold and sparkly baubles in her ears, and a bag slung crosswise from shoulder to hip. "I need to see the man himself. No, I will not leave a message."

From inside the office there comes a rather serious voice, "Yes, Althea, come in please." He apparently sensed her approach, as… well, given all that's happened he's been keeping a very close mental watch on Logan's cabin. Just in case someone tried going back there, but in this case. The man looks a little worried right now, and he doesn't seem to have slept all that much.

There is a sound almost as if someone is shoved aside, but when Thea arrives inside his office, she seems unruffled. She'll close the door without asking or being ordered, before she'll come to in front of his desk. "Okay, so you're a mind reader, but no one save my mother's mother calls me Althea. And seeing as you are a mind reader, I have no doubt you know why I'm here. What I'm curious to is if my reason to be here and angry, is the same one that has you running on empty."

Xavier hrms, "Pity, it's a rather charming name." He glances over at Thea, "We are aware of where Logan is, but extracting him is going to be… tricky. I'm assembling a team together for the task." He keeps it straight to the point, as closer examination reveals he's been looking at old city blueprints for, wait, the New York sewers?!?

Thea will lean forward, hands on the edge of his desk. "It's charming for an older lady in her 60s." There's almost a roll of those brown eyes. "All right, where is he, why is extraction going to be tricky, and when should I be ready?"

The Professor sits down, looking at Thea, "He's being held captive by a group of… they appear to be mutants, who live deep underneath the city, with their home being warded against most forms of incursion. And be ready at any point, if my plan does work, we're going to have to move quickly. There's much that we don't know about these people."

"I can be ready any time. Someone took him, and I'm pissed." She'll move to stand up straight. "There's only one thing I need to know.. are any of them like Logan." There's a look in brown eyes, a dark light. She's angry, and there's a lot of emotion roiling behind the composed facade.

Charles sighs a bit, "Like Logan? They aren't relatives as far as I can tell. Gathering intelligence on these people is difficult at best, and if we're not careful it could be a group they have captured instead of Logan. But we're coming up with a plan as quickly as possible." He definitely looks like he hasn't slept much at all while working on this.

"I meant his powers, Professor. Because if they aren't similar to his, well, there's no real problem for me." There's a lift of her chin, a toss of blonde curls. "If they breathe, or have blood in their veins, I can handle that." Her head tips to the left. "You really need to get some rest, Professor."

The Professor smiles faintly, "Just because everyone else is saying that same thing, doesn't make you all right." Yeah, there's a bit of stubbornness in his tone as he looks at Thea, his voice dropping a bit, "He's not really a student, but he's a friend, and someone I brought in here. His safety here, as it is for everyone present, is my responsibility. Though we don't know what these mutants down below can really do."

"I'm a medically trained nurse with a biokinetic ability, Professor. I'm right." There's a certain tease even to that answer. "You know he would grumble about being able to do for himself, and how he's not anyone's responsibility but his own, right?" Brows lift as she looks at the Professor. "Yeah well, if they have a heartbeat, I'll know where they are. I can also knock them out."

Charles slumps back a bit in the chair, "I know. And you'll be welcome along when we go to rescue him." He sighs and looks at the ceiling, "I'll need to talk to Hank and the others, improve the security around the campus. But that can wait for a while. Once we get him back, anyway." He doesn't really entertain the thought that he needs sleep. Intellectually, he knows he does… but emotionally he feels responsible. Even when he's not.

"So are you going to promise me you'll get some sleep, or do I need to make you?" There's a smile along with it, even as she will tap her fingernails along the top of his desk. "Logan wouldn't want you to push too hard. "

Charles laughs quietly, "Alright, I'll go quietly. Emma might give you some Frost Industries stock options for persuading me, though." He smiles a bit, as he always does when he thinks about her, then rises to his feet. "We'll get him back. Don't you worry about that."

"You'll have to tell me about her some other time." She will come around the desk, a hug and a friendly buss of a kiss to his cheek. "I'm not worried at all." Her tone, and if he checks, her mind - are in agreement. "Because once you set me loose, there's no other option."

The Professor nods and returns the hug, chuckling a bit, "I will, at great length. If I wasn't so tired already, I might just do it now." He stifles a bit of a yawn, then looks wryly at Thea, "My tiredness is greatly exaggerated. Really." But he isn't protesting as he's making his way towards his private bedroom.

"Lying to me about your physical state is about as useful as me lying to you." There's a wink. "Rest well, Professor. I will be ready when it is time. Don't even think about going without me." There would be rage at that.

Charles looks over at Thea, "That, I assure you, will not happen. At least not if I have anything to say about it." He smiles faintly again, "I know precisely how useful your powers can be in this situation."

Thea will let herself out, letting herself believe that Charles will actually get some rest. It's not like she's about to get any.

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