1964-07-11 - Patient Zero
Summary: Sport turns into a werewolf. The poor pupper.
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The sun had just started to sink behind the towering buildings of New York City, and people were flooding the streets. No longer limited by the sun's heat, people sat outside on tables and chair, eating dinner, ice cream, chatting and singing. Music came to life with various street performers on nearly every popular street. New York's nightlife was just starting to spring to life.

At one such cafe sat a man and a woman, idly nibbling at the dessert they were finishing up. At the gentleman's side was a tubby black lab, who begged and whined with a paw and wishful eyes. The lab snuggled closer to his master, settling his head on the man's lap and earning a scratch behind the ears. Another whine followed.

"Oh, alright Sport, here you go." The man held out his vanilla ice cream to the dog, which the dog happily licked up one side. Man and beast finishing off a welcomed sweet together.

R Sundown was always easier for Lorna to blend in. Less irritated looks were shot her way with her green hair and green eyes that marked her so decidedly 'other'. The dimmer lights could make her hair almost appear blonde, and so she was less likely to get picked on. A glance was spared around her briefly at the couple outside the shop before she ducked inside to get herself some ice cream as well.

|ROLL| Morbius +rolls 1d100 for: 54

Firestar isn't in cognito today. Nope. Got an actual patrol duty! Avengers go! Dressed in her full body yellow bodysuit and orange highlights, the mask hides her identity but most wouldn't be looking. They'd be looking at the trail of fire she leaves behind as she flies across the evening sky. Watching for trouble. And humming, because that new song on the radio is totally stick in her brain.

There happens to be a rather boisterous argument taking place near a taxi cab, parked up alongside one of Manhattan's fine avenues. Twisted between bouts of vulgarity, it seems clear that the cab driver and his fare are arguing over payment.

Not uncommon in the Big Apple.

"I'm tellin' ya, you took the long way-"

"No long way!" yells the cab driver, a tall negro wearing shades and a white tank top. His accent puts him as having grown up somewhere on the Gold Coast "I save you one fifty! You do not know dese streets like I do!"

"Well, I'm not paying it!"

Kwabena scowls at the man. It may seem odd that he's wearing sunglasses as darkness encroaches, but he also has something to hide. "You pay."

"I'm not paying a fucking thi-"

Kwabena lurches out and punches the man right on the nose, before yanking loose his wallet and removing two bills. "My payment!" he snarls. "Asshole!"

Certain tells just scream 'foreigner.' Call it the way a woman walks confidently through the city. Style gives her away, too. Sunglasses on her nose, fashionable scarf around her throat, capris and striped Breton shirt are all unbearably cool. Vesper holds her purse tight to her side as she closes in on the cafe for a bite to eat. She offers her fingers to curious hounds that might care for an introduction, but her path is straight enough to reach her destination in a timely fashion. The brunette slides past the taxi rank, hurrying back from any chance of being collided with as Kwabena throws a punch.

Relief from the sun is a calling to not just humanity of the city. The giant ball of fiery death in the sky begins to decend behind the tall buildings, stretching safe, black silhouettes across the pavement, which calls to any number of Other creatures which inhabit the big apple. Among them slips a jacketed figure in mostly drab browns and tans, hands stuffed into his pockets and a hood pulled up over his head to hide most of his face, stringy black hair in Mediterranian waves spilling forward. Morbius walks the sidewalk, weaving between souls on foot. He isn't /filthy/ but it wouldn't be a far cry to think he's probably one of the transient homeless or at least not one of the better off.

His path leads him wide of the cabby arguing with his patron, glancing over, but saying nothing until the man is slugged in the nose and stumbles backwards, bumping bodily into Morbius as his wallet is snagged from his hands. Morbius grunts and braces himself after a stumble. Elongated, clawed fingers pulled from his pockets to steady the patron, vicious looking curled talons resting light on cloth. "Sorry…Here, let me just…" Glancing into the window at the cabby, Morbius' pale face visible from the nose down. "What's going on?" His voice accented lightly. Greek.

Jimmy's girlfriend did not approve of his sharing ice cream with his dog. "Ugh, Jimmy, that's disgusting. You dont know where that dog's been! You'll make me sick!" She sniped, making a face.

Jimmy, shot his girlfriend a look, took another bite of his ice cream and handed it off to his dog. "I've been sharing food with Sport since I was a kid. Hasn't done me any harm."

The girl folded her arms and scowled. "He eats his own poop!" She shot back, looking unamused. Then, of course, said poop eating lab went for her unfinished plate, paws upon the table that rocked it dangerously and threatened to topple it.

"No! Bad dog, down!" She smacked at the dog's head, trying in vain to save her food as it was gobbled up. The hound, normally well mannered as most labs are, growled and snapped at the hit, teeth clipping the woman on the side of her hand, breaking skin.

Jimmy yanked hard on the leash, but the damage had been done. His girlfriend was now cursing at him, wailing how his vicious dog had bitten her. He tried to calm her down, and promptly earned a slap. "How dare you Jimmy Harper! That dog bit me! This is all your fault! You never trained him properly!" The argument continuing, while the lab started barking at both of the humans around him.

To the keen ear, Kwabena's accent hails from the region recently named as 'Ghana.' He makes change, stuffs it back into the patron's wallet, then shoves the wallet back into the patron's chest. "None of yah business," he spits toward Morbius, either missing those talons or choosing to ignore them. Maybe it was the finely dressed foreigner walking by.

"Jesus pal, I think you broke my nose!"

"No break nose," Kwabena laughs. "Only broke ego!" He moves then to open the door, prompting the patron to skitter back and try to wrestle out of Morbius' clutches.

"Chill out," Kwabena tells Morbius, clearly not wearing the American slang well. "He refuse to pay, I make him pay."

Kaleb was walking with Kellan. Or it might be the other way around. It was hard to tell as there were two young men identical but is dress and demeanor. He stopped abruptly in front of the cab holding his hands out as to not get run over, though some might understand the temptation to do so. "Walkin here. Thanks." But then theres a cabbie punching a guy in the nose. Kaleb tapped his brother withthe back of his hand to get his attention with only an after thought to get out of the street. There was a faint grin. Good for that guy. "Cafe's over there." But there was a look at Jimmy's girlfriend and he said derisivly to his brother, "And people ask me why I don't date."

Given the situation below, all Firestar sees is stuff that's basically normal behaviour for a hot summer evening in the city. She sees a fight brewing, a dog doing doggie things, and someone down the block playing guitar. Really, really hoping that the evening stays calm like this, she cruises a bit lower to see if the fight needs a hand, but isn't sure it's Avengers level stuff. Maybe she should alert the cops on this one instead of, y'know, melting the car or something like that.

When the dog snaps for a plate and the girl smacks it on the head, Vesper comes to a dead stop. Rule one of New York, never stop moving. It further irritates the pedestrians used to wandering speedily from point A to Point B without any kind of interference like a gamine biogeneticist shaking her head mildly. That's the height of her Gallic disapproval right there, possibly coupled to silent judgment of the superiority of civilized nations. Caught between the fussy couple and the cabbie, passenger, and bystander figuring out punching, she pays more attention to the dog. Instead, she heads for the nearest person who passes for a maitre d', host, or server and points out the bitten young woman.

Morbius releases the guy without a struggle, stepping back slightly to let Kwabena out of the cab, but he holds his ground otherwise, head still bowed. "I am very 'chill'," Morbius responds softly, his lips moving very little to avoid letting his fangs show. He lifts his hands outward, palms up in a defensive, innocent gesture toward the angry cabbie, though he clearly doesn't wear the slang any better than the other man. "I'm not looking for trouble. Just get back in your cab, man. You have your payment…" One elbow slips back, nudging the man nursing his punched nose, trying to prompt him onward. Trying to diffuse, not engage while the couple argument at the cafe nearby continues.

"Pretty sure that you don't date because you don't like anyone," Kellan tells Kaleb with a grin and a little bit of a nudge. The more casually dressed of the pair frowns as the girl smacks the dog on the head. He opens his mouth as though to say something and then he keeps it to himself as the situation seems to be escalating, glancing over at Kaleb and nodding for them to take the long way 'round the arguing couple.

A hostess was sent over to the arguing couple per Vesper's directive and the other patron's complains. The barking continued. So did the yelling, and then finally, something snapped. That something specifically being the collar around Sport's neck. It gave a wicked pull, and the leather was broken. Jimmy stared. Jimmy's girl screamed and took off running. The hostess's eyes grew wide and she froze.

It would seem that something was horribly wrong with Sport. The black lab's eyes had gone yellow, his bark deepening as vocal chords shifted and lengthened. His bones cracked, fur falling off in huge chunks onto the sidewalk. His teeth grew, lengthening and sharpening beyond what a labrador was ever expected to have.

Blood gushed from the places where skin ripped and reknit. Muscles moving and expanding rapidly. The short, filed nails of his claws grew out and returned sharper and keener than before.

Jimmy backed away from his beloved hound as it snarled and growled, changing right before his eyes. He yelped, scrambling back and away as the changes continued to put on mass to his previously chubby, kindly dog.

"Nice, boy, nice Sport.. It's o-okay boy." He whimpered, while Sport started snarling and growling with saliva dripping from his maw.

It would seem that Sport's attention wasn't even on his owner. Rather the hostess who had grabbed a chair and was using it to put between her and the now mutated 'dog, though it now started to look much more like a wolf. The dog lunged, she screamed, dropped the chair and bolted for the cafe doors.

On overhead alert, the lady aflame gets a bird's eye view of the WTF going on with the doggie. Poor doggie, she thinks as it breaks away. Oh my god, she thinks as it starts doing things that doggies should not be able to do. Like, physically should not be able to do. When it starts growing and such she may even curse, as Firestar tries to get an angle that she can drop down some flame, that hopefully will help corral the beastie. "Everybody Down!"

To Morbius, Kwabena utters something in his native tongue, before producing a beat up pack of cigarettes from his back pocket. "I'm on break," he answers, clearly not actually looking for a fight. He eyeballs the patron from behind his shades. "Go on, get out of here!"

The patron scampers off, muttering obscenities under his breath and nursing his unbroken, but swelling nose.

No sooner has Kwabena lit the cigarette with an old, beat up Zippo, does the altercation at the cafe draw his attention. He turns his head slowly, white smoke billowing out from his nose, and for a few moments, he simply stares at the transformation of Sport. Lips eventually part, the cigarette dangling precariously on his bottom lip.

"… de fuck is happening to dat dog?"

Kaleb said simply. "They are pretty awful. And demanding." As if he's not or his demands were all that really matterd to him. In happier news there was some animation to him as he shared, "Yeah there's this new sound that's coming out of Detroit ri- Ummm… Kellan?" There was a dog ripping itself apart and things were getting weird as they approached the cafe. "I might be changing my mind… about grabbing food."

Firestar lays down a wave of flame in front of the puppy's path as she hovers twenty feet overhead. It's quite the spectacle, at least, as fire comes bursting from her outstretched hands, coating the concrete as she very, very carefully tries not to actually hit anyone. Just stop it from getting into the lunchbox. I mean cafe.

Kellan, somewhat absorbed in what he was talking with Kaleb about, misses the start of the transformation, but then he looks in the direction that Kaleb is looking and his eyes grow wide, wider than platters at the sudden growth of the dog and he just freezes there staring at it. "Did this used to happen before and we just never noticed? Or is this like… " He doesn't even finish that thought, instead grabbing onto Kaleb's arm and backing up a bit.

Yelling was one thing, but screaming…Morbius knows that kind of screaming, intimately. That's terror. It pricks his ears and rather suddenly, the man in front of him no longer seems to matter as much as he did a moment ago as Morbius shuffles a step backward and turns his head in the direction of the cafe, watching the transformation with a sinking feeling in his stomach. "Damn," murmuring under his breath, Morbius' head lifts, the deathly palor of his face fully visible as sanguine-stained eyes fix on the animal. "Zat is a transformation. And judging from his owner's reaction, eet is not expected." Morbius' explanation grows more hurried and thicker with his slightly nasal accent, r's rolling delicately.

Rather than running away, Morbius pushes toward the cafe, glancing upward slightly as Firestar lowers from the sky some. "Not down! Back! Get /back/!" Morbius raises his voice, dry sounding as it gains volume, casting a clawed hand through the air in what could very easily be mistaken for a hostile gesture. His visage is not a comforting one. A wave of flame comes down and Morbius skids to a halt, wincing. "DO NOT burn him, woman!"

Clearly a dog transforming into something horrific does not constitute a normal day even in New York. Back by the podium that one politely checks themselves in at, Vesper grabs the wooden stand for support. She watches that change without commenting, but someone already as fair and pale as she is needn't do much to avoid going to surprise or shock. Telling her to drop from above get an immediate response; she drops.

The burst of fire from above at least seems to save the hostess who is screaming 'WOLF' at the top of her lungs. Allowing her to get inside safely behind the doors. Where several curious people exit out of just seconds later, eyes wide and curious.

The wolf looking dog, now almost twice his size, with large canine teeth turned away from the flames, skidding to a halt and whirling with a deep throaty howl. Bones continued to crack, giving the creature more height than any wolf had a right to.

Lorna was one of those several curious onlookers on the opposite side of the fire, and through the dying flames, she glimpsed the vision of the howling wolf-thing and gasped, dropping her ice cream. Her eyes going wide.

Sport's owner had fled the scene as soon as it became clear his dog was no longer his simple black lab.

|ROLL| Vesper +rolls 1d100 for: 16

Given the situation, Firestar can understand being yelled at. She's probably screwing it up, and yells, "Right, get BACK everybody!" as she goes out of her way not to burn anyone. That includes the dog, and she's luckily got pretty decent aim with those waves of flame she's wielding. She does get a little bit low though, as she tries to keep Sport from doing anything more terrifying than changing shape. In the most horrific way possible. Yes, she is in range if the wolf were to decide that fire isn't a good thing to have around.

Snatching the cigarette before it can fall, Kwabena ashes the thing before taking it up for another drag. He shakes his head a bit as Morbius rushes in. "Not my figh-" he starts, but the blast of flame coming from above startles him. He staggers back, dropping the cigarette and reaching for the driver's side mirror to settle himself. In the process, his shades fall off, revealing eyes of a bright silver that almost glow in the harsh shadow of dusk.

A curse is uttered in his native language, and he drops down to scramble for his shades, but they've fallen under the cab. Hissing, the clearly not-so-human cabbie scampers back down the length of his car and peeks around the rear end, eyeballing the developing scenario.

Nope. No way is he getting involved in this mess. No way, no how.

|ROLL| Lorna +rolls 1d10 for: 8

Kaleb grabbed Kellan's arm and backed the hell up behind, yeah Kwabena's cab was there. His eyes were huge. Just because he had a monolithic chip on his shoulder didn't mean he was incapable of feeling fear or common sense. "I've thought it's always been here but now? Now I'm thinking bad pastrami." He turned to Kwabena. His eyes were- ya know what? Giant bitey mutating dog. Bigger things to worry about. He aksked Kellan, "You think they ever trained that dog?" It was a big longshot. Big one.

"Can you maybe, ''Nice Doggy'' that thing from not eating everyone?" Kellan asks Kaleb as he glances around to the other people around and begins to try to usher the bystanders into the cafe, "Okay everyone inside away from the dog. Rabies, you know. Don't want that. Foaming doesn't look good on anyone." He's trying to play it cool but at the moment he's having a hard time thinking of something to do about the dog itself. "Maybe we can lure it somewhere else away from the people?"

"Evacuate!" Morbius yells toward the cafe, though terror does strange things to people anywhere from fleeing to screaming to standing still in shock. Growling under his breath in frustration, the 'man' runs at a startling speed around the fire toward the front of the building, rudely just about knocking Kellan over in his bizarre rush. Once at the podium, clawed, lengthy white fingers try to grab for Vesper and attempt to pull her up and /shove/ her back out on to the street. "Get /out/! Go! Run! Move!" If at all successful, Morbius will do the same to anyone in arm's reach, trying to grab patrons and /shove/ them outside to get people moving.

"Woman! Herd him inside!" Morbius yells toward Firestar. That's right, Morbius wants the werewolf /in/ the cafe? Well.

In the blaze of fire and people going into a panic, it's easy to forget Vesper. She isn't screaming or shouting instructions. She ducked down beside the host station like other patrons probably did. Looking for a brunette in capris is pointless, there isn't one to be found.

Sport, such as he was now, released a low and rumbling growl, head shaking as more of his fur from his days as a black lab sloughed off in chunks. His now thick grey fur rustling, his claws scraping against the sidewalk and leaving gouges in it.

An elongated muzzle sniffed the air, and yellow eyes settled upon the herd of people that tried to round the fire in curious was. Several fled at Morbius' shouting, a few more screams added to the chaos. A few more took off running at the howl, and Lorna, for her part levitated upwards into the air, going off to the side to get a better look above the crowd and flames.

Given the flames that separated the wolf like creature from his meal, his gaze moved away from it, settling on Kaleb. The monstrous creature charged the young man, snarling and picking up speed as it targeted him and his brother as they backed away.

"No," Kwabena quickly says to Kellan, after glancing to him from Kaleb. "Not inside. Is death trap in dere!"

It isn't until the creature chooses to charge toward Kaleb, and with that the taxi cab, that Kwabena begrudgingly joins the fight.


The African closes his oddly silver eyes and suddenly growls angrily. His muscles flex, veins pushing against skin, as if he were summoning some kind of inner rage. The black skin then undergoes a transformation that starts in his chest and spreads down his limbs. Skin becomes something like black obsidian, crackling and popping. Bone and muscle undergo the same transformation, as human flesh becomes something decidedly not; something supersolid and harder than iron.

The cab lurches forward against its breaks when Kwabena pushes against it to force himself between the wolf and Kaleb, snarling all the while. Then he plants his feet, immobilizing himself like a statue to be battered against.

So much for hiding one's mutation.

With a curse, Firestar tries to react to the speed of the ..mixed breed… that she's blessed with the task of dealing with. It'll look lovely on her report: first mission. Fought rabid werewolf. Everybody died.

"Not on my watch!" she shouts, making likely zero sense to everyone below, as she changes direction in the air and goes after the pooch, trying to catch up, but just can't throw fire to stop him. There's people in the way! So she aims for a flying tackle. Literally.

The thing about fire, is you don't shoot it at civilians. Generally.

Kaleb looked to Kellan and nodded though then the dark skinned man wihthe silver eyes was getting buff. Okay then! Plab B. Nope, Plan C as the car was now moving from them to hide behind. Well at least the Contingency Plan was aptly named yeah?

KAleb though was groovin on hte idea and whistled sharply; too sharply and too high pitch for human ears. Time to get the wolf's attention with a good old faashioned Dog whistle. Apologies to anyone who can hear at that frequency, it was about to get incredibly shrill for you. For once the people were left alright.

Morbius continues grabbing people and trying to /shove/ them into motion rather than huddling, not paying any mind to the invisible woman he can't see and moves right through to grab the hostess and press her onward outside while Kellan tries to herd people /inside/. Working against one another like that isn't very productive. The vampire growls and hisses at nobody in particular. "Lead him away from people? We are in New York City! /Where/!?"

The werewolf changes direction, aiming for Kaleb rather than the patrons inside the building and Morbius watches through large airy windows as the flying woman throwing fire dives down to tackle him and a cab driver transforms. Morbius scoffs with a click of his tongue. "What the fuck is happening to the dog, /indeed/!" Bright red eyes roll emphatically and he continues trying to empty the building of innocents.

When souls don't seem to be moving fast enough, Morbius stops in the middle of the cafe and looks around at the horrified faces. Sighing, he flips his hood down, revealing his deathly pale features and peels his lips back from elongated, razor sharp fangs, face shifting into a horrible mask of feral contempt, eyes glowing a sickening, pupiless red. "GET OUT!" He bellows, casting a hand across a table, throwing it across the room to shatter against the wall. Intimidation roll?

The whistle doesn't seem to effect him, thankfully.

"Well.. I thought.. out the back.. nevermind, not inside," Kellan says and very abruptly stops any efforts to work against those trying to get the dog inside. However, when it charges Kaleb, suddenly there are three of Kellan standing in front of Kaleb, trying to push him out of the way of the dog and out of the way of the entrance into the cafe. His eyes are wide and he seems confused by all of the people suddenly acting at once, and so he does the only thing that he knows how to do and that's try and drag Kaleb out of the line of danger.

Several things happened at once. Firestar slammed into the charging werewolf and promptly met a mass of hardened muscles that did not budge under her charge. A snarl, and teeth snapped in her direction, but the wolf continued his charge.

Morbius started to really put the scare into the crowd and the last remaining people in the cafe at least, left. Though traffic still continued by at the pace it usually did, horns honking and people peering out their windows to see the chaos.

Kwabena stood in the way of the still charging monster, however the creature seemed to grind to a halt abruptly, howling in pain and rolling at Kalebs sharp whistle that no one else seemed to hear.

The beast whined, snarling and whimpering for as long as the sound continued.

As Firestar slams into the beast's flank, she bites her lip and gives herself a hella bonk on the noggin. That's about the limit of her effect, as she finds herself on the ground on her back with the sky spinning a bit. Good thing the beast is distracted, since she starts to sit up, holding her head, and isn't a threat to anyone for a moment. "Ow."

Well, that's an opening. Kwabena can't be sure what to make of the creature's howling and writhing, but a former street urchin knows an opening when he sees one.

The African's boots leave dents in the sidewalk, under the weight of a super-hardened body that charges the beast opposite where Firestar nurses her noggin. He has to maintain his rage in order to maintain this form, so he keeps growling and snarling all the while. Arms spread and he leans low, leaping at the beast in an attempt to tackle it. He may not have super strength, but his body is like a pillar of steel, moving at full force! It may prove a fruitless gesture, but at least he's angled himself so that if the creature does fall, it should pancake the stunned Avenger.

LOG NOTE: shouldn't pancake the Avenger

The last of the people flee from the rabid vampire and the rabid werewolf, Morbius sighs and lets his arms hang at his sides for a moment, then smooths them through his dark hair, collecting himself as he walked back outside to see the progress the others have made. A curious look shifts toward the now quadruplets, the transformed cabbie and Firestar.

The high-pitched whistle does not affect Vesper, operating at an even higher frequency. Complete invisibility makes her impossible to see at the moment. She's busy processing what she sees from the relative safety of the sidewalk. No points for courage with this one.

Kaleb watched wide-eyed and drew a breath startled "Shit! I thought he'd hunker dow-!" And he was being moved from spot by Kellan. he took a step back and another and tried to run a bit- oh yeah away from the people. He lamented that choice. Fianlly he tried a last ditch effort to subdue and ramped up transmission over other frequency the dog could potentially be privy to. "STAY! STaaaay…. Sport, heel!" Hids tone was one of command, but hiss head was still yelling don'teatmedon'teatmedon'teatme…

Kellan focuses entirely on protecting Kaleb since he seems to be the squishiest of those present aside from the civilians by forming a kind of human shield around him and slowly pulling him back and away from the dog as they go, letting the woman with the fire and the fierce steel dude handle the more physical aspects of the fight.

Kwabena's movements actually set the wolf monster rolling, hardened body smacking against thick and heavy muscles. Sport, once Kaleb was no longer making the same frequency, was upon his feet and … started to flee opposite of the crowd. Bolting down the sidewalk and running on instinct. Half the instinct of a lab and more than a half the instinct of a threatened wolf. Whether or not the steel like solid mass that was Kwabena managed to grab and hold onto the wolf was another matter entirely.

Lorna touched down behind Kaleb and Kellan, eyes wide. "C'mon you guys, let's get out of here. I don't have a mask or anything. I'd rather not get picked up by the government for being a mutant, yeah?"

Firestar stumbles to her feet, then jumps into the air where her hair ignites into flame once more. She hovers, looking to see if anyone's hurt, then grits her teeth as she looks at Lorna, an eyebrow raised. "Probably best," she says, easily in range to hear the conversation. And then she's gone, her streak of flame behind her as she goes after the werewolf once more. Heroes gotta hero.

When Lorna lands behind them, Kellan nods somewhat distractedly to her, watching as Sport goes tearing off down the road. Suddenly there's just one of him again, and he looks over at Kaleb, checking him over for a moment before he says, "Yeah… I'm beginning to wonder if I'm cut out for this hero stuff." He starts to withdraw, looking a little bit thoughtful.

With a gasp, Kwabena clenches arms around the beast and tries to hold on tight. However, his rage and anger isn't true; it's not felt deep down in his belly. Now, he's questioning just how far he should even take this fight, and with that, his body suddenly reverts to its former, fleshy state.

"Augh!" he yelps, and let's go. The cabbie tumbles to the ground, rolling end over end until he slams up against the metal entrance to a subway station.

There he lies still for a moment, before peeling himself up and onto his feet, grimacing. He looks toward the fleeing werewolf, then briefly toward the streak of flame in pursuit.

"Good luck," he murmurs to himself, before dragging ass back toward his cab. He ducks his head low, squinting his eyes in an effort at hiding his strange eyes from any overly curious witnesses. Maybe people will ignore his dirty and ripped up tank top too.

"… shit."

The wolf begins to run and rather than letting him run, Morbius is absolutely of Firestar's mentality. A glance backward at the quadruplets and their green haired friend he didn't notice before. "Stay safe. We can take care of dis." A curt nod toward the re-transformed cabbie, blood-red eyes give Kwabena a quick look up and down. "Very nice, meester cab driver."

Very quickly then, Morbius turns and runs down the street in the wake of the trailing fire and the scent of the werewolf.

The lights up the street start to pop and waver. Some dim. Neon signs spontaneously lose a little of their glow. But New York after dark is never dark. It shines bright and ferocious in a gross waste of electricity to keep the night at bay. Night and its creatures. All that energy goes somewhere into a rather attenutated frame invisible to sight. She waits for the werewolf to charge its way up the street. Vesper releases the energy halo she absorbed at it in a single, searing beam of plasma.

Kaleb took a deep breatha nd looked at everyone and was the odd choice to say to his brother, "We gotta try something or we'll have no decent places to eat lunch and I can only eat so many wontons in my soup, Kel." He looked to Lorna and shook his head. "You alright?" That might havebeen an accidental formality. Likely entirely accidentally considerate. He was still catching his breatjh and said "If only we could get higher. Could totally drive it at cetnral park and make it the spiders's problem."

On his trek back to the cab, Kwabena takes a moment to glance briefly toward those who acknowledged him. It's an entirely self serving gesture; he wants to memorize the faces of those who saw his transformation. To what end… that is his secret.

The thing is, it would seem that Morbius' comment is only met with a short, terse nod of acknowledgement, before he climbs back into the cab and starts the engine. He sits there for a moment, staring at the dashboard with doubt.

Then, with a decisive turn of the gearshift, the cab lurches into gear and spins around on its tires, performing a neat, rubber-burning u-turn.

The fire gal does leave a nice trail to follow. Kwabena honks his horn to clear some pedestrians, then takes off down the streets in pursuit. Can't leave those two to the beast by themselves, now, and let's be honest; he's one hell of a good driver.

Sport charges into pedestrians down the street from the cafe, they scream, trying to flee from the path of the panicked werewolf. Even as several others are at a stand still, pointing at the fire that had burned further up the street and calling at the chaos in the sky that Firestar denotes. Then the lights go out and the sound of screams follow. The searing beam of plasma riots down the sidewalk at the beast, searing a line of blood and fur and muscle along its back. A howl of pain echoing through the night.

But it lives.

It lives and Sport twists into oncoming traffic, running into a car and causing a back up of cars that crash. Steel and glass shattering as it runs across the street and into a crowd of people. It rips, it rends and tears through the crowd, splattering blood and gore as it flees down a tight fitting alley way.

Lorna flashes Kaleb a grin and glances toward Kellan. "I can do that." She reached for either of the boy's hands, and with a look of concentration on her features, lifts up into the sky with either of them at her side. Slowly at first, and then gradually faster to follow Firestar's burning path.

Then, after the carnage has begun, a wave of heat drops in the path of the werewolf once more. "That's quite enough of that, poochie," Firestar says from directly above him, her hands spread out as she sends a wave of flame down. "Oh no, not this time," she adds, as she moves her left hand to block the other way. Going into an alleyway means she can cut off both sides, and the wuff will finally be contained.

"SOMEONE GET AN AMBULANCE!" she yells, wondering where exactly she's getting the boost of power she needed to pull this off, til she 'feels' a source of energy nearby. A living source of energy? Whatever it is, it's giving her a power bump she needed, and she pulls what she needs to keep anyone else from getting hurt.

Morbius moves quicker than a human, catching up for Firestar quickly as a bolt of plasma rushes past him to leave the smell of burning hair and blood ahead of him. The vampire's face contorts in distaste and annoyance. "If we can knock him unconscious, I can take him somewhere!" Morbius yells in his delicate rolling accent upward to Firestar, though that's before Sport decides to leap into a bunch of pedestrians, making himself even more of a problem than before. The vampire bolts ahead and attempts, not unlike Firestar and Kwabena before him, to tackle the werewolf down, bodily, wrapping his arms around the creature as they colide, his face shifting automatically into a vicious mask of feral rage. Unlike the former two, Morbius has taken on werewolves before, and he does have the strength to do it.

And suddenly Kellan finds himself levitating off the ground once Lorna takes his hand and lifts them up into the air, and off they go after Sport. There's a visible wince when Kellan sees the thing tear into a crowd of people. He goes a little bit pale at the sight, perhaps a little on the green side, and tries not to look. "Put me down," he suggests a little weakly to Lorna, "I'll find a phone and call an ambulance. Get Kaleb over there to help if he can."

"Son of a bitch!" Kwabena yanks the steering wheel to avoid the multiple car pileup, mounting the curb. He pounds at the horn repeatedly, shouting as people scatter from the oncoming cab as it rumbles down the sidewalk. "Go! Move! Move asses!" the foreigner shouts over his roaring engine and the honking of his horn.

As soon as he's around the cars, he peels the cab back onto the pavement. There's a short opening ahead, so he guns the gas as long as he can, before putting on the brakes and screeching around a jackknifed NYPD car.

"Reckless driving, is it?" he cackles, before yanking the wheel hard to the left and aiming for that narrow alleyway in hot pursuit. That same alley that is now burning with flame.

AAA Taxi is probably going to fire him for this.

With a grimace, Kwabena guns the engine and ducks his head, driving right into the fire.

The energy source masquerading as an invisible woman doesn't need to more than think to move. Vesper ends up far further ahead of the werewolf than intended. A good thing no one can see that and she rotates around to correct for the motion. Sport the fleeing lab isn't going to outrun her. She cannot impede it. But she inadvertently makes an excellent beacon for Firestar the whole way by being an intense presence on the electromagnetic spectrum.

"Oh for.." Firestar says, seeing the taxi trying to get itself killed. She's good with her fire, but she cuts it off just as it starts destroying his vehicle. With the concrete bubbling where she was firing, the vehicle ends up in no better shape and he catches part of the microwave beam as she cuts it off in a panic.

She flies in a circle, trying to see how badly she shot the poor guy and hopes it wasn't lethal. Again. Not again, please not again.

Sport finds his way cut off by fire, and stands before it yowling and snapping at the flames, unable to turn around easily in the narrow confines of the alley littered with large dumpstered and trashcans all over. He howled again, blood slicking the sides and back of his fur. Even as Morbius comes up and grabs the creature's wounded frame, another pained howl and whimper tracks from the creature's maw.

Kwabena meanwhile roars through the flames that quickly disipated, leaving ambulences and cops and the high car pile up behind. At the very least, his tires and paint job were not coming out of this unscathed. Oh there were massive amounts of injuries out there. And more than a few people would not be walking away from the accidents.

Lorna touched down on a building's roof top, setting Kellan and Kaleb down. The alley way just below. "It seemed like the safest place.." She mumbled, wincing.

Kaleb reached over and grabbed Kellan's hand for a moment. Kaleb was uneasy at this. He saw a dog explode, he saw people get bit, and worse the cafe got fairly wrecked which meant not getting lunch anytime soon. He said to his twin with a concerned look, Don't…get hurt. And be careful of not letting them like… bite or bleed on you. They could have Malaria or TB. You don't know." And monster spittle. Somehow reminding him self they were flying and chasing monsters? Not helpful to him. Still he tried to clear his head and they were… he was floating but there was time to throw up later. He rubbed his forehead between his brow and looked for the frequency again, put two fingers into his mouth and just let loose. It might not look much to people, but if there was crystal anywhere nearby? bid it adios. He hoped the wolf could catch pitch of this because he was becoming the Collateral Damage lord of Greenwich VIllage. Ugh. This is what he gets for not having a cook, he had to leave the hose and get involved with people eating things and also not eat lunch. Dammit.

"I'm not going anywhere," Kellan tells Kaleb. In truth, there's nowhere to go, unless there's an exit into the building from the roof that's unlocked, and so he makes his way over to the edge of the roof to look down. Unless that thing flies, he remains along the edge to watch what is going on below. But at the first hint of flying werewolves? He's running like hell.

That is no normal fire!!!

Kwabena yelps when the frame of his cab begins melting. He panics for a moment, feeling the steering wheel rumble as the tires pop and drop to grind on the vehicle's rims. But there, dead ahead, the werewolf struggles with Morbius.

With a scream, Kwabena does what any sensible person would not do. He steps on it.

The cab smashes into a dumpster, shredding it into half. Trash cans go flying, set ablaze by the burning and melting cab. Kwabena can still be heard screaming, and the last thing heard before the cab collides with another dumpster is his heavily accented voice.


A tumbling mass of molten taxi and mangled dumpster goes flying toward Morbius and the werewolf, while a pile of black, gooey smoke comes leaking from the back end of the mangled mess that once was Kwabena Odame's taxi cab.

Firestar has forgotten the werewolf. She's forgotten the fight. There's nothing in the world except watching the flaming wreck that she just caused. The person she clearly saw inside, at the wheel…there's no surviving that. She just murdered that guy, and she hangs in the air, staring at the smoke.

She isn't thinking; shock will do that to you. As the fight rages below. And a cab burns.

The sounds of carnage, screaming, weeping and the smell of blood heavy in the air, Morbius' eyes glow darkly in the last weeping moments of sunlight across the city, quickly replaced by ambient light from the city down that dark alley once the glow of Firestar's flames are out and…well…if the cab has headlights left after that, it's a miracle.

Throwing himself at the beast's bloody back, Morbius triest to get his arms around its shoulders and his neck, reaching back to pummel the thing in its thick skull with a curled fist. One hit. Two hit. Thr—nope!

Morbius turns his head a little bit to watch a darkened, partially melted cab barrel down the alley toward them, coughing up thick black smoke and smelling like death on wheels. He was not going to let Sport go, not now. There isn't anywhere to really /go/ at this point, so Morbius lamely murmurs in that lovely accent around his extended fangs, "…shit." And with his arms still wound around the werewolf, plants his feet and jumps just enough to not get hit with the bumper, but the pair are still struck by the cab anyway with a sickening THUD of meat, metal and bone, rolling over the top of the melted metal, paint, glass and flying over the roof like a ramp to drop like a sack of bloody, furry meat on the pavement on the other side.

Nothing to see here flying over Morbius. He tried to grab her to find help. Vesper may not be able to return the favour very well but she drops after wolf-and-vampire. The lights start sparking violently and blinking in a rapid-fire procession in the nearest couple of yards in case anyone had the slightest doubt where they might be.

Morbius' punches land, but it was hard to tell if they did anything to the injured wolf already. Even as he bucked and shivered and twisted beneath the vampire. It was sheer luck that the alley was long enough that when impact came, that the taxi, Morbius and Sport did not all three go hurtling into the flames that blocked the far end but rather up and over the nose of the half molten car to land heavily on the pavement littered with trash.

Sport growled, panting but lay on his side. Blood weeping out all over the dirty alleyway along with the various scents of burnt trash, gasoline, oil and other foul scents.

Lorna waved a hand toward the doorway leading down and away from the roof. A pop and it opened, unlocked. "You guys can go you know." She offered and ran for the edge of the roof. She glanced down at the tangle of metal that had been a car and scowled. Her hands clenched and the over heated metal moved at her command, It slithered away from Kwabena and instead toward the fallen werewolf. With a quick dexterity, she had formed up hot steel bonds that roped around the creature's legs. Where it cooled rapidly with a hiss.

Black smoke is to be expected from anything that burns, but there's a plume of it that isn't rising into the air as it should. Plus, it's… gooey. It's almost as if some of the molten asphalt was caught up in the smoke, which is scientifically improbable.

That cloud of smoke roils about violently for a moment or two, as if it was having some kind of a seizure. Then, without warning, it collects into a ball and takes form. Flesh form. A now-unclothed African rolling around on the dirty alleyway with silver eyes and a mad look to his face.

"… shit! Fuck! Shit fuck!"

Kwabena scrambles back against the alley wall, silver eyes darting madly from the pile of Sport-Morbius to the wreckage of his cab, now being manipulated by some unseen hand. He seems oblivious to the fact that he is now buck naked.

"… I am new to dis, ahkay!?"

Firestar would wish she could do that with metal. Hella awesome stuff Lorna's doing, AND what Morbius just pulled off. More than she can do by far.

Unfortunately she's busy watching in horror as the black smoke ghost becomes the guy she murdered, and she rocks as she hangs in the air, trying to process. How. The. H. E. Double Hockeysticks. She floats down, looking at him. Then LOOKING at him, and her inner lady takes over as she squeals at the nudity and rockets up into the sky, saying goodbye to this whole situation.

Nope. Big ol' pile of nope. Not in my pay grade, nope. Nope.

When Lorna opens up the door, Kellan looks over toward it and then over toward Kaleb. On the one hand, he doesn't want to leave his brother. On the other hand, he is uncertain what he can do at this point. But he doesn't leave, not right away. Torn as he might be, he remains to witness what is going to happen with the wolf. When it gets wrapped up in the metal his eyes widen a bit and he glances over at Lorna, "Wow.. that's.. impressive." He's impressed.

Firestar has left.

Kaleb looked helplessly at the street below. HE stopped trying to reach out to assail and confuse the wolf's higher senses. Turning aorund he was out of breath and watched Lorna just undo the door. "We can go but now things can get up. Lorna I don't thi- Kel, where she going?" He looke and there was a ruined street. He turned with his back to the indise of the edge of the building and slid to a sit. It was then all outside noises stayed off the roof he and Kellan were on where it just became suddenly very, very quiet.

Morbius had separated a bit from Sport when they hit the ground—and likely for the best considering the strips of the once-car that were now binding around the werewolf's body. Handy! Though Morbius cannot properly appreciate the raw awesomnitude of the moment right now as he sucks in a painful breath and rolls to his side. His face smeared red and still crumpled into that vampiric mask of animalistic fierceness, the pale man shakes as he starts to painfully push up to a sitting position.

Skin and cloth has been sheered down from a few places where he struck the car and the pavement, but his skin appears to be repairing itself, already. But he's moving slow.

The unseen energy being abandons the street to the living. Eventually she, too, will remember how to join them, but not tonight.

For a few moments, Kwabena just sits there against the wall, panting heavily and trying to recover. Being hit with that ray of power played havoc with his mutation, and every so often, his fingers or toes just turn into black smoke, then back into skin again.

Still, he looks on as Morbius recovers, then watches as Firestar lands, stares, squeals and rockets up into the sky. For a moment he watches the trail of fire with a blank stare, before turning to look toward the others. A rueful grin forms on his face at Kellan's remark.

"I am told it is impressive, but dat…" He nods his head skyward. "… is a first."

Sport seemed to go limp in the steel bounds, an exhausted snarl followed his large head flopping to the pavement as one by one the heroes that had halted his rampage left the scene. A few weakened struggles follow, but the creature seemed well and truly down for the count. At least, currently.

Lorna shrugged as she glanced toward Kellan and Kaleb. "I'm not as good as my father is at this, but since it's all heated up, it's a lot easier to mold it to what I want." She murmured, and turned her gaze back down to the alley. "Uhm.. Should I pick up that thing? I can tote it around where ever now that it's wrapped up in steel. I doubt it's gonna break free.." She murmured, wrinkling her nose. Even as Firestar freaked out and bolted for the sky, she blinked repeatedly, shielding her eyes from the burst of light.

|ROLL| Morbius +rolls 1d100 for: 4

"Uhm, is there a place where something like that can be taken and uh, kept and.. uh.. I dunno, figured out?" Kellan asks as he glances over toward Lorna. "You know more about this sort of stuff than I do. And we're definitely not bringing it back to the apartment.. either of them." He looks over at Kaleb and then back to Lorna. "Maybe the creepy pale guy knows?"

The creepy pale guy, who is trying to suss out the last few minutes of what happened, gets his feet under himself, but doesn't seem entirely able to get the strength up to stand just yet. Head bowed, his hair hangs around his face, curtaining it from the rest of the people lingering near the alley. He seems to be whispering to himself, a clawed hand reaching out toward the metal-wrapped hotdog. The burst of light Firestar emits when running off makes him flinch and recoil with a hiss—full on, vampiric, lips peeled back from extended fangs hiss.

Finally, Kwabena grunts and pulls himself to his feet. There's a good deal of wreckage in this busted up alley, but up above, there are clothes hung out to dry. In spite of his quip, he doesn't exactly enjoy being in his birthday suit around strangers.

With a grunt and a leap, he grabs hold of a fire escape and hauls himself up to the ladder. A short climb later and he's stealing some city worker's jumpsuit, slipping into it and finding it a little baggy, but workable. "Too many of de hoagies," he mutters while zipping the item up, then begins climbing back down to the dirty floor again. He'll have to figure out the shoes thing later.

"Crush it," he offers. It may not be the most popular of opinions, but he's not one who enjoys unnecessary risk.

(It's worth noting that driving a burning cab down a narrow alley isn't self defined as 'unnecessary'.)

"You all saw what it did to dose peopah," He barters, looking Lorna's wag before gesturing toward the imprisoned monstrosity. "Kill it."

Kaleb looked up to Lorna finally getting his bearings back after leaving all of the noises of the outside world off the roof he, Kellan, and Lorna were on. He looked from his twin to her and said, "Dont'go down there, or at least not too close to that thing." He looked over the railing and the good news was the cries from below were not heard. he looked to the two of them and said, "I'm not a fan of thinks living in a lab. I don't want to wind up dissected in one. Not right to do it to something else I suppose. I say Kellan's onto something. Ask the aenemic albino guy."

Lorna sent a wild look toward Kellan, eyes wide. "Bring it somewhere? I dunno where! It's not like I can bring it home with me. Hi Uncle Charlie, I brought you a mutated wild were wolf thingy what eats people!" She blinked at him repeatedly. "I don't know what to do with it! Whatever it is, and whatever we do with it, it has to be fast the cops are no doubt on their way."

Then leaned over the railing, wincing as Kwabena made a good argument to kill the thing and she winced, biting her lower lip. Hesitant and unsure. Then her gaze shifted toward Morbius and she flinched, clutching at the railings. "T-That's the v-vampire!"

"Kill him," Morbius growls back at Kwabena, lifting his head painfully from his crumpled state. The red glow from his eyes casts an eerie light in the dim space, showing between his stringy blood-matted hair, his pale skin stained red. "And I will return the favor." The threat in juxtaposition to the cultured Greek accent. "Go out there. Were-ism transfers traditionally through saliva, scratches or blood. Anyone out there who came in contact with him," an elongated finger points toward the exit of the alley, trembling. "Could be infected. We need to know…what hospital they are going to." With the trio high above them, Morbius continues the conversation with the cabbie he encountered earlier, directing him as if they were old comrades.

Kellan looks from Kaleb, to Lorna, and then back to Kaleb and his shoulders slump a little bit. Glancing down into the alley, it seems like the vampire and the cabbie are discussing what to do about it too. He winces at the suggestion to kill it, but he stops making suggestions and he walks away from the roof. "I'm going to go down and see if there's any news on what hospital folks went to.. the girlfriend, she got scratched during the fight, too." He then turns and begins to head toward the door that had been opened and begins to head into the building and down.

Kaleb dropped the sound barrier. Kill it? It was a … something. "That lady hit it first." As far as he was concerned. He sighed and siad "I guess they'll sort it out." There was the feelign still that they failed. He was hungry, people got hurt, cafe trashed, and theyhad to decide life and death of something? OH and now there were vampires? Yeah Nope was a good place to start. Tiredly he looked to hi twin and he nodded and got up to follow. He paused and turned to Lorna, "They'll take care of it. You don't have to ya know. You don't have to kill anything." He looked to Kellan again and then he just looked at the rooftop at his feet. What the hell was the world coming to? he looked up and said quietly gestring to the door Kellan was at, "Lorna, you sould come with us. Best if we stick together or somethin." He stayed put a moment to see if she'd take the offer.

Lorna glanced at Morbius down below, her brow crinkling and then back to Kaleb and Kellan. "Here's hoping that it doesn't get locked up in a lab some where." She mumbled, unwilling to kill the creature below with the various looks aimed her way. She glanced toward Kaleb as he backtracked toward her and gestured at the door.

"Yeah.. I'll.. I'll come with." She mumbled, looking down below one last time before she darted after the twins and to the door leading away.

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