1964-07-12 - Breakfast At Kai's
Summary: Bucky and Kai chat over breakfast.
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Kai is in cut off jeans and a singlet, the window open in both living room and bedroom, and in the living room there's a fan rattling away, blowing the air around. He's in the kitchen, scrambling eggs on a hot plate while a pile of bacon stays warm in the oven. Dylan plays on the radio, and he's singing along to The Times They Are A'Changin'. Loki must be out, since Kai's only audience is Kevin parked at his feet looking up, ever hopeful that something tasty might get dropped.

There's the sound of the window in the living room being propped up a little further…..and then steps on the fire escape. Apparently using the door is against his religion. "Hey, Kai," says Bucky, gruffly. There's a rattle of paper bags - someone's brought groceries.

"It's the Grocery Soldier," Kai says, and he waves his spatula at Bucky. "Thank you, I wasn't relishing going out today." He lost his job what with being dead, so grocery money is… whatever Loki felt like buying if he remembered. Rent somehow gets made, otherwise one could come to believe these two weren't ready for adult life on their own. "I've got breakfast coming up. You're just in time." Kevin wuffs once at Bucky. There's an intruder, yo. He's not moving however from his spot. Eggs might get dropped.

There's also help from Buck. He's got a job now….and since he does still crash here at times, he counts. At least to his mind, though he's the oddest sort of room-mate. The name makes him smile, wryly. He's in jeans, dress shirt - the latter to cover his arm.

"Here, you sit down and I'll get you coffee," Kai says. He comes over to take the groceries, and Kevin follows in his wake. He wags when he makes his way over to Bucky, and he sniffs his foot in an amiable fashion. When Kai goes to take care of things, the little dog stays near Bucky. Kai cooking eggs is one thing. Kai moving about the small space putting away groceries, stirring eggs, and putting on coffee is tripping or tail-stepping-on scenario just waiting to happen. Kai, who could barely make himself a sandwich, has been shaped into an adequate Hausfrau by the trickster god. He putters with a careless ease, he's so used to it. "How have you been?" he asks. "I was hoping I'd run into you. I wanted to tell you I'm going to have a rooftop party and I want you to be there."

"Sure," says Bucky, with that shy smile. He leans down to pet Kevin for a while, then picks him up and settles him in his lap. "I…..uh, mostly okay," he says, the smile fading. "I think the Lady Amora enchanted me at the embassy. I keep wanting to go back there and just like….stare at her and do whatever she wants," he says, looking down at Kevin. "It's kind of weird. And then….when I was going to work, some guys recognized me as the one who shot Steve at the fair. Tried to come in and cause trouble. Dealt with 'em, and I didn't even get fired, but…." He shrugs. "I don't know what the boss really wants from me. He knows who and what I am, somehow. For real. He mostly has me working in the back, sometimes bouncing at the door…."

Kevin's tongue lolls and he wags his tail. He's not much to look at, but when it comes to happy dog face, no one does it better, and he is a happy dog. Bucky? Bucky is his friend. This is to be celebrated with licked fingers and more wagging. He frowns faintly and says, "Now that you mention it, you did seem awfully fond of her after that kiss." He brings Bucky a cup of coffee first, then finishes up breakfast. "Who's your boss?" he asks. "Poor Bucky. You need a vacation."

"His name's Lucian. He runs Lux. Pretty classy place, but he offered me the job right off when I went in to have a drink. Just knew," he says, as he scratches under Kev's chin with his metal fingers. "Yeah. Nothing happened. She had me play servant for a while….and then I ended up dumped in a guest bed." He shrugs, philosophically. "I like my job at least. And now I can help out with rent and groceries." Then he looks up. "You're outta work - you should go see if you could work there. You got experience."

"I've never been there," Kai says. "It's a classy place." And Kai isn't a black-tie sort of guy. Kevin's eyes lid at the scritches. Aw yeah, this is the stuff. Kai serves up a plate of scrambled eggs, buttered toast, and bacon, though as he sets it on the table, he says, "Beware of dog. He'll go for it if you leave it unguarded." Kevin does in fact perk up and regard with interest the laying down of bacon. Of which there's plenty. "I do need a new gig, it's true," Kai says. "Maybe something part time so I can still pursue my art. Even if it's just bussing tables. I might look into it."

Bucky sets Kev down on the floor, gently, shoos him away with a toe. Bucky starts eating, deliberately. He's always careful, as if trying to make it stretch. Did the Russians starve him? "Can't hurt to ask," he says, around a mouthful of toast.

Kevin scoots under the table where he can hold vigil for dropped tidbits. Kai brings his own plate and coffee to the table and sits down across from Bucky. Kai, despite his best efforts to reject it, still has had breeding cudgeled into him, and he eats with mindless politeness. He's gotten to where he can make a decent breakfast. Fit for a god, to be honest. "Exactly," he says. "The worst he'll say is no, and I'm no worse off."

Bucky nods at that. He finishes the bacon first. He generally eats surprisingly little….though coffee he's greedy for. A nod from him. "I can put in the good word for you…or try to, anyhow,' he adds, wryly. "I might not be the best referral."

"You're my only referral, mate," Kai says with a crooked grin. "I have faith in you. Jut tell him… I don't know. That I can wait tables, bus tables, wash dishes. Maybe leave out the bit where I get accosted by dark elves sand might miss work on account of being dead." He can rattle it off so easily, like it's no big deal. He just keeps his gaze on his plate as he says it.

"He seems to understand about stuff like that," Buck notes, ruefully. "I didn't say as much, but…..he didn't fire me for being stolen and turned into a wolf monster for a while."

"I didn't even try to come up with a reasonable reason," Kai says. "They assumed I just partied the time away, so I said sure." He shrugs, not too bent about losing his job. Work is such a dull necessity. "Loki takes pretty good care of me," he mentions, gesturing toward the living room with his coffee cup. "The couch, the color TV, the door. That's all him." He smiles, ducking his head. "He's so groovy."

Bucky has to ask, after a moment's hesitation, "……where does the money come from? I mean, yeah, he's got that shop, but…..is it really that lucrative?"

"Never gave it much thought," Kai says. "He's a Prince of Asgard, nearly two thousand years old if I had to guess. He probably has riches beyond measure." He takes a drink of his coffee, and his brow furrows. "Huh. I really don't know." Then he shrugs it off. Loki brings nice things, Kai doesn't question.

He laughs that rusty laugh. "Sounds like a hell of a sugar daddy," he teases. "Maybe you should just give up working at all, be a kept man."

Kai grins. "I've thought about it. Wouldn't that be nice? Just work on my art all day, have dinner on the table when he gets home? I'm kind of hoping he asks." He nibbles on more bacon. He's nothing if not generous with the breakfast meats. "I'm not sure how it would sound if I brought it up first."

"He loves you enough to fight another god for ou," Bucky points out, almost lazily. "I don't think he'd really balk at keeping you in the style to which you were accustomed. Your tastes aren't fancy. Better ask him, or I'll ask him. I could be his boy on the side." By the gleam in his eyes, he's teasing.

Kai wags a finger and says, "I'm on to you, Decorative Straight Man." He winks, then gets up to pour them both more coffee. "If you want to bring it up, I won't say don't. I was thinking I might say 'oh I'm thinking of getting a job at Lux' or whatever and see if he says 'or you could let me take care of you.'"

Bucky nods at that, amiably. The coffee thus far does seem to have perked him up a little. "Sure. I'll say something like that. I mean, God knows you need a rest after all that."

Kai taps his coffee cup to Bucky's. "Ta, mate. I can trust you to have my back. I hope you'll let us take care of you a bit, too. You need a break. And a day at the beach with some tasty beach bunny in a bikini massaging tan oil into your back. The very least I can do is keep you in beer no matter what."

"If only," he says, ruefully, waggling the metal fingers. "Steve and I used to go to Rockaway, when we could. Or the WPA pools. I miss swimming. I wish…..there've been times, missions, when I had a cover for this that let it look like an ordinary arm. I just look like a guy who had a shoulder injury, had some stitches." Then he pauses. "Loki's given me temporary charms that let me look like someone else. Maybe I could get a more permanent one…."

"But I like the way you look," Kai says. "You look like Bucky. I mean temporary is fine, sure, but don't lose who you are forever." He lays a hand on Bucky's wrist. "I like that every time I see you, I see that stranger I met in the bar who looked so tired and paranoid. That face tells the story of everything we've been through since then."

"Tired and paranoid's a good description," he says, smiling wanly. "But I meant….a charm that makes me look like me, only with a normal arm. Or maybe is some kind of magical cover for it, you know? Hard to believe it's only been a few months. But then ….it's like combat. You go through a lot, you bond more quickly, y'know?"

"Oh! In that case, sure," Kai says, shoulders sagging in relief. "I'm used to the metal arm, but I can see how it wouldn't do so great for you on the beach. The glare alone." He takes a scrap of bacon from his plate and oops it falls under the table. With a jingle of a collar and lightning quick doggy reflexes, it's no more. "Besides, it would be good to look like your old you, yeah?" he says.

He makes a g esture, eats the crust of his toast, and notes, "Though some that make me look….not like me would be super handy."

"Just as long as they aren't permanent," Kai says. A tray hand goes to his shoulder, rubbing at the silvery netting there. "It's funny, I keep staring at these in the mirror, and half the time I want them gone — Loki hates them so much — and half the time I think: yes, I want a record of what they did to me, so when the day of reckoning comes, they'll see how it didn't break me."

Bucky looks to his metal hand. "That's how I feel, a lot of the time. I can do things with this I never could when I had two ordinary arms. But on the other hand…..they did that to me. It's a mark of …of being owned. That what I really am is the longest serving POW of that war." ANd he makes a face.

"No one owns us now," Kai says quietly, and he gives Bucky's wrist a squeeze. "And what they left us now belong to us. It's a mark of survival." He sighs and adds, "And I hate it, and I love it, and I don't know what I feel about anything anymore."

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