1964-07-12 - Werewolf Aftermath
Summary: Lorna runs into Kaleb, Vic and Jay while they're out on a shopping expedition and comes by the Miller twins' apartment to discuss what happened the night before, and what to do next.
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It was later in the afternoon and the lads were out shopping for some odd things. A trip to Woolworth's and the furniture store later they returned with some bags that the doorman downstairs brought up, and was tipped accordingly. Somewhere out there they ran into Lorna who proved to be both unscary to Jay previously, and not-loathed by Kaleb (also demonstrated previously) and was invited to come with because eating dinner alone kinda sucks. He was blunt. In the long run Vic was right: Just give Kaleb what he wants, it's easier proved to culminate in the buying of stuff and people over for dinner.

Not to eat. That guy is elsewhere with a werewolf and cannibalism is just wrong!

Vic schleps. It's what he does. He carries the heavy things at least until the bags are handed off to the doorman, and he just does what Kaleb wants. Kaleb has trained Kellan's boyfriend well. How Kellan might feel about this is anyone's guess. "Isn't this better?" he says to Jay. "You'll have a proper place to sleep and a proper place to put your stuff." His stomach grumbles. It's been ready for dinner for awhile now.

Lorna came up the back, her hair fluffed up behind her headband of lavender, off setting the green of her hair. Her sundress was a matching lavender, with a pattern of blue flowers crawling along the hem. She watched Vic carry up the bags, wrinkling her nose but not arguing. If her nephew wanted to carry stuff, she wasn't going to volunteer to do it.

"Has anyone seen anything in the newspapers yet about what happened last night? Because I didn't see anything. I spent the day trying to track down where some of the people injured ended up."

Jay is rather reticent about the whole shopping experience. Not in his element in the least, he doesn't understand most of what Kaleb's trying to do here and quite honestly, by the end of it, he's exhausted from the whole thing. Regardless, they probably have to pry bags out of his hands and explain that, no, that's what the doorman is for, as well. Lorna's inclusion is well-met by the red-head, pleasant as a peach to the mutant woman though mostly letting the others take point. "How long is it gonna take fer him to bring that up? Ah can put it together when it comes. Man, I should've just brought it up. Vic an' Ah could'a carried it all no problem." Vic outclasses him hands down in the 'carry heavy shit' category, though he's no slouch. Jay just frets all around, casting an uncertain smile over to Vic. "Sure? Ah. Ah'm not honestly sure. Yes? Ah mean, Ah'm grateful, just feelin'…you know, guilty."

The second mention of last night and Jay glances between her, Vic and Kaleb. "Okay, really now what the heck happened? Kale's walkin' around like he's lookin' fer booty an' now there were injured folk?"

The sound of people coming in rouses Kellan, who had been home all day. He'd been home since the events of the other night, mostly spending time quietly in his room. He hadn't gone out shopping or really anywhere save to shuffle into the shower and take one. He's dressed when folks get home, and he peers out into the livingroom to say, "Hey," with a bit of a wave to those gathered.

Kaleb looked to Jay and was, himself, also tired and caried zero. That's what other people were for. He said simply, "Rest of the furniture will be delivered tomorrow. There's people that do that Jay." It truly bewildered him. Honestly? The shopping for Jay's 'needs' that he didn't know he hadwas a welcome distraction. The hat came off and he avoided answering. Finally he looked to Jay and said, "Welcome to New York. And don't… worry about my eye. I over did it. Just a little messedup." He walked to his twin though who might be the only person he showed any overt affection for.

The snarky young man just looked at Kaleb for a long moment notsaying anything. He didn't need to really and finished the not-convesation with, "Lorna's gonan join usfor… um… dinner. Oh! Got you something when I was out…too… forgot to mention." He blinked and walked off to his room to hang his hat back up. "Yeah."

Vic smiles broadly when he sees Kellan, and since he trusts the company he's in, he goes over to the good twin and wraps his arm around him, giving him a smeck on the lip. "Hey, handsome," he murmurs, "we're just getting Jay some stuff so he'll have some proper space and belongings here." He turns toward Lorna and says, "You've met my aunt." To whom he smiles fondly. Looping an arm around Kellan's shoulders, Vic looks like he's found his spot to be until dinner. They've been separated for how long? A couple hours?

Lorna grimaced, dragging her hand through her hair. "You know the ice cream shop that has really good snacks down the way? Well, apparently some dude's dog turned into a monster and tried to eat people. A bunch of powered people, Kaleb, Kellan and me. Plus I think an Avenger and some taxi driver.. and that vampire were all there to stop him. But there were car crashes and a lot damages and some pople might've been infected? Like when I say mutated.. I mean like uhm.. a werewolf?" Her brows crinkled as she spoke and she bit her lower lip.

"It was kinda really freaky."

Kellan looks a little bit surprised and then he nods a bit as he picks up on what is going on, nodding a little bit as they let him know what they've gotten for Jay to set him up in the apartment. He accepts the arm around his shoulders though and slides his own arm around Vic's waist, seeming a little more comfortable once leaning into his side. The kiss is returned, light and brief, but unafraid in current company. He then looks over toward Lorna when she describes what happened. "I found out what hospital they were at and passed that information on but… didn't go and check on it myself."

Jay shakes his head gently when Lorna mentions the ice cream shop down the way. No, he didn't know. Then realizing that everyone else likely did, he switches to nodding. "Wait, that's what all that mess was about? Ah walked by it an' saw all the ambulances, but Ah missed all the action. You met the vampire fellah again what freaked you out? And now there's werewolves?" Jay's brows knit together, his arms folding loosely over his chest while he listens worriedly. "Well…Ah'm glad yer all raght, Miss Lorna." A quick glance toward the others. "That y'all are all raght." The flier frowns a titch. "Infected like /they/ maght be werewolves now? That's just story book stuff though." Pause. "Ain't it?"

Kaleb went back to being clinical, or really trying to. It was to Kellan he said quietly, "Well… you shouldn't go. No one ever got infected over a phonecal, and best they can't put our face to it." Jay got a flat look, "Bit as in abies, and or whatever." He cracked a wry grin briefly, "Fine? She took the damn thing down wrapping a light pole around it. Let's not spend all night reliving it. What are we making for dinner? We call them yet?" No he wasn't used to the 'manual food' thing.

Vic gives Kellan another kiss, and he says, "I think I'm going to take a shower," he tells him. The news of vampires and werewolves don't seem to surprise him overly much. He's a mote of intelligence in the body of a dead man, who's he to judge? "I've been working all day. I don't want to get you all sweaty." He disengages from Kellan and heads toward the bathroom to wash the day of being Kaleb's personal servant off.

"Well, I didn't mean physically go down there," Kellan says to Kaleb quietly with a little shake of his head. "I just meant maybe poke around in people's heads like the ambulance folk and police and see if they had any thoughts about it.. that sort of thing." He then nods over toward Jay and said "Werewolves." He reluctantly separates from Vic but nods and says "Okay." And then he's standing there for a moment before he makes his way over to one of the chairs and falls into it.

A shrug followed and Lorna took the cue from Kellan to settle into a chair. She waved toward her nephew with a smile, crossing her legs as she settled in. "Well, I dunno if it was a were anything. But it went from being a black lab to not a lab at all. And it was very angry looking. So.. I dunno." She sighed heavily, rubbing her eyes.

"I could put on my charm to make my hair brown and get into the hospitals I bet.. but I dunno. It's a risk. I could also talk to a few of the telepaths I know from school and ask around. Heck, I should talk to Wanda or Doctor Strange about it. I mean, he knew about vampires. Shouldn't they know about this stuff too?" She glanced toward Kaleb and grinned. "It was a mostly super heated car I bent. Not a lamp post."

"Car, lamp post, still dang impressive," Jay nods to Lorna, giving her her due and a guileless smile. He remains standing while the others take a seat, shifting his weight slightly from foot to foot while Vic heads off and the rest explain. The winged young man shrugs one of his squared shoulders. "Ah dunno, Ah mean, Ah suppose they'd be the raght folks to talk to about it. But really what do we do aside that? Ah mean…" Jay ponders, his eyes wandering upward to the ceiling. "How do ya cure werewolf? Ya gotta kill the original one, raght? I mean, that's the myth. An' that's assumin' any of those folks caught it." Caught it, like a flu. "What happened to it?"

"I'm a telepath," Kellan points out a little bit quietly. He's been somewhat subdued since the previous night, but he offers up this information freely enough. He looks over toward Jay and says, "Maybe you make like an antivenom, like you can make fo snakebites from snake venom?" Then he nods and says, "I don't know, maybe you do.." He's not all that familiar with werewolf lore. "Silver? Maybe? That's for werewolves right?" Then he says to Jay, "I think the vampire took it."

Kaleb walked to his room and brought back something wrapped in a hankerchief. He dropped to a seat on the arm of Kellan's chair and gave his shoulder a squeeze. One brother was handed the hankerchief to the other. Kaleb was not one to make a big deal of these things. He murmured, "Brought you back somethin. And if you go I wanna go with you. it's a good idea if any."

He blinkked at Lorna and actually cracked a finat grin, "Yeah well at the end of the day it was a really big twist tie wasn't it?" Truth. He let Kellan poke at the offered gift or not, but he was watching her and finally passed his opinion/judgement on the issue, "You shouldn't risk it. We don't need you getting infected because someone got careless and stupid. Also yeah, Kellan can sometimes talk to things-people outside of his clones or me. It's… pretty groovy." His eyes shifted back to Jay, then his head. It wasn't Jay that was getting him irritated as much as the memory and for once the words sounded faintly angry. Irked maybe? They had an emotion that was past his narrow scope of feelings. "Uhhhh not sure? Because people were too busy not listening to Kellan and flocked in an anrea to trap themselves like cattle and some other people tried to make her kill something living? Ain't right." It actually seemed to bother him. Still he went back to focusing on kellan and just letting yesterday go into distraction.

Jay's compliment earned a smile, even as Lorna bit her lower lip in thought. "I don't know if it can be cured? I mean.. some things seem to be all magical and stuff, and sometimes they're not. I dunno if this was a curse or what, you know? I'll have to ask around and see what's what. I mean my brother Pietro was all vampirey but he got better." Of course that had been a curse by Wanda's hand or something..

"I mean, werewolves make more by biting people right? Don't we have to assume that if that's what it was that those people it bit might become like it?" She tilted her head to the side. Her brows furrowing and she winced.

"… I don't know what happened to it, we didn't stick around. There were cops showing up."

Jay gives the brothers their moment of exchange, glancing their way, but politely pivoting away to focus on Lorna. An arched eyebrow slowly grows into a slow, kind smile. "Yer brother just kinda shook it off, huh?" Verdant eyes squint until they're little crescent shapes of amusement, shaking his head slowly. "Folks never cease t'astound me, here."

Looking back toward Kellan when he speaks up, Jay tilts his head a bit, giving the man the up and down once with his eyes. "Yer a telepath?" yes, he knows what that is and for a moment looks slightly uneasy because, well, that could mean a lot of things and from the stories his brother told him, well… Still. Jay paused and shook his head a bit, glancing down at his feet, taking a moment to clear his expression and offer his usual pleasant little expression to Kellan. "That's cool. Ah didn't know. Actually, Ah guess Ah don't much know about any of ya." The realization results in a quiet murmur when Jay realizes how little he knows about the people he's /living with now/. It pings a few weird resonances in his head. He shakes it off.

"So. What? Ah mean…Ah guess the first thing is t'decide if this is our responsibility t'deal with or not." He shrugs a shoulder gently. "If we ain't the best ones t'handle it, who is? Ya mentioned Doctor Strange, Ah mean, if nothin' else, we're all pretty in the dark on how t'get rid of werewolves an' Ah doubt that's somethin' we can just look up at the library."

Kellan shakes his head just a bit and says, "I shouldn't have told them to go into the shop. I thought getting them off the street would help and maybe they could go out the back.. away from the thing. But then everyone else was doing something else and I just tended up making things more confused." There's a slight furrow to his brow. "I couldn't even think of anything to do.. my telepathy only works on people.. and making lots of me that will die if one of them dies.. it's not a combat type thing. I can use them for doing a lot of little things at once but.. fighting big slavering dog monsters really isn't my forte." He opens up the handkerchief put in his lap and there's a little curious smile at the contents, then he looks up at Kaleb and leans against him for a moment in thanks before nodding to Jay and saying, "Yeah.. I can hear people's thoughts, and I can communicate.. that's it though. I can't mind-control people or anything like that," he reassures.

Kaleb dropped his arm around Kellan's back and sort of palmed the back of his head in a faint semblance of a half hug. He replied only, 'Yarr." the a knowing half grin. That was all he said on that. He rubbed at his bloodshot eye, the good one and nodded a quiet agreement backing up Kellan's assessment. The statement that finally got him to laugh, yes laugh, was answered, "I dunno that needing to deal with werewolves needs to be in anyone's asset portfolio, Kell. Besides, it was a good plan. People, maybe me, messed that up. I thought the whistle would cause him to cower, not get pissed and charge me." Not… proud of that one. He sighed shaking his head. "Look WE got out, and Lorna didn't have to kill anything she didn't wanna. Cause that… was creepy. It was as good as that situation was going to get."

Lorna heaved a sigh, chewing her lower lip. "No, he didn't just get better. My sister Wanda fixed him or something. It's magic and I don't get it. My family is messed up. But at least Doctor Strange does have a library. Bet if we ask him real nice he'll look into things for us." She grinned weakly and shrugged, settling back in her seat. Her family tree was more like a bramble bush, and she hadn't even begun to clarify all the things that were weird in her family either.

"Kellan, how good is your telepathy? Like what's your range and stuff? I know I project, so first off, totally sorry. My roommate Jean was always getting on me for that." She wrinkled her nose. So did Miss Frost, but that was neither here nor there.

"I just hope that the thing didn't end up locked up in some labratory…" She muttered.

Magic and mystics and all that stuff was so far out of Jay's wheelhouse that honestly all he could do when Lorna explained was nod gently his non-understanding. "It's an idea, honestly. If he don't already know. Ah mean, Ah didn't see anything in the paper about it, but it weren't exactly hush hush." Glancing back toward the two brothers, there's a small flick of a smile. The mention of a 'Jean' makes Jay turn back to look at Lorna, opening his mouth, then closing it again with a small smile once he thinks better of it. Instead, he redirects. "You thinkin' long range check ups if he can do it?" A shrug given to Kaleb. "Ah dunno. It has to be in someone's bailiwick, don't it? Monsters and whatnot. Ah mean, werewolves are at least somethin' we've all heard of. There's gotta be someone who knows a thing'r two."

"It's only real strong for about a city block when I'm using it outside of my copies. The reflections, I can sense them no matter how far they are away from me, and we're all aware of what the other is doing and their surroundings. But if I use telepathy with people outside of the clones, then it's only really good for a block. Then I can't communicate or read anymore," Kellan says to Lorna. He grins a little half-smile at Kaleb, both for the gift and the weird head-hug.

Kaleb was trying to get off the subject. It didn't fare successful. He finally concluded "Ya know…practice wouldn't really hurt it." He paused and thought about that statement "Okay we might… get a lil hurt but hey, what's a few bruises and some hearing loss?" He looked from two other two to his brother and offered, "Hey if you need to try it out more you can with me again. I don't care."

Lorna shot Jay a dry look at his own glance her way, "Hey, if he's a telepath, Jay, he can read my mind. Unlike my father, I'm not so good at blocking out telepaths." She muttered, crossing her arms. "And it's better to speak the truth than to lie to a telepath. Even by omission. They know, duh." She heaved a sigh and glanced back toward the twins. Kellan at least wouldn't have had a hard time reading her mind if he tried.

"Anyways, I'll ask around and see what people know about werewolves or whatever it was. If you want to try to figure out how many people might've been bitten, Kellan, that would be a good idea. Not that I know for sure what to do about it.." She muttered, she'd have to talk to Josh. He was the one that had been a Doctor before everything.. Maybe at least, he could help those that started off human at least.

"It would be a good idea to practice or powers and all, but.. Kellan, Kaleb.. I mean, you guys don't want to be outted as Mutants. Getting involved.. well, that might just do that. Especially if it happens randomly.. and you're not exactly carrying around a mask with you."

Kellan nods his head to Lorna and says, "I can try and find out where they might be. At least that will give us something if someone else finds an answer as to what to do with them." Then he frowns a little at the mixed messages between Lorna and Kaleb. "Yeah," he says finally. "Maybe we shouldn't get involved. It's not like there aren't folks way better at it who know what they're doing, anyway."

Jay blinks at Lorna and smiles, dipping his chin forward a bit. "Nah, Ah was just thinkin' of somethin' else, that's all." One arm uncoils from its place across his chest, scrubbing a hand through his bright-colored hair and look back between all three of them evenly. Apparently on the same path as Lorna. "Ah mean, if folks are just sick, instead'a cursed, Ah got a friend who can probably just…cure 'em. Maybe. But he ain't gonna go visit anyone in a normal hospital." A roll of his shoulder backward as he refolds his arms over his chest again. He nods in agreement to Lorna's words regarding the Miller's staying under the radar. "Yeah…you guys gotta stick t'under the radar unless y'come up with some kind of disguise like Billy seems t'think works. Ah don't care one way'r the other cause Ah carry mine out in the open. Hard to be discrete there." He looks to Lorna. "Ah don't really got much t'practice either. Not unless someone wants a lullaby." A tiny curve to his lips in spite of himself.

Kaleb watched Lorna and finally his even look squished into a squint, at leasrt in the uncovered eye. "One, kinda been hiding for forever. Just because we've stuck our head out recently doesn't mean that Kellan and I haven't been pros at staying under cover in our own home since we were kids. Teo? We don't know what to about the biting and the werewolves. Why are we putting ourselves and our people at risk by sticking our nose in things we don't know? Let the monsters deal with people suffering from monsterly things. Mutants have enough to worry about."

Lorna exhaled, "I just started combat training with my father last week. So I .. I mean, I've already been outted as a Mutant." There had been a short spurt of her being on a television show run by an interdimensional monster that had kidnapped her.. but she wasn't entirely sure how well watched it was here on Earth. Who knows?

"I mean, Billy has lectured me tons about wearing a mask, but geeze louise! It's not like I carry one in my back pocket all the time! Maybe I should.." She grumbled and shrugged.

"But I still don't think it'll do a whole lotta good anyways. I mean, I have a codename.. but whatever." She waved her hand and glanced toward Kaleb and Kellan. "I'm not gonna be the one to volunteer you guys, I agree that mutants have enough on our plates.. and we're likely going to get blamed anyways for this. Like we always are.."

Jay listens to the discussion, a soft frown touching his expression—a legitimate frown and not just the absense of the small, serene smile he tends to rest at. He murmurs softly, looking down at his feet while he rocks up to his toes, "Billy seems t'like t'lecture." Swiftly sucking in a breath and probably saying a silent prayer to atone for those words.

"We're outa our depth here," Jay seems to note with a definitive air, green eyes settling one by one on his fellows. "An' sure, y'aint gonna get better without tryin', but at this point it sounds like our best option is t'just inform someone who /does/ know what t'do. Then whoever wants t'/learn/ more can maybe tag along while the rest chill." Jay's brows arch upward slightly. "Sound about raght? An' if all that mess last night was over this, it's pretty serious. High destruction, high risk of injury an' all that. Supernatural stuff."

Kaleb stood up from teh arm of the chair and said, "Yes. They will blame us. Let them ask us. We don't have to be at their beck and call repaying their poor treatment of our people by being their butler. We are not the help of humans. And yeah, Jay, we were spending all day staying out of it. This wasn't a secret club meeting about how to get more involved in things weeee have no ability to handle. Frankly I'm not excited about any of us sticking our neck out for people who can't treat one another with any level of respect much less our people. They can ask." He paced and then just stopped . His fingers clienched in a fist for a moment expelled with a sigh. Kaleb admitted without turning around, "I'm glad you didn't get hurt, though." He walked to the record cabinet and put some Sam Cooke in, walked into his room and flopped back and listened. The nice part about being a sonic was one never really neded to yell, but after some time to cool down he wondered, "Who sells pet werewolves to people anyways? Worst. petstore. Ever."

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