1964-07-12 - "Where's the rest of it?"
Summary: After being 'invited' to stay with the Miller twins (and Vic), Vic helps Jay move in to the apartment. Cue Kaleb's utter disbelief and exhaustion that all of Jay's earthly belongings fit in two bags. Shopping montage follows.
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It's moving day, and Vic is on hand to help Jay put stuff in the apartment. "You know," he says as he hauls heavy things, "With all this open space, we could put up a partition and a day bed. Wouldn't be any trouble." Vic hauls heavy things like they're not heavy things. He hauls them like they're made of Styrofoam.

It's definitely unnecessary to bring the heavy lifter, because Jay's version of moving day is honestly a knapsack, a small duffle and his guitar. So while Vic's superior strength is super handy, it's completely unnecessary at this juncture, though getting him to help rearrange the living room is seriously helpful. Plus…Jay had left his guitar at Lambert's place. He's been sleeping in the courtyard for the last few days, and he had asked Vic to grab it while he grabbed his bags from the Center. Yes, that's seriously it, and the duffle actually looks newer than the worn knapsack.

"What's a day bed?" Jay asks casually as he looks around the living room, trying to find the most out of the way place to set his guitar down. "Enjoying your mini vacation while Bert heals up? He said he was going to shut the restaurant down for about a week while he recovered."

Kaleb wandered from his room with an eyepatch over one eye looking tired. The other was bloodshot as hell. He was dressed down with just linnen shorts and a plain t-shirt. Would he go out like this Likely not, but here, perhaps. He looked at Vic and Jay…and Vic… and Jay… and stuff? He asked finally, "Where's the rest of it?"

"That's all there is," Vic says. He sets the couch down one-handed, then adjusts it in its new spot. To Jay, he says, "It's a twin bed with a frame shaped so it can be a couch during the day. You could lounge on it during the day, put up the partition at night and sleep in it like a bed." He pauses, then says, "That's pretty much all it does." Kaleb gets side-eye. "You're wearing an eyepatch.

Carefully setting his guitar down, leaning it against a wall while he listens to Vic's explanation of that unfamiliar word, his brows raising upward as he's enlightened. "So like a divan?" Jay squints a little bit and turns as Kaleeb wanders in. He nods a little bit to Vic's explanation. "Yeah, this is it. Mah clothes and some toiletries are in m'duffle an' mah notebooks an' stuff's in mah knapsack." He shrugs. "Yeah what's with th' eyepatch? Y'allright?"

Kaleb blinked withhte better of his two eyes and just shook his head either in a 'no' or, 'you are clearly misguided' response. He sighed aand tiredly said "I'll go get dressed and we can go pick up the rest of your things, Jay." Was Echo's hearing shot here or was he on another point? He looked to Vic and arched an eyebrow. "Yeeeeah. Sorta had an interesting couple a days." He looked from Vic, to Kellan's door, to Vic in that nuissance of 'you were there. We agreed not to discuss this!'

"Sure," Vic says to Jay. He goes over to the corner he's got in mind and says, "So let's say you get an accordion partition, open it during the day, close it at night. It'll be kind of like having a room, and you'll have some privacy if we wake up before you. What do you think, Kaleb?" He glances back at him, and he adds blandly, "Yo ho ho." Talk about what?

Jay continues to stare at Kaleb, a little confused yet. "No, hey, Cap'n Kale," the red-head shakes his head gently, hands lifting upwards, palms out in a halting motion. "This is everything. Ah don't have anything else." Figuring maybe he may have heard wrong. A glance slid between the two young men as they exchange looks. "Interesting? Y'run into more of those weird dream things?"

Kaleb wandered into his room leaving the door open and thenpopped open his closet and wandered in. His room was still mostly bare but in the living room his record cabinet was there. In his room were low cibbies that provided bench seating along the outside wall with cushions on top, and the underside was just packed with record albums. Several more were still in boxes stacked not yet sorted. He was not even selling it short when he claimed to be an audiophile. As much of an arrogant ass Kaleb was he at least wasn't a braggart.

Some have argued that this is how he survived to breathe this long.

Echo repeated as echoes do, "What do I think? I think it's a damn shame I'm not giving up my patio balcony." He had a patio balcony in there? Oh, snap, so there was. The shirt was picked out and he sighed to Jay. "Avast ye, Jay. And no, you're wrong. That's all you have. That's not all of your things." He grabbed a smart hat and popped it on his head and a pair of sunglasses, swiped his keys and dropped them into his pocket putting on his shoes. It is fair to say against the large picture window in lieu of a desk he fit a small drafting table. It was an odd collection. He turned to his unlikly companions and offered, "We can start at Woolworth's and work our way around to there. Have things delivered."

Vic nods to Echo and says, "Sure, let's go get this man some stuff to live in. On." His brow furrows. "With." He rubs the back of his neck, shrugs, and says, "I'm ready." He's in jeans, a white t-shirt that stretches over a taut, broad chest. He's just got that All-American boy next door look, if the boy next door was smoking hot. "What do you think of my day bed idea, Kaleb?" he asks as he settles in to follow the evil twin, so very agreeable.

Jay perks up, the compressed lump on his back swells and shifts not terribly subtly as he strides slowly toward the open door, peering inside. "You have a patio balcony?" Oh snap, there it is indeed! "Oh…that is /boss/…" Green eyes sweep around and are drawn toward the backed cubbies full of albums. Entirely forgetting his manners, Jay holds his breath a split second as he stands in the doorway to Kaleb's room, visibly lusting over the man's collection. Blink blink blink, he comes back from basically salivating, shuts his mouth and looks back to Kaleb. Cheeks flush a light color and Jay steps back once again, looking between Vic and Kaleb. "Um. What's happening, now? Ah got distracted."

Kaleb tilted his hat at a jaunty angle and arched his good eyebrow over the frames. "Jay? If you want to go through it I trust you. Just alphabetize it by band when you put it back." He had to admit, "Yeah were I a better person I'd say just close it off and build a room. But?" He paused and his head tilted and he turned to teh front door for them in tow. "I'm not losing my balcony. You can use it though." He looked to Vic and sighed, "He wasn't listening. Jaaaaay. You are seriously missing some stuff. We're gonna go amend this. How you ev-" He paused and curbed his words pulling his expression from bewilderment back to neutral he changed tracks, "You can't possibly have everything you need in that few bags." It's true. By his account they were all roughing it right now."

"Let's just do what he says, it's easier that way," Vic tells Jay and chucks him on the arm amiably. Gently. He doesn't want to break the fellow. "I figure this splits the difference," he tells Kaleb. And you don't lose your balcony." Placating Echo, just doing what Echo says. Echo has Vic well-trained. This may or may not meet with Kellan's approval.

Jay's expression brightens, just a hair bashful when Kaleb says he can go through the records if he likes. Reaching to set a hand on the pirate's shoulder. "Ah could almost kiss ya. Ah promise t'be careful an' put 'em back correctly. Ah just haven't seen a collection like /that/ in a long while. Ah'm not even a little upset about the balcony, either. Just don't get shocked if ya see me nappin' out there. Ah've been sleepin under the stars fer a few days off in Vic's boss' restaurant, an if this is what y'all call hot, Ah can weather it."

Goodnaturedly, he smiles back and forth between the two, embarrassed when Kaleb points out the obvious lack in possessions. "Ah got just about everythin' that Ah need…" He pitches forward a little bit when Vic chucks him on the arm, but doesn't seem harmed by it any. Just smiles at the big guy, an eyebrow arches. "Path of least resistance, huh? Ah just don't wanna get bogged down so much. Ah'm a pretty simple fellah…" Understatement.

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