1964-07-13 - What Could Go Wrong?
Summary: Loki and Amora plot while Kai makes sandwiches.
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Kai knows Loki doesn't like the marks on his shoulders and back, but it's hot, and Kai is in a singlet that shows the silvery netting on his shoulders. He's also in cut-off jeans, and he's in the kitchen making sandwiches. There's Peter, Paul, and Mary on the radio, and as Kai lays out slices of baloney on bread, he sings under his breath, "Puff, the Magic Dragon lived by the sea…" Kevin prances around him in hopes he'll drop something the little dog can snap up.

Amora appeared much like she was wont to do, by smoke and between one blink and the next. Her hip leaning against the counter and her arm propping up her chin as she watched Kai before she spoke. "Darling, you are simply wasted on Midgard." She murmured pleasantly, her lips twitching faintly in a ruby red smile.

She hadn't bothered with a mortal guise again, and was her usual brillant self. She wore a slinky green dress that trailed along her ankles, two slit cut up the sides that left her legs able to peek through.

"I come bearing mead." She offered after a pause, and in a puff of smoke, a large barrel of the sweet honey wine was settled on the counter.

Loki comes out of the living room when he smells Amora. Its not hard. Sudden femininity in the room will do it. He leans in the doorway and arches his brows as he crosses his arms over his chest. HE is wearing something more Asgardian…a dull green lounge-around tunic, with drab pants and little dark slippers. "Are you trying to get him drunk? He's cooking. We'll end up with bacon for dinner if he's drunk cooking."

"There's nothing wrong with bacon for dinner," Kai says. He pauses in his sandwich-making to give Amora a kiss on the cheek. "You're a sight for sore eyes, my dear. I do dig Midgard though. It's a happening place." He sets out another two slices of bread and starts to make another sandwich. Baloney and cheese with tomato, and on the hot plate he's heating up a can of chicken noodle soup. "Let's all get blotto."

Amora glances side long at Loki, hooking an eyebrow upwards. "Darling, I came bearing gifts because that is what one does when they visit. Whether or not you save the drinks till later is entirely up to you and Kai." She fluttered her eyelashes and step-leaned to return the kiss on the cheek. "Plus with that noxious little half Greek running around the Embassy I am utterly bored. Thor refuses to close it down and return to Asgard as he should, so while I am no longer exiled, I am forced to entertain myself here." She pouted faintly, crossing her arms.

"And I am unable to properly get rid of her either. She is… oddly peppy."

"Ohhhh…is that the one we met the other night, Kai?" Loki asks of his beau. "Your friend? Amora…be not angry with /Midgard/. Kai has grown up here…" Loki slithers into the kitchen then, trying to slide up behind the elf and run a hand down his back, possessively, "He talks like one. He dresses like one. And you fell in love with Donald…the Midgardian version of Thor. I do not think you dislike this realm so much…."

Kai stirs the soup, and when Loki sidles up behind him, he smiles and leans into the touch, lifting his gaze to the prince's, utterly besotted. "Asgard will always be there," he tells Amora, "but Midgard changes so fast, you have to enjoy it while it's hip and happening. Besides, I love seeing the new things they come up with." He gets distracted from sandwiches by Loki's closeness, and he turns round to slip his arms around his darling. "I like our life here," he murmurs.

Amora looks briefly painted at Loki's mention of Donald before the look is gone, her hands settling on her hip. "Midgard is deadened to magic and all manner of knowledge. Tis a place of mortals that come and go like a candle flame." She shrugged, watching the two.

"I bare this realm no love, and only remain here so long as Thor does." She sniffed and leaned against the counter with a hip. "And make note Loki, Kai might have grown here, but he is not of here. Tis a difference." She sighed and propped her chin up with the flat of her palm.

"Oh yes, I do know. But…he has given me an appreciation for it that was not there before. That and…I believe the other realms would not have tolerated my new self to remain." Loki strokes a hand over Kai's shoulder, eyes caught on the net markings briefly. "Tell me about the giiiirl, Kai. Who has Amora's thong in a twist?" Glittering green eyes flick from Kai to Amora, obviously drinking up the drama potential.

Kai grins and says, "She seems really nice. She was quite sympathetic to my plight. I like her; she's super friendly." He rests his head on Loki's chest and closes his eyes briefly. To say he's besotted doesn't even begin to cover it. Devoted, slavish in his adoration. "I suppose if you need a break from perpetually cheery people, she could maybe be a little much, but I don't mind at all." He looks up at Loki and murmurs, "I should finish dinner." But he doesn't move to do so. "Oh! I'm going to do a portrait of Lady Amora. It's going to be life-sized and brilliant."

"I do not wear 'thongs' Loki." She huffed, crossing her arms, she often didn't wear anything.. "And I have promised Thor to not harm, threaten or otherwise be overly cruel to the girl while in his presence." She murmured, wrinkling her nose.

"The girl fawned all over a simple dress I gave magicked for her at her request." She sniffed lightly and with a wave of her hand a goblet of mead appeared in her grip. Her gaze flickering over the two love birds with a blank look.

"Aye, I asked Kai to do a proper portrait of me once all the mess was settled well and true."

Loki smiles and he hasn't grown tired of putting his mitts all over Kai since he was able to again, but he does try not to be too…disgusting, in front of their guest. He does kiss the top of Kai's head though. "A portrait? I like the sound of that. I am certain we will see more of you then, while you linger in this realm." Then he tries to peel his little cook away, so he can get back to sandwich artistry. He's hungry, that's all! "I do love our life here, Kai, though…I admit…carving out some sort of dimensional extra spaces might be nice. A garden…a giant bedroom with a fireplace. I mean…that's not so /terrible/…to want nice things." Course not, he's a prince and he was raised that way!

"It's a lovely dress," Kai says. "She probably just wants a girl friend to make it not so lonely in this foreign world." Always the optimist, is Kai. He goes back to assembling sandwiches. He cuts them into triangles and stacks them on a plate. Then he produces non-matching bowls from a cupboard and ladles soup into them. He used to rely on hot dog carts to survive, and here he is cooking like a good little housewife. Kevin trots over to the table and flops down, waiting for dinner and the chance something might get dropped on the floor. "It will be a lovely portrait. The subject is too beautiful for it not to be."

Amora glanced around the apartment and hummed under her breath, "Aye, well, I was attempting to get Kai to paint me properly before but he hadn't the time. Now he has." She smiled, looking incredibly mollified by Kai's words as she watched him handle the mundanities of life. It was quaint.

"I could easily bring down some stability crystals to help you with your expansion Loki. They're easy enough to get." She offered with an arch of her golden brows. "I think Kai deserves a far better place than this. Honestly, if you wanted I could give you my penthouse apartment. I need it not now." She murmured, "It already has a spelling kitchen."

"I wouldn't mind it. But…there's also something so peaceful about here. No one would expect it, here." Loki notices though, how Kai didn't make any comment about it, and he lets the matter drop, lest it actually be bothering the elf. "Nothing…wrong…with it." Besides the door he fixed. And the sheets he bought. "I'd live in a tent if it was with you, Beloved." He smiles faintly and then snatches up his plate of sandwich and sits down with a groan of the chair. "She seemed fine to me. I do not think you need to worry, Amora."

Kai's brow knits. He's thinking. A penthouse? That does cause him to perk a little. "I can barely afford this place," he says. "I got fired from my job at the cafe because I didn't show up for work for awhile. I was thinking about applying for a job at Lux." He glances sidelong at Loki, and he smiles. "I wouldn't say no to a bigger place." He look around the apartment, with its hand-painted murals and broken stove. "This place is kitschy, and it's located where I patrol, but the landlord never fixes anything."

Amora waved a hand, "Think not of it, if you desire it, tis you'rs." A pause as she looked at Loki and grinned, "Your past self had a bank account with quite a bit of savings. He gave me access when I was first exiled and I used it to purchase my own apartment. So.. tis your's after a fashion, darling." She murmured over her goblet and glanced toward Kai.

"So you need never worry about paying for it." She shrugged, "Take it if you so desire. I want it not." It held too many memories of Donald and the life they had shared for months.

"And the girl 'tis only that. A girl. I worry not over her and Thor's affections. I need keep my eyes upon Kelda. He trains with her frequently now, as he did with Sif." She muttered.

"Well…we'll have to go take a look at it, Kai." Loki agrees, amiably, when its not like he's imposing on Amora's generosity too much. He takes a bite of his sandwich and leans back, legs spread wide like he's sitting on a throne, and not in a kitchen chair. Its manspreading at its finest. "And…keep a job if you want a job…but you know you do not /have/ to work. I have magic back…" Pretty sure he can solve all problems with only a vague bit of criminal activity with his illusions and so on. "What is the Lux?"

Kai gestures for Amora to join them at the table, where there is waiting for her delicious baloney sandwiches and canned soup. Nothing but the finest in this house. Before he sits down himself, he serves up the mead for the three of them. "You don't mind that I'd be burden?" he asks Loki. "I'd need kept in art supplies. Especially if I'm going to take on grand ventures like this portrait." He picks up a sandwich to munch on. "Lux is a club where Bucky works. I thought they might need a busboy or something." He glances to Amora with a grin. "What do you think? Should I be a kept elf?"

Amora moved to settle at the table, crossing her legs as she perched upon the edge and leaned back. "Have a care Loki, I spoke to Thor about your status as a criminal. It seems, at the moment, that while you're on Midgard you are well off. But mind the use of your magic. While the All-father might not care, others might be able to track you by it." She murmured, sipping at her mead.

Then her gaze settled back to Kai, and she smiled. "That mortal was terribly slow when it came to my warning regarding Asgardian mead. If I hadn't kissed him, I feared he might've drunken himself to death." A sigh dragged from her lips. "I had to ask a guard to carry him to a bed."

"Bucky is special. I get the feeling that he really wouldn't mind accidentally drinking himself to death. Like it would be a peaceful way to go." Loki muses, a bit morbidly. A bite of his sandwich and he smiles while he chews, "A kept elf?" he asks after he's swallowed. "I certainly care not if you want to be supported by my access to wealth. We can definitely move to the penthouse. But, I do also understand…the value of work to a person. That something to do. It really does not bother me either way, unless you don't /like/ the work, then of course, don't do it. Just do what you like to do. Paint. Save people. Avenge."

Kai shakes his head and says, "Bucky's not allowed to drink himself to death. He's our friend." Which is apparently a life sentence. He takes a hearty drink of mead, serious about getting blotto. "I don't like working," Kai admits. "I lose a lot of street cred by having a job. We could keep the apartment, maybe. I mean if we have the money anyway. If we need somewhere to disappear to." He purses his lips. "I'll have to think about it. Sometimes I miss the opulence of grandma's manor in Alfheim, but there's something so… so real about living in squaller."

A glance around followed and she gestured toward Kai, "See? I kept him alive for Kai, I do not desire to have a mortal awaken dead from Asgardian mead. T'would be a mess!" She smiled and sipped at her mead though she did not touch the food. Call her a snob, but she was.

"Kai, darling, take the apartment if you desire it. Then you can paint all the day. Sell your paintings across the Nine Realms." She fluttered her eyelashes. "My portraits of course will not be sold, as I desire them." She added after a moment.

"Loki, on a scale from one to ten, how cross would you think your brother would be if I hung one up in his quarters? I think it would quash a good many maiden's aims if they saw me there."

"I am not /certain/…but, I would definitely do it. Let me know and I will help you fix it to the wall so that he cannot move it. It sounds like a wonderful idea to /me/." Mischief-maker loves the whole concept. Then he looks back to Kai and reaches out his foot under the table to bump into the other man's. "Well, we can transform the guest room into a hovel and you can go there when you are cross with me."

Kai laughs and says, "You two are brilliant." Poor Thor. He glances at Loki when he's nudged, and again there is that helpless, hopeless look of adoration. The trickster has him, and he has him good. "I don't get cross with you," he says. "But if I didn't isn't it you who should be banished to the hovel?" He 'accidentally' drops a bit of baloney on the floor and Kevin is quick to snap it up. That Amora doesn't touch the food doesn't offend. The important thing is to have offered it. "Anyway, drink some mead. I don't want to be the only one drunk tonight." And yet, he pours himself more and has a swallow.

Amora grinned, "Do you think the one where I am nude or the lifesized one?" She glanced toward Kai, "Or should we make the lifesized one nude as well, Kai, darling? We can hang it above the headboard." She murmured, delight twinkling in her eyes.

"And I am drinking with you, Kai, or does my goblet that never is empty not count enough?" She teased, sipping from the golden goblet once more as if to demonstrate her point. A sigh and she leaned back in her chair.

"Thor … seems to be giving me a chance for now. I know not how long t'will last in the least." She murmured softly, her voice breathless almost in nature.

"I will have some mead, certainly." Loki answers agreeably. Better than water, any day, really. He's been through months where all he's had was water, or the ridiculous alcohol this place has, and Asgardian mead? Yes, please! "Amora, I think that the painting should transform itself. When Thor is in there by himself, the painting should be fully clothed. But, if he has a guest in the room, the painting is completely nude." He finishes off his sandwich and drums his fingers on the table. "Is the soup for us too?"

Kai pours Loki mead, and he asides to Amora, "I wouldn't know what to do with a teetotaler." He then nods to Loki and says, "Yes, please eat the soup, before it gets cold." How Loki causes him to fuss. "I don't know that I could make a painting that transforms," he says. "But I could to two paintings and let you two magick them up." He takes another triangle of sandwich and dips it in his soup. Mmm, fine cuisine. "I'm thinking of having a roof party," he mentions, relevant to nothing. "Just a couple friends on the rooftop, maybe get Lambert to cater it. Oh, Lady Amora, if you haven't had Lambert's cooking? He's a culinary genius in the medium of Greek."

Amora flashed Loki a grin, "Oh yes! I do adore the way your mind works Trickster!" She laughed, and it was a warm and pleasant sound as she sipped at her mead as well. A nod following toward Kai's direction and comment about the two portraits. "Yes, that would work. A binding spell, and one keyed to Thor himself. Oh it would be a master stroke!" She paused, and considered Kai again.

"Can you paint the hammer in with the nude please?" She grinned toothily over her goblet.

"I can't say that I have had the pleasure of his cooking, nay. I have had a few choice .. pieces.. of Greek that have always been pleasant.."

"The transformation is amazing because…he will be aroused but unable to do things about it while not alone…or he will offend whatever lady guests he brings back to the room. And of course, when he's all by himself..then alas, she is clothed again." Loki waggles his brows. "Delighted to help. And Kai? I think a roof party sounds like a good idea. As long as you know who is on the guest list for it. " His eyes grow sharp for a moment. Still not sure how he feels about his man losing himself in another party.

"Take care you don't spoil this tentative peace you've made with him," Kai says to Amora. "I wouldn't say let Loki bear the brunt of the blame, because I'd never set him up like that." Or would he? "Just take care." He puts down his soup spoon so he can take Loki's hand. "I'll be careful," he says. "Bucky will be there, and Lambert. And you of course, if you'd like to rub elbows with my friends. Lady Amora and Thor are welcome to any party I throw." He smiles at Loki softly. "It'll be fine."

Amora glanced toward Loki, "I do adore your tricks when you plan them." She grinned over her goblet and then glanced back at Kai, a grimace pulling at her lips. "Well, I shall save it for if he rejects me again for some other woman. He has already promised himself to three maids in the last year alone. There had been that mortal, that Inhuman Princess, and Sif. Tis my turn, is it not? And unlike them.. I shall not leave him. I never have." She murmured, looking down at her goblet.

"He .. did admit to wanting to break men's arms for touching me in in his presence. So I think we are decidedly moving forward."

"It is but a trick. He would find it amusing after a fashion and then you could let him have the painting as he wished." Loki seems unconcerned about pissing off Thor, but then…that's pretty well the story of his life. "You can blame me for it as much as you like." Kai's remark about being around his friends causes him to tilt his head curiously, "Your friends are also mine. Once I have met them. Perhaps you find it odd…but Lambert, Bucky…I have had rich experiences with both of them when you were not around." he wets his lips slowly, trolling Kai.

Kai gives Amora a small nod when Loki says he'll take the blame. More like credit. He lets go of Loki's hand so he can finish his soup. "I'll do the paintings, and what happens to them once they've left my hands, I know not and take no responsibility." He regards Loki when his friends are mentioned. One brow arches. Dubious, he is. "Uh huh," he says. "I think that's great. Don't forget Jay. He's a very good friend of mine."

"Oh, please Loki," She rolled her eyes, but didn't argue the point. It was simply too good a trick to play on Thor. Then her gaze shifted back toward Kai and she tilted her head slightly, "Who is 'Jay'? Another mortal that you've acquired Kai? Oh darling, do tell me it's not another stray. Honey, we have got to talk to you about finding people that can afford your artistry." She tsked under her breath and glanced back toward Loki.

"Have you heard anything of Sif at all? I swore I heard her in Hel singing, but it must have been a trick, aye? Thor did not hear." Thor did not know and doubtlessly would've rushed off if he had.

"Sif? I know not what has become of her." Loki narrows his eyes, playfully, at Kai when Kai returns the favor. "Yessss, I see…getting him to live in the apartment while I was captured as well. Did he ever try and wrap those big, red, wings around you? I'd rip his wings right off his back if he triiiied." Easy there, cowboy! "But I had the impression that…he is shocked by this lifestyle." He winks.

"Jay's a good friend," Kai insists. "He's been a subject of my art. I kind of want to do him shirtless, because he does have the most lovely red wings. He looked after Kevin for me, and when he found out I was going to die again, we wept together." He smiles sweetly at Loki. "Don't tear off Jay's wings. He would never dream of taking liberties, mostly because the whole idea does make him kind of… I mean, like, he doesn't freak out anymore. Anyway, he's got a good soul."

Amora leaned over, pressing her head against Kai's arm. "Oh Loki darling, you could make a fine set of feather pillows then. Do let me know if you need help." She winked and then glanced back to Kai with a smirk.

"Oh aye, the mortals of this realm are so very particular about their relations. It's so very restrictive." Not that Asgard wasn't in it's own fashion. A sigh pulled from her lips and she yawned. "Kai, we need to teach you a smidgen of magic darling to add.. to your portraits.. You can make them do so very much." She murmured.

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