1964-07-15 - Training and Trauma
Summary: Lorna takes Kaleb, Kellan and Jay out for some practice with their mutant powers.
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After a little bit of consideration, Lorna decided to round at least Kellan and Kaleb up for practice in the woods of New York. Out there in a National Park, in a rather secluded patch of forest, Lorna had dragged a few of her favored scraps of metal and left them there. She had found the nice clearing sometime before, a cold mountain creek running at the edge, surrounded by rocks and wild flowers. A fairly even, flat area of ground that had been carefully cleared of fallen logs and rocks.

It was rather picturesque, and the last person the group had seen had been at least thirty minutes ago. Lorna had even driven in her powder blue, Chevy Bel Air. She was proud of the car, and it showed the love and attention of someone who could sense rust and wear on the car's frame. It was pristine.

They had parked, and after a short hike through the woods came to the spot. Lorna flashed the two boys a grin, and gestured to the clearing before them. "So, I brought some old rusted cars from down the way. Don't worry, I found them off the sides of the road like two miles back. I came out here with a friend who's another mutant I know. He never wanted to go to the school, but he showed me the area. There won't be anyone around to bug us. Or see anything. Promise."

Kellan seemed game enough to go out and practice and tryto do things. He dressed down for the state park, in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with some comfortable running shoes. Once they had parked and hiked through the woods and arrived at the spot, he took some time to look around and just take in their surroundings He nods to Lorna and then smiles over at her, "Sounds good. It's good to have a place we can do things and not have folks watching. I'm pretty used to just hiding things all the time." He glances over toward Kaleb then to see how his brother is doing with being out in the wilderness as it were.

Kaleb reluctantly said to his nicer-half, "Okay admittedly it's a nice car.You know… if we bring it out here it's gonna get…" He looked for the word for it and finally settled on blunt force trama through words. It was his specialty. "I'm prolly gonna break your car." He was still in slacks, and decent shoes but at least these had tread on them. And since they were going to be in the woods? No vest. When Kellan looked at Kaleb he was glowering at the tiny insects that swarmed. "I should see if I can make them all smack into a tree insted of touching me. How do people do this?" He was honing his greatest ability already: The power to bitch about anything.

Lorna laughed lightly, "You're not gonna hurt my car, that's why it's back that way," She nodded toward the woods they'd traveled out of. "Even if you do, the most you'll wreck is the glass. The metal I can bend back into shape no problem." She flashed him a grin, settling her hands on her hips. She'd used a headband to push her hair back from her face, and wore a simple purple tanktop and jean shorts that were cut off.

With a wave of her hand, she settled her backpack well away from the group. "So, there's scrap cars here instead. Go have fun with those. Or I can lob 'em at you." She teased.

Kellan doesn't seem to mind the insects and those minor inconveniences that come along with being out in the world. He chuckles a little and he gives Kaleb a bit of an elbow-nudge. "You'll live, those little gnats don't even bite. They're just annoying. Just move away from them." He looks over at Lorna and grins then gives Kaleb a pat on the shoulder. "Go, give it a shot. See what you can do," he encourages.

Jay's become a regular tag along in some of their activities ever since he schleped into their lives thanks to Kaleb's meddling. He was just coming back from a morning shift at work when they were on the way out, changed quickly and joined last minute. Wearing what he seems to always wear, honestly; flip flops, jeans and a thin denim unbuttoned overshirt over a tee shirt, his hair not quite long enough to pull back, so it hangs freely. When they hit the woods, Jay couldn't be happier, though. Practically bouncing on his toes, his natural relaxed southern swagger has a little bit of extra levity in it as he inhales a deep breath, wings practically bursting at the seams all of his elation for the spot Lorna's found. "Gosh it's gorgeous out here." The bugs don't seem to both him any at all, casting an amused curve of a smile at Kaleb and his griping. "City boy." Jay teases, knocking his elbow against Kaleb's. "Try it. Yaint gonna hurt anyone out here if oyu experiment." Agreeing with Kellan.

Kaleb squin at Kellan from behind his sunglasses sliding them off. Bless him for being consistant, "Kell, if I moved away from every tiny thing that bothered me I'd be a hermit at the top of Bently Tower." He paused and sighed. Damn that sounded like an appealing plan, but why he didn't go home might be the same reason he was standing amid trees right now. The sunglasses got tucked into his back pocket. he looked at the trees and then to them with reluctant areement in that haughty way of his. Was he confident? Not necessarily, but it's why they were out here.

His eyes tracked much before he finally settled on a something. Turning around the Mod young man made a V with his arms and said simply, "If you stay…here-ish? It'sll be easier for me to keep it away from you." He got bumped by Jay who got a squint but no protest. Man, he might even begrudgingly like these people. Or at least not dislike them. It's a hard read.

Lorna levitated up into the air, it was a show of her skill that nothing else metal so much as shook around her as she idly floated in the air and then backed toward the area that Kaleb suggested was safer. "Okay, sure." A pause, "Can you control the strength pretty well of what you send out or less so?" She cocked her head to the side, propping her chin up with the palm of her hand.

"Cause if so, I am so curious to see how my magnetic fields react." She smiled and shrugged, the bug didn't seem to bother her at all, in fact there seemed to be a decent bubble around her where they didn't seem to gather too thickly.

"We're out here to see what you guys can do, so, blast away."

Kellan moves over near Jay and out of the general cone of effect area that Kaleb's power would emit through. He slides his hands into his pockets and watches, curious to see what will happen next. There's a glance over toward Lorna and he studies her for a while as she glides and floats, fascinated with her ability to do so.

The squint Jay's given is met by a broad, closed-lipped smile. Kaleb's haughtiness seemed to flow right off Jay, like water off a duck's back. The suggested area of relative safety nodded to, verdant eyes flicker over toward Lorna as she levitates from the ground and held place inside that space as Jay hovers at Kellan's elbow out of the way. Leaning in to the less caustic of the two Millers, Jay says quietly. "Magnetic fields. Who knew, huh? Wild." Pleasant, light conversation while they wait to see what Kaleb can pull out.

Kaleb bit his lipa nd while he was an arrogant little cuss it didn't mean he wasn't nervous or self-conscious about it. He side eyed the car, took a deep breath and let a scream that started turning sound into accute frequenct that crushed everything in the arc in front of it. The glass in the car started to shake, animals started to squeal and flee, and a few unlucky critters trying to get out of the way actually fell out of nearby trees twitching paalyzed until they just…stopped…moving. It was brutal and he brought it up a half ovtave and the glass exploded like shrapnel. He took a deep breath and stumbled back a half step. Hoarsly he said "I exploded that squirrel."

Lorna touched down beside Jay and Kellan, flashing them both a grin. "I can use the Earth's magnetic poles as balance, just as much as I can push off on the iron in the crust and core." She shrugged lightly, and glanced back toward Kaleb as he released a deadly torrent of a scream on the scrap cars. She gaped, her eyebrows shooting upwards as she considered the wreckage left behind.

"Geeze louise." She whistled, and glanced back to Kaleb offering him a grin. "Cool."

A few jogging steps and she was at the remains of the shattered glass, picking her way around it in a curious manner. "Huh. Hey, Kaleb, can you change the strength of what you do? Like modulating your voice, I guess?" She tilted her head, "Or make the hit zone smaller? Cause if you can't yet, that could be a good starting place to work on."

Not directed at them or not, the sound still resonates and Jay reaches up to plug one of his ears, wincing while he watches the wreckage unfold in front of their very eyes. He's seen the destruction that Kaleb can do, but the animals are something new. His brows twitch together slightly, not so much worried about squirrels (squirrel's good eating) but the implication.

Kaleb took a deep breath because, hey, breathing is good last anyone checked. His head swiveled up to Lorna where she floated and then Jay and his brother with an expression that was guarded if he ever had one. There was a grin in play which wa sdifferent than what he was used to and rolled a finger, "Might be able to channel it in a tighter band. Convert it to force…maybe." His eyes were already going bloodshot. "When I try to alrter, shape and enhance at the same time I'm not great at keeping it focused So… maybe?"

Lorna nodded as she returned from inspecting the damage with a curious eye. "Well those are things to work on. My father has me working on strength, range, and a couple of oddities that are linked to electro-magnetism." She smiled weakly, "Maybe we'll get some where now that you have a space that's not exactly going to get damaged if you accidentally mess up."

She paused, considering Kaleb again and frowned. "Are you okay? Do you need some water or something?"

Kellan watches with curiosity as Kaleb wreaks havoc with sound. He looks a mixture of impressed and perhaps a little bit uncomfortable at the fate of the squirrel, but he doesn't say anything, merely looking at the ground with a little bit of concern. Though when Lorna suggests ways he might refine what he does, Kellan looks over to Kaleb to see what he thinks about it. "That happens when he does a lot of that.. sometimes he gets bloody noses, too."

Jay tilts his head with a curious implication to Kaleb as he turns back around to face them. A small curve of a smile is his immediate answer. "Yer not screwin' around there." Then squints at Kaleb, nodding to what Lorna says. "Yeah, man. Yer eyes are red…" Peering over to Kellan when he clues them in, notes of worry clear in Jay's expression. "Oh man. Is it serious? Ah've heard of that happenin' before. Stress on a mutant's body, over-exertion, all that. Seen it a couple times…"

Kaleb thumbed at his lower eyelid. So far soo good. He glanced back downfield where the debris and scattered creatures were. At least the couple further out seemed dazed but alive. Everything short of half field was looking a littl bit haggered. "Yeah wood likes to absorb sound. Metal makes it easier to direct. Anything close range? Soft tissues kinda… I dunno. blood vesseld ear drums and stuff? Not so good. Had a um…" He paused and waved a hand and didn't finish the thought. He walked over to the dead auto and tried small. There was a motion given to them if anyone wanted to cover their ears as to not carry the ringing around for a while. He took a moment and tried to do as she suggested and took a deep breath and assailed the car at a much shorter burst while ramping pitch and volume. His eyes shot red as capillaries ruptured, but the side view mirror snapped off with a bang and dropped to the ground a couple feet away. He stopped and his hands went out and for a moment just arested all sound immediately arround himself to just, ya know, casually take a moment. Things went still and he looked to Kellan. He let the frequency go and let things weirdly return to normal. "Kellen… I think …we broke it."

Lorna's eyebrows shot upwards, "Wait what, your powers hurt you? That's.. geeze, Kaleb you never said anything." She backed up as he stepped up toward the car, her lips pursed together and clapped her hands over her ears at his directive. When he was done, she exhaled a breath, letting her hands fall back to her sides with a frown.

"I know a guy that has the ability to heal.. I think I'll talk to him, if he'd be interested in seeing what's going on." She exhaled a breath, and shook her head, reaching out with both hands toward the scrap car and lifted it up into the car. It, along with the broken side mirror floated up into the air well above them. And slowly, she directed it to the other scrap car in the field, settling it atop it.

"Kellan, are your powers limited to telepathy and clones, or do you have other stuff going?"

"Usually it heals up okay," Kellan says to Jay to reassure him that Kaleb will be okay. It doesn't stop him from looking a little bit concerned, but at the same time, he doesn't seem terribly worried. When Kaleb goes up to take a more short-range blast, Kellan lifts his hans and he covers his ears so as not to carry around any undue ringing if he can avoid it. That doesn't stop him from wincing a little bit. Walking over to Kaleb, he puts a hand on his brother's shoulder and gives it a squeeze. "That was.. pretty impressive," he admits with a grin. But when Lorna asks about his powers, he nods a little bit and says, "Yeah I just.. I pick up and project thoughts.. I can communicate.. but only for a certain distance.. and then the clones. But the clones, they're all a part of me. If one dies, we all die. So I have to make them go away before that happen." He frowns a little and slides his hands into his pockets, glancing at the ground, "It's only really useful in non-combat situations.. recon, intel gathering, multitasking… in a fight, I'm pretty useless."

Jay purses his lips slightly and nods to Lorna gently, then amends. "That's…good an' all, but if he can't use his powers without hurtin' himself it's kinda…" He drifts and frowns worriedly, watching after Kaleb. His wings shiver underneath his shirt, nodding slowly to Kellan's reassurance, but not looking entirely convinced. Shifting gears to Kellan's abilities, Jay remains quiet while he listens, wincing slightly when he mentions the possibility of group death by clone if he doesn't watch it. The flier scrubs a hand through his hair, scattering it a little on the anxious side.

Kaleb smiled to Kellan, relieved, and really looked a bit more messed up than he was. He pulled his sunglasses from being hooked on his back pocket and said optimistically to him, "Hey, sunglasses are okay this time though." He put them on to cover up his bloodshot sclaras. Finally, finally after some avoidance he looked back to Lorna and admitted, "Better now than I was. Was an accident once. I went blind an ddeaf for two days and knocked my self out. Still none of it got blamed on me." He shook his head. He considered this and slung his arm around Kellan's shoulders whom seemed possibly the only person he really made willing contact with, "You could be, if you knew how, the most awesome football team of one ever Kell. I mean let's face it when we scrap I have to cheat." He shruuged and looked to Jay a bit proud of his brother, "And it's how we've share quiz answers once or twice… ya know, brother, I'm actually going to miss that."

A glance back to Jay holding aneutral expression and said, "Hey it's easier making things louder or quieter or, I dunno, sounding however I want, or just making things do what I need em to just do. I just need… more practice where things don't get, ya know, mangled, so I can do that and force the soundwaves from pushing back. It's hard to control both at the same time. But yeah, not wholly useful unless you have to wake up a whole city block and don't mind exploding it into a hail of shrapnel in the provess." He looked to Kellan and pushed, "Should invest in a football. Or synchro diving. We'll just tell them one is me. I don't mind glory by proxy." He gave his twin a wink. "To be fair you're like the best rescue team I know, Kell. Your gift's pretty groovy."

Lorna looked worried, sharing a look with Jay in regards to Kaleb's self harming powers. "Yeah.." She mumbled softly, stepping back for a beat and then meeting Kaleb's gaze when he finally looked her way.

"Kaleb, I really think it.. would be a good idea if you met the Professor. He knows mutant gifts better than anyone else I know." She bit her lower lip, her brows creasing. "I'm sure you'll work around it, it'll just take time."

A exhale followed and she crossed her arms, glancing back to Jay, and Kellan in turn. "Don't down on your telepathy, if you're fighting you'll know what your opponent is going to do, right? I've seen telepaths fight, it's wicked."

"I don't play football," Kellan says to Kaleb with a bit of a shake of his head. He's in good shape, surely enough, but not much into sports. "I suppose I could do a relay race all on my own." He smiles a little lopsidedly when Kaleb slings an arm around his shoulders. He gives his brother a pat on the back and then says, "With my reflections, it's all part of my mind just split up all over the place and I am aware of and can communicate with them all at once no matter how ar they go.. but like, if i try to read Kaleb's mind, and talk to him telepathically.. I can only do it for about a city block before he goes out of range. He's not part of the… reflection.. and so it's more limited." Then he nods to Lorna and says, "Yeah but those telepaths propbably know know to fight. All I know how to do is get my ass out of the way… I mean, I can multitask, and do multiple separate distinct mental processes at the same time.. and I can predict probabilities.. so I can figure how how likely a certain outcome will be and avoid it, or plan to intercept it … but I still bruise and bleed just like.. a kid, you know?"

Jay exchanges worried looks with Lorna, he gives the woman a very marginal nod of understanding and silent agreement on the seriousness of that matter. They've both probably seen what happens when mutants over-exert themselves too regularly. He seems to be in agreement with her when she speaks up about the professor, sliding his hands into his pockets and positioning himself to her right and a half step behind.

Amused over sharing quiz answers, Jay whispers a soft chuckle and shakes his head, a little of that anxiety over the state of his friend-who-doesn't-hate-him ebbing a little bit. A /little/ bit. "Ah knew a martial artist who was a telepath. It was /crazy/ to watch him. But yer reflections are damn impressive, Kel. Being in more than one place at a time, with those limits it's still real handy. You were a Godsend, helpin' us get those people back the day I met y'all." Though something Kaleb says flicks a bit of confusion. "What do ya mean making things to what you need 'em to do?" The generalized statement a little bit confusing to him.

Kaleb held a look at Lorna, still leaning on Kellan. The kid may be emotionally cold, but Kellan fell into some weird extention-of-self category apparently and he stuck by him. His expression was non-plussed (which likely meant he was healthy) and he assured, "I'm…fine. It happens, I will get over it. It's not like I'm one of those poor fellas that might spontaniously combust on a moment's notice. But," His jaw clinched on one side and then let go humoring her. "Fine. I wanted to talk to him anyways. I may have… questions about cirriculum." He looked to Jay tilting his head, "Well when not directed at something like an amplifier? I can make it do what I want. Take he waves and mold em like putty. Like Kellan said, more useful in recon than anything else."

Lorna grimaced faintly, her brows pinched. "It helps that the Professor is one of the best telepaths I know? He'll be able to help you Kellan. And I have seen him in a fist fight. He's scary good." She wrinkled her nose faintly, and tucked her hands behind her back.

"So.. uhh I guess Kaleb will take a breather.. I brought some water in a canteen in my backpack. And some chips if you want." She glanced toward Jay and raised a brow. "Soo, wanna work on your dodging skills? I can lob some bits of car at you in the air?"

"You think so?" Kellan asks Lorna, looking perhaps a little hopeful. "I.. with those werewolves.. I wasn't much help. I want to learn how to be more useful." He then glances over to Jay when Lorna suggests he practice dodging, and Kellan shifts away with a little msile. "I'll get the canteen for Kaleb," he offers and goes to do that.

Jay lifts his chin slightly in understanding as Kaleb explains, smiling slightly at him with a tiny twitch of his wings under his overshirt. "Spontanious combusin's one thing, but don't discount the little things that go wrong, Kale. Little things become big things real quick. Ah'd hate to see anythin' happen to you." his attention flicks toward Kellan. "T'either of you." He glances toward Lorna, then back to the twins, "Ah…haven't been at the school as long as Lorna an', quite honestly, Ah been pretty negligent, but they helped mah brother a lot when he went there, needin' help with his powers. An' he /is/ one of those folks who combust, in a way of speakin', so…" He shrugs gently and blows out a breath.

Turning back to Lorna, he smiles a touch and drops his eyes as he slowly strips off his overshirt, unsheathing his wings with a feathered stretch, rolling his shoulders back and stretching his arms as well in relief. "Sure. Ah'm still kinda slow in the air cause Ah don't get much practice, but don't take it easy, all right? Ah can't really…hover yet real well, so Ah'll come by a few passes." Looking around the clearing, wings stretch and flap a couple of times, testing his range between trees with an audible fwoosh of sound.

Turning around so he's not kicking up a bunch of wind in his companions' faces, Jay takes slips his feet out of his flip flops and in a few steps, practically walks up into the air with some powerful flaps of his wings. Jay wasn't lying when he says he's a little rough. The take off isn't as awe inspiring as it should be, though when he gets into the air, the young southern man's composure completely changes. His posture straightens, chest out and chin up, Jay climbs high and quick in the air with /zeal/, reaching high above the trees and hovering a moment of weightlessness before he /drops/ like a rock for a half second, wings snapping out and catching the air to bring him around, back toward their grouping again, spiraling lazily.

Kaleb stood, scrutinized. It was not exactly unfounded but there was muchreconsiliation with some feelings there. Jay backing up behind a floating Lorna was not missed, but they weren't treating him entirely like a pariah either so he processed the new input cautiously and finally let his defiance go with a nod. "Break'd be good. And…yeah" The word he was looking for was 'thank you' but courtesy was always a bit of a secondary thing. He looked to Jay and listened, was was a boon to the winged wonder and then Lorna as they had a point. "Yeaaaaah, alright I'll talk to him already." It was to Kellan who was getting the cantneen he gave a genuine, quiet, "Thanks. Kkell, they got a point. Maybe he can give you ideas on things to try. You might be better than we are presently aware. Might surprise you."

Lorna glanced back toward Kaleb, "I'm sure we'll get everything figured out. It'll be fine." She worried her lower lip, her brows still creased as she looked over the young man. There was definitive concern there for him. And then she exhaled a breath and looked toward Jay.

"I haven't been there that long. It's not like I'm fully trained either." She huffed, but grinned as she threw her hands out and the car stack groaned. The tangled metal bits came apart in chunks and spiraled up and around Lorna, rotating in the air around her like a merry go round.

"Ready?" She called to Jay, and then started chucking metal bits at the winged mutant. One at a time, and then two when it proved that he could dodge them safely without taking a chunk of car to the face.

"Maybe," Kellan says to Kaleb and then says, "I don't really know. I mean, I practice my telepathy a bit, and of course there's the clones but.. I'm not even sure what to practice or how. Mostly I just do things, or try to do things and see if they work." He gets out the canteen and he hands it over to Kaleb to take a drink from. Then he looks over to watch Jay as he flies by and Lorna gets ready to help him test his dogding and defenses. "Well, you're a lot further along than we are," Kellan says to Lorna witha little half grin

"Hit it!" Jay call back from a distance, "Or…me!" He chuckles, audibly, to himself as he comes about through the trees. Single projectiles aren't the worst, though Jay means it when he says he doesn't have a whole lot of practice. He turns on the slow side, his aerial dexterity is not the best, but improving as he learns to cut the air and shift his weight appropriately. Jay doesn't get away unscathed either. The red-head gets pegged by a piece of a front corner panel flung at him, right across the shoulder and spins him around mid-air, wings collapsing for a second before they snap out again, catching him midflight and pressing him back into the air. "Ah'm good! Keep goin'!" Another loop and pass, flapping up high and coming back down to dodge around over the trees, the next few singles dodged easily. He doesn't expect the first double, though, twisting hard and jack-knifing to miss the first one and pegged full force by the second, the piece of car and Jay quickly bouncing off one another and sending him on a riquochet course with a tree, Jay grunts and flaps wildly to narrowly miss it, planting a bare foot against a branch and shoving off it. "Holy moley!"

Kaleb leaned up against the tree off to the side and out of the way playing off the ringing in his head. One ankle crossed in front of the latter having a drink and handing Kellan the canten forhimself too with a bump of elbow to elbow. He shook his ead answering Lorna, "I'm sure it will be." Ya know remaining back to a studious indifference would work a lot easier if peope weren't hovering and flying and making a scrapyard-go-round hurling at Jay having his go at being Malekim Avenger. Both eyebrows stretched above his sunglasses. "One, I'm going to say that them having an entire mutant family? Advanttage here. Two?" He chuckled shakinf his head, "Brother we might be a tad outmatched on this o-" Jay got smacked with one quarter of a car. Two things lept to mind as were evident in his expression: that Lorna could be terrifying if angered, and also Jay had some durability there. When Jay spiraled at the end he didn't say anything but he did look at the branch. "Okay I don't think any of us can do much if the trees come down on him. Easy withthe scenery?" Which was Kaleb for concern. Apparently. Maybe.

Lorna froze at the second metal chunk hitting Jay and as he spiraled, she flew over at a rapid pace. Her hands out stretched as she tried to do… well she wasn't entirely sure what other than trying to prevent him from falling. It was very likely that Jay would've felt a tug on anything metal on him, most likely being the rivets of his jeans if anything. It was a moot point as he was able to kick off the tree branch and lift himself back into the air once more. She exhaled carefully, lowering herself back to the ground.

"Sorry! Sorry! Oh my gosh, Jay are you okay?" She called, cupping her hands to her lips before she turned toward Kaleb and Kellan, making her way over and snagging a canteen from her backpack all with a wave of her hand.

"I'll try to be more careful. Maybe throwing chunks of car wasn't such a good idea in all retrospect." She mumbled, biting her lower lip, blushing faintly.

Kellan watches as Jay flies and dodges. He winces when that bit of car clips him and he physically flinches which Kaleb can feel, standing so close, as well, perhaps as the slightly projected mental sensation at the same time. Sometimes his twin still projects a little uncontrollably when it's reflexive. He murmurs, "SOrry," to Kaleb when eh realizes that he did it. But seeing that Jay has recovered, he lets out a bit of a sigh of relief and gives a little smile over to Lorna and says, "Maybe we should bring some pillows or something and fling them at him for practice to start?"

Jay doesn't have much metal on him, honestly. The rivets in his jeans, the small metal parts in a pen that he has in one pocket and a slim chain around his neck tucked under his shirt. Lorna comes up close enough to likely notice a slice cut neatly into his shirt across his ribs while Jay waves her off and evened himself off into a glide, his giant wings canopied away from his back, steering into a lazy spiral back down toward the ground. "No, no, thats was my fault. Ah didn't see the second one comin', should've…heck, should've had mah eyes open." Beating himself up for the misstep. "Ah'm okay! You all raght, Miss Lorna?" Calling down to the ground as he gets near to it. Indeed, at second glance, the side of his shirt is stuck wetly to his left ribs and Jay's cradling his arm reflexively against it. Smears of red against his pale skin. When he lands, it's a little rough from lack of practice, just dropping the last foot and a half after a backwing. Jay's all eyes on Lorna, looking worried. "You okay?"

Kaleb flinched. But that wasn't his. Kellan. Still he let out a slow breath lifting a hand to his twin's shoulder giving it a squeeze murmuring to him, "We're alright." For Kellan's sake. He didn't mind it so much as it definiately catches him off guard, but he knew what it was. "Lorna, we're all still gettin better at this." He squint letting the sharp reflex leave his senses finally and leaned over to murmur something to Kellan. Yeah Jay wasn't looking too great. His jaw set and he waited to see what became of it.

Lorna turned around as Jay came over, her brows shooting upwards. "Yeah I'm fine Jay, I—" Her eyes went wide at the sight of blood and she dropped her canteen, rushing over to him. "Oh my GOD, Jay! You're bleeding! Oh my God," Panic lanced through her expression and she glanced back to Kaleb and Kellan.

"He's bleeding, oh my god. Jay. Oh.. no. No. Sit down, come here." She hurried over to his side, her hands fluttering uselessly, before she went to the side that hadn't been damaged and offered him a shoulder.

"We need to see how bad it is and.. uhm.. uhh…"

Kellan nods his head to whatever it is that Kaleb murmurs to him and seems to indicate that the answer to whatever he was asked is yes. Then he looks over to watch Jay and Lorna, making sure both seem to look as though they are okay. Then when Lorna says that Jay is bleeding, he examines him a little more closely and says "Lorna, okay, breathe… " He brings the canteen over toward Jay and pulls off his shirt, putting some water on the shirt to use it to apply to the wound and clean it a bit if Jay lets him, to see how severe it is.

Jay's brows shoot up as Lorna exclaimed and rushed over to him. His right hand lifts lightly in gentle protest, though the mild mannered young man can't really get a word in edgewise while his companion panics. "Yeah, that panel caught me when Ah tried to twist…I'm really okay…It's not that bad…Miss Lorna, I'm okay. Miss…" Protesting gently while Lorna flaps her hands at him and tucks herself up under his shoulder. Joined shortly by Kellan, Jay's cheeks are a little flushed around the edges, his ears bright red. "It's really not that bad, guys." Taking a step back when Kellan strips and tries to shove the cloth to his side, "Just everyone chill, I heal, I heal, it's okay, okay?" Backing away from the worried pair, hands held palm out; one coppery, one pale. When people are done trying to strip him and whatnot, Jay eyes them both and turns to the side where his shirt is sliced open and lifts that arm. "Just, look." Opening the hole in the cloth up with his opposite hand, Jay scratches his ribs, smearing wet and flaking blood out of the way. Not a scratch on him. Just blood on the surface of his skin and soaked into cloth.

Kaleb let Lorna and Kellan do all the touchy-helpy stuff. Kaleb, being Kaleb, walked over assessing the situation. Yeah it looked bad and his roommate was tryin to go cowboy. Lorna was upset, and Kellan seemed as concerned as Kaleb would never admit he was. Maybe because he wouldn't know a feeling if it bit him in the rear. His voice staayed level ad evendeciding for Jay in tone, "Jay, I'm glad you think you're okay. Right now? We are not. You may not be. Thank you for staying calm but shut it and let us look you over." He had the bedside manner of the Hulk without the M.D. Still if it got Jay to let them go through a health check on him it'd lower everyone's blood pressure. He kept eyecontact and asked, "Was it sharp or blunt when you got hit? HAs htis happened before? How fast DO you heal? Minutes, days, hours? How much blunt force trauma, aside from talking with me at any length, have you taken and healed from?" He was willing to bite on this healing thing, but even Kaleb wanted that verified.

At the sight of the his skin healing, Lorna couldn't help herself. Tears burst into her eyes and she clapped her hands over her lips in relief and smothered the sound behind her hands. She exhaled a shaky breath, looking once more at where the scratch had been and then to Kellan, and then to Kaleb. She stepped back from Jay, turning red in the face.

"S-sorry. I just.. I freaked out. On literally anyone else.. that.. that would've been really serious.." She mumbled, "And I just .. I kept thinking it was my fault and oh my gosh, I'm so stupid." She sniffled, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands.

"I am so sorry." She mumbled again, ducking away and moving to grab up her canteen.

When Jay gets all squirmy, Kellan backs off. He's not one to press anything on anyone, nor to try to strip them of their clothing for no apparent reason, and so when he's shown that the wound has healed he immediately takes a step back. Reaching out though, he gently touches Lorna's shoulder because now she seems to be the one that is freaking out a little. Gently he squeezes her shoulder and he says gently "Hey, hey, it's okay. Jay is okay.. and Kaleb is okay, and we're all just practicing. And so yeah, okay, maybe heavy metal objects was a little much to start with but.. you know.. werewolves and shit. Life out there isn't going to give us training wheels so… good we know Jay can heal.. and everyone's going to be okay." He lets go when she ducks away to get the canteen.

Like a switch flipped, Jay's focus zooms in on Kaleb as he speaks and /sighs/. "I know, I can tell, but I'm okay, Ah didn't want to worry anyone…" The deluge of questions drilling one after another is honestly something Jay's used to with his million younger siblings, but when Lorna bursts into tears, well, a crying lady isn't something he abides quite as easily. Jay's face just crumbles and he steps forward again, reaching his clean hand out to her, trying to settle on the shoulder Kellan doesn't grasp and draw the distressed woman in. The small chain she had tugged out from under his shirt dangles across his chest. A petite silver cross with a tiny clear stone in the center. "No, no, no, Miss Lorna, Ah'm sorry. Ah'm sorry t'worry you. Ah should've said something, Ah just…don't really tell people." Wings fly outward in a gentle hush of sound, feathers shivering as one limb tries to tentatively reach around Lorna's back, the other hanging out in mid-air, away from Jay's body. The green-haired woman pulls away anyway however to grab her canteen again and Jay's left hanging there in the face of Kaleb's questions.

The winged young man's attention flicks back to Kaleb, compelled. "Both? One of the…brackets or somethin' caught me when Ah turned after Ah got smacked. No, Ah haven't had car parts thrown at me b'fore. Ah heal…fast." Jay shakes his head slightly. "That's why Ah told her not to hold back. Ah don't know how fast, sometimes Ah don't know how much time passes." Jay frowns at Kaleb, distressed by the subject of specifics, his wings shiver with it, voice going very still. "Been hit by a pickup. Fell outa the sky, don't know how high. Higher than the treeline. Blunt force Ah'm pretty resilient against anyway 'cause, well, wind an' pressure, gravity forces. M'musculature is dense. Skin is durable. Protects me…/aside/ from the healin'."

Kaleb was still perfectly calm; demanding, but calm. The answer was acceptable and was met with a nod. An arm folded across his chest and a finger rubbed the bottom of his chin thoughtfully. There was a slight flinch, but another nod in the end. "Well," he decided glibly, "let's not keep testing this by throwing you at the earth. Good of you to be alright though." As if he was doing it as a courtesy.

Echo's attention didn't track immediatly to the other two. He was picking up the conversation anyways. He watched; earnest gestures met with nerves. "Lorna, you freaked out because it matters. Nothing to apologize for. Everything's fine, but maybe we should brek for the day? The ringing in my head can sstop, Jay can heal, and yous can get your heartrate under 800? Could go grab some tea and like twelve pizzas and head back to the apartment." Because Vic could go through 9 on his own and would likely be there when they got back. He cracked a faint mile, "We can even stop for tea so Jay can make us wince by ruining it." He looked to them for that, and back to Lorna. "C'mon. We err, we live, we learn, we adapt, we let Jay ruin tea. Yeah?"

Lorna turned around, brushing off the dirt from her canteen, still sniffling weakly until Kaleb started speaking. A weak, watery smile tugged at her lips and she nodded, rubbing at her eyes. "Yeah," She coughed, clearing her throat of the tightness there. "Yeah. That's.. that's a good idea." She bit her lower lip, worrying away at the skin there.

She exhaled a hard breath, moving to pick up her backpack. Her cheeks hot as she turned around and forced a smile ."I'll feel better after a drive. Sorry Jay.. I wasn't thinking." She mumbled, making to clearly head back down the path that would lead back to the car.

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