1964-07-17 - Ambassadorial Duties
Summary: Some fun times in the Embassy.
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While celebrations in Asgard were worthy of song, in the Embassy it was no less. Amora sauntered into the meadhall, already well into her cups. There was music, there was food and there were strings of decorations all over. The hall shone with an inner golden light so like the Realm Eternal. Her heels clicked as she made her way toward a chair. She wore a tightly corseted dress of golden silk edged in green. Emeralds dripped from her neck and earrings, and bangles of gold jangled around her wrists.

She slunk over to a chair, and sprawled, grabbing a goblet and sipping at it.

Loki is arriving with Kai, and a wrapped bundle. And…what the heck, on his other arm is Lara, because what conniving-second-son-prince doesn't overcompensate with extra pretties, when he can. He seems in a terribly good mood. "Ahhhh…I think my identity is starting to show. Do you think they'll mind, terribly?"

Lara does indeed arrive, one arm looped through Loki's arm as she walks. Unlike others, she's barefoot… but she -is- wearing the lovely blue dress Arora created for her the other day. "Are you not Prince Thor's brother? Why would anyone mind his brother being here?" Lara just isn't up-to-date on the whole Thor/Loki 'brotherly love' thing, obviously.

Kai stands at Loki's other side, with a somewhat bland expression. He's not that jealous of an elf, but being relegated to co-arm-candy has him arching his brow. "I can't imagine they can hold a grudge forever," he says to the dark prince. "And with your brother to speak well of you, they'll probably be glad to have their son back." As opposed to the madman that killed all those people, but never mind that.

Dark creature of an idlewild, Karnilla sits atop one of the trestle tables. Heavy with cups and bottles of mead, she occupies the only open space. Her bare feet dangle above the floor. Fine strands of metal hum as she strums a lyre. The melody isn't anything particularly loud or recognizable. Finding its path is more entertaining. Head dipped, the Norn Queen looks distracted. Whether she is, anyone's guess, especially with those coming and going having her attention for a few moments.

Amora shot Karnilla glance as the Norn Queen took up the musical tune from the skalds. She took up her goblet, downing a good amount of the mead as she reclined. Her gaze lifting to the company of Kai, Loki and.. Lara? Her head tilted to the side and she offered a wave. "Hello my darlings." She vanished, reappearing beside Kai's personage.

She pressed a kiss to his cheek, golden silk swirling around her as she moved.

"Not forever, no." Loki mused thoughtfully. "Its not so much the brother part…as the what my past self did. But, regardless…it looks like there is trouble far beyond my capacity to make here tonight." Looking a little less jovial, and certainly glad that he isn't drunk yet, he relaxes his hold on Lara some, perhaps to spare her Karnilla's direct attention, and steps in a way that hides Kai from unobstructed view, while his green eyes glide over the Norn Queen, thoughtfully.

Lara nods at what Loki says, and then smiles brightly when Amora comes closer through her magical teleportation. Moving around, she waits while Amora greets Kai and then actually curtsies to the goddess. "Hello again, Lady Amora!", she cheerfully offers. "It's so nice to see you again!" She even, if Amora will allow it, goes in for a friendly hug.

Kai smiles warmly at Amora and kisses her cheek. "You are radiant as always, dear." That aside, he's happy to stay in Loki's shadow. After recent events, the normally intrepid elf isn't feeling like striding forth and introducing himself. Just. Let the Princes of Asgard handle it. Gods know they're capable.

Thor staggers back into the party; the soiree's in full tilt, and he moves to intercept Loki not long after Amora greets his brother.

"Welcome, my bro— friend!" he tells Loki, pulling the fellow into a hug. He grins, holding Loki at arm's length— then grips Kai's tricep. "Kai, so good to see you hale and hearty again. And Lara, lovely as ever. Amora dressed you well," he says, slipping his arm around Amora's waist reflexively and holding her against the side of his broad chest.

Amora's pointed look really might disturb Karnilla, supposing she looked up. She plucks her harmonies from the long strands. The metal body rests sideways, anchored at her shoulder. Whatever the skalds sing makes a fine accompaniment. Much mead abounds, the hall so loud as to drown out music at a distance. "Yes?" She doesn't really look up to make eye contact, and it could be called demure. Loki shielding Lara and Kai might be worthy of comment - look, though, it's Thor. The prince coming in for a grin and a hug gets a mild smile and she casts the lyre aside.

Amora slipped back from Kai and Lara, escaping the circle of arms with a glance toward Loki. "I know not why she's here." She whispered lowly toward the Trickster in passing. Even as her gaze swung back toward Thor and she plastered on a brilliant smile for the Thunder God, sliding her arms around him in return, a leg lifting as she curled up against his side.

Standing upon her toes she pressed a kiss to his jawline, inhaling the scent of ozone and sweat that was so uniquely his. "Darling, Kai brought the portrait." She gestured toward the fabric wrapped frame.

Loki smiles when he's greeted so merrily by his brother. The darker-haired man looks like he might be able to fly for a second at the welcoming warmth bubbling up through his chest. Ahhh, what such a little thing can do. After that moment passes, though, he divides his eyes between Amora and Karnilla, then comments to Amora as he watches the Norn Queen's interaction with Thor, "I think you will find it to be astonishing. He said he didn't have the great skills of the elves, but its a lie. He has them beyond measure." He glances then to Lara, "Do you…have any talents, like at an instrument, or needlework?" Stupid men.

"Only very basic learnings in such. My learnings, other than training to fight, primarily focused on languages and linguistics. It was what interested me most", Lara says in reply to Loki's question. She does, also, smile brightly at Thor's compliment of her, even as Amora's snuggling against him. "You honor me with your compliment, Prince Thor, especially when I'm so out-shined by Lady Amora's brilliance", she adds, dipping in another curtsey, this time for Thor.

Kai smiles warmly at Thor and clasps his arm heartily. "It's so good to see you again, Prince Thor. I've been nursed back to health by only the best." He glances to Loki, and despite that he's still not sure how he feels about twin arm-candy, he doesn't even try to look anything other than helplessly smitten. When the portrait is announced, he clasps his hands together with delight and says, "Yes! I hope you all enjoy it. I think it is some of my best work. It helps to have the very best subject."

"Amora /is/ the epitome of art," Thor agrees, hugging Amora to him with one arm; he doesn't seem to mind her proximity, and brushes a kiss against her brow while the portrait is trotted forward.

Lara gets a flashing grin of welcome and thanks for her ever-docile flattery of Amora; not that Amora NEEDS the attention, but it never hurts to flatter her ego, after all! "Well, let's see it, then!" he tells Kai and Loki, ignoring Loki's question about needlework.

And they say Thor is the dumb one!

Questions won't be answered as much as thy go. The Norn Queen carries the grace of a smile. She moves easily off the table and walks a charmed path through the slew of merrymakers. Her feet aren't touching the ground as they are separated by the thinnest margin of thin air. "You must pardon them. Women have talents beyond the expected crafts. Tell them you cannot bake and watch the shock settle," she murmurs in passing to Lara.
Air pops to occupy a void where was the queen.

"… I never learned how to bake, actually", Lara says in reply to Karnilla's words, though after the Norn Queen has vanished. Then, she's got a goblet of mead thrust into her hand by someone, and she heads for the table and all the food piled upon it. Maybe she looks nice in that dress Amora made for her, but she still eats and drinks like one of the guys!


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