1964-07-17 - They Aren't Detachable
Summary: Barbara and Del are leaving a restaurant when a Wild Kamala appears! (F)ight, (U)se Snakes, or (R)un?
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Kamala emerges from the bank. No reason to rush, but she has just been with her father and has orders. Dinner, laundry. Homework. Too many things. It's going to be a long evening.

Without money for a taxi, she's expecting a walk home or a subway ride, and opts for the walk this time. Mostly to put off the inevitable. Maybe pick up a comic book on the way, if she can scrape together the dime.

Counting pennies in her hand as she walks, she's not fully cognizant of what's around her save for the lovely smell as she passes the chinese place.

Delphyne comes out of the Chinese place just ahead of Barbara, glancing over her shoulder at the other young woman, "Okay, you're right, that was amazing." The gorgon is currently wearing a very fashionable red dress, complementing her green skin perfectly. Her snakes are… actually loose a bit, as she adds, "Though I'm a little surprised they wanted to see my hair loose like this." The snakes seem perfectly harmless enough, hissing very quietly and looking about.

Stretching a bit and yawning, Kamala automatically adjusts herself to avoid the minor detail of nearly running over some ladies coming out of the shop. "Pardon, sorry," she says as the corner of her eye catches green skin.

Having just passed, she clearly stops and looks up from her pennies, then slowly turns around to look at Delphine's hands. Then up at her face, her jaw hanging open. Then, here it comes, the scream of horror that Del is probably afraid of….

"Oh my god they're so cute!!!"

A pause, as the gorgon tilts her head, then looks over towards Kamala, "I'm… sorry, you think they're… cute?" She sounds, well, a little nonplussed, because she is certainly not used to that reaction. But then she smiles over at Kamala, "I'm not used to that, but I'm glad you think so, miss."

Barbara had been a little behind, after all she did have to pay the bill and leave a tip, then the restaurant owner had wanted to chat and make small-talk for far longer than she'd planned. Eventually however, the redhead in the deep green dress had managed to follow, grinning a little at the other woman's words. "I told you you'd love it!" she begins, only for her to catch Kamela's outburst and to grin, giving a sidelong glance to her green-skinned companion. "Told you that too," she says with a wink to the gorgon.

Kamala is quickly hopping to get a better look at the snakes. She bumps noses with one, asking, "Can I touch them? Are they part of you? Do you have to feed them? Are you a medusa? Is gorgon a thing? Do you feel it when someone touches them? Allah they're cute, I'm Kamala can I have one as a pet?"

She pauses, stopping her hopping for a moment though there's signs of it starting again at any moment, and looks at Delphyne and Barbara. And says, "I'm being rude aren't I?"

Delphyne laughs a little, "Yes, yes, no, technically I'm a gorgon, and it's a thing where I'm from, I do feel it, yes they are, and no you can't. They're kind of attached." She can't help but be charmed by the enthusiasm of Kamala, as that's a completely new experience for her. Tilting her head slightly, she smiles, "Well, not really rude. I would say excited. Which definitely beats screaming and running. Don't worry, I can't petrify you with a look either." She then glances back at Barbara, giving the other woman a wink as she takes Barbara's hand, squeezing it lightly as she says, "My name's Delphyne. And this is my friend Barbara."

Well that was…forward, still it looks that neither Barbara or indeed Delphyne seems annoyed. Indeed, even the redhead herself appears to have retained the grin as she gives the other woman's hand a light squeeze. "I'd rather you not go trying to chop pieces off her, cute or not." Tilting her head to oneside she does however let her features fall to questioning. "Kamala, she is right though. It is nice to see someone a little more polite and less bigoted."

Kamala blushes a bit, which probably doesn't show so well. She doesn't tan either, but that's her personal shame. "Delphyne, Barbara." She bows slightly, not losing her bright cheer but toning it down a couple of notches. "Are you KIDDING?!?!" Well, half a notch.

"How often do you get to meet someone right out of Homer? I've read all the classics, it's really nice to know that I'm not going to be a statue but I'm trying not to freak out. No I won't hack any of these little girls off, that'd be horrible wouldn't it little ones?"

She's reaching up and petting one of the snakes with her left hand, crooning to it a little. "Aren't you just the strangest little doll? So pretty, oh yes you know it don't you? I'm sorry I'm not talking to you when I'm talking to the snake am I? Because I'll go home and shoot myself if I am."

Delphyne's snake submits to the petting, looking… well, if a snake can look absolutely confused, it probably does. Meanwhile, Delphyne laughs, "Actually, I'm not that old… but, it's a little complicated. I'm descended from one of the other Gorgons, Medusa's sisters." She smiles, "But no, you aren't talking to me when you talk to the snake, Kamala."

Delphyne does pass a glance back towards Barbara when she says her comment, and smiles impishly, "And here I thought you were going to agree that they were cute?" She winks at Barbara at that, where Kamala can't exactly see because she's probably distracted by SNAKES.

Barbara actually blinks at that comment from Delphyne before chuckling, shaking her head. "Well…you should know by now exactly what I think as far as 'cute' goes," she murmers to the other woman before turning her attention back towards Kamala, waving a hand. "If it makes you feel any better? My reaction wasn't that different…although I did ask if they bite. But you can hold off on the shooting."

The little brown girl gives the confused snake one more gentle scritch along the eyeridges, then lets her hands down with a gentle sigh. "They wouldn't bite, that'd be for people who are being dumb. Clearly they're the brains of this operation." Kamala nods firmly, telling the snakes what they deserve. Even if they don't deserve it.

Then, to the humanoids in the conversation, "Stheno or Euryale? I didn't know that they had babies, but it's a really nice thought. I'd love to hear about them sometime, it's not explored in the literature at ALL. Which is kind of silly, they're untouched romance figures. Probably because of the whole stone thing."

Delphyne smiles, "Well, only Medusa could petrify people. The other two, not so much. Which makes things a little easier. And originally, it was Euryale." She sounds pretty impressed at that, looking at Kamala, "You're pretty well learned to know their names, Kamala." And she means that, giving Babs' hand another squeeze as she talks. Mainly so the other woman doesn't feel ignored.

For once..Babs is being 'out-nerded'. It's not a common experience! Even so she nods her head lightly, returning the squeeze gently and slipping a hand up to adjust her own crimson bangs, the pale woman gives a little chuckle. "Some people don't appreciate the concept of romance in unexpected forms I suppose?" she offers lightly.

Kamala Khan is happy to listen for a moment, smiling as she's educated and happy to get an update on some of her favorite characters! She nods patiently, almost reaching up to pet another snake as she does, but hearing about Euryale is a thrill! However, what Barbara says gets her attention. Firmly.

"Some people don't know the bottom end of a library from their hindquarters," she says, coming so close to a swear it's almost cute. Then a sigh, as she says, "To be fair most librarians look at me funny. I got very lucky and found one who was welcoming to a brown girl. Never looked back. The real world is kind of messed up, in a lot of ways."

Delphyne is dressed in a fashionable red dress, standing next to (and holding hands with) Barbara as she talks with Kamala near the front of a Chinese eatery. When Kamala mentions the library, the gorgon nods, "Good for you. Knowledge is the best weapon you can have. Though I admit I'm not as well-read as I'd like to be. Some of your authors here are really good, however."

Snakes. Why did it HAVE to be snakes?

The car might be the only thing that could draw attention from a parochial-school girl with snakes on her head, but then again, a cherry-red 1963 Corvette Sting Ray could do the job. It rolls into a parking space in front of the Chinese joint, and 300 horses go to sleep before the blonde girl in the black leather jacket steps out.

Kind of messed up? Those words bring a smile to Barbara's lips. Understatement and a half, but the woman does happen to glance over at the arrival of the car that even she can appreciate. It did certainly make a rather nice noise. "Well," she comments, turning attention back towards the Gorgon with a grin. "Most of us haven't read the stuff you've come up with back on the island either. Cultural exchange takes time."

"I'd love to read them.." Kamala says, almost pleading, when she turns to look at the familiar sound. "Oh hey! Let me introduce you to a car and driver!" She's grinning as she waves Del and Babs over towards Gwen and the 'vette. "This is the Beast," she says, happily sharing her adoration for yet another mythical being: the cherry red corvette. "Gwen, this is Delphyne and Barbara. I'm making friends! Say hi to the snakes."

Delphyne tilts her head at the Corvette, "A very nice automobile. Very stylish." Her lips curl in a smile as she looks at Kamala, "I'll see what I can do for you, I promise. It isn't so easy to get back in touch with my home…" But, well, she can probably relay a message as she looks over at Gwen, "Hello, it's good to meet you." Then she glances back to Barbara, "I guess I'm making friends too, hmm?" Which is a bit new to her, too, as she gives the redhead a wry look.

Gwen blinks as she spots Kamala. She smiles, then blinks as she sees Delphyne and Barbara. Especially Delphyne.
There is a moment of hesitation. One does not see thing kind of thing every day, even in New York. Then the eyes flicker to Kamala, re-evaluating as quick as any cops' daughter. Then Gwen relaxes, The message is clear for those who can read itif Kamala is okay, then it's okay.
"Hey, Kam," she says, unable to keep a note of wonder out of her voice as she give Del the once-over. There is a smirk on her face
between the girl with snakes on her head and the blonde with the motorcycle jacket, which one is more imposing?
"Uhm…hi. Delphyne, right?"

The look Gwen gives Delphyne isn't missed by Barbara, but even so she doesn't seem to take that initial unnerved expression all that poorly. After all, not everyone in the world would be perfectly adjusted to seeing a mythical being on the street talking to one of their friends. The redhead and fellow police-child gives Gwen a once-over of her own, but it passes quickly, details easily imprinted into that eidetic memory in a heartbeat before she turns her gaze over towards the vehicle. "Nice car," she offers lightly. A lame introduction, but she's not always been the best at social interaction.

A quick nosebump to the nearest snake on Delphyne's head gives Kamala a slightly larger smile. Poisonous or not, they're clearly cute and therefore are awesome. "And Barbara," she reminds Gwen, absolutely cool with everyone. "I was going to buy a comic but I can only afford one, does anyone know if the new Arctic Dancer is out yet?" She almost automagically lets everyone give away or keep their own secrets; a history of being immersed in superheroes since she could afford her own comic collection. She's a natural.

Delphyne shakes her head slightly, looking over at Barbara to mouth "Comic?" silently to the other woman. Apparently that's a little bit out of the gorgon's depth, as she takes a half-step back to stand next to Barbara, feeling a little more comfortable with Babs close by. She then smiles at Kamala, even as the snake bumps Kamala, its tongue flickering out to lick Kamala's nose. Though she tilts her head after a moment, looking puzzled as she says, "Um, Arctic Dancer?"

Gwen is rather quiet, listening to the others speak. Circumspect is definitely the word here. After a moment, she says pleasantly, but politely, "Well, any friend of Kam's is a friend of mine." She steps aside lightly to give the others a better view of the car. "I don't follow the comics that much." She fishes out a $5 bill—one of the older ones, that still say SILVER CERTIFICATE instead of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. "Why don't you get the ones you want this time, Kam? My treat."

Gwen slips the note to Kamala, surreptitiously, not making a bog show of it.

"Sort of a…smaller book with pictures, usually short stories and stuff but sometimes with parts of a bigger story." How does one really explain a comic book to someone from an Amazonian society with no prior exposure? "I'll uh, I'll find one to show you some time." Kamala's question does get a shrug, but it's more one of honesty than dismissal. Her day job and 'night habbit' tended to keep her from indulging in comic appreciation. That was her excuse anyway.

Kamala gives Gwen a sudden hug out of nowhere, saying, "That's ridiculous, I could almost buy the store for that much money," with a grin. "You're sweet though. Look, you all try not to stab each other," she says giving an ironic nod to the tension she can see but JUST DOESN'T CARE ABOUT! and gives Barbara a fistbump before waving to the all and sundry.

"I really gotta ditch. Thanks for welcoming someone like me into your groups, it's really awful nice of you." Yeah, she thinks that she's one of the shunned, and THEY are being cool by letting her hang with them. Grass is always greener, folks. Then she and her energy level are gone, and your lives return to their regularly scheduled programs.

Delphyne smiles warmly as Kamala leaves, and shakes her head, "That was… exhilirating." Then she nods politely to Gwen, and tilts her head towards Barbara, "Shall we, then? It's getting a bit late for us as well, don't you think." Well, not if they were going to patrol, but this is a Night Off.

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