1964-07-19 - Coneys for Supergirl
Summary: Because she needs cotton candy and a break!
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Coney Island is one of those conspicuously New York places, like Times Square or the Statue of Liberty. It's not really the normal spot where the gamine geneticist likes to go. Her usual scene is quieter, full of humming machines and impossibilities mapped out in the minute. Not spinning rides and funnel cakes. But girl's got to learn to live. Vesper has her sunglasses propped back on the scarf wrapped stylishly around her hair. The loud dinging of bells and the screech of metal wheels on a track assaults her. "This is legal?"

Kara may not be a native, but she loves the Earth. Mostly because it's full of things like Coney Island, with its hot dogs, and its cotton candy, and the rides that are almost as good as flying. And the happy people, children with balloons, families enjoying their planet. It's a happy place for her, and one she takes time to visit if there's nothing more important for her to do. She's in blue and red, a wide skirt with a button-down shirt, and picking at a tuft of cotton candy as she walks by Vesper, pausing with a curious look and a friendly smile. "The carnival games might cut it close," she laughs. "But yeah, it is."

Hot dogs are alien to her; cotton candy a little less so. Vesper is good at not being collided with. She walks with her chin up and elbows tucked close to her sides as a precaution for being bumped. The slim brunette keeps pace pretty well to wherever Kara may stop or look out. "How is that flavored?" A question of importance. She gestures to the rickety Skyride and a few of the rollercoaster cars. "They look precarious. I wonder the cars do not fly off when going around a bend." It doesn't matter she understands the physics well. The ride itself simply speaks to the wild, untrustworthy quality of high, fast rides.

"Sugar-flavored," Kara laughs, plucking off a piece and offering it over. "Try it, it won't hurt. And it's really, like, not that much…It's mostly air. Spun sugar. If you watch them at the machine, you can see how little sugar they pour in and how many of these it makes. The rides are fun," she adds, nodding toward the roller coaster. "Although the spinning ones are, uh. Don't do that right after lunch."

Sugar spun is taken in Vesper's fingers where it can stick best to her skin. She would never think to lick them clean. Horrors! But she finds a way to nibble around the edges happily. "They pour sugar in and it comes out that way. I never knew." Their path goes no where in particular if left up to her. Instead she stands on her tiptoes to admire the lights twinkling overhead. "Do you ride those often? I have not seen much like these rides."

"Not a lot," Kara admits, watching the rides. "I mean, it's fun, but you have to buy tickets, and most of the time I'm not in a hurry to spend money on tickets. But everyone should at least once," she says with a cheerful smile. "Just not after you eat a coney dog. Rides first, then food. Otherwise things get gross."

The laughter lingers on her lips, soft and warm. "I have money to pay for the tickets. But I can wait for the coney dog." Vesper shakes her head. "It does not sound so good for me to eat. There are better things to have, like this." She wiggles her fingers with a puff of pink fluff at the ends, where she can pick it away and pop it into her mouth.

"Right?" Kara grins, picking off a piece for herself and popping it into her mouth. "Anyone who doesn't like cotton candy at least every now and then can't be trusted. You've really never had it before?" she asks, meandering toward the row of carnival games, where barkers call for competitors and teenage boys try to impress their girlfriends with their skills.

"Non. In Paris, we did not have carnivals like this." And it's not like she had the pleasure of visiting them. Vesper looks over the games, holding back. Throwing a ball isn't really her forte. She will most certainly give Kara the benefit of support, though. "It was more for holidays there. I did not get into the city very often for that. Did you have them where you grew up?"

"Sometimes. Once a year, really. But we didn't have anything like this, where it's going all year long." Kara pauses by the test your strength game, watching with a small, amused smile as a boy makes a show of going up in front of his girlfriend. "It was a special occasion, though. My cousin grew up where it was a big deal when it was time for the fair. I love to visit Coney Island, though. People here are so happy. Spending time with their families."

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