1964-07-21 - Thank You
Summary: Lorna finish the tour of the school in her room.. with Kaleb.
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Lorna had led Kaleb around the downstairs, around the gym, and up the floors to the library, and then, evetually to where her room rested in the back upper corner of the house. "And this is my room," She grinned, waving her hand and pushing the door open with her powers, as she had been doing since they'd entered. She used her powers as frequently as she breathed. She levitated now and then, flicked lights on and off and closed and opened doors just because she could.

Within, was, well the chaos that one would expect from a college aged girl. Posters of bands, most notibly the Beatles took up one wall. Bright and colorful pictures of prints in magazines took up another. Her bedspread was an explosion of purples and blues, all floral printed and well loved. A beaten stuffed bunny rested in the corner beside her pillows. And on what was clearly meant to be another bed for a nonexistent room mate lay… well, armor. To put it bluntly. A massive amount of armor. Some of it painted green, others a dark blue. A leather jumpsuit was thrown off to the side and other tangles of steel and cobolt could be visibly seen at just a glance.

Another door was likely a closet, or a bathroom sat off to one side. Along with a dresser and some makeshift attempt at a vanity, though it littered with books rather than make up.

"Sorry it's a mess."

Kaleb was a bit raw and emotionally bruised watching the shifts from room to room with a quiet but keen interest. He already generally wasn't one for talking though the information he got back from Scott seemed to be beneficial, as round about as she engineered. Man if Lorna wanted to find a nerve of his to hit it apparently lied in discussining his frailties in company. He had to ask observing the armour speaking up for the first time in almost 20 minutes where a full sentence was concerned, "The armour for your roommate so you can roll her over if she starts snoring?" Okay he wasn'tat least holding the world's angriest grudge about all this. His eyes picked up and took in the clutter, he himself, seeming to have more of a compulsion or order to things where she seemed to develop more in teh way of sentiment through stuff. Curious. At her apology his shoulders relaxed slightly, "I …live with Jay. he's…casual."

Lorna grimaced, "I usually try to keep it clean. When I had roommates it was easier. I mean, Jean was my first roommate and she's a telepath, you'll meet her sometime. So I tried to keep her calm by keeping everything neat. Illyana, she .. well, she's Russian and had very little in terms of stuff. So yeah. That wasn't hard. On my own? I just.. well, things get crazy and I tend to just come and crash after training. " She bit her lower lip and glanced at the armor, a smile tugging at her expression.

With a look of concentration, she threw an arm up and the different pieces whizzed over to her, snapping into place and leaving her standing in an oddly mismatched look. Armor over a sundress. Greens clashed with purples and she flashed Kaleb a grin. A metal headband had snapped into place around her feautres.

"My father made it for me." She let it float off of her, snaps coming undone automatically and it twirled in her magnetic field lazily.

Kaleb dodged to teh side to avoid whizzing pieces. Strictly speaking if he got his with the front fender of an Edsel he wasn't going to walk it off like Jay did. "He made it?! For you?" The concept of that kinda punctured his brain a bit but he rolled with it. "That's pretty groovy." It was hard to focus and get out of the mode of contemplating the kinda weird terror making a major major life choice does, so it really served as a bit of a nice distraction. He walked over and leaned, sitting on the edge of the desk, hands in pockets. "Was it weird for you? First time here?"

Lorna shifted, settling the armor down on the extra bed and glancing back to Kaleb. "Yeah, he made it for me when we went to Attilan, where Maximus was King. It was a war zone more or less, and he made it. It's a steel alloy that's almost as hard as Adamantium. The stuff Captain America's shield is made of? My father knows how to bond the molecular structure to get it just right." She smiled and moved to sit on her bed.

"Well.. my first time here was… well, uhm.. I didn't know my father was my father, and there was a crowd of kids from here on a field trip and that whole museum almost being brought down." She wrinkled her nose. "I got brought over on the bus. And yeah.. one of the kids said my father and I kinda looked related and that was.. uhm.. it was messy. I didn't get the blood work all done for another month. But then I found out I was adopted .." She winced.

Kaleb listened to her, with his cheeks pulled in in a faint scowl as he generally didbut he wasn't angry, he was listening and finally offering casually, "Yeah but at least your adopted parents seem alright. From… what you said. So you're… part of the whole accidently bring down a buildin club too huh?" He hmmmd thoughtfully and seemed to… let go of his general anger from earlier an hour ago. Some things were slow for him to let go of, but by self admission he advocated converting anger into fuel for motivation so it wasn't particularly surprising behaviour. "Still it's gotta be tough, I guess, huh?"

Lorna shrugged once, "Yeah they love me and they're good people." She settled her hands on her lap and kicked off her flip flops. "I call them almost every day to tell them that I'm okay. They love me, but not enough to stop in." She shook her head and bit her lower lip, glancing toward Kaleb.

"I've brought down buildings on purpose too, Kaleb." She held up her hands and grimaced. "My powers are constantly growing, I've only been at this for little less than a year. My father?" Her voice rose in pitch along with her eyebrows. "His range is well ove a mile at least. And he does such amazing things.." She sighed and shook her head.

"He says that my powers will grow too, that I'm young and can do so much more than he could at my age. Of course, it helps that he's kinda been there to help and all.. well, he was." She shrugged and picked at her comforter.

"I know, you've likely figured out who he is and all.. I just.. Sorry. Kaleb. Most people have pretty strong opinions on him."

Kaleb shrugged a shoulder and still felt zero need to try to impress her or anyone else, but answered all the same, "Well I have a pretty strong positive opinion of him. I dunno. Sorta gives me hope I guess? Like one day we won't have to live in the dark." He shook his head and glanced out the door from where he leaned on the desk. "I don't even know what my father does. I know he's influential. I know the people around him respect him. I know I don't think we'll ever make the man happy, but whatever. I don't even know if there's a person he's ever been honest to, but everyone I know is kinda like that." He looked back into the room at her picking at her comforter. "Lorna, it's not a lot of time but he gives you the time he has. Some golf, he spent thattime seeing you dont come home with a dent."

Lorna sighed, "I can't fault him, I mean, he's out hunting Nazis. How can I fault him for that? After everything." Her lips thinned, "I just wish he could spend more time with everyone." She scratched the back of her head in consideration. Her gaze swinging back to Kaleb and she offered a sympathetic look. At least her father told her everything he could, took her out when he was around and trained her. He actually wanted to be in her life.

"You know my father and the Professor believe very similar things. Uncle Charlie and he are old friends. You can trust him to do right by you." She smiled and shifted on her mattress.

Kaleb arched an eyebrow and idly ran his tongue along his bottom lip thoughtfully. His expression was neutral though as if stabbing at concepts with reason from math on experiences he knew really zero about. At being told to trust someone? He shrugged. "Maybe. We'll see I guess." He didn't say no and at the very least seemed to want to try to give her the benefit of the doubt. He did willingly follow her on the rest of the tour. He and his own father though seemed to have absolutely no relationship outside of Kaleb standing in for him at functions. "I mean if they can do…what Scott says they did for him for /me/ I'll be happy enough. If he can help Kellan sort his mind things though? hell, I'm in. Besides You were…sorta right. I need to work on focus. Europe was a mess. That intersection was… yeah. Be nice to just be able to do what we want and need to wouldn't it?" She wasn't there yet either or Jay wouldn't have been thwapped with a fender. They all had a ways to go.

Lorna smiled as she looked over Kaleb, not pushing about his father, figuring it to be a touchy subject. "I have every faith that something can be done to help you Kaleb, there's some really brilliant people here. And a lot of gifts that might help too. I have a friend, Josh, he used to be a Doctor and well, he can heal people. He's biokinetic. And well, there's Professor McCoy, and just tons of really smart people." She grinned again, and sat forward on her bed, swinging her legs over the side.

"Scott is well, he can be a stick in the mud, but he knows what he's talking about for combat. He's been helping me to train. If he gets a chance, he'll start making you run through conditioning too."

Kaleb watched her like a stone watches a river dancing around it; cold, unmoved, but steadfast in a swirl of motion and excitement. There were a lot of options and the thoughts of combat or being able to effectively direct things sounded kind swing to him. He admitted to her quiet, "Really I want the ringing to step. I want… the headaches to go away." A faint flash of emotion crossed his face which he banished as quick as he could will it to. Blue-grey eyes looked back to her from the floor with accusation in them. Reluctantly he admitted to her, "Thanks." once he separated his bitterness and anger from words.

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