1964-07-22 - Meeting The Junior Avenger
Summary: Janet Van Dyne has been investing more and more of her time in her fashion design career, so she decides to make it right and hang out more in Avengers Mansion, and be more serious about heroing. It's there she meets Ultragirl.
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The Winsome Wasp is just returning from a quick patrol about the city, lately she's been a bit more preoccupied with her Fashion Design business, so she felt it was high time to make a visit to the Mansion and be a little more active on the Avengers side of things. While she was away there has been some things she might have missed, like the new Junior Avenger, Susie joining the crew. Likewise, Susie might not be immediately familiar with the quiet buzzing sound that starts once Wasp flies into the foyer. Her tiny size gives quite the perspective to appreciating the world, and as she flies in, she takes a moment to explore the foyer, not immediately growing to her full size.

Susie, in her orange Ultragirl outfit (complete with a mask), is just walking out of the dining area, where she's apparently visited the fridge to get herself a bottle of Coke. Of course, she hears a buzzing sound she's not familiar with… and assumes it's a bug of some kind. She waves her hand in the air about her head, as if to shoo away whatever insect is buzzing about her.

With Susie not responding too happily to the buzzing sound, Janet comes around to fly infront of her eyes, waving her hand, "hey! You're new here! At least I haven't seen you before…I'm the Winsome Wasp! Careful with the hands!" She grins, and does evasive maneuvers should Susie try to swat at her again.

Ultragirl's eyes widen when the buzzing insect turns out to be an itty-bitty -person-, with wings, flying around. "Wow… you're tiny!", she says, ever the eloquent public speaker… or not. "… Uhm… I'm kinda new here, yeah. Kinda got invited to join the team after I got mixed up with them and ended up in some Transylvania place and then we all got captured by this Doctor guy in a steel suit that had robots that looked and acted like him and then we escaped and I beat him up and we kept things from going boom and now I'm getting trained by Car… Captain Marvel." The girl rambles on to that point then simply stops talking to take a swig from her soda bottle.

The Wasp giggles as Ultragirl states the obvious, "yes! I've been mistaken for a fairy before! It's quite flattering." She shakes her head at the tale of how Ultragirl wound up with the team, "so embarrassing, that's the second time it happened, some jerk named M.O.D.O.K. captured us before, but I zapped him right in the face." She pumps up her fist in celebration, before easing as Ultragirl clearly knows Carol, "oh, you're really one of us, huh? In that case, you can call me Janet, and I can be bigger too…move back," she warns, and suddenly grows in size, until she stands at her regular 5'4". When she grows her costume seems to grow with her, as she folds her wings against her back. "Hope that didn't freak you out! Props on saving the team!"

Ultragirl steps back, eyes widening again as she watches the size change. "That's -really- cool!", she comments. "Oh, I didn't save the team… everybody did that part. I just punched the real Doom guy until he was outcold", Susie says, miming (with only the hand that doesn't have a bottle in it) a punch. "Everyone calls me Ultragirl… but only a few people know my real name. I hafta keep it secret 'cause… well…. because reasons…?", she says, sounding apologetic.

Janet looks relieved as Susie doesn't freak out over the sudden size alteration. "It is! Size does matter, you know? Gives you incredible perspective on life." Janet looks excited by Susie's description, enjoying the lively punching, as she throws a punch of her own in the air, "I like punching too, best way to get a message across to a megaloman with low IQ!" Janet shrugs, "well, I haeven't told you my full name yet, so…I guess we're almost even, Ultragirl?" But putting a more serious expression, she follows up with, "who is after you?"

"Huh?", Ultragirl asks, then says, "oh… no one, but I'm trying to make sure it doesn't happen. There's people I hafta keep safe." She puts her 'punching' hand on one hip and takes a sip from the bottle in her other hand. "I bet you make a great Tinker Bell on Halloween, right? … oh, wait… you probably get tired of people saying stuff like that, huh?"

Janet nods at Ultragirl's precaution, and laughs at the suggestion that follows up, "that's actually something I didn't think about before, Tinker Bell would make a wonderful costume for Halloween! I can totally pull it off!" She shakes her head, "oh, not at all, I'm quite used to it. Honestly, I didn't hear that costume idea before. I should have thought of it myself! But I was asked if I was a fairy, pixie, or one of Santa's helpers before. The last one is a costume I actually did try."

Ultragirl smiles. "Well, you can do Tinkerbell awesomelike… Do you still have your wings, even when you're big?", she wonders. "All I can do is fly, and I'm strong and fast. I don't even make glowy stuff when I fly or anything like that."

Janet answers the question by flapping her wings which at her current size create quite a gust of wind towards Ultragirl, before Janet holds them in place, allowing Susie a look at their silky gossamar texture. They're really quite intricate. "I can keep them up to my real size, but if I grow any bigger, I don't have them anymore…" Janet laughs at Ultragirl's listing of 'all she can do', "oh my, poor you! Just incredible strength, speed and the ability to fly? That's terrible!" Wasp winks playfully and gives Susie a friendly tap on her shoulder, "that's amazing! You should be happy! You get a chance to punch evil jerks in the face!"

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