1964-07-23 - Old Maids
Summary: Bucky and Steve talk about life
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There wasn't time the other day to really discuss things….but now Bucky's back. Dressed in a blue long-sleeved workshirt over a t-shirt, though since they're in private, he's rolled up his sleeves and taken off his glove. Looking around the gym with clear envy, as Steve works out.

Steve is just finishing up one of his warm up sets on the bench. The amount of plates on each side is pretty staggering to most people on first glance, but with the super soldier serum all things are possible. Well, most anyways. Noticing Bucky, Steve sits up and begins to undo the tape around his hands. "Buck, didn't get a chance to talk to you. Sorry. Things have been racheting up again and I got called out. How are ya?"

He spreads his hands, metal and not. "I'm all right," he says, in that rasping voice. "Got a job, got some places to crash. No real trouble at the moment. YOu?"

"Well," Steve says as he balls up the wad of tape from one hand and throws it towards the trashcan. He misses. "Aside from fighting flying sharks with lasers on their heads…I have to say that things are normal." He chuckles a bit. "Glad to hear things are settling down for you." He begins to pull the tape from the other hand, now.

Normal. Steve's got a funny definition of normal, this is well known. Bucky shakes his head with a rueful smile. "IT's an okay situation. But it's not tenable long term, and we both know it. So….I'm here again to see if I can make a deal with SHIELD."

"SHIELD would be a good option," Steve says with a nod. As he finally releases his hands from the tape and makes another throw at the garbage can, he wrests his forearms on his knees (closer, but he misses again). "I can put in a call to Peg if you want. I haven't talked to her in a while."

Bucky snorts at him, and goes to pick up the tape and drop it in the garbage can. "Yeah," he says. "That's what I want. I need all the help I can get. IT's a matter of time before the Russian catch up to me, if I can't find refuge. If I'm with SHIELD, they can help call of the dogs here in America."

"Might even have a chance to do some good while you're at it," Steve says with a raised eyebrow and slow grin. "Thanks," he says as Bucky picks up the tape.

"That, too," Bucky allows, with a wave of his metal hand. "I'd rather be working for the good guys again. While I've got any choice about it at all."

"Better to get ahead of the game," Steve says with a nod. "How have the other Avengers been treating you? Hopefully not to harsh. Everyone got a little bent out of shape." About you killing me, he means.

He laughs at that, softly. "Peggy's niece tried to kill me with a broken beer bottle th first time I paid a call here. Can't blame her - I killed her men and nearly killed her on one of my old mission. And….well, there was some debate as to what to do with me the last time." A shrug from him. "But….the only casualty thus far is one of my shirts. And one of yours that the other girl gave me….Susie, that's her name?" No doubt Bucky keeps it to cuddle with - it's gotta smell like Steve.

"Peggy's niece, huh? She's around here sometimes, so look out," Steve says with a chuckle. "I'll try to go with cans instead of bottles. Keep you save." He tilts his head, "Susie gave you one of my shirts?" His face scrunches before he shrugs.

"Sharon got it with the beer bottle," he explains, drawing a line along his metal arm with a fingertip "Thank God, glass doesn't bother this stuff a bit, but the arm of the shirt was shredded. I couldn't go out with the metal on display. So….I'll wash it and bring it back."

"Keep it," Steve says with a chuckle. "Consider it as a gift. And I've never been a fan of cutoffs anyhow."

"Might as well bring it back - kinna too big for me, though it got me home safe okay," Bucky's settled down on a bench. "So, that girl you asked out - she was already taken. Just couldn't get it out, somehow. I ran into her the other day at work."

"Which one. Bobbi?" Steve says with raised eyebrows, looking for clarification. He shrugs, "Good for her. I can't say I know her well, but she seems fun. Pretty. And she's used to the line of work."

There's that old impish glint in his eyes. Like back when he used to try and hook up 98 pound Steve with some bemused girl. "She's got it bad for you, man. Thinks highly of ya. But….yeah, she's got a long-term thing."

"Well, having it bad for someone and being in a long term thing is not a good proposition for anyone," Steve says with a shake of his head. "I'll try and do the shoulder thing to nip that in the bud. You know the move. Girls used to pull it on me all the time." Steve erupts into a little laugh and shakes his head. "What about you. Did you ever meet up with Pepper again?"

"I ran into her a few times while I was getting memories back. Not beyond that," He's calm again. "It's better this way. I'm really bad for her."

"Now, yeah." Steve shrugs his shoulders. "Once you get right, though, who knows? I mean, considering the only other boyfriend I know of that she's had was Tony Stark, I mean…It's a toss up." He snickers.

Bucky shakes his head. "I've still got my past, that's not going away. And you and I both know SHIELD isn't going to have me filing papers and making coffee no matter how well I type." How well *does* he type? "And Tony….whatever else he is, he's wealthy and respected and can at least take care of her materially. I….besides, that relationship started as a play on Winter's part, no matter how much he cared by the end." As if he really were two different personalities in there.

"Suit yourself. End up alone." Steve laughs and gets up to his feet, shaking his head. "Take it from me, pal. Don't punch a gift horse in the tooth. You'll be working out in empty gyms on the weekends."

There's a roll of his eyes at that. "Nah. They won't be empty. YOu'll be there with me," he retorts.

"Yeah," Steve says with a sigh. "You're probably right. Good news, though, my Old Maid card game skills have really improved in the past year."

"You should come see me at work, though honestly it's a place too classy for either of us. Called Lux - kind of a piano bar. The guy who manages it is an amazing musician," Buck notes. "And I'll get you a drink or two on the house."

"Might have to drop by. I was actually there once right at the opening," Steve says a nod. "Seemed like a nice joint. That's where Bobbi and I had a couple of beers."

Bucky rises, and says, "Also a good place to leave a message for me, if you need to reach me. I should g et going. It makes the SHIELD agents antsy if I hang around here too long, pre-approval."

Steve chuckles and gives Bucky a good slap on the shoulder, "It was good seeing you, Buck. We'll talk soon."

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