1964-07-26 - A pock upon his house
Summary: Warren and Pietro make it difficult for Karma to enjoy the sun in peace.
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It's late afternoon. A nice, warm, sunny New York day. Being that it is summer, and school is not in session, the rear grounds are fairly deserted. Likely that's why the noise of music coming from the distance, off towards the lake, stands out.

Over there, by the lake, there's a little table set up, with a small radio on it, and it's currently playing Manfred Mann's Sha La La. Net to the radio, a pair of coffee cups. Beside the table, on either side, are a pair of loungers. One is currently unoccupied. The other? It holds a young Asian woman in a white bikini, and a pair of black sunglasses. That's Xi'an, out enjoying the sun, letting her skin get nice and dark. And note, she's not asleep. One hand taps on the arm rest, in time with the music.

Pockpockpockpockpockpockpockpockpockpock the sound comes from the tennis court where Pietro is doing what Pietro does best: Playing with himself. Speeding back and forth between the sides of the court he and the ball move at speeds so fast he is a blur. The ball never hits the ground as it goes back and forth. Why? Why would he be doing this? He's working the sourness out of his shoulder.

Last night, all last night, it was packpackpackpackpackpackpack as he did the same thing in the rec room of the school using the ping-pong table. Now he's moved up to tennis. Like an annoying houseguest who won't go away but he kept many students up last night for hours.

Then he ate all the best cereals and replaced them all with his favorite brands instead of what the school keeps in the shelves. Mostly unhealthy, high sugar, breakfast junk-foods and instead of fruit in the kitchen everyone woke up to having chocolate bars.

While many of the students are upset at him for waking them up, others are more than thrilled to have such an unhealthy breakfast. One might start to wonder why he keeps hanging around yet seeming to go out of his way to alienate people?

Xi'an's just going to ignore it. She's having a perfectly relaxing afternoon, and entirely contentedly sipping at whatever is in her coffee mug. No, the neverending woodpecker-like noise is not bothering her. It's not. It's not. And then, finally, she sits up, to squint over at the courts. Hard to say what the look is, considering she's wearing those sunglasses. But she stares.

Pockpockpockpockpock bounce… blessed silence. The man in the gray jogging pants stops and catches the ball examining his tennis racket. He looks at it, flips it over, looks at the other side, then starts walking at normal speed over to the gate of the fencing around the tennis court. Finally! Finally she can get back to enjoying… He has another racket. Picking up a new ball and a new racket the man flexes his shoulder and points his elbow up in the air pushing it to stretch out the ligaments.

Shirtless, glistening in the sun, he is so perfectly sculpted by the endless physical activity that if he wasn't such a jerk women would be all over him. The burn marks are gone, his skin is flawless all over once more. The benefits of accelerated healing. Cheater.

In a flash he's back at it, pockpockpockpockpockpockpockpockpockpock.

Sigh! It's a big sigh. Oh, what a sigh! Xi'an stares for a few moments longer, then reaches aside for her not-coffee, takes a drink, then sets it down. She takes another moment… one… two… three… "PIETRO!" she finally yells across the way. "Can you please find a less annoying way to entertain yourself?!"

Pockpockpock-kish-kish-pock-pok the ball bounces off the fencing back and forth flying wildly as Pietro doesn't bother to stop it. Eventually the kinetic energy runs out and the ball comes to a stop on the tarmac but Pietro is already gone in a blue blur. Maybe now she can get some WHOOOSH! Pietro is a few feet away lying on a thin blanket from.. someone's room with a stack of books next to him. Still shirtless, but less glistening he is suddenly sitting there reading a treatise on Marxism straight out of the school's library.

Reading the page he reaches up at normal speed and licks his finger tip then turns the page slowly, purposefully, while pretending he has no idea what noise she was talking about.

Xi'an is currently set out on a lounger, in the grass, near the lake. There's a little table beside her, and on it, a radio. It's cranking out the Top 40. The Beatles are probably on. There's two coffee cups on the table, as well. On the other side of the table, another lounger, currently unoccupied.

And while Pietro is shirtless, and all the height of human perfect, Xi'an seems to be in rather good shape herself. Well, skinny. Very skinny. She sports almost no curves, and her limbs are long and slender and slightly muscled. Her stomach, even while sitting up, remains just about flat. And this is all made apparent because Xi'an is in a white bikini, because she ''had been'' sunbathing. But now? She's first staring at an empty tennis court, across the way. Then in the blink of an eye, she staring at Pietro, as he slowly reads.

"Oh mon dieu, you have better have properly checked that out!" scolds the librarian. She seems to catch her own words only after they're out. Then there's a huff. "Pietro… you are ''maddening''," she informs the man. As if he might not already know it.

As long as she is looking at him he keeps reading at normal, slow person speed but whenever she glances away or blinks there is a flipflipflipflip sound as he reads at super-speed to jump ahead in the book.

"The professor says that it is a defense mechanism that protects me from forming emotional attachment. When you grow up in war, fighting endless parade of evil, attachment is painful. People die. Everyone. Often. Better to not if you can. " he says in his strange mutt accent mixed from many, many places.

Xi'an continues to stare. No, there's no 'looking away'. Not when she's staring at the man like he's some kind of space alien. And as he explains that, her mouth opens, and she just huffs out a breath. "Well..!.. He's not wrong, I suppose," Xi'an grumbles out. She adjusts her sunglasses, then lays back down in her chair. "I am sorry everyone has died. I will endeavor to keep living," she says, as she goes back to staring at the sky.

The back door to the mansion opens slowly, a soft creak coming from the hinges which is drowned out by the singing of McCartney's 'Can't buy me love.' The figure in the doorway holds up a hand to block the afternoon sun from his eyes as he wanders out into the grass of the back yard. Golden blonde hair falls loosely down around an angelic face. A blue face. A confused face.

The blue continues down the man's body, and as he draws nearer it is plain to see that the blue is the pigmentation of his skin! And there is far to much skin showing, as he is clothed in what amounts to a skimpy pair of shorts.

"Hello?" says Warren, as he makes his way outside and towards the voices. "Who's out here?"

Turning and leaning back on one elbow to look at Warren, Pietro calls out, "Over here!" waving his hand with the heavy book in it making the pages flap and stressing the spine in such a way as to make a librarian murderous, "Come! We are having nice day outside! Welcome to join us!" he says as he uses the book like a flag to get Warren's attention, bending the cover back and forth far beyond what it was designed to tolerate. At least he's not doing it at super-speed so the book isn't flying apart, yet.

Oh, great. Another person to ruin her sunbathing! Xi'an will get no rest this afternoon, it seems. She gives a sigh, and before she even turns to look, she's caught sight of Pietro's flapping. "Pietro! Put the book down," she says. "Putain! You-… If you destroy my books… Well. You will be paying for them!" she insists. Xi'an isn't great at threats.

Xi'an then, finally, turns to look at who is calling out. Behind dark-tinted glasses, her eyes flash wide. "Warren!" she calls. She swings her legs over and stands up. "It's Xi'an -… and Pietro…" she calls across the way, and starts over towards the man. "You're up and moving! Oh, I am so happy…" she says, in that delightfully french-accented voice.

Warren moves towards the sound of the voices, lowering his hand from his face once his eyes have adjusted to the brightness of the afternoon sun. "Hi." he says, somewhat quietly as he looks from Pietro to Xi'an and back. "I don't know you…" he says to Pietro, "…but you I know. Hey, Xi. Haven't seen you in a while. Yeah, I'm up. I'm not sure of a lot of what the hell is going on, but I am up. You still fighting the good fight?"

Muttering, "Is just a book." Pietro puts it down with the stack of other subjects he's buffing up on to help his sister study. He looks over at Warren checking if he needs help walking. If he looks unsteady Pietro will be over there to help him make it to the chair and relax. He's less of a jerk to sick people than normal people. Less.

"Pietro Maximoff. Brother of Wanda, Brother of Lorna, fastest man alive." Pietro says to introduce himself continuing to watch to make sure Warren makes it to the chair ok. He wonders idly if Warren has looked in a mirror yet. "Are you hungry? Need drink? Did someone greet you when you woke up? You were in medical for some time. Something, something, horrible injury, coma, blah blah. I wasn't paying attention." he says.

"Sorting books and teaching young people who to speak French," Xi'an responds, to Warren, with a smile. "Not exactly out fighting, but… enjoying my time of… normalcy," she decides. As normal as normal gets, at least. She then gestures, towards the loungers. "Please, sit… I… I actually do need to get back inside. Illyana and I were planning…" and she just sort of trails off.

Then she looks back to Pietro, and gives a sigh, before eyes find Warren once more. "Pietro was in the Medbay with you, while you were sedated," she says. "He got hurt. Better, now, it seems…"

Warren glances between the two once more and sighs, lifting a hand to rub at his forehead. "Lorna sounds familiar and I think I know." he says quietly as he glances once again to Pietro. "Green hair, right? Wanda doesn't ring a bell." Warren rolls his shoulder in a shrug, "But then again I am missing time, so maybe I met them, maybe I didn't. Everything is…scrambled."

He turns his head to face Xi'an, "Normalcy isn't a bad thing really. At least what passes for normalcy with us. It was good seeing you again, don't let me keep you."

He turns back to Pietro and nods. "A bit, yeah. I haven't eaten in…well…I don't even know. Not since I have been up anyway. I had some communication with Charles, but it wasn't much. I only really know the basics of how I came to be here, and even less about what happened."

Smiling and putting his hands behind his head, Pietro lays back on his blanket and looks up at the sky, "It is nice being me." he says smug about his recovery times. "You were good roommate. Very quiet. No trouble at all. Best could hope for really. Good job!" at being in a coma so you didn't bother him..??

Side-eyeying Karma Pietro says, "You just going to run off? We were just getting to know each other so well. " then he looks back up at the sky, "Guess Professor was right. Fear of attachment is common problem."

When Warren says he hasn't eaten Pietro says, "Sit, relax. I'll make you something. It won't take but a moment." Then he's gone. He was there now he's not there is only a blue afterglow and a fluttering of his blanket. The top book on the stack flips open and the pages turn as the air rushes in to fill the void he left behind.

"Erik's son," Xi'an offers to Warren, possibly filling in that gap there. "I'm very happy you're up, Warren. If… you'd like to talk? Just… well. Call? They have my number at the desk," she offers, with a sweet smile. Then there's a quick look down, and yes, she's standing around in just a bikini. "Oh, ah…" And she steps back to a lounger, to snag the silk kimino hanging there.

"Pietro, I would be more than happy to get to know you, under conditions that-…" And he's gone. Xi'an gives a sigh, then turns back to Warren. "We'll talk soon, I hope. Relax. Oh, and… it's red wine in the mug, if you want to finish it," she says, with a gesture to the coffee mugs that she's leaving behind. "I'll come clean up soon as I get showered and changed," she says. A wave, and then she heads inside.

Watching Xi head inside, Warren glances to the mug and shrugs to himself as he picks it up, taking a quick sniff of it before lifting it to his lips and taking a sip. "Might as well not let it go to waste…" he says to himself as he moves to occupy the now vacant seat.

It takes more than a moment, but Pietro returns appearing in a blue streak with a platter, not a plate but a platter of various kinds of sandwiches at least fifty cut into halves and two bottles of fresh milk. "I thought I might have something too." he explains as he sets it down on the table the cup of wine was resting on

"So you don't know what happens? I wasn't there. I heard rumors but just rumors so I probably shouldn't tell you, unless you want me to tell you, then I will tell you but I can not say how accurate those rumors are and they may be traumatic if they bring back your memory so if you aren't up for it I probably shouldn't, unless you want me to." Pietro says then he speeds up again and is wearing sunglasses sitting in the other lounger next to Warren with a book on physics in his hand from the stack of books he brought. Might as well read something while Warren makes up his mind if he wants to know.

Warren blinks as Pietro shows up moments later with the plethora of food. He reaches out and picks up one of the sandwiches, taking a bite and letting out a little satisfied sigh before he washes it down with a sip from the mug.

"Woah..woah..slow down a sec." Warren exclaims with a sigh as Pietro starts rambling about rumors and the like. "I can't begin to even understand what you might tell me if I can't undersand what it is you are saying, man."

Warren takes another bite, then nods once. "Ok. Tell me what you know…slowly."

Taking a deep breath and trying to slow himself down, Pietro says at a more normal pace. "I was injured as well so I missed out on some of it but I heard someone say you had been injured. Something about your wings. They said you were being treated for something and something went wrong. They said something about needing someone who could heal metal. I think you were having some kind of operation and there was an infection or something. One of the girls said you were hot. Fever is why you can't remember, probably." he says taking his time to say it slowly and carefully, "I didn't understand. They said you weren't blue before and they talked about your wings but you didn't have wings. The blue looks good. I think we all agree." he says to ease Warren's mind about his transition.

Warren listens to Pietro as he talks, the grip on the mug of wine growing tighter and tighter the more Pietro says. When he gets to the part about his wing, Warren drains the mug of wine and then set to down with a heavy thud on the table. The mention of wings makes Warren visibly angry as the blue in his face darkens. There is the sound of scraping metal on metal as the wings sprout from his back, expanding to their full 16' wingspan. "Oh, I apparently still have wings, they just aren't MY wings." His voice is harsh, tinged with barely contained rage.

Pietro was sitting right next to Warren but fortunately he's fast so he doesn't get caught in the wing-splosion.

Standing a few feet in front of Warren with a sandwich in his hand. Pietro says, "Those aren't yours?" he reasons it out, not my wings.. "So someone was experimenting on you. They took your wings and replaced them with weapons." he concludes, "I know how that is, not the wing part but the being experimented on part. Wanda and I didn't have what you would call a happy childhood." he explains
Starting to eat the sandwiches stuffing both halves in his mouth over the course of the statement, eating while he talks, "Ith you wantha go kwill whoefa didth thath, leth me knowf. I'll thelp. Firsth you shouwd thry them outh." He doesn't suffer from Xavier's soft morality. If you see evil, you kill it. Redemption isn't for people who experiment on other people.

"I think I may already have…at least some of them." says Warren, his eyes burning red. "The rest will get what is coming to them, one way or another. For now, I think you are right. I think I need to test some limits…and I need clothes. I'll be back, Pietro."

Without another word, Warren lifts his head up and launches into the air, reaching Mach 1 and causing a sonic boom as he rises into the sky.

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