1964-07-26 - Soda for this one
Summary: Supergirl gets the assist on bagging the Rhino. Cap tries real hard.
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Unceremoniously, Captain America slides across a rooftop and his shield slides a few yards away from him. He and the vibranium weapon only come to a stop as both hit the ledge of the building, each landing there with a thud. Up to his hands and knees there's already blood on Captain America's face. Doing 'light' vigilante work would be good for the public and good for Steve, they said. Would help him make a difference, they said. Would be doing the right thing, they said.

Steve gets up to full height with some strained effort and up come the dukes. He's no different than he was as a kid. He might not be smart enough to know when to quit.

"If you really want it to end this way, we can have it end this way, Rogers!" exclaims a hulking mass of a robber. If the two sacks filled with savings and loan money (no, seriously, they're marked bags) could be any more stereotypical, then it doesn't seem clear how. The RHINO sprays the rooftop with his speech.

Steve pauses to get his shield, but it's too late. The Rhino catches him partially, sending him upwards into a spinning corkscrew out over the alley below. Not good for Cap, not good at all.

There's still one good thing for Cap. He's not the only one in town doing vigilante work.

It was the sirens that caught Kara's attention while she was out verifying a source for one of the reporters at the paper. In a flash, the girl of steel disappeared down an alley, donning the iconic red and blue, before she flew toward the scene of the crime, just in time to see a red white and blue figure tumbling through the roof.

Kara dives, scooping up the Captain to set him down neatly just on the other side of the alley. "Are you okay?" she takes time to ask, glancing toward the Rhino up above.

"A lot better than if I'd landed," Captain America says in response. "Don't know who you are, kid, but thanks for the save. Watch the tip of that guys horn. It's pretty sharp." He's not defeated, though, bless his heart. Steve takes a running leap towards a fire escape back towards the building that the Rhino is on, and barely makes it. Americans are pretty crazy, Kara will find.

"Don't worry, I'll be-" Kara stops as Steve takes a leap back toward the building, hesitating for a moment. Would it be rude to offer to help him up? Would it be more rude to pick him up and set him down further away from the fight? Probably yes to both. So instead, she flies up toward the roof and the Rhino, coming to a landing with her hands on her hips.

"Put the bags down, sir," she says firmly, trying not to pay attention to the outfit. "And no one needs to get hurt here."

The Rhino begins a large bellowing belly laugh as the young woman stares him down. "Yo…You're serious? Girl, I will squish you like a bug. The only one who needs to get hurt here is you!" Heavy, plodding thumps make Captain America wonder if the roof will collapse under him as Rhino tries to bullrush the Mistress of Might! Steve pulls himself up over the ledge and side vaults the rest of the way, but he's too late to "help" Kara.

"I gave you a chance," Kara shakes her head, bracing herself as the Rhino charges. Anyone with sense would surely move. Dive out of the way. Take cover. But instead, the young woman waits until he's almost to her then, like a bullfighter, with a sweep of her cape, steps to the side and grabs hold of his horn bare-handed, digging in her heel and twisting with a wrench of the horn meant to flip him off his feet and onto his back.

The Rhino falls upon his back with such deafening force he slams right through the damn roof and down to the second floor. He falls through that one two until he slams onto a pavement floor. He's not moving. He's breathing but he's knocked the heck out.

"Nice work," Steve says before he slides down the edge of the building and uses the half-wall as a brace. Out of breath he looks up to her. "Thanks."

Kara winces as she looks down to where the man landed, holding very still until she's confirmed that he's at least breathing. "Ah. Yeah. Thanks. I mean, sorry." She actually looks guilty. "That might have been a little bit more than I meant to happen. He's probably okay though, right? That suit looks…pretty sturdy." Or at least that's what she's telling herself.

"Yeah," Cap says as he reaches up to his chin strap to unbuckle it like a Quarterback who just threw an interception. "He's fine. That armor is tougher than pretty much anything the military has." He takes a few more seconds to catch his breath. "Just don't hit him in the face. I think that part doesn't have much in the way of protection."

"What's your name, kid?"

"That seems like a design flaw." Kara peers down for another moment before she finally turns back to Cap, clearing her throat at the question. "I'm Supergirl," she introduces herself. "Although apparently, there's more than one in town, which is…" She shakes her head, waving a hand. "Never mind. Supergirl. And you're…Captain America, right?" she smiles faintly, sheepish.

"Yeah," Captain America says with a groan as he gets to his feet. Sometimes being in peak human condition is great and all, and sometimes it's just not good enough against some of these stronger guys. Sometimes you need a bigger gun. "I was thinking the design flaw was how he goes to the bathroom, but we've already talked enough about that guy for the night." He gives an upwards nod, "You do this sort of thing a lot?"

"I…assumed there was a fix for that, but I forget that you all are still working on space travel," Kara admits, taking a step forward to offer him a hand up. "I do. As much as I can, at least. I…Well, I can do things that other people can't, and I figure that means I have a duty to use those powers to help people. Like the people whose money this guy was going to steal, or people who might've been hurt in a showdown with the police, you know?"

"Yeah," Cap says with a nod. "I know." He pauses, wondering if he's jumping into this, but he usually seems like a good judge of character. "A group of us…all with kind of the same philosophy. We hang out at a house over by Central Park. Get together, cook burgers, drink beer…soda…." He gives a wave. "And save the day. You should stop by. See if it's something you like."

"The Avengers, right?" Kara smile sheepishly once more, though it grows toward a grin. "I stopped by the other day. My cou- friend. My friend, Captain Marvel? I think she's with you guys. And I figured, if there was a group of heroes setting up shop in the city, then I should stop and introduce myself so that if we ever ran into each other in the middle of something like this, then we'd know what we were doing, and there wouldn't be fights, or problems, or conflicts. But there weren't many people home. I did talk with Maximus for a bit though. He seemed…lonely."

"Max? Max is Max," Steve says with a shrug of his shoulders. "If you're friends with Marvel that's pretty high company. The Captain is respected by all of us." He shakes his head, "Didn't know you'd have already stopped by. Guess I'm the late one to the party." He looks downward. "Kind of a theme, tonight."

"Oh, I wouldn't say late. I mean, you were here before I was, right?" Kara points out. "And as far as the team goes, like I said, there weren't many people home when I came. And, ah. I'm not sure if Captain Marvel would be all that happy to hear I stopped by, honestly," she laughs. "She's kind of a little bit protective. But. I can do this, right?" she says, gesturing to the hole in the roof. "I can do this."

"Well, yeah," Captain America says. "And I would encourage you to think about it." He looks over the opening down at the Rhino. Yep. Still out cold. "Why don't you think the good Captain would want you helping us?"

"She worries about me," Kara shrugs, looking away. "For a long time, it was because. I mean. Well." She takes a deep breath, looking back with a tight smile. "I'm an alien," she admits, voice low. "And I…That's not something people are comfortable with. But I can't go back. My planet is gone, even if I could get a working ship. The idea that there are aliens scares people. So she thought it would be better if I just tried to be normal. And I have. I did. I do. But I can't just stand by while terrible things happen, just so no one thinks I'm strange. There's so much more I can do."

"You look like my aunt," Steve says as he pulls off his helmet. "Not like an alien. At least not the ones I've seen anyways." He sighs, "Look, whatever issues that are between you and the Captain, you'll have to get those squared away. That being said, if you can swing it, we'd love to have you."

"Really?" Kara grins slowly, lighting up her features. "You mean that?" Hands clenched at her sides, she's working up to excitement…

"Sure, kid. I mean we could use the help. And if it weren't for you I'd either still be fighting that guy, or speared through the gut." Steve tilts his head at her, "There's no pay. And you have to deal with a lot of my cooking. Which is hit or miss and really high in fats and protein."

Kara squeaks. Yes, she squeaks. And then she jumps forward to catch Steve in a hug, because apparently, she's a hugger. "Thank you!" she exclaims. "Oh my gosh, it'll be great. And I'm fine with fats and proteins. I eat a lot. Also donuts. And ice cream. Potstickers and pizza, so good, and-"

Steve winces, "Hey. Gentle now. Been through a pretty big battle with block butt down there. And, until you came, I was losing." He returns the hug either way, though. Maybe some of this chipperness could lighten the mood in the mansion.

"Ooh, sorry, sorry," Kara laughs as she pulls back, more carefully brushing off his uniform and straightening it a bit. "Do you need a ride back? I could fly you there, it wouldn't take a minute. Although one of us should probably stay here until the police come, just in case he comes to."

"I've got my motorcycle," Steve says jabbing a thumb over his shoulder. "And I can wait if you want. I mean, you did all the hard work." His eyes drift downward, "And I don't think he's moving for the rest of the night. That was some swing, kid."

"Yeeeaaah, I'm working on the control part," Kara admits. "Maybe not control, I mean, I control it all the time, otherwise I couldn't even, I dunno, pick up an egg, it's more the judging the strength of what I'm going against? Like, that looked like a serious suit, but it looks like he must have forgotten to build in head stabilization, which was not where you wanted to short things on that suit, you know?"

"I'm sure you'll get it all figured out," Steve says in reply. "As far as Rhino he could definitely build in ways of making his face more protected. Some football players have started wearing face masks. Could be as simple as that. I'm not sure he's really all that smart a villain, really."

"I feel like that's an accurate assessment," Kara agrees, taking a step back with a crooked smile. "Okay. I should get back to work now, but…But I'll stop by again later. Thanks, Captain!" she grins, floating up into the air. "I'm really looking forward to it."

"Man, I'm old," Captain America says as he takes a seat right where he was.

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