1964-07-28 - A Wild SHIELD Agent Appears
Summary: Random ships passing in the night, for good or ill…
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So, it's a Friday night, and everyone's feeling right, especially Carol and America, as the pair are walking down the streets of Harlem, having just come out of a jazz club. Carol, for her part, is out of costume, wearing just casual clothing as she looks over at America, grinning, "Nothing quite like hearing it live and not on record, right?" For her part, Carol looks just relaxed for a change, mainly because she actually could take a chance to unwind.

"It was pretty alright," America agrees with a wry smile, her head slightly tilted to the left as she studies aCarol's face. The girl takes a deep breath and then holds it for a second, her expression one of careful thought. "Yeah, okay. That was pretty amazing. The band here is serious." America squints slightly, looking back at the club as she does. "I almost want to stop for one more song, but…" She pauses for a second here.

Friday night's alright for fighting, or so it would seem. Akihiro shrugs back into his jacket as he exits the alley. A bruise under his right eye turns yellow then fades away, and his split lip knits back together in a matter of seconds. "Wouldn't blame you if you did, it's a good night for jazz."

Not stopping to consider how creepy it was to join the ass end of a conversation you walked across, the teen pops a cigarette between his lips and leans against the brick.

Julie is driving though town in a slightly-hotrodded little '50 Studebaker pickup. doing a slow cruise as she perhaps tries to pick out faces on the street or an address, perhaps.

Carol Danvers glances over at America, and grins, "But what? It's not like we have a curfew yet… but dear God don't get Steve ideas." She chuckles, then pauses as Akihiro speaks up, looking at him curiously, "Yeah, Friday nights are pretty good around here." She tilts her head, noting the injuries on the teen's face, though she doesn't say anything about that.

America is watching as Akihiro approaches as well. She arches a brow but judiciously chooses not to respond with anything other than her arms corssed oer the big white star at the middle of her shirt. She nods once to what Carol has to say, tilting her head slightly. "Well," America begins. "But nothing, I guess. Alright. Let's do this…" America trails off as her gaze latches on to the studebaker and follows it along the street.

The 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. Limited run, bright cherry red, top down.

The man driving this machine doesn't exactly scream 'Federal Agent', but that's primarily because of the car itself. Balding, suit jacket draped over the rear seat, tie firmly in place, he's got the radio off so that he can enjoy the sounds of the city. Phil Coulson can't help but notice the Colonel, so he pulls the car up toward Carol, America and their would be guest, a subdued and mirthful smile on his face. "Out for a stroll?"

|ROLL| Akihiro +rolls 1d2 for: 1

By the time Akihiro lights the cigarette, his injuries have completely vanished. He flashes America a smile, trying to seem non-threatening. He was just trying to talk after all. "Managed to catch some group perform Take Five about a year ago. Can't remember what they called themselves though."

The nicities are gone as soon as the teen catches sight of Coulson. Fear flashes across his face and there's a soft *snikt* as two claws explode from between his knuckles. The cigarette falls to the ground and his gaze moves up, looking for sharpshooters.

"I'm not goin' back."

Julie hrms, at the sounds… or perhaps more the distinct turnings of that twelve-cylinder Ferrari engine, which is enough to distract her from whatever she was doing, she pausing to appreciate as she goes past. "Multo bella," she comments to herself, before continuing on by, before remembering what she was doing, spotting a street number and saying, "Oops, overshot." She rumbles the humbler vehicle into the next space, and scooping up an Army surplus satchel from the passenger seat, hops out and starts walking back toward… whatever or whoever she missed in her Ferrari-distractedness.

Carol blinks, then smiles at Phil, walking to his car and leaning over to talk to him, "Hey Phil! How was vacation? Did you enjoy Tahiti?" She looks about like she's going to say something else, then hears the *snikt* from Akihiro, turning around to look at him with a puzzled expression, "Um… what the hell?" She then glances back to Phil, eyebrow arched as she's not quite sure what's going on right now.

"…Okay. What?" America watches as the claws explodde from Akihiro's hand and she shakes her head slowly. "Is that- I'm not sure I want to know." She takes a deep breath then and holds it for a couple beats while she takes stock of her surroundings. The young woman nods at COulson when Carol addresses him, taking a couple steps in his direction as she does. "Go back where? You should probably calm down. Nothing's happened yet," she observes laconically though her gaze drifts to Coulson as seh does.

"South Pacific," Coulson corrects. "It was nice, but I do miss Tah…" The sound he recognizes, and it cuts his dialogue short. His motions may be casual, but those who know him know that to be deceit.

"It's alright," he tells Carol, before turning off the car and pulling the parking break. He steps out and closes the door slowly, before walking around the front of his car. "Easy," he calls out to Akihiro. "This… isn't an assignment." He glances briefly to America, then back to Akihiro, keeping himself calm.

"No, I've played this game before. I calm down and you sedate me." Akihiro's knuckles turn white as his nails bite into the flesh of his palms. "I told you, I'm not killing anybody else." He shakes his head and retracts his claws. "But I won't let you take the metal back either."

Julie is just sauntering up the street, herself, till there's suddenly a bit of a tense situation developing right there. "Aw, that's just swell," she says lowly, …the accent's a very local New York Italian, and she checks her pace a little before she recognizes a face, which only seems to add to a growingly-perplexed look on her face. But she continues along, going for a pack of smokes and shaking one out.

Carol passes America a look, "Oh, don't worry about it, I'm pretty sure Phil's got this." She's honestly not sure if the kid is right about sharpshooters, but, well, if there actually are then that puts Carol in a little bit of an awkward position.

Well, and Monday morning she'll probably get into a yelling match with Peggy. But that's life for a superpowered agent of SHIELD…

"No games," Coulson answers, in a tone that is almost jovial, yet somehow serene. He opens his arms into a simple shrug. "No sedatives, either. To be quite honest… I dropped a report at the office, then went out for a drive." He casts a look around, actually taking a moment to enjoy the city; to take a deep breath and capture the mingling of exhaust, perfume, cigarette smoke, sweat, and the pungent odor of marijuana wafting from a building not far away.

When he settles his attention back on Akihiro, he smiles. "It's yours. Remember, we didn't put it there." Then, he looks away from the man as if he weren't standing there, adamantium claws drawn, and walks over toward Carol with his arms outstretched for a friendly hug. "Carol. My old friend." Never 'Colonel', not while in civvies.

Akihiro blinks, brows furrowed. After another blink his expression changes to one of embarassment. "Oh fuck, you're not Stryker. Ah.. Sorry." The teen chuckles nervously and rubs at the back of his neck, "I'm just.. gonna go."

Julie gives Akihiro a wiggle-fingered wave and a wink as she comes on up. Just in case he once again needs to beat feet in a hurry, perhaps. Then sort of announces herself with a "Hey, anyone got a light?"

Carol grins, "Hey Phil." She hugs the older man comfortably, then gives him a wry look, "Just happened to be driving through, huh?" She looks a bit skeptical, teasing the man as America seems to have slipped off for a bit. Possibly to find a ladies' room.

Phil looks back to Akihiro, making a welcoming gesture. "Hey, pal. It's alright, you don't have to go." He actually walks over then, his body language inviting him, even urging him to stay. He even goes so far as to extend a hand in greeting, finding that perfect spot between too close and not close enough. Comfortable distance. "I'm Phil, Phil Coulson."

He looks back to Carol then, smiling in a mischievous way. He doesn't acknowledge whether this encounter was truly chance, at least not directly. Instead, he tells her, "I do hope you'll be sticking around. There are some things I'd like to discuss with you at the office. Later, of course. We're off the clock."

Now, he passes a friendly look Julie's way, shrugging again. "Sorry, never picked it up. I do enjoy the occasional cigar, of course. Shame we can't buy Cubans any longer."

"Ah, yeah." Akihiro produces a box of matches from his pocket and tosses them over to Julie. With that taken care of he takes the offered hand and nods. "Akihiro. Some people know me as Daken." May or may not be a wanted assassin.

Julie smiles, perhaps pretending not to have noticed those blades, and looks up toward the taller lady, pausing to light up, perhaps a bit curious just the same. Back toward the 250 a moment as well.

Carol nods, "Carol here." She grins at Phil, "Yeah, some point we should get some coffee and catch up, but…" She pauses, and looks over at Julie, "Nice ride you got there. That's a '51?"

Phil provides no clue as to whether he recognizes Daken. He provides a nice, warm, friendly smile and says, "Nice to meet you, Daken."

Now, all eyes are going to be drawn to Julie's ride. He as well turns to look at the machine, one eyebrow peeking up. He walks over to run a hand along the hood, a general sense of appreciation forming. "As long as it's not the terrible swill they cook up at the office," he tells Carol, before turning back to Julie. "She's in very good condition. You take care of her yourself?" Not sexist, this one.

"Yeah." Akihiro takes a few steps back when the attention turns to the vehicle. Feeling like an idiot he does in fact beat feet, dipping off back down the alley he originally emerged from.

Julie thankses to Akihiro, with a nod, tossing the matches back in a tidy little arc, and ahs to Carol, "Some of the nose is. Bumpers, Mostly a '50, though. Motor's …made out of newer stuff, she'll do for a shop truck." The green paint seems well-done, but in fact the vehicle's been in use in the city. "Oh, me familia and I, anyway, but since I do a lotta the parts running…" She shrugs. "Gonna see if I can get my hands on some of them Avanti heads."

Carol ahs, "Cool. I'll be honest, I'm more used to poking around aircraft, not cars, but it looks like you put a lot of work in there. Nicely done." She then glances over at Phil, "Oh no, I'd bring in the good stuff for us, give me some credit."

Phil smirks toward Carol, and fires a little finger gun her way. "The stuff from Katz's, I hope?" He then looks back to the car, then to Julie. "Lola's about as authentic as she gets. I thought about doing some upgrades, but… really, I'm talking ejector seat, oil slicks… general tomfoolery."

Its hard to tell if he's serious or not. A glance is given to the alley where Daken disappeared to, a slightly disappointed expression forming.

Julie nods, "Worked on a few Sikorskies, this and that, but it's all about the wheels around here. She does glance over to Coulson there at that mention. "Probably be a crime to mess with that mill there, just you gotta keep the carbs balanced, or you're nowhere'sville. She adds, "Got bill collectors after you or something?" at the mention of all that special hardware. "You wouldn't want to throw off the balance with nothing like an ejector seat if you could fit one in there, those things are heavy."

Carol Danvers gives Coulson a wry look, "Don't forget the machine guns hidden in the headlights, Phil." She rolls her eyes a bit, then glances at Julie, "Really? I haven't done much with those, but I did a fair amount of work on jets. Wanted to make sure I knew what I was flying would work, you know?"

"More like… vengeful extra terrestrials and international threats," Coulson tells Julie, with absolutely no hint of sarcasm. Following this, he gives her a winning smile. "The commies are coming."

Again… its difficult to tell whether he's serious, or chopping a little.

"Well," he answers Carol, "those were installed last week."

Julie does seem to put that all together, then, between the mention of jet-piloting and, well, some dude even joking about that sort of stuff. Carol gets another look, not as if she hasn't had Warbird posters for a long time. "Oh, hey, really!" She smiles a bit unevenly. "I'm a big fan," she says, offering a hand. "Everyone calls me Dizzy." The Ferarri gets another look for where they might have sneaked in a submachine gun or two, "I do some custom fabrication, myself." Adds, "I mean, not, you know, guns or anythng like that."

Carol gives Phil a wry expression, "And the repulsorlifts?" She then looks over at Julie, "Big fan?" She blinks a little bit, "Oh, the Air Force? Well, it takes a lot of work flying fighter jets, especially if you aren't a man." She gets a bit of a rueful expression at that, "Sorry, I shouldn't get started about that…"

Julie nods to Carol. "Yeah, tough all over for stuff like that, not like a lot of gals get to fly for Uncle Sam or anything." Or a chance at a lot of things. Though the girl seems to have found a few.

Carol smiles at Julie, "Yeah, tell me about it. Still made it out as a full bird Colonel, so that's something." She then blinks as America reappears, and waves over to the other woman, "Ready to go? Thinking we should maybe swing by midtown, if you were feeling up for it."

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