1964-07-28 - King's Men 16: House of Cards
Summary: A reunion delayed a decade doesn't come to a perfect resolution. And still…
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In those subjects typically defined as 'ask later,' one might bookmark how the hell a flower-child managed to keep from freezing to death during the polar summer. For clearly Scarlett knows her way 'round Nordauslandet well enough to pick out polar bears in the mist, the odd seal offshore, and deadly crevasses. She hasn't Crystal's almost interstellar knowledge of where they lie, so trial and error applies. Other questions shall not be answered, in the least.

Snow won't fall, but the ice cave is plenty cold. It doesn't really bother her, the chill held at bay by sensible leather and skin a galactic shark's teeth cannot seem to penetrate. Short hops to the nearest settlement on Svalbard mean they have tea and coffee in abundance, at least.

Maximus is dressed in whatever he could snivel off someone else, in addition to his coat, but he's still cold and its definitely affecting him. He wraps his arms around himself and speaks with a slightly shaking voice, "So…you aren't Inhuman…why are you here?" He asks bluntly.

"No, I am not. To most degrees, anyways." Honesty is not always the best policy, though in the world of diplomacy, truths peppered by possibilities and necessary political vagueness. Scarlett shrugs off her leather jacket, and the white scarf used more for an accent than anything particularly practical. Warm with the heat of her body, she offers the garment to Maximus quite uncomplaining. "Enough to let the philosophers and scientists argue about the matter. I'm here to do the right thing, help those whom I can, and more personal reasons. For Crystalia, your brother. And you, because you make your brother happy."

"/I/ make my brother happy? Since when did he mention this? He's been avoiding me since he saw me for ONE DAY. UGH. So…what is really going on here? Is he dying? Where is the solution? What clues, what…" He takes the jacket and wraps it around himself. "Ah, thank you. What…can we do? I need to see him, obviously. But beyond that."

Scarlett throws off sufficient heat the coat ought to be warm, and the neroli charge of her preferred fragrance isn't overpoweringly feminine or cloyingly sweet. The opposite, actually, citrus cut clean against the senses. Spices are under there, but subtler. "Obviously," she agrees. "He requested I bring you here personally. I see no reason to doubt his intentions upon that. The simple truth, his powers continue to change and grow. The old methods to contain them safely under all circumstances do not function as efficiently as before." Her fingers spread wider, cupping her knees, as she adopts a lotus stance. Maximus remains fully focused within her emerald gaze. "The decline has become progressively worse. A man has his methods and his pride. Some of the withdrawal of late stems from that search for equilibrium, but it become intolerable, so here we are. Mining ancient history searching for the truth. It's a fair sight better than launching into interstellar travel, though."

Maximus curls the jacket around himself tighter. "Our history can only go so far here on Earth, before we need to search the stars. I have been successful though, in my own research. Though, it will not save Blackagar. My powers might help though. You know my parents told me that…we were connected. If I had not been injured, maybe I would be more intuitive. I am working on that though…how to…heal..the damage. I'll admit some fear if he is out of control." He looks down at the ice floor of the cave.

"There stands a good chance of going up there. Difficult without a proper craft, though, unless you have plans to find one of the Kree and take over theirs? I don't know of any Skrull ones that survived, if any." Scarlett shakes her head, her arms tightening around her torso in an effort more to keep from an errant brush with the ice than actually being cold. "I trust you know better than I what might help contain him. He probably does, too, hence calling us all out to look and see what we can find."

"I am still not sure why you are here. What sort of…tie…do you have to all of this? Ta-la-la…you are keeping a secret." Maximus accuses, jutting his head forward.

Tipping her head, Scarlett briefly pauses. Her eyebrows slide upwards, an ascension halted in part by exercising at least some kind of will or discipline over herself. Essential considering all things in their own frozen cave. "Affair de coeur. The only reason for some things, love."

"Love. Blackagar? Now I'm jealous. Not of romance, just…he must have spent time with you." Maximus, at least, readily admits to being petty.

Petty indeed. There might be a chiding element stitched throughout the chromatic soprano response, the inclination of her head. Say anything else, Scarlett can show considerable patience and litte jealousy. "Oh, yes, stolen moments in our eternal silence whilst you may walk freely in a city, carouse with any you like, and enjoy all that ripe apple has to offer. Everything has its balance, Maximus." Her hands lift as she considers him. "Let's not be at odds, please? I think we're all largely trying to do the same thing for the good of your family, your people, and the country." Yes, she knows about Attilan. Blame Crystal. And probably what Max is. "Should there be a point when we're not fully seeing eye to eye, then it's not so hard to talk about that. Well, obviously minus the enforced silence, but still. This goes to the root of safety. A better relationship? I don't know. Easy for me to say these things and I do not expect your trust, though hopefully it can be earned."

Maximus squares his shoulders back and gets taller. "I do not ever fully trust someone not Inhuman, to do what is best for Inhumans. But…beyond that, I trust you as well as anyone else, I suppose. I think it likely I just will not care what your opinions are in regards to the future of my people." Maximus smiles amiably enough, if a bit overbroad.

"Naturally. You can choose not to follow my counsel nor I yours, and still be respectful to one another. Better than the Soviets and America." There's a power that comes from diplomacy rather than the other routes a person might take. Scarlett tips her head and then rises from her crouched position in the ice cave. She turns slightly sideways and straightens up, rolling her shoulders for a brief ounce of relief. "Come on, let's go see where this path leads." And if someone needs shoved off an iceberg.

Maximus trudges through the snow, all wrapped up in multiple jackets. Though, as they get closer to the hut, he takes off Rogue's jacket and gives it back to her. Otherwise, he is wearing his black boots, silver pants, black shirt and white and black trench coat. His hair is in loose curls and battered by the wind into a chaos, tangled mess.

The coat and scarf surrendered for warmth are once more restored to Scarlett's shoulders. Sliding her arms into the sleeves, enveloped once more in the extra barrier against the damp and the persistent chill of Nordauslandet. The glaciers wouldn't be here without the cool weather. She picks the path ahead, steering around the disturbed crevasses and fissures possibly present on the ice towards the rockier area guarded by the other Inhumans doing their various tasks. Possibly shopping in London with Lockjaw for all anyone knows. The route twists and turns rather than cuts straight for the humble hut occupied by the elder of the House of Agon.

The hut, now barely even that is a lean-to at this point, teetering on the verge of collapse and sliding into the ocean proper. However, it does nothing but accentuate the dishevled and equally in poor kept visage of Blackagar who sits upon a rock looking out over the nearby ocean. A small quake emenates, purses through the ground before it ceases and the man slowly rises. Hair long, beard looking unkept and eyes as tired as they have been, the turn of his body to face the arrivals is slow and casts him in profile for but a moment.

Maximus stares at his brother and…for the moment, its like Scarlett doesn't exist. He's now seen him twice in eleven years, and this time…Blackagar does not look well. He pauses his footsteps when the man turns, then propels them again, closer. His breath comes shallow and slow, his face red, stung by the cold. "Blackagar. You called for us. You called for me." His steel eyes squint. "You look terrible. I hate the beard." He purses his lips, frozen. Then he animates again, like a pet that doesn't know what to do, its so excited, "I have missed you. I am so glad to see you!"

She knows how to be silent. The lessons of what she has stood before and walked away from are plentiful enough; Scarlett can very well bide her time. Hers is a lasting wait, the lacing of her fingers together indicative of peace to a measure. Let their reunion be one without bouncing around or squealing from the redhead; Max might, but no need to add to what is, essentially, a private family matter.

Blackagar inclines his head a bit towards Maximus, the greeting looking distant but the body language much more pronounced. There is a bit of relief, despite it all, to have family lines nearby in the time of trial. «I look terrible, because I feel terrible.» His blue eyes drift from his brother, towards Scarlett, then back. «I am glad you came however. I was hoping you might help put my mind at ease.»

"Ohhhhhh…you /know/ I can do thaaaat, brother. But how at ease do you want your mind?" Maximus gestures with a wiggle of fingers and he grins in his typical way, like he doesn't REALLY understand how smiles work. He stares at Blackagar for a long moment. Studying his face. "Oh ho…I seeee. You want me to steal the chamber. I could do it. Sure. Modify it into a suit. Yes. A possibility, like a helmet. They'd think I was after you of course. FINE. Let them think that." A pause, and he stares again. "As long as you and I know the truth."

Polar bears roam the island, along with seals and skuas and things best forgotten in the deeps. They might not come close, but the white bears think nothing of devouring the landbound meals sometimes offered to them. It makes a fine excuse to devote attention elsewhere. Fingertips curl to palms briefly as she redhead flatlines the shiver of a misgiving broadcasted briefly across her shadowed features, her bowed head. Not interrupting, though at a glance, Blackagar can probably read a chapter from her. Beyond Maximus, she merely nods.

Blackagar's eyes narrow a bit at Maximus, the bare hint of a smirk touching his lips. «No Brother, no one goes near my mind and you know it. No, rather I was hoping you could explain to me some of the things you have been doing these past months. I have heard rumor, was hoping perhaps you could guide me to understand?»

"Yes, tell me the rumors. I would love to know what people /say/ about me." Maximus immediately frowns and draws his arms across his chest. "The truth will make your mind swim…I am certain."

Scarlett is not walking into that mire. She can simply opt to float in air, crossing one leg over the other. It'd be like watching some thrilling television. Better yet, she simply watches as is. This is popcorn worthy.

Blackagar's eyes look steadily at Maximus for a moment and he walks a bit, hands tucked into pockets of pants as he does so. «You know Maximus, this island was three times this size when I came here. It is breaking apart bit by bit, piece by piece.» He takes a soothing moment and then looks at his brother, «So when I hear from some you have exposed those who are not ready to the crystals… then you dance around it, it tries my control.»

Maximus wets his lips. "Yes, you know, I liked her. I was lonely and I actually liked someone, and it was like…a /present/. Ungrateful woman then set Nexus and Karnak against me, then ran away. Sooooo, I /apologize/ and I have learned my lesson about women and gifts and hope of decent company." Maximus rambles on. "But honestly, in the grand scheme of things, altering /one Inhuman/ without the council's say-so…is not really that terrible."

Blackagar's gaze is passive, expressionless, as he looks at Maximus steadily. Slowly after long moments his eyebrow quirks upwards in continuation of questions. «And how did you come to possesses the crystals, brother?» As he asks it, he moves again, walking a bit away from the pair towards the edge of the water so that he can listen; but also focus away from them.

Maximus traipses closer when Blackagar moves away from him. Trudge, trudge. "I /wisely/ keep some on my person, almost all the time. What if Attilan were destroyed? What if I am captured and need to destroy them? What if I need it to power some sort of spectacular device? But that is not the only rumor you have heard, is it? I have done something amazing…something for all of our people, and I am this close," He pinches one finger, "to success. I am going to unlock the secret of /making/ it…long lost to us, in Attilan. Then no matter what enemy tries to take away our future, we will still have it."

The slightest of adjustments in posture that mean something warrant very careful regard from Scarlett. She has maintained her overall silence without complaint, but the observant, critical regard between the brothers is enlightening in its way. How one moves, the other responds. Expressions colour in the details in the interplay she's rather acutely sensitive to in some ways. She moves as the remote outer satellite to them, ever careful.

«But that is not your place, or role, to decide upon.» Blackagar responds in thought as he continues looking out over the ocean. «When was the last time you were at Attilan, brother?» The moment passes of thought and then he turns to look squarely at Maximus. «Were there not more pressing matters, I would deal with this. However, the fact that at any moment I could crack this world in two like an egg slipped from a clumsy hand — that requires full attention.»

Maximus tightens his jaw and jerks his gaze away from Blackagar, chin lifted, "You have no power to judge me for one err. Believe me, I /regret it/. I should have let Nexus kill his own sister, for that is where things were headed before I did what I did. If you want to deal with it, then say her name at her and it's finished. If that's what you want. I certainly no longer care." His gaze snaps back to Blackagar, but its colder now.

Violence brings a grim line to the redhead's mouth, and she shakes her head again sharply, however petite the motion is. Scarlett murmurs from behind, "Is that entirely helpful given the more immediate trouble?" Yes, perhaps she ought to stay quiet, but she likes living upon a planet that hasn't been pulverized. Been there, done that, don't need the memories.

«Until a time that it needs to be… discussed.» Blackagar chooses his word carefully. «Until that time, I need you to aid the others. To aid me.» He impresses softly, eyes darting towards Scarlett then back towards Maximus. «Before… Before I am consumed or this world is.»

Maximus cuts his eyes to Scarlett, and then he looks back to Blackagar, "I am here to do that. That's why I came. For you. I would appreciate it if you refrained from /fussing/, and were glad to see me."

Once again silent as the diplomatic angle on things, Scarlett does not contribute another nudge. She crosses her arms lightly under her chest, pulling her dark leather coat slightly closter to her.

«I am glad, brother, that you came to my home on this island.» Blackagar glances behind him to the shanty that is falling apart. «And I am, glad, that you have agreed to help out.» His eyes then drift to Rogue, «Scarlett has been aiding me since the beginning of this, she will help let you know what is happening. I do not allow anyone to stay in this place for long… for their safety.»

"Why would you not let me make you the special containment helmet? Then you could…come along." Maximus spreads both hands.

«IN the same way that you keep some thigns to yourself, brother, so do I.» Blackagar replies, a small smile on his lips. «Scarlett will keep you informed of the movements needed. Until then.» He nods, a parting gesture.

Maximus seems highly annoyed, suddenly, and he casts Scarlett a not-fun sort of look, before he pivots and strikes off towards the hut for one second of respite from the cold.

Yon redhead prepares in her fashion to escort Maximus back to safety, which essentially means a flicker of movement to walk with him away from the savagely mauled hut. Maybe an igloo is the right idea. Scarlett may have to consider that. How the Inuit make their snug fastnesses is worthy of study, and maybe a bit of soul-theft.

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