1964-07-30 - The Drive Home
Summary: Warren's ride home with Diz.
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Julie sighs, as they get in, "Maybe. Just no slicing the upholstery. I can fix a lot of things, but the guy who did this diamond quilt's on the other coast." She means it, but smirks, as she inserts key, and there's a clicking of some hidden switches, before she starts the motor, which sounds, serious, but not overly loud. She rolls out down the mansion's drive, not hotdogging, either. "Same guy I sent the seatbacks for your Ferarri to, actually." Soon they're on the roads, Diz both letting the engine warm up and avoiding drawing undue attention to the mansion, before she gets moving. She glances over. "Anyhow, I just like to stay behind the controls if things get cooking. The racing seats are a pain in the tuchus on a day to day basis, kinda literally."

Warren smirks, "As I said, if things go to pot, I don't think that cut seat belts or upholstery is going to be worth worrying about. Besides, you know I can pay for any damages I may cause, it isn't like I am not good for it."

As he car starts moving away from the mansion, Warren draws up the hood from the borrowed sweatshirt and scrunches down in the seat to try and draw a lower profile. "So, Diz, what did I miss while I was away? I mean, aside from what the hell happened to me that is. Any news I should be aware of before I try and insert myself into the world again?"

Julie says, "Eh, too much. Some bad guys got Logan, somewhere under New York, we're hopefully going after him soon. And, ah, Xavier's is doing college classes too, now, there was kind of this merger with Miss Frost's Academy… So, I'm there, you might have noticed, apart from Teach McCoy took me on to teach the kids some shop. Seems like the 'Friends of Humanity' got kicked back into whatever holes they crawled out of just lately, and, I guess Latveria tried taking over the world, but that didn't work out for them, ah, what else…" She upshifts smoothly, double-clutching out of habit, "Kinda been some weird stuff happening around the world lately, things are getting kinda tense about it around Southeast Asia, Pontiac's got this kinda sleeper package for those Tempests that word is are pretty hot stuff…""

"Someone got Logan?" Warren says with a hint of surprise in his voice. "I didn't think anyone would be able to get the drop on that son of a bitch. Can't say we are all that close, but after what happened to me I can't just sit by. He sighs, "Not that I am in the position to really do much to help. I can't even help myself right now."

He looks out the window, watching as the scenery goes by, shaking his head as he listens to the rest of what Diz talks about. "The world is going to shit, Diz…but at least things in the car world seem to be going in a favorable direction." He turns his head to look at her and gives her a soft smile. "Maybe i'll buy you one.."

Julie smirks. "People would wonder where I got something I didn't build, but I been thinking of seeing if they'll put that stuff in a wagon for the school. Then again, people know I got a few posh clients now, so… " She turns onto a bit of a back-roads route to avoid traffic and a lot of people for part of the journey, and settles into a rhythm of pretty quick driving. "Anyway, had em in mind for a few people, if they turn out to handle all right. Foreign jobs got it all over us for that, but they stand out a mile." Of course, somehow she's gotten some decent handling out of the Nomad, for American iron, but that's perhaps little surprise. "Anyway, who knows if you could help, but you was really something when you turned up on campus. Kinda took a lot to catch you, actually. Guess the locals thought you was the Air Force or something."

"That's what concerns me, Diz. I am not even sure how I got there. I must have been on some sort of autopilot. I get flashes of things…unpleasant things. Blood, mostly…and…well, a bunch of other unpleasant things. Details though, I can't focus on any of the details. The memories I have are just snapshots in time." Warren sighs, rolling down the window just a bit to let the wind wash over his face, "I'm not even sure all of what the new wings do. I have to do some self-discovery." He pauses, "That sounds…heh."

He looks over at Diz and smiles, shaking his head a bit. "You know I am not the gear head you are, right? I only understand about a third of what you are talking about. I just know what I like, and know the gal that can mod them to fit my style." He grins, "Though I will say one thing for these new wings, they are easier to conceal. Which would be nice, if I wasn't blue."

Julie nods, and smirks, a bit. "Well, they might put me out of a job with all the custom seats, at least. But I guess some of the feathers kinda shoot off. I really don't get it, why someone'd go messing someone up, pissing em off, and make em *more* dangerous. Like that was gonna end well for them. Anyway, I guess it was pretty bad. Maybe it's something to talk to the Professor about, but I guess it makes sense you'd run for home, so to speak." She checks the rear-views at the thought, not to mention, in ways Warren can't see… the airspace above, with equal casualness. She can *sense* aircraft by their spinning parts, as it happens, after all. "I dunno what it is with us and blue. But at least you got company if they can't fix that somehow."

Warren shrugs a shoulder, "I don't think I was supposed to leave with my mind intact. Odds are I was going to be programmed to be used as a weapon for them, but I got free before they were able to finish whatever type of brainwashing they were going to do. Maybe they will think twice after…what I did to get away." Warren takes a deep breath, turning back to the window, "I think I killed people, Diz."

He is quiet for a moment, as his brain switches gears, "Blue. I don't get that myself. Maybe a side effect for whatever it is they did to me. Ripping my wings out wouldn't do it, but maybe it is a chemical reaction to whatever these wings are made out of. I really have no idea. At the very least I am going to have to bathe in foundation to appear normal until I can figure out a way to change this. IF I can change this. I'll have to take some makeup lessons."

Julie nods. "I don't think it was no one didn't have it coming, from what Kaleb said. And if his story didn't check out with the Prof he just wouldn't be at the school. What he said to the rest of us when we asked was, it was big money types behind it, that's how he came to be there. But they wasn't counting on him being one of us and I guess maybe he lost control, …at least of his stomach." Driving gloves kind of clench on the wheel a moment, but as for her own control, there's no undue spinning of anything, since behind the wheel is essentially her own sanctum for that sort of thing. "Guess you got out in the confusion, so that's how he got away, too. He was pretty upset to say very clear what happened for that part." She drives on a while. Nothing in her says, 'killer,' either, really, and she says, "I coulda maybe killed some guys once… I walked into this bad scene and… Well, it's lucky some guy in a devil costume saved the day, cause it probably would have got bad for everyone. Just gotta get better at what we do so that don't happen, I guess."

Warren nods quietly, just letting the wind hit his face from the rolled down window for a while. "I'll have to thank him when I see him." Warren finally says when he breaks the silence. "Scary thing is, Diz, I don't feel bad about it. At all. I should feel bad, shouldn't I?" He glances back over to her, "I'm glad you didn't have too and I hope you never do."

Julie shrugs a little, there. "I dunno how you'd be supposed to feel anything *but* that kinda scared about stuff you don't remember, except for you know you was out of your head. I kinda get the impression you wouldn't have had a choice if you was really there to make it, whatever even did happen. One thing's for sure, they didn't put those things on you to cut linguine."

Warren snorts at that, an honest to goodness guffaw coming from his throat. "Linquine…I can just see it now. Slicing pasta with these things. I could open up one of those new restaurants…what was the name of it. I went to the grand opening…Oh, right. Benihaha! I could do that flash cook on the grill thing in front of people! I could hire Logan to do it too." He shakes his head, "That's a good one. Linquine…"

Julie smirks. "Pasta al Danger Room."

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