1964-07-30 - Warren heads home.
Summary: Warren is about to head out to home, when he comes across Dizzy who gives him a ride.
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The slamming of doors announces the arrival of the newly returned Warren Worthington III as he makes his way into the institute proper from the grounds outside. He is dressed in nothing more than a pair of tight shorts, probably something he had to grab just to keep some semblance of modesty once he awoke from the events of the previous day. The sounds of metal scraping against metal permeates the air as his wings collapse from their impressive 16' wingspan down to a size that folds flat against his back. A low grumble of less than polite words escaping from his mouth as he mutters to himself, making his way down the hallway.

Julie is coming down the stairs, looking like she's tidied up a bit to go out, hair contained in a nice kerchief she often seems to wear on drives, She glances down as Warren comes in, and she tries to be casual, but really seems too relieved for that. "Hey, Warren! Guess you're up and at em, already!" Her voice quiets a bit there, "How you doing? Kaleb said it was rough."

The sound of his name causes Warren to stop and his head to turn. Narrowed red eyes stare at Julie for a moment, before some hint of recognition comes across his face and his features relax. "Dizzy?" he says, almost as if questioning his memory, or his sanity. He pauses, quiet for a moment and gears whirl in his mind before he gives her a nods. "Diz. Hey. I"m…alive. Things are still a bit…hazy."

"Kaleb?" His brow arches a bit. "I knew a Kaleb? I haven't seen him since prep school. What did he say? Diz….I…I don't know what happened to me. One moment I was in Europe, then next…" he shudders and wraps his arms over his torso, "The next I was here. And Blue. And…" He looks over his shoulder.

Julie nods. "Yeah, I I didn't get too much of the story, but he kinda helped you get out of there, he says, or distracted the guys."

Warren sighs and combs his fingers through his blonde hair. "Out of where? Distracted what guys? I'll have to talk to this Kaleb. Where is he?"

Julie ahs, "I dunno, he's probably around somewhere, he's, ah, a new student, though, you'll meet him. Hey, ah, you need something to wear or something, or hungry or anything?"

Warren glances down at himself and rolls a shoulder in a shrug. "Yes, actually. I was about to fly back to the city, but thought against it. I figured I shouldn't be making a scene, and nothing screams 'scene' more than naked blue man flying."

Warren lets a touch of a smile hit his lips, and glances up to Diz, "Something to eat would be something most appreciated as well. I don't honestly know the last time I had something solid in my stomach."

Julie nods, "I guess let's see what they got in the kitchens, might have heard something about a pizza night. Guess I could do with a coffee, myself." She hrms, "Well, I been keeping on with those seat modifications, so they wouldn't think too much of my car turning up on a weekend if we wanted to sneak you past any of them papparazzi that might be lingering around. The gossip rags could be wondering where you disappeared to."

Warren frowns, starting to move towards the kitchen, remembering where it is from his time here as a student. "How long have I been gone?" he says quietly, shaking his head slightly. "If you wouldn't mind, I would appreciate a drive in. I guess it is better to play it safer then show up on the evening news. 'This just in…CEO of Worthington Industries is back, and blue."

Julie says, "No problem," she hrms, following along. "It's been a couple months, maybe, I didn't ask when you was due back from the trip you'd planned, and all, and I kinda don't follow those gossip pages. Guess it depends when you really went off the radar, though. I'm sure yer butler woulda noticed. Been just kinda turning up when I had something on the list ready to go in, …got your regular mechanic convinced I'm not some kind of hack, finally," she winks."

"A couple of months?" says Warren, turning to face her as his eyes take on that red glow. He shuts his eyes tightly and takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly through his nose. "Ok..ok. A couple of months. That's ok. Nothing should have fallen apart in that time. Aside from my life that is." He groans and runs his fingers through his hair once again, moving towards the fridge as he makes his way into the kitchen. "Has anyone talked to Thea? I should call her."

He opens the fridge and starts to rummage through the contents, pulling out a couple of boxes. "Charles still not allow beer in here?"

Julie says, "Eh, I keep some locked up in the parts washer, let's raid the pantry and head on out.""

Dizzy pauses and hrms, "I think Thea's been by once or twice, she'll have been asking after you, I bet. Otherwise, I dunno. Anyway, probably best you stay fairly 'missing' a while while things get sorted out. I guess the business end of things, too, didn't sound like your whole boardroom was exactly friendly when you took over. That much I did follow."

Warren grumbles. "All the more reason I need to get back. They are going to try and usurp the company out from under me if I don't show up soon. 'Missing CEO' doesn't get to keep his company for very long when the stockholder interests are involved. I need to at least get to a phone and call in."

Warren opens one of the pizza boxes and takes a slice, chomping down on it and chewing like he hasn't eaten in days. He says through stuffed cheeks, sliding the pizza box over in her direction, "I'll call Thea as well. She is probably worried sick. I am sure being colored blue is going to be a bit of a shock." He looks down at himself again, "I'm going to have to buy a lot of foundation…"

Julie nods. "Best you get a bit on top of things before you make too much of a statement, though, but I bet your own people been keeping notes for you like you read about." She'll pick out a slice, herself, apparently daring the pepperoni and anchovies. "Also, sounds like you might want to be real careful about who knows you're back, first.

Warren sighs and takes another bite from the slice he is devouring. "Yeah, but I can't take too long. I am going to have to get back sooner rather than later. Otherwise I may as well just kiss the company goodbye." He finishes the one slice, and grabs another. "I am seriously going to have to find a way not to be blue, though. I wasn't kidding about the foundation. I may have to order a cases of it till I can find a way not to be blue." He shakes his head, "It won't go over well with the Board, that is for sure."

Julie nods. "Maybe ask Lorna how she does her hair, someone gave her something that can hide the green, I guess. But, ah, yeah, I guess stage makeup or something could do it, if nothing else."

Warren polishes off the second slice of pizza in no time flat, "Well, I guess there is no time like the present. I suppose I should get back to my life as best as I can, and figure out what to do with it. Then, I find the 'people' that did this to me…and make them regret it."

He looks to Diz, "I'm ready when you are, Diz."

Julie is, a somewhat slower eater, but hasn't been particularly dainty about it. "Cool. Stanley's out back. I guess you'll want to hide under a blanket or something in the back when we get near your place, but, yeah, let's get you back pretty quick." She pauses and writes down a note, "Probably just as well someone knows where we went if those guys try and grab you back or something."

Warren nods, thinking for a moment. "I'm sure there is likely to be a trenchcoat or raincoat or something in the closet. It may look highly unusual for someone to be wearing one in the middle of summer, but…" he shrugs. As he moves towards the hallway closet to look for something to cover up in, he nods and says "Leaving a note is probably a good idea. Let people know I didn't just fly the coupe, so to speak. Ah…this will work." Warren pulls out a overcoat and slips it on, covering most of his exposed skin. "You don't have another scarf, or something I could use as a headwrap do you?"

Julie says, "Guess there's sweatshirts with hoods in the gym, don't really care for em, myself, but that could be something.""

Warren nods, "Alright. Quick stop by the gym first then. Where is that kid that is super fast when you need him." Warren lets a hint of a smile form on his lips as he starts off towards the gym to get a hoodie to complete his disguise. Once obtained, he gives Diz a nod. "Alright. I think I am ready."

Minutes later, they're settling into 'Stanley,' …Dizzy's cameo-two-tone '56 Nomad: inside, it's quite a nice little custom-upholstered version of the familiar Bel Air interior, except the wagon-back area, of course. And the four-point custom roll cage tucked neatly inside where there's still split bench seating. And the racing instruments added across the dash: the radio's displaced under the dashboard in a little rack done up to match that also holds a CB. And of course there's a four-on-the-floor shifter. For some reason there's one hand-labeled: 'Diff Temp' …and there's extra switches. She belts in with part of a four-point racing harness, even, to and winks. "Just in case, and all." She pointsto where there's a set for the passenger tucked up behind, cause who wears seatbelts in the first place in this day and age. "If you feel like you need em, but I got a feeling if there's trouble you'll want to get out."

Warren shrugs and starts to buckle into the chair, and smirks. "IF there is trouble, one benefit of the 'wings' I now have is, well….they are sharp. I can probably just cut the straps if I need to in order to get out quickly. If there is trouble I think the last thing you are going to worry about it replacing a seat belt." He finishes buckling up the seat belt and gives Diz a nod, taking in a deep breath. "Alright…" he says, an air of finality to his voice. "Let's go home."

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