1964-07-31 - The Contingency Plan's Contingency Plan
Summary: When two of their team don't come home after 48 hours the Contingency Plan forms a contingency plan to get some answers.
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The car came around and a call rang up to the apartment in its usual fashion from the front reception. The car was a class act. If it wasn't ready apparent that the Millers had cash to burn this was one of those small motes of things that might give insight as to why they don't understand doing laundry when there's people for these things. Really really good people. See? Mr. Banks stood in a crisp uniform by the door to the back of the vehicle holding it open that they could get inside before closing it and climbing back into the partitioned off driver's seat. With a smooth motion the long vehicle pulled away from the 5th Ave. apartments and headed across town to the riverfront where it met the industrial area. As they drove through the city on a smooth clip Kellan could find signs of life all over the city, but none of which were his brother on his radar.

Kellan piled into the car and settled back into it, looking worried. He thanked Mr. Banks for coming to pick them up and then surrendered himself for the time being to the ride. Reaching out, trying to feel his brother, to try to establish that telepathic link and talk to him. But no dice along the ride, and it just makes him more nervous. He settles in next to Vic and says, "What if they're out of the city? I don't have a wide enough range to be able to establish a link with him if he's not within a block or so." He looks over toward Jay as well and says, "Yeah I don't think he'd leave us hanging, either."

Jay exchanges glances with Vic and his expression doesn't seem the least bit inclined to lie to anyone right now, for the better or not. He's a little rubbed raw lately, just as Kaleb had mentioned days ago. The past few days' happenings didn't improve matters much. And now one of the only friends he had who recognized that and he could actually talk to when they were alone, was missing and possibly in trouble. Nothing felt right. So, rather than pick a fight with Vic or make things more difficult, he shuts his mouth and stays silent while they wait for the car and keeps his head down. Quiet when they climb into the vehicle, Jay doesn't bother grabbing an overshirt to cover up, leaving his wings out and in the open. For a guy who stayed covered up 75% of the time in their apartment, it's unheard of for him to do that in public. Fuck it.

Vic doesn't seem inclined to stir the pot, either. Kellan's worried, regardless, and that's the important thing. He sits beside Kellan, thanks Mr. Banks, and leans lightly against Kellan. "We'll find them," he says quietly. "If worst comes to worst, family will come looking." He's not going to call Mom and Dad just yet though. If it turns out to be nothing, it's crying wolf, a bad habit. Lorna would get in big trouble and, in his adolescent mind, that's not acceptable. Still, he keeps that ace tucked up his sleeve.

It took a while, the Kellan-signal stays dead of blips so far. The waterfront, though near the docs and industrial area was just a lovely view. As promised there was a Restaurant called Marcello's which was far too nice in comparison to its industrial neighbours. While the outside was humble brick the interior was very well taken care of and smelled heavily of oregano. Yes, this is exactly the sort of authentic but upscale quality hole in the wall place Kaleb would hunt down. They even had dining on the roof terrace.

Kellan doesn't seem ready to bring in the cavalry just yet, either. He still wants to look and see if they can fix the problem first before calling in the big guns. He leans in against Vic and looks between he and Jay, lips pressing into a tight line. "I'm okay. It's Kaleb and Lorna we need to focus on." He's silent for most of the rest of the drive, though his eyes track the scenery outside the window — not because he particularly wants to view the city of New York, but because he's scanning, reaching out. Can he feel his brother? No. No link. When they arrive at Marcello's, he slides out of the car and looks at the other two "Do you want to do some talking to folks and look around while I try to pick up stray thoughts?"

Jay is silent throughout the trip in the car, ignoring the other two souls he travels with at the moment while his gaze skips across the New York scenery. Getting out of the car, he nods gently toward Kellan as he sets the pace, green eyes skipping over toward Vic. "You wanna see if you got anyone around who knows ya, an' Ah'll talk to the hostess. See if they remember either one of them."

Vic keeps an eye on the streets as the car goes along, just in case. These are his streets, his legacy courtesy OldVic. Surely his friend and his aunt have to be somewhere on them. When the car stops, he slides out after Kellan and says, "Yeah,, I can ask around. I know some guys." He offers Kellan and Jay both a tight smile. He can't hug, now where people can see, damn it. Not in public. So he nods crisply and heads onto the sidewalk at a casual meander. Behold cool cat Vic.

With each their tasks to work on, Kellan remains near Jay while he goes to talk to the hostess, hovering a little bit behind while he tries to pick up the thoughts of those who work at the restaurant as they pass by and might overhear some of the conversation. His eyes follow Vic as Vic moves off to see if he has any contacts nearby. Hands in his pockets, he draws in a deep breath then lets it out again, and tries to just focus on listening, and nothing else.

It was not hard for Jay to get immediate attention with the wings and all. While no one said anything outright he was noticed, and more to the positive, the Host who asked almost too professionally "Good evening, is there something we might be able to help you with?" Not unreasonable, but it was the mood of the day wasn't it? For Kellan to note something recognized him. Maybe? Someone from inside the restaurant was paying too close attention for a moment to Kellan in recognition. Still Jay had a way with people and be it attrition or natural guile as a people person Jay was able to have the maitre'd confirm an 8:30 reservation for K. Miller on the roof for private dining. Well at least when Kaleb rolled it was in high style.

Vic had an entirely different reception out on the edge of the industrial area. There was a certain side-eye he got but as it happened someone was happy to see him. How he does that who knows. As it turns out it was someone from Old-Vic's past who he did time with early on who seems to have been out working on getting his own life turned around and how the hell are ya, Vic?

It's that look that lasts a little too long that sparks Kellan's interest and he reaches out with his mind to probe the surface thoughts of that individual, focusing in to see if he can pick up on anything immediately after or during that look, all the while remaining casual and nearby but not interfering with Jay's mojo. When Jay gets all the information that he can, Kellan thanks him quietly.

Hey, Vic's a miracle. His dead ass got up and walked out of the hospital. He greets his old 'friends' amiably, dropping the lingo, doing the elaborate handshakes. After high-5ing, handshaking, finger-snapping and a mutual shoulder bump, he tells the friend he's never met before, "Better than I was, man. Tip top, top notch. What's the skinny? I haven't been down here in forever." It might be comedic if so much didn't ride on it.

Kellan didn't always go poking around in the heads of strangers and reaching out to grab the source of awareness which started to slowly hone in on being concerned. Until that feeling became a focus and that focus became a thought. That thought became'That guy is back? What's he want? Goddamn I hope he's not pissed. That wasn't our fault.'

The former inmate knows as Donnie laughed and looked up and down the street shakin his head, "Eeeh nammuch nammuch. Just takin care of things around here. They got me workin nights now. My girl's stain with her mama. She pregnant, I tell you? Workin on doin things right this time. How bout you walking away from being a veg-gi-ta-ble." He spaced the syllables out all with equal emphasis in the way one does when they grow up in Queens. "You lookin for work, Vic?" Well at least if he's working late shifts he might have seen or heard something. It was as good a start as any.

And with that, Kellan goes walking straight into the restaurant past everyone and walks up to the guy with those thoughts, anger in his features, brow knitted in frustration and he says, "Hey.. you. I think I deserve an explanation." He doesn't say for what. He just looks upset as hell, and hopes that the guy will spill some information while he actively scans his head. Kellan isn't one for doing that sort of thing, but these are desparate times and they call for a little moral ambiguity.

Vic perks up, "No shit," he says, and he offers another elaborate high-five to Donnie. "Good for you, gonna be a papa and everything." Then he laughs and shakes his head. "Got lucky, I guess." He pats down his jacket for cigarettes. Right, he doesn't smoke them anymore. Nicotine does nothing for him. It's just an old habit of an old Vic. "I'm actually working down in Midtown," he says, "but I'm listening. I'm saving up all my money, make it big someday." He can't go right to the point. There's a dance involved here, and he knows the steps.

Vic's social dance was slow and intricate but it was working. Donnie introduced him to Paulie, Jorge, and Auturo which they call Art the Dart cause he runs fast. These things don't always make the most sense but he was mighty proud of it. This was building up at least a base of more eyes and ears for current or future need.

The guy Kellan was rolling up on was a waiter. There was someone else looking like they might stop him but there was a purpose to the walk and sometimes it's best not to get involved. No loyalty among thieves maybe? Or maybe the other waiter just didn't want to drop the tray of soup and have to deal with that noise right now. Gio looked to Kellan wide eyed and defensive. "Mister, it wasn't personal. I didn't know who you or your lady were." He thought he was talking to Kaleb? His mind was running almost too fast. The clearest thought on the surface was 'ohshitohshitohshitohshit'. The nest was something pertaining to he should have asked for more than a hundred bucks to drug that soup. The last most clear thought was him wondering why he left the 'safety of Hell's Kitchen' for this bullshit. There's irony for ya.

Kellan tries not to look surprised. It takes a bit of effort, but maintaining a good angry was pretty easy considering what he was picking up. "Oh, so that makes it okay?" Kellan says as he stares at the waiter in disbelief. "Who put you up to it?" He looks like he means business, and while he's angry, he keeps his voice down and keeps a safe distance from the waiter. As long as he keeps it semi-civil, he hopes that no one will come to break it up, at least not right away anyway.

This waiter was not prepared for direct confrontation. It also greatly helped that he was in belief he was being confronted by the man he'd wronged for the price of a 'Benjamin'. The long and short is he doesn't know who those guys were. Just some goomba and his guy gave him $100 to be discrete and all that he had to do was bring the soup. At least Kellan could pick up a vague, if not slightly generic impression of the guy's features. Apparently after he and his lady were carried out the back to some vehicle and no one said anything about it. He's o so so so so sorry.

Vic, on the other hand could find out from the guys on the dock that the vehicle belonged to Gardener's Florist which Art thought was weird cause usually that stuff comes in the morning. It wasn't a lot but it was a start. They had a name, or at least some sort of alias to work off of and that too might prove useful.

Jay hung back and did a fantastic job of managing to look like Kellan's 'backup muscle' if there was an issue, because you know what people say about Mutants, they's crazy. But he was also able to keep an eye on Vic to make sure no one else turned up not coming home.

It wasn't good news by a long stretch, btu they also weren't empty handed.

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