1964-08-01 - Cut Scene: Words of peace in harlem.
Summary: Cut Scene: Words of peace in Harlem but preparing for the worst.
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At a rally held at the A.M.E Zion Church in Harlem, Isaiah Bradley, a negro person of interest in an ongoing investigation is one of many guest speakers who have come to address the rising tensions in Harlem. Unbeknown to him or the people in the audience, one of the people in the crowd is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent filming the meeting not for posterity but to submit it to the ongoing case file they are building on, possibly against, Bradley.

A huge, muscular man at six foot four inches, with a bald head, and a clean shaven face, the suspect wears a black sweater over a pair of loose, open leg jeans and oddly red combat boots. The cinematographer takes time to film his attire as he walks up on stage. He carries with him a dufflebag that he sets down behind the podium. Standing before a crowd of around fifty people, mostly young men who are the leaders of various factions.

"I hope this turns out ok. I practiced all night. " the big man says and holds up his palm to show everyone his cheat notes if he needs them getting a chuckle. He begins his speech with a careful, gentle voice but grows stronger as he goes…

"The man on the T.V. says civility is the responsibility of the black man, the man on the T.V. says that law and order are the black man's friend. They have given us the most basic of human rights so now we should be thanking them. But civility, my brothas and sisters, it's a sword that cuts both ways. It's not only the black man's burden to bare. Civility is the duty of every American. That's the definition of being a citizen, to care for each other, fight for each other if we have to." Isaiah explains as his large hands wrap around the podium edge.

"I know a lot of you feel that we shouldn't be civil, that we should strike first, strike back, make them pay for the things they do." the large bald man says as he holds out a hand to motion for the crowd to hold, "God's grace, do I know, that every time we have given them a chance to do the right thing most of them have failed us." he says taking a deep breath.

"But I believe in this country. I believe in its people. I fought the Nazi, I bled and suffered because I believe that America, you — them, all of us, are the beginning of a greatness that will stand the weight of our history and the test of time." his deep voice says with conviction that cannot be faked.

"I'm not asking you to look the other way when they do violence. I'm not asking you to take a beating. Never again. Tomorrow night I'm holding a class on fighting back effectively when you need to. It'll be in the lot behind Crazy Ed's mufflers and brakes. I want you ready if the worst happens. What I'm here tonight sayin is look at white people for what they are, scared, fearful souls who think our righteous fury is going to land on their heads just for bein white." he goes on. "I'm asking you to be civil, friendly, to try and be helpful to them as long as they are civil to you. Be prepared, but give them a chance." he says.

Breaking into a smile Isaiah says more light-heartedly, "Cut them some slack. A lot of them are good people who didn't have the benefit of having a fine black woman to tug them around by the ear and teach em what foolish was when they were children." he half jokes.

"If they are civil to us, we will be civil to them. If they attack us, we fight back. Don't attack them first. We need to show them that Negro, Cracker, Slant, or Wetback, no matter what we call each other in anger, we are all Americans. We need to keep moving forward and the only way we can do that is together. That is what I'm asking you to remember. Always forward. Forward always." the large man says then steps off the stage and hands the podium over to the next speaker.

The film ends with the agent's voice saying, "Subject has been in contact with Mama Mabel. Community organizer. He's working as a bouncer at her jazz club Mabel's."
The agent never shows his face.

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