1964-08-01 - Training Day
Summary: Warren is in the danger room training, and Dizzy gets a lesson
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The danger room hasn't changed all that much since Warren was living at the Institute. The long and tall room was designed to practice the most dangerous of powers, and while the ceiling was only a scant 20 feet high, it allowed enough room for the usually high flying Warren to get in some practice with his new wings.

Dressed for a workout, Warren is wearing a pair of sweat pants. His feet and chest are bare, exposing his new blue skin to view.

Currently, Warren stands at the closer end to the main door, his wings out and fully extended as he fires the flechette feathers at a target about 10 yards down the room. There is a soft 'Ft!' sound as each one is fired with an uncanny accuracy.

Julie is slipping in, in similar attire, school sweats with an NHRA t-shirt worn underneath, then ducking back a bit as feathers fly, looking back. "Crazy," she compliments. "Hey, Warren, how's it going?"

Warren whirls on Diz, the wings arching back like snakes about to strike before Warren takes on a more relaxed pose, the wings lowering to almost wrap around his body protectively. "Oh. Hi, Diz." Warrens says with a slight smile, turning to look back the way of the target, "It's going. I'm just trying to get a handle on what these things can do. I can already tell I can go way faster than I used to be able to, and the ranged weaponry is an added 'bonus' I guess. The fired feathers are coated in something, some sort of secretion that I am going to have to figure out."

He shrugs, turning his attention back to Dizzy, "What brings you down here?"

Julie ahs, smiles, "Well, I been trying to catch up on some of the stuff you guys can do in a fistfight, so I've been sorta using the imaginary people in here to work me through like some fight manuals and stuff. Feel kinda behind the curve when it comes to that kinda thing, these days."

Warren ahs himself, nodding as there is the sound of metal scraping against metal as his wings fold in and collapse, the barest hint of them on his back when they are done. "I can show you a few things, if you like? Run you through some of the basic training programs…I don't think Charles has changed how they work that much since I was here."

Warren moves over to the control panel, looking at it for a moment and pressing a few buttons, "Let's start you off one on one. See what we have to work with."

Still a bit wide-eyed about those wings doing their thing, Dizzy makes her way out a bit into the room, which is itself a puzzle. "Maybe Teach McCoy can figure out what the stuff on the feathers is, anyway. I sorta started with some US Marines stuff cause my Uncle Angelo taught me a bit of that judo stuff"

"Hank's around? I hadn't seen him. I'll have to track him down and see what he can figure out." Warren says with a small smile, "IF anyone can figure it out, it would be him. The other option would be to just stick someone and see what happens."

He turns a couple of dials on the control board, and hits another button or two. "So, a bit of judo. I can work with that. Did you want to go against one of the programs, or did you want to go against me?" He grins, "I promise I will go easy."

Julie hrms. "I guess, your choice, if you got those new things under control, anyway. I don't think I got any special mutant unbreakability thing going on, so I'll appreciate it, though." She does, then, take a stance that seems more or less like the military would teach. "Well, last I heard he was lurking in labs and stuff. She hrms. "Guess you just left some samples around, maybe someone could do something with em. Guess they'd look pretty killer for decoration, too," she jests.

Warren smirks, "Yes. I am sure Charles would love to have metal feather flechettes just all over the place. He had enough problems when I was molting real feathers. I think I still have the pillow he made me stuff."

Warren thinks for a moment, glancing over his shoulder at where his wings should be, and sighs. "Maybe it is best we don't take a chance on these things doing something unknown. Sometimes I swear I think they act of their own volition. I'll set up a program for you."

Warren turns a few more knobs and hits a button, and one of the imaginary people appears, taking it's place in front of Diz, bowing slightly before taking a stance. Warren looks over at Diz, "Ok, show me what you got."

Julie ahs, and returns the bow, before taking that general stance again. As usual, it's someone probably taller, and she waits a moment to see if the sim goes on the attack. "Hiya," she says, to the construct, and darts in for a bit of a punch at the rib cage. before trying to work to the fellow's right…

|ROLL| Julie +rolls 1d100 for: 5

The construct moves quickly, sliding his body to the left while reaching out and making a grab for the wrist that was used to punch at him, and then tugging it while using his right leg to sweep at Diz's legs as she passes.

Warren watches the exchange and flinches slightly, biting his lower lip while he tries to keep whatever expression he has off of his face.

Julie ends up turned and toppled around backwards, too caught-out to try using her powers, there: she does roll on the floor to pop back up with a bit more distance. "OK, that was too ambitious, I guess."

Warren chuckles, his head shaking slightly as he walks over to offer a hand to help her up. "Maybe a little. But you know what they say, practise makes perfect. I'd suggest coming down here daily and put in at least an hour with the trainers to start, longer if you are feeling more ambitious. When I started, I was just a little rich kid and I ended up on my ass more than once a day, so don't feel so bad."

Julie laughs. "Kinda what I've been doing, well, almost daily. Hadn't really gotten to much about attacking, yet. I been in a few dustups, just trying to get it right, you know?" She's not, really been a little rich kid that way. She does seem to take it in good humor, at least, rubbing her shoulder a bit. "I'm usually the one with the balance," she smirks.

Warren grins, helping Diz to her feet. "Sometimes ending up on the ground may not be the worst of ideas. If projectiles start flying, the ground is probably the safest place to be…well, unless you can take to the sky." He moves over to the control board and fiddles with the controls, "I'll set up a program for you to follow. First week it will be sloe moving and more instructional than sparring. It will guide you through the basic forms and strikes, as well as a workout routine. It will be the foundations we can build upon. If you think you have it all down, since you apparently have some Judo experience, then feel free to skip to week two, which will incorporate some full contact sparing. But i'll set the levels low so nobody gets hurt."

He looks up to Diz, "We will get you in fighting shape, at the very least to be able to defend yourself. Once you get comfortable with this, we will incorporate your powers into the mix. That is something I am having to do myself, so you are welcome to train in here with me. Plenty of room, and i'll make sure not to fire any feathers in your direction." Warren smiles, "Let's do this."

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