1964-08-02 - Dinner at Saganaki.
Summary: Kellan and Vic have dinner at Lambert's restaurant.
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The main rush is on in the Restaurant, but there is an older Greek man in the back of the kitchens assisting Lambert. Vic will not have seen him before, but his features are long and wolfish, and he has a white chef's cap on, as well as sturdy boots and the same caprine eyes that Lambert does. The main meal tonight, possibly ironically, is Greek roasted lamb with oregano. Marcy and Sammy are serving the customers, with Sam sometimes acting as a sous chef.

Vic has been fixing a broken water heater today, and now, after hours of brave battle with the thing, is resting on his laurels, sitting back in the cool courtyard for his break. He's told Kellan that's where he can find him, or at least go asking, when he's at work. At the moment, he's eating a piece of baklava. "Boss," he says, "I could eat your cooking all day." Sometimes he's tried. Though usually when he's on the clock he's working hard.

Kellan has been out and about doing Kellan things throughout the day. He'd made a new friend at lunch, gotten a few things picked up for the apartment and shipped back there for later, and eventually he meanders his way to the restaurant in search of bothering Vic while he's working. He heads back toward the courtyard to find Vic, asking quietly after him, and then sneaking back to find him and his baklava. "Hey," he says quietly with a little smile.

Lambert says something to the older man inside, and they nod, and then he tosses his tea-towel over his shoulder and heads out to Vic "Thankyou for the water heater," he says to him "It's a pain, given that I don't have anything other than a fireplace upstairs…and I need to clean off after the day." He turns his head and grins at Kellan with bright eyes. Lambert has a little row of sharp white teeth in that otherwise tanned and smiley face "Oh, hello. Dinner for two, boys?"

Vic waves a hand and says, "It just needed a little love." In the form of a good hard wrenching. He grins when he sees Kellan. "Hey," he says, "Are you ready for lunch? I was just taking a break." He rises to his feet to welcome Kell, then turns to Lambert and says, "I don't know if I've ever introduced you to Kellan. He's my friend." The way he says 'friend' is so outright goofy he's not even trying to pass in front of Lambert.

"I am ready for food," Kellan says with a grin as he moves over to Vic, and then pauses and kind of stands there, hands in his pockets, and then he looks back to Lambert. It's not like in the apartment. He's a little more awkward and unsure of how to proceed. Ducking his head, he smiles at Lambert and says, "Hey. Nice to meet you. We've been really enjoying all the food Vic has been bringing home." He grins a little lopsidedly.

Not that passing in front of Lamebert is that easy regardless "I'd recommend starting with some warmed olives in spices, actually," he says "And some good fresh bread." He grins "I can serve you folks out here - my Uncle's over from Greece to help out in the kitchen. I'm still head chef, though!" And he sounds _proud_ of that fact. He laughs "Good! I'll send a bit more - we often have something left at the end of the night. Would you like some fresh orange juice? Flat beer? Wine?"

Vic perks up. "That's your uncle? Cool, man." He gives Kellan a small shoulder-nudge, but he settles into plausible deniability. "All that sounds so good, boss." He's just scoffed a piece of baklava and he looks starving. The boy sure can eat. "I'd take some wine," he says. Drinking on the job. Tch. He gives Lambert the big sweet eyes. It's okay to have just a little wine, right? To Kellan, he asides, "I like it when there's leftover saganaki."

"Oh, man," Kellan says, "That sounds amazing," to Lambert, with a broad grin. Then he looks back to Vic, moving over next to where he's standing. The little smile that he gives Vic is so clearly smitten at that shoulder nudge. He's not all that good at hiding it. Looking back to Lambert he says, "I'll have just a little bit of wine." Because wine is good with good food. "Mmnn, the saganaki is the best." He then settles down into a chair next to Vic and says, "I really like your restaurant. It's got a great atmosphere. I'd never been before Vic started working here and I regret I hadn't heard about it sooner."

"In this place? I drink while working all the time," says the satyr, puzzled "I need to know which wines to use." Who the hell keeps flat beer? Well, old Greek recipes can be a little peculiar "I'll get you some. Maybe a little lamb on the side and some salad. Just. To keep your strength up." Patpat on Vic's shoulder, and then he says "We haven't been open for _that_ long - about a year, I think. My family flew over to help build the place and set it up, and now my uncle's there so I can get a bit of a break."

Vic grins at Lambert. Who wouldn't like a boss like this? At the mention of a break, he says, "You've had a bit of a time haven't you, boss?" With a grin to Kellan, he gestures at a table and sprawls into a chair. Just a little puffed up, he tells Kellan, "I've been working on a water heater all day. It's been pretty hard, but…" He hitches a shoulder. See him trying to impress his mate. Next he'll display plumage.

"That's really cool," Kellan says, "That your family helped build it and come over to help out and stuff. Must be kind of nice." There's a smile, and then perhaps a little more introspective thought as he considers his own family, and their lack of closeness in that sort of way. He's never had any interest in the business of his folks, but then, his folks don't make delicious food either. He grins over at Vic and says, "I'm pretty sure you could fix anything at all." Proud? Yep. He might have people to do things for him, but he admires how capable Vic is, and motivated. No plumage required.

"A bit, yes," Lambert says "I'm not quite as rugged as I look, and I think I'm just. Anyway, I called dad, and my Uncle was visiting him, and he came here because there's…" College girls. Lambert pauses "…anyway, never mind that," he says hastily, and he laughs, at the way Vic speaks, as he whisks back into the kitchen. Coming out with wine and two bowls for them, coming out with food that can be laid out and around "So, Kellan. I'm sure it's fine, but just to make sure you're aware, mutants and other types are welcome out here. If that makes you uncomfortable, you can always eat inside and still be welcome."

Vic grins and says with affected modesty, "I manage to keep this place running." The preening. Then food is brought out and he sits up, suddenly all about the table manners. He has the grace to see Kellan served first before he tucks in. When Lambert says what he does about mutants, Vic smiles. "I think it's all good," he says.

Kellan watches as all the food comes out and is laid out on the table. Glancing up when Lambert addresses him, he looks at him for a moment in confusion. Then Vic is responding, and he glances at Vic, then back toward Lambert. "Oh, I, yeah, no, that doesn't make me uncomfortable at all." He's not quite ready to come out of that shoebox inside the closet, but there's a little bit of relief that shows on his features as well.

"Okay, that's fine," grins Lambert "I figured you'd both be mostly okay." He serves Kellan, and then says "Warm olives first. Oh, yes. I'm not a mutant myself, but most look at me and if they can't handle weird, they don't like it. My friend is right, though, not everyone spots the eyes first off." He glances towards the kitchen "My uncle has horns underneath that hat."

Vic nods to Lambert. "We're cool." Ooh, olives. "People make a lot of unfair assumptions," Vic says. "I don't know, sometimes I wish I was a mutant." He then asides to Lambert, "He knows I'm fast and can lift heavy things." He starts with warm olives indeed, putting them in his mouth. "So are you, uh, what are those things from mythology…?"

Kellan leans forward a little to look at Lambert a little more closely, finally noticing the eyes when they are pointed out, and he smiles a little bit. Then he glances back toward Lambert's uncle's direction when its mentioned that he has horns beneath his hat. Finally, when Vic mentions a little bit about what he can do, Kellan says, tentatively. "I'm a mutant," listening to how it sounds on his tongue. "It.. doesn't show, but I am." He takes a breath and then lets it out. Hey. That wasn't so terribly bad.

"How fast?" asks Lambert curiously "The lifting is _very_ useful. I want a new refrigerator soon, and those things are terribly hard to carry." The olives are little bursts of umami - salty and oily and delicious. Then he laughs "A satyr. Yes. Well. I am one-quarter satyr. So mostly, I am 'a human'." He waves a hand casually "As Lamont says, it mostly shows up in the cooking and brewing." That wine? Ahh, the wine is smooth and strong "Are you?" he says to Kellan mildly "Well, you can eat out here too in future, if it makes you comfortable. Saganaki is about _comfort_." He reaches up and tugs a goatish ear out from under his chef's cap "And see? My hearing is _easily_ good enough to hear orders from in there!" He grins, and slaps Vic on the back.

"I can get it for you," Vic tells Lambert. He would eat the satyrkin out of house and home if he could, but always quick to volunteer himself. He looks down at his nails, still puffed up a little as he says, "I can outrun a truck. Easily." He glances sidelong at Kellan. Is he impressed? He tells him, "Boss here is pretty groovy. Anyway, maybe you can join me back here for lunch breaks sometimes."

Kellan takes a bit of the olives, and the fresh bread, and he begins to eat slowly, neatly. He has excellent table manners, and genuinely seems to love the food, savoring each bite as he begins to pick up a few items while Vic and Lambert talk. He nods to Lambert and says, "I'm a telepath.. but.. I don't.. try to read people's minds or anything, not unless it's really important, or they don't mind." He tries to be a polite telepath, at least. He gives a little sidelong smile to Vic and says, "Yeah? I'd like that. I don't want to bother you at work too much.. I know people don't like that. But I like the idea of coming to have lunch with you."

"Hmm. Damn. That is faster than I am, by some amount," admits Lambert "Otherwise, I would suggest a race! I like to run. But I am not as fast as a vehicle." He serves out some warm vegetables with saganaki cheese sizzling on top, and then he blinks "A telepath! Ah! I know what one of those is! It's a heck of a long word…" He grins "I do not mind! Meals will not always be free. But you tell everyone else about Saganaki, and we could be even!"

Vic helps himdelf to the saganaki. Mmm, fried cheese goodness. "I wouldn't ever consider it a bother," Vic tells Kellan. "You can stop by whenever you want." He looks around the courtyard and says, "Isn't this place just great? This is the best job, that I get to come here every day." Almost every day. He says to Kellan, "Bet you don't need powers to read my mind." That could be taken in so may ways. In this case, it's 'yay, saganaki!'

Kellan looks surprised, "Oh, I didn't expect the meal to be free," eyes widening a little bit. "I can pay for whatever we eat, both of us." He looks a little bit apologetic. "But I'll happily tell everyone I know that they should come and eat here. I already do," he laughs a little bit then and looks over at Vic and says, "No, I don't need powers to read your mind." That could be taken in a few ways as well, but he just grins and then digs into the cheese with vegetables, nodding his agreement that the place is definitely great.

Lambert squints between the two of them, then he bustles away, to get more food - and more wine. Plenty of _both_ is required!

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