1964-08-02 - Finding the Middleman of Middlemen
Summary: "Yeah, Max, please don't kidnap my brother." - Kellan gets an unexpected visit from Maximus which proves to be quite thoroughly, and rather unexpectedly helpful.
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Kellan walks around the apartment, throwing some things together in a bag. He's getting ready. They've been trying to find more information on the van, and while the others are out doing that, Kellan is gathering a few things together for when they do head out to go and find Kaleb and Lorna. There's a couple of bags with some stuff in them, supplies, tools, nothing too heavy or bulky but, something to cut with, pliers, a wrench, duct tape. You never know. The twin with slightly longer hair stands in the center of the room, not entirely sure what to do next. He's antsy and he's agitated.

And then Max is there. He's dressed…normal. Black suit. Professional. Like maybe he was at a meeting with people who don't appreciate his lipstick so much. He knocks on the apartment but he doesn't actually wait for it to be answered before he tries the door to just walk on in.

The door, however, is not open, not righ tnow, not with Kaleb missing. Kellan goes to answer it though, since he's standing right there, pulling it open to find an unfamiliar face in a suit standing on the doorstep. He's dressed not entirely like a prep school student in his pressed blue slacks and white shirt with a blue tie, still dressed up from having gone out to attend to some business and gather some more information earlier. "Hello," he says.

"Yes. Hellloooo. So, ignoring me? Is that how you are playing this little dance, now? You'd think…after we went shopping together that you would be a little more warm and welcoming. Aren't you going to invite me in? And then make up some excuse as to why you haven't come to see the new apartment I was telling you about?" Ohhh, so its bitchy Max tonight. Though the words themselves are harsh, there's an air that its purposefully playful, in a way.

There's a moment where Kellan looks perplexed as he stares at the man standing in the doorway, and then a light seems to dawn behind blue eyes as he realizes who this must be. "Oh, you must be Max." Because there can be no one else that he can think of that would fit the description of Maximus. "I'm Kellan, Kaleb's twin." He opens the door a bit more though and steps to the side. He smiles a little faintly. "You should probably come in, if you haven't heard. Kaleb's missing. We've got a lead on trying to find him." He studies Max openly. He's heard stories, certainly, but he's never seen the man himself and his curiosity is obvious.

Maximus exhales a deep sigh…and wanders on in. "Yes…then you are the one who /was/ my hope, but is devastatingly NOT single. What a pity. So…Kaleb is missing? And you have a lead? Is it Erik? Tell me he didn't try to elope with that green-haired idiot?" Unaware right now of how serious it might be yet. Also, a missing person in the closed city of Attilan was only a matter of time before recovered. It doesn't have that same…vast hopeless threat that living in the real world does.

Kellan's brows lift just a little bit as he watches Maximus wander in and says, "No, not single." Then he asks "Want something to drink?" He's a good host, at least. "Kaleb and Lorna went on a date and got drugged and thrown into a van, and Vic found out some information about the van, and Jay is talking to some people. We're finding out where they were taking and then we're going to go head out there to get them. They didn't try to elope." Then he shakes his head, and says, "No.. we're trying to go find them and bring them back. We haven't.. talked to Erik."

The former King paces inside, thoughtful as he listens to what has happened to Kaleb. "He will eventually notice she's missing, though maybe he's enjoying the break. I am at your disposal. I have some connections that may be useful, if this is some sort of…ransom situation. Do you have any idea what they would want with your brother? I mean, obviously I think very highly of him. I was thinking of kidnapping him myself. But someone else…I have no idea."

"Yeah, please don't kidnap my brother. I'm pretty sure he'd go with you if you wanted to find a new suit or look at the apartment, or hey, visit some crazy ruins," Kellan says. He might be a little jealous he missed out on the crazy ruins. That aside, "If I give you the name of the van, and the goon that was involved, and we can get you where we think they took him, do you think that you might be able to find out something about what we might be walking into? We're going to go in there and get them.. but anything we know up front will be helpful." His brother is missing. If Max wants to help, he's more than happy to take the help. "I don't know why they took him. But he's not the first mutant who has been taken, and they did some horrible things to the other guy, and I'd rather not have my brother's limbs pulled off and replaced with metal bits. So if we can forego that.."

"That sounds terrible! You human sorts are just brutal. UGH. Ok…yes…I can help. especially if I got ahold of that goon you mentioned. What was his name? What did he look like…anything particular about him? And if I ever did kidnap him, it would obviously be for a fun occassion, like a spontaneous trip to the mountains." Maximus assures that his kidnapping, at least, does not involve arm ripping.

Kellan is oddly okay with non-arm-ripping kidnappings, but focuses on the situation at hand. He looks at Maximus for a moment and considers and then says, "It'd be easier if I could just.. put the image in your head instead of having to describe it. Can I just show you? I don't have his name but I have the name of the florist that the truck was from that he was driving." He gives that over to Maximus, the name of the florist, but he waits for permission to just mentally show him the image of the man and the truck.

Maximus wets his lips. "As long as you only put the thing in…and don't try looking around. It could be dangerous for both of us." Mental problems aint no joke. And boy does he have some.

Kellan shakes his head and says, "I can just project an image without receiving anything. You'll just see the man as I saw it from the person I retrieved it from, and the van." And then he does just that. It's like a flicker and then there's the memory, just as it appeared to Kellan when he got it from the waiter at the restaurant — A man in his late 40s to early 50s, bald on top, lean, with a halo of hair that was greying at the temples and maybe 5'8". He can see the man, in the clothing he wore, clearly. Then there is the picture of the florist van with the license plate and the name of the company on the side. Then, just like that, the image stops. Kellan only projects, does not attempt to receive anything in return, carefully depositing the information and then watching Max to see what he thinks of it.

"I know him." Maximus whispers, now dredging up all the things he knows about that man. "I have…/spoken/ with him. He's a middle man though. Someone who brokers getting things for other people. He works for someone else…called just…'his man'. He was probably hired for this job. Someone requested him to do it." Maximus folds his arms over his chest and lowers his chin. "Its a drive."

Kellan studies Maximus while the man considers the information given to him. That Max seems to know who the man is brings a little bit of surprise to Kellan's features briefly, but then he is nodding. "He's the one who gave the waiter the $100 to drug the soup. Middle men upon middle men. But if you know where we can find him.. then we'll go. How far of a drive?" Not that it matters, but just to plan for how long it will take to get there. "I don't want to wait much longer than necessary. Once Jay and Vic are back from gathering what they've got, I think we're going to go."

"I think I can give you that much. He's called Pendergast…and he has a house in Saratoga Springs. I met him there once for business. He helped acquire some materials I needed that the government of this country did not need to know I had. Nothing too unsavory. Still. Its a good 3 hours in a limo." Maximus does not have the same shared life experience as everyone else.

"Hm, I wonder if Vic can drive. Not sure we want to take the driver on this one," Kellan says, pretty sure that getaway driver isn't on the list of services offered. "We'll figure it out. Okay, Pendergast." He starts thinking, churning over this information as he paces a little bit in the middle of the apartment. Then he looks over to Max and says, "Thanks, Max. I really do appreciate your help in finding him. Would that we could have met under more pleasant circumstances."

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