1964-08-02 - Home again
Summary: Warren finally makes it home to his estate, thanks to Diz.
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Home. To some it might be a small and sparse little apartment, to others it is a nice single family residence.

To Warren Worthington III, home is a multi million dollar estate with the grounds to match. The family home stands tall and proud on the immaculately manicured lawn and topiary that dot the landscape, and as Dizzy drives up to the gates, Warren sinks down into the seat and tries to make himself as invisible as possible. "Just…I don't know. Drive to the garage I guess. I can sneak into the main house from there."

Julie nods, rolling on in. "Yeah, that's usually where I go, for obvious reasons," she winks, actually, in fact, backing in like she's unloading something, not that it's likely anyone's overlooking from there except perhaps staff-not-in-the-know. "Yer Jeeves is in for a surprise, that's for sure." She cuts the engine, finally, and pops out to have a look around.

Once the car is in the garage and out of the eye line of anyone whom might be watching, Warren removes himself from the car and stretches. "I didn't even think about that." he admits as Julie talks about the staff of the house. "Maybe we should have just headed to the penthouse in the city. At least there I wouldn't have to try and explain to the staff what the hell has happened."

Warrens shakes his head, combing his fingers through the golden tresses of his hair as he rolls his shoulder in a slow shrug. "Maybe it is just time for the world to know that I am what I am." He smirks, "I am sure that my board of directors will welcome me back with open arms and minds."

Julie smirks, "Just a whole office building? Anyway, like I said, I think your guy's probably been keeping track of what you need to get on top of things again. I dunno much about your world, but I know you been dealing with some pretty …ambitious suits as it was."

Smirking, Warren glances at Dizzy, "Well, at least at the office I could have just come in from the top floor. I wouldn't have to deal with anyone. As long as nobody was looking up that is. Even if they were, they wouldn't know what they saw that high up."

Warren looks towards the house and squares his shoulders, "Well, it doesn't really matter now. I am going to have to face this sooner or later, might as well just do it now." Warren takes a deep breath and starts to stroll towards the door that will lead to the back path to the manor house.

Julie nods, going on ahead. "I'll just make sure the coast is clear, seems like your guy's got that down." She tries the door into the house. "Think I ought to ring, or just…?" She twiddles her fingers in the air, apparently she could likely get past the lock.

Warren arches a brow and looks to Julie, "You can do that? Of course you can do that. Tumblers and all. Remind me to change to a electronic lock system." He offers Julie a wink, and moves to reach for his keys before realizing that he doesn't have any. "Hrm. Maybe ringing the bell might be a better option than just breaking in. I don't want to get Jeeves the wrong impression and have him break out the shotgun."

Julie nods, with a smirk, and rings. "I bet he watched us all the way," really…" she's reaching for the doorbell, in fact, and it opens. She smiles. "Hey, there, guess who I brought with me," she winks. "Ah, some stuff happened, though."

Jeeves glances from Julie to Warren and his brow arches. "Mister Worthington?" the butler says in his upper class British accent, a slightly shocked expression on his face. "You are…well. You are blue, sir." He looks between Dizzy and Warren and steps to the side, "Come in…come in. Head to the study and I will make sure that I keep the rest of the staff away for now. Ms. Bottero, can I bring you anything?"

Warren manages a weak smile towards the man and gives him a nod. "Thanks, J"

Julie smiles, and glances at her watch, "Could do with a beer, I guess, thanks, better stay away from anything stronger." Cause she could be driving, really.

Jeeves nods and makes his way towards the kitchen while Warren makes his way to the study

"He's a good man. Never looked at me any differently when he found out I was a mutant. I'm glad he is still here handling things." Warren says as he flops down into a chair. "It's going to be an interesting time around here. Somehow I am going to have to find out who will and won't blab to the media, without letting people know what happened to me. The last thing I need is some over anxious staff member telling the world I'm a mutant for a payday." He looks to Dizzy, "Maybe I should grab Jean or Charles and have them come over and…uh…check things out."

Jeeves comes back into the room with a pint glass on a silver tray, which he sets down onto one of the side tables. "It's good to see you home, sir." The old man smiles and inclines his head before once again walking out the door and closing it behind him.

Julie nods. "Well, at least you ought to be able to grab a change of clothes and all that, maybe find out what the company news is, if I'm right," Smiles a bit as the glass is delivered. "Hey, thanks, buddy." Thinks. "Guess maybe you could say you was getting something done about your back, didn't want the press involved, tehn there's just the blue to worry about."

Warren nods. "Maybe." says Warren as he leans back into his chair and closes his eyes. "A change of clothes will be nice. I mean, don't get me wrong, the sweatpants look is dapper and all, but…" He smirks, "I can only beat the ladies off so much you know? I've got to tone down the charm before I get overrun."

He looks over to Dizzy and rubs at his chin, "It's the blue that I don't know what I am going to do about. I mean, I suppose I could try using make-up, but I can't imagine that me putting on foundation like spackle is going to fool people for very long. And talk bout time consuming. Even if I only did my face and hands, it's bound to get noticed eventually."

Julie smirks. "Well, there's that thing you could ask Lorna about. I think it's magic, actually." She has a sip of her beer. Fancier stuff than she's used to, doubtless. "Or I dunno, maybe the Prof could help you put in an appearance, now and again."

Warren nods. "Maybe. Lorna had green hair, right? I believe I met her once or twice. It's blurry, like a lot of things." I don't know if Charles would want to do that. I don't think he likes to mess around with people's brains unless he has no other choice. I'll think of something." He glances at the beer, "I should have asked for one of those, or a martini. But it's probably best I don't drink right now. Once I start, I might not stop."

Julie nods. "Guess it sounds like a plan, if that's how you feel about it. Still probably a lot to figure out about what they did." She hrms, thinking intently for a moment. "Maybe I could try converting one of those steam cabinets to something to help with the makeup idea. Or just an airbrush. I think maybe they use that for makeup sometimes."

Warren hrms and nods. "I need to talk to Kaleb. I should give him a call now that I am 'back' to a more sane level of emotion. From what I hear, I owe him."

He reaches up and rubs at the back of his neck, "What are you thinking, Diz? Converting a steam cabinet to a full body paint sprayer? Blue Warren goes in, white Warren comes out? That might work, but i'd still have to deal with the face. Maybe Thea can help me get a hang of that and how to make it look natural."

He pauses for a moment, "Thea is probably going to flip out. Not sure how she is going to handle this whole blue thing. I might end up single…well, more single anyway."

Julie nods. "Something like that. If I can make it work, anyway, well, the face ain't too bad for time-consuming. Even I gotta doll myself up sometimes." She winks. "Yeah, I guess Kaleb and Lorna went off for the weekend, wonder when they're back. Kinda no time to be running off, though."

"You're just fine without being all dolled up, Diz." says Warren with a chuckle. "I wonder when they are going to get back. Did they let you know when they were planning on returning? The sooner I can get some of these holes in my head plugged, the better."

Julie nods, sipping the beer, and saying, "Way too many of us seem to be getting grabbed up for someone to experiment on, it seems." Frowns, "Feel like I'm batting out of my league on some of this stuff, really. But I guess that's why it's a school."

Warren nods quietly. "I wouldn't worry to much about it, Diz. Your mutation is less visible, so unless you go showing it off I think you should be ok. I don't think Charles or anyone is going to expect you to suit up and try and go save the world. Not unless you want too. That being said, learning how to defend yourself is not a bad thing, for anyone."

Julie nods. "Stuff's got a way of coming up, believe me. Someone's gotta step up when it happens, and all."

Warren nods. "I hear ya. I've tried to do my part with my family's money, and with my own skills. Who knows, maybe now I will be able to do more than I would have been able to before. Whomever did this to me made me…better in a way. A better weapon at any rate."

Julie nods, sipping the beer. "I'll say. Though why don't I find that too reassuring, I dunno. I don't think they was trying to do you a favor, or anything." She hrms, "As skills and money go, been thinking I oughtta be putting some things together. Ain't everyone that can fly or turn into the wind and stuff, after all. I put together something for the city that won't stand out too much, but definitely thinking the school oughtta have something to get in and out of trouble with."

Warren nods in agreement. "I don't think you are wrong. This isn't something I asked for or wanted, and the people that did this to me…well…some of them learned the error of their ways permanently." Warren sighs, his hands clenching into fists, knuckles turning white. "I would hate to think what I WAS being 'created' for."

He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath trying to relax against the rising anger. "What did you make, Diz." he asks, trying to turn his thoughts to something else.

Julie says, "Well, after the ice-aliens from Planet Asgard kinda wrecked Brighton Beach, the family had me looking after this Chevy wagon of Mr. Cohen's, …kinda had some stuff dropped on it here and there, so I did it up with some special carburetion and manifolds and gearing and stuff, could be about the torquiest straight-six in town, but you wouldn't know it. Inconspicuous, you know? Only not so inconspicuous upstate or in certain nicer parts of town. Been thinking about those new Pontiacs, also a little something I got salted away in case, well, I dunno. Thinking we could put together a little order, set something new up right.""

Warren hrms, "Well, I still have room in my garage." He grins with a chuckle, "What is it you wanted to try out?"

Julie smirks. "Thinking about these GTO's that everyone's buzzed about. They sell a whole package of goodies like a trim package on Tempests, but it's all performance stuff, engine, tranny, diff, all that. And nothing *says* you can't order that on the wagon, not that anyone but me or maybe a super-team's wanting anything but the coupe. Or, say, a fancy-pants prep school. See where my mind's going, here?" She adds. "I don't think nobody can drive like me, not when I'm using my stuff, anyway, except maybe this one guy, but he's got like magic superhero powers or something if he's in the mood. …Anyway, that's one thing I ain't behind on."

Warren nods slowly. "So, if I am understanding Diz speak, you want to supe up a car, so that the team has a overpowered vehicle to get to and from anyplace we might need to go in a hurry. A wagon, so it fits more people. Is that right?"

Julie nods. "Well, talking about *ordering* one or two, just with all the right stuff already there: I can see about improving once they actually deliver em. What I soup up till they get there, well, that's a different story. Stanley can handle a lot, but he kinda stands out a lot of places, and anyone on the scene knows whose ride it is, which is kind of the point, plus things got a way of breaking around our kinds of emergencies." She thinks, and says, "Anyhow, that's the general idea. Something respectable that can get out of its own way, I mean, like really. Also as kind of an incentive for my driver's ed classes that I ain't told the Prof I got planned yet. " She winks. "Anyway, did I mention I keep meeting people from outer space lately? I got overpaid by someone for a job only it's not exactly in something I can just go to the bank with, so I could kick in if you can do something with random metals without getting the Feds down your accounts. But it's something I can do and all."

"Outer space?" Warrens says with a chuckle. "No, you hadn't told me. But I've haven't exactly been around to tell. I'm not sure what I would do with any random metals. Sounds like that would be something more up Erik's wheelhouse. Maybe he could make them into some sort of statue." He shrugs, "Let me know how much the wagons are, and I'll have Jeeves cut you a check. The very least I could do it donate some assets towards the school. I'll call it a tax write-off."

Julie nods, "Could come to five figures for a couple, is all." Yes, that's huge for her. "But I guess when I said 'Random metals' I meant 'Pure Platinum.'" She shrugs. "Anyway, I guess if you change your mind. Don't feel right trying to spend it on myself, anyway, but this is different I guess, either way. Sounds like whoever we're up against with you and Kaleb's story, we're going up against money, too, and that part ain't my world so much, but you can bet they're equipped."

Warren whistles. "Pure platinum? Must be pretty. I don't know that I have any use for it what so ever. I'd suggest selling it, but then the question would arise as to how you got it." He rubs at his chin, "I could sell it for you. It's less likely to raise eyebrows. I can purchase it for 'work'. I am sure the guys down at WI might be able to find a use for it." The mention of the cars costing 5 figures doesn't seem to phase him much, "Just let me know, Diz. I'll take care of it. You can 'pay me back' by working on that steam cabinet idea."

Julie laughs, "Talk about getting overpaid. But, yeah, I'll see what I can work in. The tough part's what I *don't* know about, which is what kind of makeup you can spray." Thinks a moment, and ahs. "Hey, I got it, Hollywood. I bet I know someone that knows someone back on the other coast, at least everyone claims to. But some of the custom houses work with like the movie prop departments and all that. I already got people guessing what kinda project all these wild custom seats is for."

Warren grins. "I'm sure you can figure it out. Hollywood isn't a bad idea. I'm sure they are using techniques that are uncommon for most people, and they seem to be inventive in the way to use make-up. It's probably just as simple as liquifying the make-up with something like oil to let it move through the hoses easier, but that is way beyond my area of expertise."

Julie nods. "Yeah, I bet someone's got that all figured out, then it's just how to make it a household appliance like a spray booth." She winks.

"Of course, the tabloids will have a field day if they trace how much I'll be spending on make-up." Warren says with a chuckle. "They are going to think I have a harem of girls in here or something."

Julie winks. "I think I can keep that out of sight."

Warren shrugs. "Eh, there are worse rumors that could be spread around about me." He smirks, "I'll just have to get WI to start dealing in beauty products. Shouldn't be to hard. Hell, maybe we can come up with a formula that works for what you need."

Julie nods. "Might be more specialized stuff in the end, but probably you ain't the only one who could use it. I mean, easy for me to say, but I don't think people ought to have to hide being one of us anyway, but we obviously don't live in that kinda world." Muses a bit bitterly over the beer she's drinking, there. "Things are tough all over, that way, but someone went out of their way to turn you blue, so screw em. "

Warren nods. "I don't know what the deal is with the blue. I don't know if it was on purpose, or if it is just some messed up side effect they were not counting on. I agree, that we shouldn't have to hide. I should be able to walk right out of this place, walk up to the cameras out side and declare who I am, what I am, and be accepted for that. I shouldn't have to worry that my livelihood or even my life might be taken by some bigoted asshole that thinks he is better than I am just because I am different." He pauses, "But I do. I don't know if that makes me a coward, or realistic. Maybe one day, I just won't give a shit anymore."

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