1964-08-05 - Echo Returned
Summary: After 8 days of Kaleb missing the team and their unlikely ally set the Pendergast House on its ear to break Echo out.
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Due to an unexpected puzzle piece received by Kellan from an even less likely source a lead was found and all that was left to do was pace a hole in the floor and wait for the boys to come home.

Even in times of chaos and trouble, the basics need to be taken care of. It's what Jay's good at: keeping up with the basic things in life while the world sorta crumbles. When he's home and not at work, the center, or out trying to keep up social expectations, he keeps up with the cleaning to an obsessive degree. The shopping. So on, so forth. The red-head hasn't been sleeping regularly, when he does, it's in Kaleb's room, but he still functions well enough. Like right now, the young man was at work and picked up groceries afterwards. Tapping the door open with his foot after unlocking it, arms full of brown paper bags he can just barely see over. A red head pokes around when he hears footsteps. "Hey." On his way to the kitchen.

Vic comes in from work, and where most people would be exhausted, he's munching on bread with a bounce in his step. Mmm, carbs. Carbs keep him going. Without carbs, he's a sad mote. "Hey," he says to Jay, and he sets down a bag of the rich, chewy, substantial bread from Lambert's oven. It would be day-old tomorrow, but it's not going to last that long.

Kellan comes out of his room. There are a couple of bags set out in the livingroom and there are things in them, and it looks like Kellan has been prepping a bit when Vic and Jay were out. He comes out to help with the groceries and then he says, "Hey, guys.. I found out where Kaleb is and I've gotten some stuff ready to go. I want to go and try and get him." He starts putting things away in to fridge and into the pantry from the bags that Jay had brought in.

Jey's happy to accept help, even if he doesn't necessarily need it, he's grateful for the effort, "Thanks, man." Toting the rest to the kitchen, there's a stunned moment of shock as he puts the bags down, arching his brows at Kellan. "What, really? Ho-how? Where?" Unloading the bags quickly, all eyes on Kellan, his wings shiver lightly.

Vic sets the bag of bread aside and looks to Kellan. "That's great," he says. "Let's do it. I'll help out any way I can." He comes over to wrap his arms around Kellan's shoulders from behind. It's not really conducive to putting away groceries despite him trying to move in tandem with his boyfriend.

"So I got directions, found someone who knew something about the guy who paid off the waiter to poison the soup. Turns out that he's a middle man and we got some information on where you guys and I can find him. It's a long drive, about three hours or so, but I have a location. I figure we can get out there, and then I can kind of.. listen, see if I can pick up Kaleb and communicate with him. I've got some thoughts on how we can get him out if he's there," Kellan says. "Can you guys think of anything else we should take? I've got like.. some tools, scrwedrivers, tape, rope… a knife." And Boondock Saints won't come out for quite a while yet.

You and your fucking rope!

One reliable way to get Jay to stop staring is pda, so the young man ducks his head away and busies putting cans away in the cabinets. He bobs a couple nods while Kellan explains. "We know anything about the place? Ah mean…if Kale can't get out, himself, it's gotta be pretty, well, dangerous, ain't it?"

"Might not be a bad idea to have some kind of weapon to defend yourself. I know where we can get a gun and some money. Though I guess money's not a problem." In deference to Jay, Vic stops hanging off of Kellan. "It wouldn't take me long to get it. I could just nip out and be back in a couple minutes."

Kellan leans back against Vic a little bit quietly and nods to Jay. "I don't know much about the place but from what I gather there will be security, and we're going to have to kind of improvise because I don't know much about the building…b ut i can figure some things out once we get there." He then nods to Vic and says, "If you can, then yeah.. a weapon or two might help. Do either of you know how to use one?"

Jay nods in return to Kellan, his expression set into a thoughtful air of readiness. He glances between the two men momentarily and closes the cabinet, slowly lifting a hand up near his shoulder. He mentions, with some slight hesitation, "Ah know how to shoot." Country boy. "Ah mean, mostly with a rifle, but Ah know how to use a handgun. Revolver. Ah haven't used one fer a spell. Not since—" not since he was murdered with one. "Not since ah left home few months ago. Ah've never threatened anyone with one b'fore." Jay shrugs gently, chewing on the inside of his cheek mildly.

"I can use one," Vic says. He kisses Kellan on the cheek, then heads for the door. "I won't be long," he says. "I think Jay should have it. I punch real hard." He flashes them both a toothy smile. Worried, but always with the attempt at good cheer. "You won't even have time to miss me." Then he's out the door.

Kellan nods to Jay and says, "Well, if we get lucky.. and what I'm thinking works.. then we might not need to shoot anyone but.. knowing that you know how to use one is a good thing. I can, as well. I used to go hunting with dad. He taught me how to use a gun pretty early on." Not that he owns one, but he does know how to use one. He pulls Vic back for a moment and returns the kiss to his cheek before letting him go. "Okay, we'll be here."

Jay leans his hips back against the counter, arms crossing loosely over his chest while they discuss the technical bits. He nods to Vic as he steps out, "Stay safe, man." Exhaling a deep breath as he turns back to Kellan. "So, Ah mean, do we know anythin' about these folks at all? Because…okay, Ah aint sayin' this is the case, but…" Jay shifts and scoops a hand through his hair, shifting his part to toss longer hair in a swoop to the other side that starts to slide apart. "Ah know a thing or two about folks with an agenda. They don't give up easy. If we can break 'em out this time, it doesn't mean they're safe."

Vic is gone a little longer than he intended, but it's still within a fifteen minute window, and he's back with two guns. It's best not to ask. "Here," he says, giving one to Kellan and the other to Jay. He's actually broken a sweat with the effort, and he's panting for breath. He must have really been booking it. He's got a pocket of bullets, because that's safe, and he distributes a little between them both. "They're loaded but you might need these."

"I don't know uch of anything about them," Kellan tells Jay with a shake of his head. "Just the name of the guy, that he's a iddle man, and that the house that we're going to is in Sarasota Springs. We're going to have to figure out what we can when we get there. Unless you want to do more investigation before we leave." He sees fine with that, he's just gotten all that he can get at the moment. When Vic return, he takes the firearm that Vic passes to him and he tucks it away, making sure that the safety is on. He gives Vic's shoulder a little squeeze. "Thank you," he says sincerely. Then he looks at the two to wait and see whether they're waiting or going.

And lo' after calling around our intrepid heroes acquired a ride, and a map that will express the zoomed in roads of Saratoga Springs courtesy of a map from the Rotary Club. They have time to eat (well for people not Vic. Never enough time for Vic to finish eating.) and study the map to form an efficient plan once they get there.

The drive…



Three hours in the back of a limo long. The length of the trip was not undersold. Saratoga Springs was a large sprawling city with carpeted green lawns. The place was where people with too much money dropped one of their vacation homes. The homes were large and spread far apart with a few lakes spattered around. Were this Hell's Kitchen built on a tight little grid this would go a lot faster.

3 hours later…


Somewhere. Finally Kellan got a ping that was a ways out but his brother was… here… THERE!

Holy shit this place might be a vacation spot. The signal wasn't great but Kellan could easily pick out his twin's mental pattern anywhere as well as he might his own. Not that many people besides actually thought in a series of frowns and disapproval like Morse Code. The place was three stories high on the ends, shorter in the middle, and had a sizable security feature around it as a private estate. The grounds were immaculately kept and anything fortified about the building was kept discrete in the architecture.


Jay's a quiet accomplice for the ride. Looking at the house Kellan steers them toward, Jay looks confused for a moment, then shakes his head mutely. He waits for instruction.

When they got closer to the property, he began to squint, and then he began to frown and then Kellan says, "This is not what I was expecting. I thought this was going to be like.. some sort of weird medical facility or something. This is… not quite how this was sold to me." He glances at the other two. Then as they get within a block or so of the building itself he suddenly sits up straighter and he grabs Vic and Jay's arms simultaneously. "I can sense him. He's in there."

Poor Jay. Vic tries to keep the PDA to a minimum, but he only seems calm when he's got contact with Kellan. Holding hands, an arm around him, whatever Kellan wants or needs. Worried twin needs comfort. When Kellan sits up, Vic does too. "Is he all right?" he asks.

Jay just keeps his attention out the windows. He's fine. He gets it. Though when Kellan grabs his arm, there's a start and quick glance toward the remaining twin, then toward the building. Not what they were expecting.

"I don't know. It doesn't work that way. I need to establish a link and then, I can only talk to him, see what he is thinking about, hear what he's thinking about," Kellan says and then he does in fact reach out and make contact with Kaleb, "Let's pull over up the road here.. and then see what we can scope out around the place. Jay, can you get us an overhead visual? Vic, can you maybe scope out the number of guards, or guess at the security at all? OldVic knew how to hotwire cars, right? Maybe he knows weak spots we can use to break in?"

"Sure thing," Vic says. He gives Kellan a quick kiss, then asks the driver to pull over. OldVic knew breaking and entering. Once the car is stopped, he slinks outside and shoves his hands in his pockets, looking for all the world to just be a guy taking a walk. Meanwhile, he cases the place like he might have in the old days.

Jay nods mutely, looking at the building thoughtfully. "Y'know…if we can get a pin on Kale…Ah'd just as quick find another vehicle an' ram th' building an' break him out if he's in an exterior." Jay suggests with a shrug as he gets out of the limo and takes a breath. He's less discrete than Vic, but at this point, he doesn't care. They're here. They're getting Kellan's brother back. In a moment, Jay's in the air, climbing high and fast at a steep incline, wings pumping hard. He takes a high pass overhead over the grounds.

Vic can find a few things to note. For one someone is leaving the drive and there's a man in a gatehouse who can double as a perimeter guard at the drive with a good view of the house. There seems to be a phone line connecting it back to the main building. On a further search around the area Vic can locate also where the poles extend to that might cut communication off at the house. The drawback is that may alert peoples interior that something is funny, it may just keep them busy.

Aloft Jay can find a few details. For one there are dogs on the premises and a utility room on the roof with a roof hatch. Not entirely uncommon in older tenements and structures as this one. The other thing that is notable is the end of the building that Kellan references is predominantly residential and there are large windows on the stone edifice that open outward. On the upshot they don't look barred but they do look higher up than one can safely drop out of. From the vantage point he can see a slow patrol that doesn't seem to look up all that often.

Kellan does succeed in establishing a link with his twin. The synaptic relay latched on but the reception was sluggish. Something was… wrong. He was scared, and the thought patterns in the conversation were not the most coherent. *Kellan… they got… stuff in me…Can't feel…things…* Describing things was hard but even medicated Kaleb latched onto his brother's mind like an anchor.

Moving away from the car and toward the treeline not far from the house, Kellan continues to reach out to Kaleb until he can make contact with him. There was definitely something wrong. He'd felt Kaleb's mind when he was sick, sleeping, awake, but never like this. Can you tell me where you are? Describe the room. Look around if you can, think about sending me what you can see. He normally wouldn't give instructions but he's not sure how clear Kaleb is. He continues to share what information he can with his brother while Vic and Jay continue their surveillance.

Vic is just running reconnaissance. He makes a note of everything, then comes back around to Kellen, who he's decided is in charge. "We can cut their phone lines. It might alert them to our presence but they wouldn't be able to call for backup or tell anyone what's going on. There's one man at the gatehouse, possibly armed."

from above, Jay does his recon on the building in question, taking an extra lap around, dropping a little to see if he can get a count on the beasts and any helpful details on the room with the hatch. if there's nobody immediately present, he will try to drop down and land as quietly as possible on the roof nearby

As it turns out, the lads were not alone. Maximus always had a way to get where he was least and most wanted. It was a strange phenomenon, but then again he also knew where Kellan would have to go were all theories and portents correct. And lo, Kellan zeroed in on the address on his own which may confirm several working theories.

The roof Jay landed on had a fair walk around up top that gave access to the yard lights that shone down from the house, if one can call something so large a 'house'. Relay from Kellan could at least provide a bearing for where the room was and that there may be some nature of medical complication. He didn't suggest it looked anything like what Kaleb described Warren's process as but he didn't say it didn't either.

Vic's assessment was in fact, on closer examination correct. There was a middle aged man who looked like he wore the pistol with knowledge of it. Vic could also confirm the 3 men on ground patrol looking like persons just taking a stroll, but from the ground were confirmed to be armed.

Inside Kellan's head Kaleb tried to stay awake and focused, *There's… this machine thing and they have stuff running into my arm. I tried to take it out but it got all… messed up. I don't… know… there's a door. Locked from the outside. Nice room, bad applesauce. Two windows but it's so… so high up. So fucking tired.*

At the treeline at the edge of the property, Kellan waits for Vic to return and nods when he gets the information about the guards and the phone line. He tries to keep sight of Jay. He reaches out to Jay then and says into his head Can you turn out the yard lights? then he loooks to Vic and says, "Can you get the phones? We can cut the phones, and the lights at the same time. We know what room he's in.. we just need to get to it. I'm thinking if you and Jay can get Kaleb out of the room, I can send the copies around in front of the cameras, distract them thinking Kaleb got out maybe and give them more targets while you work to getting him to safety."

Yes…most and least wanted. Definitely not expected. Maybe not even welcome. But, such is the affliction of a Maximus the Mad, vaguely stalking a person. He can figure where minds are, and he tromps along from where the car was left, heading through the trees that surround the property until he's in audio distance of Kellan and Vic. They will absolutely hear him.

Vic also tells Kellan about the other three. No surprises for Kellan. Not the time or place. "Sure, I can get the phones," he says. "Do you want me to hit the guy at the gate first? He won't have time to reach for his gun, which I can take, leaving him unarmed, and then I hit the phone lines. Maybe while Jay's getting Kaleb, I can just keep punching people really hard?"

hearing someone else in his head is /not/ a feeling Jay has encountered before. Stepping lightly around the roof, checking for souls, power breakers, glancing over the edge for balconies and window access, the redhead stumbles with a start when he hears Kellan, flapping a moment with alarm and glancing around himself swiftly. He whispers, "Uh…Kel?" Uncertainty floods his mind and a jumble of words, thoughts and feelings from a mind not the least trained in mental disciplines. %<u00a0>Though, amusingly enough, while tapped in, Kel would discover that Jay's mind plays a soundtrack; music loops through his mind from emotional cues. %<u00a0>The flier nods to himself and whispers out loud to select a single stream of consciousness back to Kel while whispers and music acts as white noise between, "Yeah. Theres access up here t'lights. An' some utility room with a hatch.". stepping quickly back toward the yard lights. " There's a lotta windows guys. This could be seriously easy if we can pin down which room is his. Jus' tell me what y'all need, man. Oh! Be careful down there, they got dogs."%<u00a0>

Kellan nods to Vic when he suggests knocking out the guard. "If you can handle the other guards, that'd work, sure." He waits though, to hear from Jay. It's then that he notices someone coming toward them and he pulls his own gun, pointing it at the approaching figure until it becomes obvious that it is Max. Blinking a little he says, "Max.. we're going in to get Kaleb." Then he turns his mind back to Jay and says I'm going to show you which window is for his room. If you can knock out the lights, and Vic and I can handle the guards, then maybe we can bust in that second story window where he is. Got any way to get him out the window? He's hooked up to some machines and out of it. He's going to need to be carried. "Talking to Jay," he explains to those two nearest him.

Maximus makes a humming sound of recognition. "Oh my…don't you seem so…in charge. How attractive is that. Sooo." Max is wearing a black turtleneck, and black canvas pants, his black curls are loose and he has two smears of black under each eye and its totally not mascara that he just smeared there because he saw it in an add for the military. He does have some things that MIGHT be weapons, except they look totally alien, on his belt. "Where's the hole that needs filling…and I will fill it with my talents."

Vic turns to Maximus, and he smiles fleetingly. Not so much in good cheer now, so close they are to rescuing Kaleb. "We need to take out the guards," he says. "One at the gatehouse I'll get, there's three around the other side, and there are dogs, so be careful. We also need to fry the phone lines." He pauses. Then he says to Maximus, "Can you get the gate guard instead? He's got a pistol, but it's not drawn. I'll fry the phone lines then go for the dogs."

Jay crouches so he's less of a big red wind vane on the roof, waiting to hear back from Kellan. "When we hit the lights, they're gonna know somethin's up, ain't they? Stirrin' up a wasp nest." Jay frowns and looks out over the expansive yard. "Ah can get to the window if he's got one and jailbreak him, no problem. Ah can carry a person, no problem. If he ain't locked up, Ah can fly him clean outa here. Is he alone?" Jay treks along the roof toward the end of the building he feels pushed toward subconsciously if there's any sort of psychic bleed there. The winged young man takes a knee on the edge of the roof and waits, wings eked away from his back, 'tasting' the wind while he waits for word to go yank the lights.

In Kellan's head there's a voice that confirmed, *Yeah. They came in for…checks no along ago. Think… Pendergast left this afternoon. Dinner's… Dinner's done* There was a pause as Kaleb tried to pull his thoughts together. He was angry, and his senses just felt drown in water that carried over to Kellan's reception. *Lorna's not here. Found address. Let me… I can get the window* there's an impression given as he tried to get out of bed and mentally walked Kellan through what was happening which was a chore and a half. *Window.. window unlocked*

One of the windows on the second floor pushed open unnoticed to most. That it was summer and it was hot was not absurd in nature.

The guard at the gate was thumbing through a magazine oblivious so far to any shenanigans.

The 3 guards on the grounds doing their idle rounds Jay could still keep track of from his pigeon perch.

Kellan listens to the voices in his head, moving from one to the other and then back again. "Okay, Kaleb got the window. Jay's going to grab him. We're going to hit the lights out here so we can have some darkness for the getaway. Vic, go ahead and deal with the phones and the dogs.. and Max, keep the guard out front from trying to get backup. We'll all meet back up here at the car." Then there are suddenly three additional Kellan's, all dressed identically to the primary. "I'm going to help out with distracting any additional guards that might show up." He glances around to each person for a moment and then he says, "Okay…you guys get in place.. I'm going to tell Jay to go as soon as you guys get close." And lo does he wait, and his copies begin to move out onto the grounds. He remains by the car, and gives Jay the signal to grab Kaleb as soon as it seems opportune to do so.

"I can take care of a guard, yes." Maximus wets his lips and a sinister look crosses his features. Then he strikes off, kinda being sneaky, until he's about 50 feet away from the guard. Then he slows down and for those that might be paying attention, like the guard, his eyes glow blue. They should be flattered. He only puts forth that much effort when he really wants success at something. He launches out with his will and tries to curl around the man with the gun in the tower, ramming a hand up the proverbial ass of his mind-puppet.

Vic eyes Maximus for a moment. He doesn't trust that look to mean anything good. He gives the nearest Kellan's shoulder a squeeze, then sets out toward the gate house. "I need to get to its phone," he tells Maximus in hopes of teamwork and minimal disaster. His intention once he gets there, providing the guard is subdued, is to pick up the phone and fry the lines through it. They'll come back, but for while they'll be shorted and dead.

Jay waits, forcing a cool sense of calm down over the top of the bubbling pot of anxiety he has going on right now, sending staccato runs of music through any lingering psychic connection Kel holds with him. Catching movement from a window, he creeps in that direction, sharp eyes keeping a pin on guard movement as well and will give warning if he sees anything unusual. given word he hits the lights

The guard in the gatehouse just stopped what he was doing. To say he was mesmerized would be underselling the experience. The middle aged man's became vacant and haunted, his body hanging in suspension on its bone frame awaiting Maximus's will to fill in the gaps. There was no awareness or notice of Vic slipping into the booth to access the phone lines and send a synaptic short through them letting entropy do the rest. The relay arced back to the main house killing the phones from being used anytime soon.

When Jay killed the lights the guards on the ground immediately spring into action pulling back to the house in a tighter formation and looking for the source. They see… Kaleb on the lawn? The Kellan clones sprung out in varied directions giving the guards something to look at away from the house allowing Jay to slip in.

Slipping into the open window the room was more than lavish; it was over the top. Kaleb was sitting on the floor inside the window in his t-shirt and striped boxers looking just wiped out and doped to the gills. His other hand held an IV stand that ran up to strange things still running a line into his arm. His head rolled up to look at Jay and very tiredly he murmured, "Jay… late….they stopped serving d'ssert."

The three Kellan clones take off in different directions in the dark, chases by at least a couple of guards, all of them heading as far from the house and where the others are as possible to lead guards, dogs, whoever away while the others take care of the rest of the escape plan. The original Kellan waits by the car with the driver, just a bit down the road. He hops in once he sees the others are in action and tells the driver to get ready to go.

Maximus continued to walk slowly, until he got to the guard house where Vic was, though he moves far slower. He moves his hand, though he doesn't need to, and the guard walks out with him, then draws out his gun. "I will make sure no one gets to the car before you boys do." Grin.

Vic eyes the gate man and his vacant, haunted hanging body. He glances back toward Maximus with uncertainty. Still, he picks up the phone, touches a fingertip to the mouthpiece, and sends an arch of electricity into it, which crackles up the lines and fries them all. He then sets the receiver in the cradle and goes off to find the dogs again.

The problem is Vic isn't going to kill those dogs or punch them, because they're dogs. It's not their fault, they didn't consent to this. And he has to touch them before he can make them lethargic. So this means when he does find the dogs, he grimaces, braces, and lets them have at his arm. I mean they are welcome to go to town on it. It's just that each time they touch him, they get more and more tired. The process is quick, but still.

Lights hit, bare little footsteps pad quick across the roof as Jay lightly /runs/ back to the other end of the house and very simply runs right off the edge, his wings spreading to catch him after the initial drop and use the windfall to gliiiiiide around in an arc back toward the house. Agile, the country boy snags the window frame with his fingers and bare feet with the ease of someone who's snuck into second floor windows before. Wedging his fingers under the window frame, he pulls it open and quickly climbs inside the…wow this room is nice. Huh. The drugged out look of his friend lolling in bed refocuses him. Jay walks quickly to Kaleb, following any lines that he might be stuck with, quickly untaping and pulling free if they exist. He cracks a crooked smile to Kaleb, "Well, Ah guess we gotta stop on the way home then, huh? Ah'm hankerin' fer some apple pie, and you know Vic's game." Jay whispers and leans down to grab Kaleb under his legs and back, lifting him like nothing. "You ready to make a real slick exit?" it's a little cumbersome, carefully climbing back to perch a foot on the window frame before anyone gets the smart idea to check on Kaleb, daaangling precious cargo out the window like a psychotic hollywood star.

Kaleb was so very, very, very awake when the pines were pulled out of his arm. His roommate scooped him like potatoes and his hand clamped over where the IV and the med's were pulled out. At the question of making a slick exit? Kaleb replied with a groggy murmur, "Well I ain't dressed f'er it… give em hell, Jay. Can't believe you guys found me. Hurry. I can't… buffer the door." His head felt like it was felt gummed up with honey. Not good. Need to stay awake. Awake good. Awake… difficult.

The guard that was Maximus' Meat Puppet(tm) was able to brilliantly stave off anything from getting too close as an extension of the Inhuman's inspiration. What this meant for the other guards was yet to be known.

The dogs found Vic. Those teeth HURT, but they weren't very large and liked to bite to lock. Both of them grabbed on and rapidly enough started to slow until they were as drowsy as the guy they came to rescue.

On the upshot Jay is able to get a clear shot at the window even though the footsteps can be heard walking in the hall outside, but also move past the door rather than stopping at it.

Maximus starts moving away from the complex, but his guard 'friend' stays behind. He stands right in the middle of the driveway, gun drawn. Though the source of this control remains at a distance, the man WILL attack anyone that heads out of the house, and Max must have some other ride home, because he does not reconnect with the others.

Waiting at the car, as soon as the copies are no longer needed, Kellan simply lets them dissipate and vanish, and then there is only him waiting for the others to arrive to make their getaway.

Ow ow ow. At least the dogs bite to lock, and it means within moments they're dopey and drooling. Vic strips off his shirt to wrap around his bloody and bleeding arm. Just try to keep clothes on that boy. But he does his job, keeping an eye on the patrol, which Maximus is also subduing. As Jay climbs in Kaleb's window, positions himself to stand watch. He cradles his bitten arm to his chest. Ow. Also? Ow.

With a side of ow.

And ow sprinkles on top.

Ouchtown: Pop. Vic

"Not so good at givin' folks hell, Kale," Jay mentions lowly as they reach the window and he tilts Kaleb protectively against his broad chest. "How 'bout Ah just give you help instead? Lookit me. Eyes open, man." Jay encourages and springs with one foot out the window, shoving far and fast, he dives out the window like a crazy person. Wings crack open when gravity tries to drop he and Kaleb to the ground, sense of gravity intensifies briefly, then an upending weightless feeling while wind surges around them. Kaleb's already disoriented so this may not be terribly fun as they're buffered on all sides by sound and wind and force as Jay flaps hard, heading back to the car swiftly. %<u00a0>Landing's a little rough as they reach the get away car, back winging, Jay drops about a foot and a half at a hard fall rather than a smooth glide, green eyes wide with a look to Kellan. Jay silently carries Kaleb into the back of their vehicle, not at rest until they're outta there.%<u00a0>

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