1964-08-05 - Keey Fem
Summary: Supergil (Lara) chats with Lobo after their initial fight
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High above Manhattan is everyone's favorite Czarnian. Coming to a stop he leans back in his seat and just listens to the music playing from the bike's speakers. There's nothing on Earth that sounds anything like it now, but it's an alien language growling over heavy guitars, drums, and some other instruments that don't sound like anything on this planet. Taking a drag on his cigarette the alien sighs. "This place is such ah drag sometimes."

Lara's doing her usual patrols, flying about over the city… when she hears something she's only heard once: that 'motorcycle' ridden by Lobo. Not really looking forward to fighting someone that strong, again, and without backup, she still uses her super hearing to zero in on its location, flying up to intercept it…. only to find it just hovering in place, with music blaring. Of course, -she's- heard that kind of music before — in her day, back before she got thrown into a past/alternate reality, that was called 'classic rock'.

Coming to a hover, herself, in front of the bike, she puts her hands on her hips. "Lobo", she says. "You're not here to cause trouble or pick a fight, this time, I hope?"

"Cause trouble, me?" Lobo asks, looking up and grinning. "Nah, I figured I'd ride around until I saw you again." Pushing up to sit proper he knocks the cherry from his cigar and looks Lara over. "Unless you were wantin' to fight. Or whatever else you mighta had in mind."

Lara's eyes narrow at Lobo's words. She doesn't really bat an eye at him giving her a once-over, either — she's used to being looked over that way, apparently, or it simply doesn't bother her in the slightest. "I only try to fight when it seems like it's warranted. If you're not here on a job, why -are- you here?", she questions.

"Well, I'm still here on ah job. But the dolphins like seeing their swimmin' counterparts here." Lobo jerks his thumb back towards the ocean. "Besides, I ain't starting too many fights on this dirt ball. Seems like most of the people can't take ah punch." Reaching behind him he pulls his vest over his bare chest, though it doesn't really cover much more. "So for the moment I'm takin in earth culture, learnin' the languages, and talkin' to ah beautiful Kryptonian. Surprising as it is to find 'em on Earth."

Lara listens, frowning a little at his saying he's still on the job… then, as if the mention of his job distracted her, she seems to realize what he said at the end. Being looked at is one thing, being flatly and openly complimented on her looks, another. Though she keeps her hands on her hips, she actually has a bit of a flush come to her cheeks. She opens her mouth as if to say something, then closes it as if having thought better of her words. Finally, she says, "… well, if you're not actively -doing- your job… would it be okay for me to ask what the job is, specifically? Honestly… it's your work, right? If you can convince me you really -aren't- going to make a big mess and hurt lots of people, I really meant it, before, when I said I wouldn't get in the way."

"Ah, I'm just here to bag some shitty little Krolotean that's posin' as a political official. Not gonna frag any humans, or him. Want 'im alive." Lobo explains, grinning a touch as he notices the flush. "Look at that, who knew ah little red could go such a long way." Hitting the gas he moves his bike closer so he can stand up on the foot rests and look down at Lara.

Lara's bit of flush doesn't fall away. "… so, there's an alien posing as a human political figure?", she asks of Lobo, trying to NOT admit he made her blush, even if just a little bit. "Honestly… that's something that people might want to know about. You said something, last time, about having to make a 'big show' of it? Do you need to have television cameras record your revealing of the alien?"

"Doesn't have to be a big show. Just need to know I was here and grabbed him." Lobo's grin grows ever so slightly. "Don't think I ever caught your name. Too busy fighting an' all." He sits back down, turning so there's a little more room available. "How 'bout you sit down and tell me about yourself?"

"I'm …. most call me Supergirl", Lara replies, deciding to not give her actual given name to Lobo. She hesitates a moment, then floats over to go ahead and sit down on the bike. "If there really is an alien impersonating a human politician, I think this does need to be exposed to the public. Frankly, if I knew who and what to look for, I'd probably try to do it myself…", she says.

"I can see why." Lobo adjusts so Lara can sit without touching him if she doesn't want to. "I'll take care of 'im soon as I can. Last I heard he went back to Vietnam, so that's where I'll pick up looking soon. You can come along if ya want, but he's mine."

Lara arches up an eyebrow. "Well, of course he's yours. I haven't any sort of contract I need him to complete. I merely wish to see that an alien who is masquerading as a human politician is exposed. You wouldn't happen to know why he's here, or what he's hoping to accomplish by masquerading as a human?"

"Experiments. Usually what they do." Lobo doesn't seem too bothered by it, but he's had a long time to get used to how the universe is. "Im sure the people will be glad to get rid of 'em." He turns over so he's straddling the bike and looking directly at Lara. "Guess not everybody decides to be ah hero though."

"No, not everyone does. I was raised by my parents to be who I am now, though… so I want to expose him to help people. If you're after him for other reasons, that's up to you… as long as you're not here to hurt people, just to capture that alien, I don't think I've got an issue with it", Lara says. Then she turns and grins at Lobo. "See? If you'd just bothered to explain it like this that first time, we wouldn't've had to fight then. Who's a skeezy dope, now, huh?"

"Hey, I don't like bein' rushed from behind." Lobo shrugs slightly. "Hadn't planned on fightin' until it was happening. Not that I mind a good fight." He reaches a large hand around to pat Lara's back if she allows it. "Besides, I'd just arrived an' ran into two Kryptonians. Didn't know nobody here would know what a Krolotean was."

"… I still don't know what a krolotean is", Lara says. "I've never seen one, before", she adds. She didn't dodge the pat on the back, either… she's ascertained that, regardless of who he is or the generally negative reputation he had in all she'd ever been told of him, Lobo's current reason for being on Earth is actually a -good- thing for people in general — and he's not here to kill anyone, just capture.

"Little thing, grey skin. Makes Earth tech look even older." Lobo turns the pat into more of a rub before moving his hand away. "No telling how many you really have on the planet, could be anyone. Once they're outside their suit there isn't anything they can do though."

Lara does tense up a little at the rub. "Outside their suit? … and you think there's more of them here than just that one?", she questions. She sits up a bit on the bike, having actually relaxed a little.

"Makes 'em look like whatever they're impersonating. Human in this case." Lobo pulls out his torch and re-lights his cigar, blowing the smoke overhead. "Once you get past the skin it's all metal. Nothing too strong anyway. Stronger than earth stuff though."

Lara frowns, pondering the thought of having to use x-ray vision on anyone and everyone she meets to see if they're one of these kroloteans… "There any way to tell them apart from everyone else, other than looking inside 'em?", she asks.

"Small things you probably wouldn't notice. They're good at learning their roles." Lobo shrugs once more and blows some smoke skyward. "The ones that can't usually don't end up gettin' this sort of opportunity."

"So… short of looking inside everyone, there's no real way to tell, huh?", Lara says, frowning a little bit as she puts her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. "… talk about looking for needles in a haystack!"

"Pretty much." Lobo still doesn't seem bothered, but he always liked ripping people in half. "Could be a lot worse though. The Main Man could have taken a different job and you'd never ah known."

"You don't have another job right now, do you?", Lara asks, narrowing her eyes as she sits up again to look at Lobo, directly in the face.

"Nope, took care of 'em already. Didn't wanna come all this way out here then have to turn around an hunt everyone back down." Lobo doesn't seem to be lying, but it's never easy to tell. "Not too many aliens interested in Earth. Can't blame 'em too much there."

Lara nods her head. "… well, that's a good thing, I guess", she says in reply. "… can your comm gear on this thing play a certain frequency at very high decibels ranges?"

"Sure thing. Wanting me to use it so you can hear?" Lobo just might be a little bit smarter than he lets on. "I'll probably have 'im before the week's out. Probably. But it's not like he has anywhere to run to while he's here."

"Yeah… if you use that frequency at a high decibel output over the city, I oughta be able to hear what your broadcasting, and mostly no one else'll know what's going on. Maybe Supergirl, too… the other Supergirl, that is. She's the one who was with me that day when you first got here. Having her help with capturing that alien wouldn't be a bad thing, though. If I run into her, I'll talk to her about it, okay?", Lara says, giving Lobo an idea how to contact her at need.

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