1964-08-05 - My neck and my back
Summary: Electro lets out some goons. Heroes hero.
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It started happening an hour ago and because none of the phones, alarms, or anything else in the prison are working anymore, things are getting pretty dicey pretty fast. In like a light, almost literally, Max Dillon (aka ELECTRO) is taking out some frustration after Spider-Man recently thwarted one of his plans.

In payback, Dillon subverted the prison's security systems by riding along the telephone wires. From there, he shut down the power. He shut down the power and opened the gates.

By the time heroes have started to show up, things are going from bad to worse. Many of the baddies have raided the equipment rooms and are using their equipment to terrorize the guards in payback or making their escape to New York. Some of the boats used by staff are already out on the water. Some of them have already landed.

Not everyone getting involved is a hero. Once one of the boats hits the water theres a confused sort of grunt followed by the pile of fabric shifting. "Huh, whas going on?" The lump reveals itself to be Akihiro, a homeless young mutant and former member of Xavier's Home for Imaginary Friends. As the world becomes clearer, he realizes that he's face-to-face with the barrel of a shotgun. "You wouldn't shoot a stowaway would you?"


What follows next is a scream of absolute terror as the teen (who's face is now a mess of bloody skin flaps and metal) tugs the inmate down and beats him until he's no longer conscious. Grumbling he pushes up onto his feet and takes a look around at the other boats. "Well.. this is gonna be fun."

Ne wasn't entirely sure when she'd made the leap from criminal and survivor to 'hero'. She'd done plenty of misdeeds in her own right after all. But then the rescues down at the pier, battling the undead in central park and building a refuge for metas and mutants alike? Maybe she was indeed crossing over to the right side of the line. Either that or perhaps even she wasn't fond of an entire prison's worth of criminals storming through the streets. Regardless, in a flash of frost and light Ne arrives on the scene. The parasol carrying and ice-cream colored mutant probably doesn't exactly look like the biggest of threats, but looks can be decieving. Raising a hand she lets several bolts of that physics-defying 'cold energy' fly, intending to immobilize the boats on the water. That was a decent enough place to start.

They're not here, then they are. Just like that! Two more Mutants, on the scene. That is, Pietro and Xi'an (aka Karma). Technically speaking, they didn't just appear. Pietro ran them in. He's fast like that, and that means, yes, he's literally carrying Xi'an. "Put me down!" the Asian woman with the French accent insists. And as soon as he does (which he'd better!), Xi'an starts to try to get a grasp of the situation.

Until she hears a shotgun blast. "Over there!" she says, and starts towards where it came from. Towards the docks, towards Ne and Akihiro.

This sort of trouble is something that draws the attention of anyone who's listening, but especially people who listen with super hearing. Supergirl may not have been on patrol when it started, but as soon as the word hit the newsroom, Kara Danvers was nowhere to be found, and Kara Zor-El was zooming through the sky in her red and blue to get to the prison. Once she gets there, though, the question is where to start?

"Told you this would be more fun than staying at home with your dusty old library." Pietro says but he's not looking the direction of the shotgun blast. He's looking out into the water. By now several not-too-bright criminals have tried to make a swim for it and are half-way across the bay. Some clinging to rocks to stay alive, some just trying to keep swimming even though their bodies have been pushed past their limits. People really do overestimate how much they can swim without drowning. "Meet you there!" he says then zooms off.
Pietro will have plenty of time to pick up the drowning men and strand them on a rock together in one nice big pile for the cops to pick up later by the time Karma moves at normal person speed to where the gunfire came from. As dying goes, drowning is one of the worst ways. He wouldn't wish it on anyone, even one of the inmates. Don't tell his sister. He doesn't like being thought of as soft.

Out on the field, convicts are running each and every way all trying to get out on their own. RHINO, who has only been here for days after being brought to justice by Supergirl, happens to see her on the horizon. "Dammit. I hate that girl," he says as he starts trying to run towards a boat and get out of here before she notices him.

Hammerhead, an old timey gangster with a terrible metal plate in his head, is lying low and hoping to slip out after all of the drama unfolds. He's patiently waiting in a storage closet, trying to pick and choose his time like this was some form of jumprope out on the playground.

Shocker, in full shocker garb, is shocking the hell out of the guards. Must be something personal there.

Frank Oliver, dubbed the Kangaroo by J Jonah Jameson in a desperate attempt to sell newspapers, is leaping onto a boat as we speak.

Meanwhile, as one of the police officer squads arrives via boat, a curious red and blue clad hero is sticking to the back of the boat. As they land, Spider-Man webs up to one of the sentry towers and bounds away. "Thanks for the ride, Johnny. I left the tip on your seat." Pause. "Okay, that's a lie. I have no money."

Up and over the fence Spider-Man goes and he begins webbing convicts to the ground. "You are, uh, grounded." Oy vey.

"Alright, maybe it's time to beat feet." Akihiro decides, hopping onto the ground and starting to jog towards the tower as his face is piecing itself back together. Except what's that running at him? That'd be the Rhino. A horn punches it's way through his midesction and the teen is thrown backwards, landing on top of the wall. "This is why I quit being a hero." he wheezes, his insides knitting back together as he pushes up onto shaky feet.

Only to fall down into the mass of criminals below, getting himself trampled underfoot. Oh what a day.

Fortunately for bad puns all around, the mute Ne wasn't going to be speaking any. Instead, the young woman looks rather out-of-place as she touches down on the shores by the boats, a bit to the right of where the reinforcements of police officers and webslingers are arriving. With her missmatched eyes falling focussed on a gang of fleeing criminals, only to have her attention broken by the flashing of high-voltage. Perhaps -that- was a bigger issue. Indeed, the young mutant was about to go a chase down the mastermind of this breakout when the rumbling of a charging bulk and the airbourne Akihiro give her enough warning to dive to the side and avoid a trampling of her own. Well that was rude!

Closing her parasol with a -snap-, the woman turns and extends a hand, sending another prolonged blast at the 'Rhino'. How well could the criminal charge if he was a frostbitten icecube?

Wide-eyed and entirely unsure where to even ''begin'', Xi'an stays back. At least, back until she sees a young man getting impaled. "Oh!" she cries out, and looks wholly troubled. There's a quick look around. Where's Pietro? There he is! "Where… where to first?" she asks, soon as he's back.

And of course, a lone woman standing about a prison break out/riot is not exactly safe. Yet, soon as one of those violent criminals starts towards her, he'll promptly turn himself around, and go sit down somewhere out of the way. Good boy.

Kara does still feel just a little bit guilty about just how hard she put the Rhino down last time. Sometimes it's hard to gauge a criminal's strength, after all. But that doesn't mean he gets a free ride off the island. Or free rein to go around goring people. After the Rhino leaves Akihiro knitting his insides back together, Kara dives after the criminal, landing in front of him with her hands on her hips. "You get one chance to go back peacefully," she says, lifting a hand to point back to the jail.

Pietro looks around, sees the person blasting Rhino, "Go protect the one fighting the Rhino. Energy blasters are great at a distance but they need someone to watch their back." he says speaking from a lot of team experience with an energy blaster. "Oh, and I apologize for your shirt. " he says then he zips off again leaving Karma to fend for herself.

As the guards unload onto the shore something whizzes past them running on the water, then again, and again and again going faster and faster and faster in a circle around the island.

A nice strong breeze starts to blow as air is sucked down inside an island sized vortex then is drawn back up along the walls of the growing wind mass. For now, that's all that is happening. Don't mind Pietro, just doing his thing. Out for a jog, in the middle of a riot. Nothing to see here!

A blast of cold light brings the negative thermal energy from Ne's powerset straight to Rhino's body and, for a moment, it encases him in frost. The moment is gone, however, after just a few seconds as he bursts free of his chilly coil and lets out an angry scream. "Hey! I appreciate the air conditionin' and all, but that's too cold!"


Kara's tackle takes him out of commission and he rolls around on the ground like a turtle on his back. "Dammit! I hate that girl!" On his side, now, Rhino looks over towards Akihiro who is pulling himself back to health right before everyone's eyes.

"That's gross. I mean, it's cool. But it's gross," Spider-Man chimes in. (Our editors would like to point out that that line was taken from DOFP, the movie. Our editors would further like to note that we in no way profit from any of this at any time at all ever so please don't sue us in court).

Karma is so far not considered too terribly dangerous by anyone, so she sort of gets free reign to do as she wills.

A split second before he's hit, Spider-Man can feel Scorpion's tail swiping at the back of his head. It allows him to jump, but the leap misjudges the speed of the attack. The green metal whip slams into Peter's back and sends him sprawling out upon the ground. "My back!" he moans. "My neck and my back." (Our editors would like to point out that that line was taken from Friday and, oh whatever).

From underfoot there's a growling. Without any warning Akihiro rolls over and flips onto his feet, his knuckles making contact with the nearest rioters face. The spray of blood and teeth (along with the release of agression pheromones) turns the criminals in the yard against the young Japanese man. "Oh, it's about to get a lot worse."

The first punch is dodged and the offending arm is siezed, pulling the prisoner around to intercept several slugs before dropping the man onto the dirt. A soft snikt sounds as Daken's claws pop for the first time in the altercation, the adamantium slicing cleanly through the barrel of the revolver.

A hard heel pops the gunman's knee backwards and drops him, allowing the whirlwind of angry metal to focus on a new target. Those claws sink back between his knuckles as he grabs a prisoner by the face, headbutting him until his nose is concave.

Unaware of Pietro's request to protect her, Ne actually -advances- on the Rhino as he bursts free of his containment with the slightest frown on her features. She was playing gentle after all, encasing someone rather then -freezing- them directly. That was a whole different kind of cold and could be lethal, but Ne was the sort whom was willing to kill to keep herself alive. Fortunately, the timely tackling from the flying girl with the cape sort of renders it a moot point. Huh.

The frown vanishes, the girl turns and the parasol opens once more as she moves forwards towards the riot proper with an almost joyful step. There's a pause in her motion as she passes by the 'Hammerhead's' hidey-hole and she traces a hand over the locking mechanisim, intending on freezing it shut before she lept gleefully into the melee that was several of the less-armed escapees. Ne didn't have any super-strength, but it was quickly apparent she was obnoxiously quick on her feet as she danced between fists and improvised weapons coming her way, countering with kicks and knees of her own.

It took a special kind of crazy to rush a bunch of violent criminals with little more than an umbrella.

"My shirt?!" Karma blurts, as she looks over to Pietro. Or, where Pietro was. "What about my shirt?!" she calls out. Then looks down at herself. Yeah, it's just a simple off-white blouse. And she's in jeans. Not exactly superhero gear but she wasn't exactly patrolling and looking for a prison riot when Pietro showed up.

But an order's been given, so Karma runs over, towards Ne and the Rhino. Then… Supergirl! Well, she knows that figure well enough. Karma can't help the twitch of a smile on her lips, despite the situation. "I'll get him locked back up!" she calls, to Kara. And without any sort of explanation, Karma focuses her will and will attempt just that. No mental shields? That means Rhino should be throwing up his hands and crying 'I give up' any moment now.

"Thank you!" Kara calls back to Karma with a flash of a smile, entirely willing to trust that another heroic sort is going to take over and handle something. After all, there's a whole prison worth of problems here just waiting for someone to stop them. Speaking of other heroes, it looks like Spider-Man could use an assist! She runs to the aid of the webslinger, reaching for the Scorpion's tail to catch it in one hand and give it a tug.

The wind grows stronger and stronger as Pietro goes faster and faster. There is a loud BOOM on the far size of the prison like cannon fire. Not that anyone inside the prison is likely paying attention to the outside of the prison.

Those poor guys Pietro stranded on the rock together, they are paying attention, they are noticing all kinds of things like how the water in the bay seems to be going down as a circle of sea water starts to rise upward forming a wall around the island. One guy looks at the others on the rock and says, "I think I saw a shark." They all lean a little closer and watch for it. One of them says to the others, "Yeah, I'm gonna move to the other side of the rock." then they all start to scramble for cover on their little, but growing island.

Upward and upward the spinning, deadly wall of water grows as the base spread out further and further causing the top of the vortex to contract and curb until suddenly fish, sea-weed and water start being sprayed at the island from all angles. It's like it's raining sideways but from all sides and with fish.

The downpour continues as the speedster runs around the island soaking everything and everyone one so that the prison can't burn itself down. Quickly the yard starts to turn into the mud-pit, the prisoners are cold, dripping, and salty as Pietro sucks all the fun out of the riot.

Hammerhead tries to open up the door after Ne freezes it down. No luck. He tries again, this time with some real push to it. Nothing. By the fourth time he is propping himself up on the wall with his feet and pulling as hard as he can, and no luck there. Out of prison, only to be frozen in an even smaller cell. Perhaps this way, at least, he could claim he was hiding and not escaping. That being said, though, he is done.

Slowly, Rhino gets up onto his feet with a wince. His eyes tell a different story than his body: they peer on in hate and anger. He lifts his hands, however, and starts making his way back towards the cells.


Gargan, aka THE SCORPION, smacks Spider-Man again. The bug boy goes flying across the yard, upside down, before he smacks hard into one of the brick facades. That's going to leave a mark. The green evildoer is about to deliver the coup de grace until he's plucked up easily by the Princess of Power. "Hey! Let me down!"

Meanwhile, Pietro turns the entire thing to a mud-bath. Spider-Man, rubbing his back, walks towards Kara, clearly in pain. "Is it in bad taste to make a mud wrestling joke? I really want to make a mud wrestling joke."

You know what sucks when you're wet and muddy? Cold. The weather wasn't exactly great at the best of times, but Ne? She was walking cold. The ground itself around her was becoming lightly frosted as she twisted, kicked and rolled between poor escapees that were already slowed by temperature and discomfort. It didn't take long for them to fall with such a disadvantage and soon Ne was walking clear from the pile of mooks, looking more than a little smug to herself as she tilted her head. With the sea-vortex raining down like that? At least the umbrella didn't look quite so crazy now. The cops could wrap up the rest, but there was still the Scorpian and Electro to deal with.

A tilt of her head, Ne blinks at the air-lifted Scorpian being drawn away. That was handled…and then there was one!

You'd think the mud bath would stop the criminals, but you'd think wrong. A sudden pain surges through Akihiro's side as a shiv pushes in between his ribs. Grabbing hold of the offending arm the teenager gives a sharp twist and breaks it. "And here I just got this fucking shirt." The white t-shirt is officially ruined, covered in blood and holes. At least his jacket was still in the boat. "Anybody mind lending me a ha-"

His words are cut off as a solid punch connects with his jaw, and another inmate sweeps his legs. Surrounding him the priosoners start stomping the kid, lashing out for the beating they'd taken.

Supergirl just talked to her. Karma's eyes go wide, and she swoons, just a little. It's almost enough to cause to her lose her grasp on Rhino. Almost. But soon enough, Kara's gone, and Karma's left by herself, mentally walking Rhino back to his cell while also trying to position herself to assist again.

And then comes a torrent of water. It hits her, and she gasps. She looks around, boggling for a moment, until she looks down, and realizes that blouse is now all but see through. Thank God she's wearing a bra. "Pietro…" She mutters to herself. Rhino should be locked up soon enough, and so Karma is back to trying to find that young woman that was… shotting ice, was it?

"You should probably not make a mud-wrestling joke," Supergirl assures Spider-Man, pulling the Scorpion closer by his tail and then using the tail to wrap him up in a neat package for the guards and the police. She does look back to Spider-Man, though, with a bit of concern. "Are you okay, though?"

After enough water is dumped onto the prison to make it runny instead of sunny-side up Pietro reverses course and creates a counter force causing the wall of water to drop flat back into the bay without soaking the prison to in a few feet of water. Then he zips onto the shore line and collapses in the relative safety of the police boat panting and catching his breath. He's not going to do that trick again for a while.

Elsewhere in the world the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are having a itty-bitty-teeny-tiny heart attack over what looked like a massive hurricane starting to form out of nowhere and then suddenly vanish. False alarm guys! Just a mutant! You know those wacky mutants! I'm sure no one in the government will react badly to this fact later.

"You know," Spider-Man admits. "What hurts most is the lack of respect. Well, except for my back. My back hurts really bad. But the lack of respect hurts the second most."

With Pietro's antics, the heroes are beating back all of the villains with ease at this point. Some got away earlier, and it'll be up to them to bring those to justice. It's not likely the authorities will know the extent for some time. Be that as it may, the day is won.

Except for that whole Electro problem. He's still here somewhere, but he's somewhere in the wires. Finding him is like finding a needle in the haystack if the haystack had nearly infinite mass and moved around at the speed of light.

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