1964-08-05 - Recruitment Drive
Summary: Thea meets with Carol to discuss the spy business…
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Carol looks perfectly relaxed on this Saturday afternoon, catching a late lunch (or early dinner). She's sitting at a fairly private table, a glass of water in front of her as she seems to be waiting for someone. She's reading the menu, not seeming to have a problem with the Chinese characters… and trying not to think about the hot dog on the menu either.

Thea breezes in, blonde hair in loose curls hanging free. She's in a pretty floral patterened sundress in bright colors on a pale pink background, and there's a matching cardigan draped over the purse slung crossbody. The glow is natural from being out in the sun, feet shod in strappy sandals, sunglasses pushed up on her head. She quickly takes in the scene at hand, before there's a quirk of her lips into a smile.

She will ease her way over to the other blonde's table, chuckling. "Seat taken, or are you waiting on someone?"

Carol grins, "Nope, not waiting on anyone at all. Except maybe you." She gestures, "Have a chair, Thea." She chuckles, "Don't let the menu fool you, it's actually pretty good food here." Of course, this time of day, the place is pretty much completely empty.

There's a quick grin, before she'll ease into the chair. "I doubt you were waiting for me, but I'll accept the invitation and the company. How have you been?" She will shed her purse, before she hangs it across the back of her seat. "I always order the same thing. What would you recommend?" Thea's great with european languages, but Chinese.. not so much.

Carol smiles, "Well, been pretty good. Busy with some… things. Since work decided that they like me after all." She looks a bit wry at that, "Best steamed buns in the city, I think. Though they have pretty good stuff all around… helps to read Mandarin, though."

"Busy I understand. Summertime seems to always drive people a bit more to violence. Must be the heat, but the hospital has been hopping. " She glances over the menu, before there's an amused honey brown glance at Carol. "Which I don't. If you'd like to do Greek sometime, I speak it like a native."

Carol smiles, "Greek is new for me, would love to go hit a nice Greek place." She hmm, and translates for Thea, running down most of the menu and what's on there. "How /is/ work at the hospital, anyway?"

"If you prefer the home cooked touch, I have an excellent hand on the most well known Greek dishes." Thea offers with a smile. "Along with delicious liquers from the region." She'll settle on a spicy chicken dish, looking forward to something different. "It's.. busy. Sometimes demanding, even challenging. I get a lot of.. practice." She knows Carol will know what she means. "How about you? Work using all your potential? Still interested in ah.. mentoring me?"

Carol smiles, "Well, I could be… back in at work, and really, your talents would make you a natural with it, if you ever wanted to learn." She orders a steamed bun, and some szechuan beef. Then she tilts her head once the waiter leaves, and tilts her head at Thea, "Though I'll never turn down a home cooked meal. Not terribly familiar with those."

"I want to learn. Don't misunderstand me. I love being a nurse, a healer. But.. there's so much more out there now, that I know of. Opportunities I never dreamed of. I'm not one to sit content because it's something I know and it's the usual. There's so much more to do, that I could learn, and so on." The younger blonde woman clearly has some ambition, the desire for more. Then she grins at Carol. "Teach me your ways of being amazing."

A soft laugh from Carol at that, "Well, I could teach you quite a bit. See what you wanted to learn. After all, we /are/ hiring too, so maybe you'd not mind coming to work where I do." And she doesn't mean the Avengers either, as she gives Thea a grin. "I guess I'm pretty amazing, huh?"

"There isn't much I'd refuse. I mean, after my current job, it's hard to gross me out." That grin lingers, as she brushes blonde behind her shoulder. Thea turns her head, giving Carol a look from the corner of her eye. "So we are not talking the job with the All American man?" There's a lift of an eyebrow. "Color me intrigued. Tell me more." There's a chuckle. " You're a marvel, darling."

Carol laughs a bit, "One way to put it… but no, I'm still living at the mansion, Thea. It's just… well, my day job is going to be pretty helpful for Cap and such as well. Connections are important, after all." She meets Thea's gaze, giving her a sly grin.

"And this day job is hiring talented, beautiful blondes like ourselves, is it?" That grin is returned, as Thea taps a fingernail against the tabletop. "This is a job that would use the more.. subtle methods you wanted to teach me, would it?"

Carol grins, "You could say that. And they definitely want people with… well, abilities. Especially ones like yours. Not necessarily for nasty things, but, well… your abilities are pretty useful in that line of work."

Thea will sit back, fingers tapping along the table top, her eyes dropping to watch them with a distant look of one in thought. "I like the sound of it. What do I have to do to make the appropriate connections and look enticing to your employers?"

Carol laughs, "Well, work with me, and I'll make some introductions for you. But if you're interested, I can definitely work out an interview for you. If you want it, anyway. Careful though, there's going to be stuff you can't talk to anyone about."

Thea arches a brow. "I'd love to work with you. I'm certainly interested, if you can set it up." There's a hint of a smirk. "There's things I can't talk to anyone about now, so that's nothing new. It isn't as though I have a man at home who cares how my day went."

Carol Danvers grins, "Well, that will make things easier, for sure. I'll see what I can do to set something up for you. We could talk about that over Greek at your place, sometime. If you don't mind… but you describing that just has me curious."

"You're curious because I can cook Greek cuisine?" Thea asks, brows arching at the other woman, picking up her glass for a sip of water. "When would you like to come over for dinner?"

Carol laughs, "Hey, I was never really stationed in Greece!" She grins, "So yeah, authentic Greek cuisine is a new one on me. How's Tuesday sound? Assuming there's nothing world shattering I have to do then, anyway?"

"Tuesday works for me, I actually have the evening shift on Monday after a trade, so Tuesday is a day off. I can get something together to wine and dine you, Ms. Danvers. See if I can impress you culinarily… if that's a word." There's a chuckle as a grin flashes across Thea's face.

Carol chuckles, "If it isn't before, it is now. So yeah, sounds perfect." She then smiles as the food finally arrives, "I'll have more news about getting you in by then too."

Thea nods, as the food arrives. Thea will talk about lesser, more casual things while they eat.

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