1964-08-06 - Post-Post-Rescue Nap
Summary: In which Kellan and Kaleb talk post-post-abduction nap.
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Kaleb slept like the dead for some time. With Vic's help no doubt the recovery from…whatever was done to him was half as rigorous. It was something. On the upshot, this time, Kaleb's mind was right where Kellan left it and he kept trying to probe the connection looking for him to see if he was 'on signal'. Hey he woke up on his own and seemed to be successfully be battling whatever was in his system. to to self: Buy Vic new pans or something.

Kellan wanders into Kaleb's room and sits down on the edge of the bed. He's got a glass of water and some fresh bread from Saganaki as well as some cheese and olives. He sets the plate down as well as the glass nearby and just sits there quietly for a bit. "How you feeling? Little less woozy?" There's concern in his eyes.

Kaleb looked kinda a wreck for him. His hair hadn't been done done in a week and was hanging in his face. In short it was what Kaleb Miller looked like without the pompous stick up his ass. His eyes were still glassy but the faintest hint of a smile crept on his face, "Shhhhh." He flinched faintly and tried to just sort out input which made it nice that it was fairly quiet around the building. He reaches out with a hand and dropped it over Kellan's hand giving it a squeeze. "lil better. Hungry. You… you ok?" He is brow furrowed and aside from looking strung out seemed in fantastic care and physical health. At least no one was hacking into him as they had Warren. He looked to the Kellan with concern, and then to teh saganaki. There was an effort made to sit up which seemed manageable over time. Well he was getting his limb back. Thi is good.

Kellan gives Kaleb's hand a squeeze, keeping his voice to a mere whisper in consideration for the headache that he iamgines his brother might be enduring. He holds out the glass of water first, and then the bread, cheese, and olives once Kaleb gets himself set to rights so that he can dig into it. "There's more in the kitchen when you finish that."

Kaleb popped the olive into his mouth and chewed working on eating that. He took the glass of water and drank from it. Hell even that was loud. He didn't have to speak out loud much so he didn't. He ate the cheese and looked to Kellan for a long time. "Did anyone get hurt?" He meant 'our people' not 'their people' by inference. He murmured to Kellan just irritated with himself, "I spent all week trying to find a phone to reach you. You're…gettin real good."

"Vic got bitten but.. he healed really fast, so he's okay. Jay didn't get injured, and neither did Max.. though I would have been really surprised if he had been," Kellan says. "He's.. interesting." There can be nothing but trouble in that interest. "I know you did what you could. We figured it out. It took some digging, and some help from Max to finally get the location. But once we got close enough, I could link with you again." He grins a little lopsidedly. "I'm not all that good. Everybody helped."

Kaleb pause. He blinked. One eyebrow went up. His fingers combed his hair back away from his face with minimal success. "Max? Maximus?" He blinked a third time. His bit his lip instead of the sagnaki for a moment and then nodded slowly. "Yeah he's… that makes sense." His brow furrowed. So many questions he had. He looked up to his twin and offered to him quietly, "He and his brother are kinda like you and I. He can do mind…things. His brother…" he gestured to his ear indicating 'sound things'. still there was a conflict there. "People talk a lot of flak about him, but he's … been consistent in helping me out. Still… that guy who owned that house Max knew him. He was at the same… dinner thing a few weeks back that I took Lorna to… I think that's how she fell on their radar." His jaw tightened shaking his head. "I shouldn't have taken her." He winced and there was genuine feeling there; his eyelashed clumped together. "Thanks. I'm glad Vic's alright."

Kellan nods his head and says, "Yeah.. he warned me a bit. I had to show him the guy we were looking for. He warned me not to look around in his head. I didn't. I just showed him things, and then he told me who the guy was and where we could find them. He came, too, when we were rescuing you. He took control of one of the guards and used him as a poatrol while Jay got you out and Vic and I made a distraction." He looks a little curious when it's mentioned that Max and his brother have kind of a similar distribution of abilities to he and Kaleb. Then there's a frown when he mentions the dinner, and Lorna. "We still haven't found Lorna, Kaleb. We need to get her from wherever she is." He nods about Vic and smiles with relief. "So am I."

Kaleb had gotten up in the middle of the night and stuffed cotton in his ears. It marginally helped at least. He listened to the information about Lorna still being MIA. His covered any expression he had with his hand. Kaleb's other hand tightened into a fist. Finally his hand wiped the dampness from his eyes and he just looked angry.

He really really didn't like things being able to get to him. You care about things they get hurt and you share it. It sucks, but sometimes he really, really did. At Kellan's curiosity he tried to distract himself while he found words for whatever else was going on. "He's a king of his people… Brother's some sonic that used his power on him. Messed up his head. Lorna's dad helped overthrow him." He flinched faintly and sighed. "Everything's so… messed up…"

Kellan nodsa little bit as he listens to Kaleb talk about Max. He reaches over though, and he gives his brother's shoulder a wordless squeeze, his own brow furrowed in thought. "We just need to keep looking, follow up on this Pendergast guy, and figure out where they are holding Lorna. Then we can go and get her too. I figure they're going to move her now that we busted you out, so now is a good time to try and figure out maybe where and when, so we can hit them when they do."

Kaleb was still feeling just out of it. It'd take the shit in his system time to finish doing… what was it doing anyways? "I think… I dunno where she is. He told me where they're going to bring her… I have an idea of when she's going to be there." The look he gave Kellan with wet, glassy eyes was utterly apologetic, and pained. "I had to agree to some things Kell. I… I dunno what's going on. They said they wanted my help. Something with Dad. I dunno if they're working with him, or if they're working against him… I dunno who is left to trust. I know I'm gonna need to talk to Max though."

His hand turned over to grab Kellan's who might literally be the only person he ever reaches out for. "I don't think we can trust anyone. Something's…been…. going on for a while and I dunno what."

Kellan clasps Kaleb's hand in his own and gives it a warm squeeze. Opening up that mental link between them he fills Kaleb's head with a kind of quiet meditation, and just the softest of voices. It's easier that way, since Kaleb doesn't actually hear him speak, and so he can be in control of the volume. "When you're feeling better, we're going to start figuring out what the hell is going on. I think the driver knew something. We're notgonig to use him anymore. And after what happened in Europe, and now here.. no.. I think we need to make sure we cut all ties with anyone relating to our parents.. until we figure out if they were involved in what happened." The thought of that clearly scares Kellan, but he's trying to be strong for Kaleb right now. "We can trust us, and we can trust Contingency.. and the Professor. We're not alone. We're going to figure all of this out."

Kaleb sat perfectly still for a moment and worked on trying to let his other senses reach out to work on pitch and volume. Everything felt erratic. That mental link though was something fixed and something he trusted. If anything it was a weird comfort that Kellan was scared too. "Kellan, I made a deal. They got me on file. Did… things. I don't know if they know about me, but I threatened to call dad on Pendergast. He called my bluff and told me to go ahead because he'd be happy to share the info on me that they have? I'm … I'm pretty sure Pendergast knows I'm Mutant. And I don't… know if Pendergast is one of those enemy of our enemies type thing… we're not even 20. When did we GET enemies?"

His free hand balled up to bite a knuckle for a moment. He ate the cheese. The cheese was good. He shook his head still groggy and thought back to his brother, "She trusted me Kellan. Lorna trusted me and I got her hurt. I actually liked… like…her…" present tense, lad. Present tense. "Our parents are alright though… right? Maybe?"

Kellan is quiet while he listens to Kaleb in his head. The feelings are muted. He's not an empath, but he can hear the emotions in the thoughts themselves and he knows that Kaleb is scared. "What deal did you make?" There's no judgment in the question at all, just curiosity to know what it is that they have to work with. This is soem dangerous stuff that they seem to have gotten caught up in. He then reaches over and gives him a hug. "I know you like her. Why do you think I bullshitted you both into having to actually hvae the conversation?" There's the faintest little bit of a smile at that. Then he pulls back and says "We're going to find her. We found you. We're going to bring her home."

Kaleb wasn't good with physical affection, but all the same Kellan was always an exception to the rule and he was a bit spent on posh isolation. His head dropped to Kellan's shoulder and he sighed. Finally an arm hooked around his twin's back and he let the words drift, "Pendergast kinda pointed out the people in those circles know…we we are and who our family is and ya know dad's friends keep an eye on us, and apparently people who are not dad's friends also do… I don't… think Pendergast is dad's friend. He might be and is testing us…me… or he's not and maybe he shouldn't be? I don't know dad's relationship to the guys with the lab in Europe. I don't… understand." He took a deep breath and hugged Kellan tightly wincing as someone down the hall slammed a door. "//I don't feel alright. I'm fine I just need to sleep this off. My head won't stop ringing."?? He was never so grateful. He curled back up with his other pillow over his head still with his knee next to Kellan to know he's there. For now. For now it was enough. Soon? Soon they'd figure out how to make it ok.

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