1964-08-06 - That's Amore
Summary: The return of old friends.
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Julie has got the canvas peeled back from an old trailer she'd pulled in last week: said trailer contains a rather sorry-looking Studebaker Golden Hawk that she seems to have saved from the crusher, along with another engine and other large components tied up in front. She's singing some Dean Martin song as she fusses in the engine compartment over something, leaned over a fender.

While Moira had been planning on going around to the front, seeing the garage door open seemed like a more friendly invitation. Especially since she's not been back in years, was consulting for the CIA the last time she WAS here, and isn't certain how her welcome will be. Even if she's always kept their secret — and she has. It doesn't mean showing up out of the blue will be welcome. So, she has the car service she ordered drop her near the garage before driving off. She doesn't present much of an imposing figure herself, a slight woman in a generic business suit, walking heavily with the assistance of a cane complete with arm brace. She can put barely any weight on her left leg, it seems, though there is no bandaging or brace on it visible. She limps up in the direction of the open garage. "…Hullo?"

Summer gives Scott the chance to do more of the things he enjoys, without the responsibility of teaching classes when he's not in the field. Sometimes that just means extra training, other times it's flight practice. Today that means spending some time in the garage, tinkering with a motorcycle. It helps him focus. When Moira speaks up, he leans around the bike from the floor, brows rising over his glasses. "Dr. Mactaggart?" Brushing his hands off on a rag, he pops up to his feet with a slow grin. "Is that really you?"

Julie perks up a bit as the car deposits Moira by the garage, she's peeling off some work gloves, which she dusts off on each other before pocketing them, seemingly thinking the lady might just have bags with her, giving a wave. It's a dirty, dirty engine compartment, apparently, confining greetings to a cheerful, uneven smile and a little wave as Scott seems to recognize her, leaning on one of the garage's door frames a little.

No bags, Moira is not going to presume she's here to stay, but a slightly, almost shy smile which immediatly brightens the moment she hears Scott's voice. "…Scott? You're still here? Scott!" And, as quick as her limping frame can take her, she makes her way to the tall, less skinny boy — man now — and reaches up for a tight hug with her free arm. "Yes, it's me… You didn't think I'd disappear forever, did you? And who is your friend?" She pulls back enough to nod to Julie, clearly aware of the woman and not wishing to be rude. Moira has always been a detail oriented person.

"Well, I was part time for a little bit to go to college, but yeah," Scott laughs, returning the hug more tightly than he probably realizes. The last time he saw Moira, he certainly couldn't lift her off her feet. "Teaching now. Among other things. Dr. MacTaggart, this is Julie, Diz. Student and staff, more or less. Diz, this is Dr. MacTaggart. She was one of the people who first got this place up and running." It's when he turns back to the woman that he notices the limp, brows furrowing. "Are you okay?"

Julie hrms, and smiles. "Well, hey, it's someone from way back," she says, …her accent's New York Italian, her shirt's a black and orange Hawaiian style shirt that seems to be old Hurst Shifter swag, and a bit too big for her. She tilts her head a bit about Scott's question regarding the limp, catching on that it's something new, and nods. She goes to wheel over an office-style chair.

"Ms. Julie… It's good to meet you. Moira MacTaggert… but Moira is quiet fine. Really. No need for doctor, especially from you, Scott. You're not a student any more, not by far." Moira's voice is warm, slightly affectionate, the protective tone of a mother and a teacher who has been away far too long. She clearly loves this place, it's achingly evident in the look in her eyes alone, just looking at the garage even. "…And I'm fine. An injury… fell down stairs about a year back. It… well, it's just a part of life now." She states almost too casually.

Scott is intuitive enough that he's not buying Moira's explanation, but he's sensitive enough not to push for the moment. "It's good to see you back, Doc-" He pauses, lips twisting ruefully as he tries to say it. "Moira. I dunno, that feels weird, but I'll try," he promises with a low laugh. "Really good to see you. Have you talked to the professor yet?" he asks, with a hopeful note in his voice. "I'm sure he'll be glad to see you."

Julie nods, gives a smile, just leaving the chair unostentatiously where it could be sat in if the doctor needs. "Not sure where the Prof is, but I imagine so. Can we get youse anything, then? I could see if any of the kids seen him around yet."

As Scott doesn't push questions about her hip, Moira looks just slightly relieved. Wasn't a conversation for now. She smiles even a bit wider as he calls her Moira and doesn't quite take the chair yet, but her eyes flicker in that diretion and she clearly knows it's there. "No, Charles doesn't quite know I'm back yet. I… don't actually know how he'll feel to see me. I suppose I should have called but… I felt like a drive. Gtting out of the city. I don't want to bother him, if he's busy… Clearly I disturbed you both's work." She motions to the car, though her pale eyes are a touch more curious now.

"No, nothing to disturb," Scott assures with a wave of his hand. "Not me, at least. Was just tinkering. And unless I miss my guess…" He turns an easy smile on Julie. "That the new project for next semester's shop class? Looks like it should keep everyone busy at least. And I'm sure the professor will be thrilled to see you." Scott is, at least. Although it might feel a little bit like a kid who's hoping Mom and Dad will get back together.

Julie nods, to Scott, "That's it, …Just been kinda sweeping out some of the dust and stuff before I clean it up, so nothing's really pressed for time there." She smiles to the lady, "Needs work everywhere, but that's kind of the point. Ought to be looking like something after two or three semesters." She winks to Scott, "Kinda hope to lay hands to one of them Avanti supercharger setups by then, see what those can do."

"Well, if you're both experts with cars and I end up coming around more, maybe you can rig something up for me so I can drive with this damned leg. It'd be nice to have the freedom of a car again." Moira actually seems genuinely hopeful about that, clearly the vehicle that brough her here was not her own and has long since driven off. "And… I don't know. I did leave rather abruptly, but… with the CIA nosing around and… once that was all handled, I didn't want to give them another reason to start nosing around again. So, it seemed best I stay clear." But there is ache in her eyes, for having done that.

"Well, Diz is the expert when it comes to modifications," Scott nods toward Julie. "I'm more of just a tinkerer. Keeps me occupied in my spare time, helps me focus, work things through." Moira will remember, young Scott certainly had some anger issues to work through when he first arrived. "But you were missed, Moira. And I for one am glad to see you back. How've things been? Have you been continuing your research? Any new breakthroughs?"

Julie nods, and smiles, there's apparently wheels already turning upstairs. "Think we can work something out… Offhand, maybe we start with something that doesn't have too heavy a clutch, then work out some kinda handgrip or something." Glances back at the notion of 'research' and 'CIA.'

"Diz, was it? That… sounds fantastic. Even if I don't come around much more, I might commission you to do something just like that. Keep me updated." Moira reaches into her back pocket with her good hand and pulls out a small, silver business card case. It's popped open and she offers one in the direction of the woman, "Please, call me." The card claims her as Dr. Moira MacTaggert, professor, genetics, Columbia. It's got a phone number on it and an address. "And… nothing drastically world changing, Scott, but a few more hints towards the genes involved in it all and how they are inherited. We're getting there, we are. I just have to be… careful…what hands my research goes into."

"Of course," Scott agrees with Moira. "Of course. Although if you're sticking around, there's a new guy here who might be able to help. Goes by Elixir. He was a doctor until they figured out his ability was to heal people. He seems to have a sort of…intuitive feel for a lot of this stuff. And the training, of course. Might be worth talking to."

Julie nods, about her name. "Dizzy Bottero," she smiles, confirming, and ahs, taking the card, "Yeah, sure." Does nod to what Scott said, "Hey, yeah, just maybe she wouldn't need that job, anyway," she says, hopefully. Says, "Think I got the notion, though, can use something I seen on a couple funny cars."

"…Heal people? Huh… Maybe." Moira considers, something surprised and now a touch somber on her features. She's not sought out mutant healing for this already, clearly, even if she's one of the foremost experts in the world on Mutants. One would wonder why. She then shakes off those thoughts and looks back to Dizzy, her smile easily returning. "I will be in touch then. I promise."

"Oh, no, I didn't mean for-" Scott, for some reason, seems embarrassed by that idea. "No, I meant just for research, honestly. I think he'd be able to give you an interesting insight into your research on the genes. But yeah, he could probably help with the injury as well. He offered-" He pauses, rubbing a hand at the back of his neck. "He said he could turn off…you know," with a gesture at his eyes. "If I wanted."

Julie hrms, there, to what Scott says there. Hrms. "He never mentioned *that,* I that I remember him saying. But my stuff ain't so hard to live with as it is for some, so maybe it didn't come up." Then she hrms, and glances at Moira's hand, those wheels still turning: he holds up her own left hand, and says, "Oh, let's check you for size, just in case it matters." They're about the same height, so her own hands might be a close enough measure.

The comment about the mutant named Elixir being able to turn off Scott's vision makes Moira blink. She looks slightly worried, perhaps a bit affronted, but also relieved. "…well, that is a… very heavy offer for him to make. I would be most intrigued to speak to him about the work he's done, yes… And what he's noticed from the inside out, so to speak. Elixir? I'll…have to make certain I have a chance to meet him." Then it's back to Julie, more casual, happy bits of conversation. Moira limps over a bit closer to her, "If you want! You needn't work on this now, it was just a thought…" The trio of them are standing at the edge of the garage, their voices echoing probably up the driveway and down the hall.

"I didn't take him up," Scott notes with a wry smile, tapping one finger at the side of his glasses. "But…it's something to consider. To be aware of. There are people who'll find living with their changes is less than just impractical, or hard. And more understanding is always good, right?"

It's been an… interesting few weeks for Charles. Not even counting all the insanity that is getting the Institute ready for the fall courses that are due to start in just a few weeks! A Few Weeks! Needless to say, the Professor needs to escape! Harry's is just the best place for him to hide out a bit and release some stress. He walks in, "Julie, please tell me that you haven't stripped the Aston Martin down for parts, I was planning on taking a bit of a drive." He waves absently to everyone, "Oh, hello Scott, hello Moira…"

Then, the Professor stops in his tracks, blinking once. It's an almost comic effect, really, as he pivots slightly, looking over at Moira. Then he smiles slightly, "Moira, it's… it's really you?" He glances at Scott, then at Julie, as if silently asking that he's seeing this too, and he's not just cracking up from all that's happened lately.

Julie nods to Moira, just matching hand sizes a second. "First thing's probably hitting some swap meets, see what kinda parts I can start with… Some of it can be made for real bruisers of guys, sometimes, compared to some of us." She winks there. And waves. "Hey, Prof, someone here to see ya!" Dizzy's got no idea of any backstory, thus totally innocent of… Well, anything, really.

While Moira is happy to talk about strange powers, and swap meets, generally getting back into the comfortable swing of this school that she's missed so much, the sound of that familiar voice is enough to completely turn her head. She's dead silent for a few moments, heart in her throat, as she looks over the now older Charles Xavier. Still has handsome. Moira's changed too, a bit more business like and refined, a bit more tired. Oh, and the fact that she's heavily leaning on an arm braced cane, her left leg seemingly near useless from the way she stands. But she's accustomed to it enough that this is no new injury but a way of life for her.

Lips pull into a slightly warmer smile as she processes this all and tries to shake herself out of other thoughts. "…Yes… Charles. I… I'm back in New York. I… thought I'd visit. I hope that wasn't too… presumptious." She admits softly, a trace of apology behind her voice.

Scott, on the other hand, looks as much like a kid on Christmas as any grown man has a right to. Moira's back, only good can come of that. "We were just catching up, Professor," he says with a grin. "Diz has a few thoughts for car modifications. I was just telling the doctor how much we've missed her here."

Charles walks over towards Moira, and smiles, offering Moira his hand, "How long a visit? I mean, you're back in New York? Permanently?" He looks at Moira, as he notices the leg, but doesn't say anything about that, saving that for later as he just says, absently, "Yes… Moira, you've been very much missed, this is true." He pauses, then adds, "Especially by me." His eyes seem to sparkle a little bit at that admission.

Julie just smiles, how romantic. Or something. Winks to Scott and decides to make sure they can gracefully get out of the way if necessary. Cause of course she can go on and on about things mechanical. Says to Scott, "Yeah, kind of thinking I can hook something up from one of these sequential shifters to the right kinda clutch masters or just levers if it ain't hydraulic, just a matter of getting it all with the right leverage and such, I figure. "

The handshake? That's a bit odd. Moira was about to go in for a hug, says her body language, but then there is a hand. So, well, she takes the hand and gives it a neutral, business like shake, all the while keeping her most professional smile possible still in place. "You both are too kind. I… I'm back for good. Teaching at Columbia. My husband…passed, so… I thought I'd like to make a new start of it, and Columbia's department is excellent. So… I'm right down the road, so to speak." Moira offers with a neutral sort of cheer about it all, not actually sounding all that much devestated by the loss of Joe MacTaggert, but perhaps that's just shock? Then she looks back to Julie, her mind catching up on the other conversation, "…Oh… yes. Also, I'm going to hire young miss Dizzy here to modify a car for me so I can get about better. I'm tired of not driving myself."

Scott smirks over at Julie as he takes a step back. Perhaps he's winked, though it's hard to tell from behind the glasses. All the same, he moves back toward his bike to start cleaning up a few parts and pieces…where he can keep an eye on Charles and Moira without being too obvious about it.

Charles takes the handshake, listening, "Well, Columbia is great, but… well, we are looking to start teaching college courses this fall here, too." He then draws Moira closer, knowing that Scott and Julie are there, but he's not looking anywhere else but at Moira as he slips his arm around her, holding her against him if she allows it. And it seems like the only reason he /hasn't/ just kissed her yet is because there's a bit of an audience at the moment.

How long that makes a difference remains to be seen…

Julie makes her way over, to where Scott is, humming one of those Italian songs again, and just sort of leans by the bike. Eyes fall on the clutch lever of said bike, and she says, "Or I guess I could use a lever from a motorbike, now that I stop thinking on four wheels," she smirks at herself. Who, Diz looking? Actually, not, …she slips a rumpled pack of smokes out of a pocket, and eyes Scott's work, itself.

Or, maybe they *weren't* shaking hands. Moira blinks, shifting closer to him, leaning into those arms and it's a bit of a shock just how natural and comfortable things still feel. Like it hadn't been years. A small hint of a blush is creeping up her cheeks, making her look half a decade younger than she does, as she gives Charles a smile that has suddenly gone a bit speechless. "…well… I mean, I… wouldn't care to… presume… I did leave for a long… time… That is." She finally manages to half stammer out.

"Sure, could be worth a try," Scott agrees blandly with Julie, neatly slotting tools away in their designated places in the toolbox. He does love his order. He glances back toward Charles and Moira as he stands, tipping his head to one side with a quiet clearing of his throat to Julie. "Should probably go check on dinner," he suggests. I.e. give them some space.

Charles smiles back at Moira, "Well…" He gently holds Moira close, then says, "That just means we have more to catch up on." With that, he actually leans forward, giving Moira a very gentle kiss, but unlike a certain movie, there's no mindwiping involved here. Instead, it's just an intimate gesture, that just conveys how Charles feels. How he's always felt.

Because when the moon hits her eye, like a big pizza pie, that's amore…

Julie smirks and does glance back a bit. "Ah, yeah, you never know when a pot could be boiling over," she winks, and starts casually slipping out whatever door's picked by Scott.

"…Ah… see you…later, Dizzy… Scott…" Moira calls after them, still vaguely aware of the things going on back there. But only vaguely. Then he's kissing her and Moira isn't aware of much of anything except for how nice a kiss feels when it'd been so long since such unselfish, warm… no strings or threats upon it affection has been shared. Charles can practically feel some of the tension from her draining, as she leans a bit closer and lets the kiss linger a heartbeat longer than is proper. Eventually, though, she does need air. She pulls back just enough she can look up to him, heart in her throat. "…I… missed you… too, Charles." Not her most brilliant response.

Scott just smiles faintly, heading back into the house with Julie in tow. All is returning to right in the world by his standards, at least. Best not to interfere.

Charles smiles, "I…" He looks at Moira, "There's been so much that's happened. I want to talk to you about all of it, it's been rather… eventful, even by my standards." Which means it's been exceptionally crazy, but then Charles continues, "Did you… well, I wouldn't want to presume, but did you want to come in to the mansion? I still have the Glenmorangie Signet. Unopened too." He smiles a little, waving absently to Julie and Scott as they sneak out of the garage, leaving the two alone.

Julie makes her way on toward the kitchens, too. "I could do to eat, really, after all that working out downstairs."

The woman studies his handsome eyes, cheeks still flushing a bit deeper. "I… I could come in for a bit, I cannot stay overly late, though… I have a faculty meeting in the morning. But… I have missed you, Charles. I'm sorry I didn't call. I am… I didn't want the CIA to follow me back here again and… the whole mess to start up once more. I just thought it'd be… safer that way, you know?" Moira offers gently, a touch of heart break and exhaustion behind her eyes. She looks so much more tired than she ever did before, like she's aged two decades. In her heart, at least.

Charles smiles, "It's okay. I knew what was happening. We both did. It's what we agreed to do." He gently strokes Moira's hair a bit, "But since you can't stay too late tonight… dinner tomorrow? We could meet up in the city?" There's no judgment in his voice, not that really ever was, but he just sounds and feels just… happy, in a way that's hard to describe.

The woman shifts a bit more, so she can lean front to front with him, letting her weight balance on his shoulder instead of her cane. She relaxes a hint more as he says that it is what they agreed to do, that there is no hate behind his voice. Moira is utterly relieved. Her head tilts into that stroke through her dark hair. "Dinner tomorrow… would be lovely. I could get a car back up here… or meet in the city. Whichever you wish. I shall keep the whole evening open."

Charles smiles, "How about I come to the city? Seems like that would be easier, at least until Julie gets the modifications done for your car." He looks at her leg, then at her, concern there as he asks, "Moira, if I may ask… what happened?" Of course, he could just find out… but he also would never do that, unless she asked him to do so.

The weight behind her eyes, slight quieting of her breath, it's all enough to confirm that it's not a good story. Not a comfortable or happy one. "I… fell down some stairs. It's… a long story." That's not a total lie, but also clearly not the full truth. And the sound of her car service pulling up again can be heard behind them. She looks back to the black sedan that drove her here. "…tomorrow. 7 o'clock. Tavern on the Green. We'll… talk then. Catch up. You can tell me everything I missed. I forgot I told the car I wasn't staying long tonight but… that's probably for the best." She leans up to kiss him on the corner of the mouth one last time before gently letting go, transferring her weight back to that cane.

Charles returns that kiss, squeezing gently with his arms for one last hug, then he says, "Tavern on the Green. Seven. I'll be there. And we can catch up on everything." He doesn't quite let go all the way, instead escorting Moira to the car. Not because she has the cane, but because Charles is a firm believer in being a gentleman in his old fashioned way, getting the car door for her as well.

There is a slight relief from her as he doesn't protest or ask more about the story. Moira also doesn't complain about the escort, smiling a bit more as he opens the door and she carefully folds herself back down into the car. "I… cannot wait, Charles. We'll see each other then. It's… it's been a long time in coming." And with a small, bittersweet smile, she lets him shut the door. The car will calmly head out the long driveway and back towards the city.

Charles watches the car drive down the driveway, staying out there for a while. Then, eventually, he smiles to himself, singing a little bit like Dean Martin as he walks back into the mansion, "Oh, when the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's amore… when the world seems to shine, like you've had too much wine, that's amore…"

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