1964-08-07 - Night at the Museum
Summary: Amanda and Del meet up in the museum to catch up on things.
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What better way to spend an evening that check out a museum? …Well okay, Amanda could think of several ways. But the Circus is taking a break to train up some new ideas and Dani is busy with other things. So Amanda has found herself wandering the Metropolitan Museum of Art in an effort to run down the clock while she waits for Dani to come back. Currently she's in the African collection, staring at the various pieces with evident curiosity. Africa has not been somewhere the Circus has traveled.

Delphyne Gorgon is currently dressed casually, her normal 'schoolgirl' outfit as she walks through the African collection as well. Her snakes occasionally hiss as she glances back and forth, looking over all the different exhibits with a fascinated air. She does glance over at Amanda, noticing the woman standing there, but she wouldn't be so rude to interrupt.

Besides, she's a gorgon. Most people that want to talk to her just come over and do so.

"Shouldn't I be the one staring at you, Delphyne?" Amanda asks gently. Of course she noticed the other young woman. The hissing snakes sort of gave it away. She glanes in the gorgon's direction, then beckons her over with a hand. "Didn't have too much trouble getting in, did you?" She's knows it's probably going to be a bad response, but she figured she may as well ask. "Because I hope you threatened to turn them to stone if they did." She knows Delphyne's not that sort of gorgon. That was covered in their initial meeting. But Amanda can't fault making idiots cringe.

Delphyne laughs softly, "I suppose so." She steps over towards Amanda, "Not at all. I have a pass with the museums here. Business has been pretty good." What business is that, exactly, she doesn't elaborate, but she tilts her head, "How have you been?"

"All right… barring the corrupted earth elemental that nearly attacked the circus," she says, frowning. Of course this is said in a whisper once Delphyne is close enough. "I think someone tried to summon something but they didn't have the right… mindset for it." Wait, did she admit to magickery last time they saw each other? Now she can't remember; she just took it for granted that someone else who clearly stands out was told by Amanda. It happens. "Thank goodness Dani and one of her friends were there."

Delphyne blinks a bit, "Oh, magic? I freely admit that's not something I'm all that familiar with. Save the times that Circe attacked the Island, because she was bored. Or jealous of what we have." She smiles, "Who's Dani, though? You didn't mention her last time?"

"You met her," Amanda insists. "With Sophie. At the pizza place?" She lifts a hand. "About this high, skin a bit darker than mine, hair in a braid? The most gorgeous brown eyes?" The last bit makes her grin just slightly, until her expression flickers to embarrassment. "Well. That's a way to out myself if I ever heard one," she murmurs. "Sorry. I thought I told you about.. magic."

Delphyne ahs! "Well, you didn't, but now I remember." She smiles, "Seems like a lifetime ago, when I first came here." She gives Amanda a wry look as she uses 'gorgeous' to describe Dani's eyes, "Gorgeous, huh?" Her lips quirk a bit.

Amanda Sefton's cheeks darker softly. "…well. I mean." She turns away, coughing softly into a hand. Her gaze flickers back over Delphyne. "I can say you look better in a skirt?" she offers, trying to grin again. "But she doesn't really do skirts, last time I checked."

Del chuckles, "You do look rather nice, but I think my romantic life is complicated enough. But thank you for the compliment." She nods a bit, and grins, "So how long have you been doing magic?"

For a moment she looks relieved. "Sorry," she adds. "For a second you looked annoyed with me." She allows herself a bit of silence to feel /completely/ embarrassed before she answers. "Oh, from when I was little. My mother started my training as soon as she could."

Delphyne nods, "Makes sense, really. Seems like you'd have to be pretty well disciplined in order to manage that." She smiles a bit, "Never had the patience for it myself. Always had to use a bow and spear… or a gun, now that I'm here in this world."

Amanda Sefton gestures for Delphyne to follow. Others can look at this section, there's more art to look at! "I've learned how to use knives in the circus," she adds. "I always thought swords were beautiful and interesting, but mother wouldn't let me ask to learn anything but knife-throwing."

Del tsks, "Well, if you need some tutoring in that regard, I /am/ a weapons master of the Amazons. I was charged to be one of the Royal Bodyguard, after all. Admittedly, considering the power of the Princess, a bodyguard is rather superfluous for her."

Amanda Sefton considers, nodding. "I would like that. But would you have time as a royal guard?" Her knowledge of the princess and the princess' abilities is fairly limited, but she would think that 'royal guard' is largely a ceremonial role - even if the guards are more than qualified for the position. "What sort of swords do Amazons use?"

Delphyne considers, "We prefer the old traditional blades of Greece. Though I've been picking up the study of other weapons since coming here." She smiles, "I'm pretty well trained in all sorts of weapons, and I tend to use batons when I'm running around rooftops."

"…and you find yourself running on rooftops often?" Amanda wonders. "I'm not judging, I promise. I mean… I've teleported around the city I don't know how many times…" Of course she knows. But does it really matter? "It's just an.. unusual mental image."

Del laughs, "I might be picking up a bit of a night hobby as a… what, vigilante?" She shrugs, "Occasionally I team up with some people, like Batgirl…" When she mentions her, the gorgon's cheeks blush a bit, turning a darker shade of olive.

Amanda Sefton nudges Delphyne with her elbow, that grin coming back to her face. "Aha! Now another puzzle piece fits into place." The two of them get a lot of stares from other museum patrons as they walk about… no doubt because Amanda is pointedly not freaking out over the woman with snakey hair. "Did you want to say something about her eyes, maybe?"

Delphyne smiles a little, "They are quite gorgeous, yes. But I worry sometimes. I mean, she has secrets she needs to have, which I understand. But I…" She looks wryly at Amanda, "It's not like I can disguise myself, so people might connect me to her, if we're seen together too much."

Amanda Sefton hmms. She turns to face Delphyne, looking her over. "I could… probably cast a glamour over you, if you wanted. It wouldn't last too long.. a day at most. Anything longer and I'd be stretching the believability of the glamour in some fashion."

Delphyne shakes her head, "I appreciate it, Amanda, but that's okay. I am who I am, and that isn't going to really be that helpful." She smiles a bit, "I'll figure something out."

Amanda Sefton shrugs, "Okay," she says with a nod. "But if you need me to for anything, come find me at the Circus, okay? It really doesn't take much." Not for a short term spell, at any rate.

Delphyne smiles, "Thank you, Amanda. I do mean that. But I'll figure something else out. If nothing else, I'll just find a way around it."

Amanda Sefton wraps an arm around Delphyne, giving her a half-hug. "Come on. There's more museum to see, and I would enjoy your company." She might have something interesting to say when and if they hit any pieces from the Greco-Roman era, after all!

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