1964-08-07 - When Nick Met Vinnie
Summary: In which Vinnie meets Nick, whether he wanted to or not.
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It's hot, sweltering even, and most folks who can grab a cold beer and sit in the shade under a fan are doing so. It's a small deli in Hell's Kitchen, not the best of places, but it's cheap and cooler than the world outside. And that's what brings Nick in, to sit at the counter toward the back, with a bottle of beer, a sandwich, and a view of the door and who might come in and out.

Despite the weather, the next person to walk into the deli is wearing a parka, black with the hood up and a dark pair of sunglasses, a pair of worn jeans covers the legs, while some boots that look like they were pick up from an army surplus adorn his feet. Glove are able to be seen. Which makes one wonder just how this guy isn't passed out from the heat.

After coming in the door, Vinnie makes his way up to order a ruben and a cold beer. All of which he takes with her to the darkest corner of the room, well away from any windows, and sits down. Using the edge of the table to pop the top of his bottle, he brings it up for a drink before setting about the sandwhich in front of him. It's around this time that the lights in the building oddly dim, though not by too much. Just enough for it to seem like one of the fuses is acting a little funny.

Nick's dressed in a pair of jeans and a pair of work boots, a plain white t-shirt that hugs his form, and no other adornments. He works his way slowly through his sandwich as he watches people come and go. There's a pair of sunglasses propped on his head, which keeps his longish blonde hair pushed back from his face. It's the appearance of Vinnie, completely covered in his parka that draws his attention and his gaze settles there, then works down toward the gloves. He looks for far longer than most would consider polite, following the man's progress over toward that back corner. Eyes flicker upward to the slightly dimmed lights, and then dip back down. His expression is thoughtful, but then he motions to the waitress and says, "Can I get a slice of pie? Apple. Thanks."

Not being the most social of creatures, Vinnie has, overtime, developed into one of those who prefer to watch others. Only bothering to force an interaction when something bothers him, and the way the other guy over at the counter keeps staring at him is starting to do just that.

Of course at the moment he's sitting there with a big ol' bite of ruben, and his mother always said not to talk with his mouthful. So it's only after swallowing and washing it down with a swig of beer, that he looks up at Nick from behind dark lens, while they're ordering a bit of pie and says, "Either you come over here and say what's on your mind, or you stop starring at me and leave me to enjoy my meal in piece. This ain't a show, pal."

Now that sounded like an invitation, and so Nick tells the waitress, "I'll be takin' my pie over there, if you don't mind." Then he's picking up his bottle, his sandwich and he's wandering right on over and plopping himself down at Vinnie's table. "How's the reuben?" he asks. His own appears to be a club, turkey, ham, bacon, and half-devoured. Then he says, "I was just idly curious as to whether you were at all comfortable given the weather." Seems perfectly benign. Then he glances up toward the lights and then back down to the man. His smile is a sudden flash, brilliant and white. Then he asks, "Pie?" apparently an offering, for his intrusion.

Just great! He didn't think the guy would actually come on over, but when he does, Vinnie can't help giving a silent sigh. Taking another drinking as Nick sits down across from him, he sets the bottle and grabs hold of his sandwhich. Waiting to take a bite after he says, "It's just fine." During the time it takes him to chew and swallow that bite, there's another question for him to answer, and he rolls his eyes behind those sunglasses before answering. "No pie. And I'm perfectly comfortable, thank you. Just got one of those.. conditions, you know? Sunlight and I don't see eye to eye."

Poor Vinnie. Small mercies, though, Nick actually doesn't pursue the pie though he smiles gratefully when his own piece arrives. The fork he receives, however, looks like it got in an arm-wrestling match with a dishwasher and lost. There's a moment where Nick glances at the fork, and then over at Vinnie, and places his hand over the fork. "Well, as long as you're doing alright. I was just trying to think if there was some material that might offer as much protection without the added heat. Sorry, it's a habit.. problem solving.. engineering of materials." He taps his temple with a finger from the free hand. Meanwhile, he removes his other hand from the fork which is perfectly straightened into its normal curve. He picks it up and digs into the pie.

"You might want to get another fork." Vinnie suggest, noting the state of the fork Nick was given along with the pie. "As for matierals? There probably is, but that's when things start getting expensive. So, you know.." A single shoulder is lifted in a shrug, while his beer is brought up for another drink. Momentairly distracting his attention from the man seated across from him. When he looks back, Nick is already digging into the pie and given the state of the fork when it arrived, that has to be a bit painful or at the very least awkward. But, when the fork comes out of the other man's mouth and down for another bite looking like it's brand new, Vinnie can't help but wonder. "Engineer you said? They teach you boys to bend forks back into shape?"

"What if I took a crack at it? Trying to find something that might be more comfortable in the sun?" Nick asks between bites, polite enough not to talk with his mouthful even if he's rude enough to just plop himself down there. It's a bit of a contradiction, but then, Nick is full of contradictions. He glances at the fork when it's mentioned and wiggles it a bit between his fingers, considering his answer to that. Flashing a smile then he says, "Not as part of the standard curriculum, no."

"Figured as much." Vinnie comments in response to the answer given to him about the fork. "Well, at least if the Engineering thing doesn't pan out for you, you'll have a foothold on the utensil fixing business." Before bothering to reply to the offer that's been made, he takes another bite of reuben and slowly chews it, before washing it down with a swig of beer. "I suppose you could, but then I would have wonder what your angle is. And there's always an angle to any offer.. no matter how well meaning it may be." Pushing the plate away from himself, with the sandwich three-fourths of the way eaten, he crosses both arms over his chest and continuing to watch the man before him. "I'm not in the business of owing stranger, pal. So…" Shoulders lift in a shrug, leaving him to sit there in silence.

Nick pokes around at the pie, taking another bite or two and chuckling. "Is that a lucrative business?" He has no idea. It could be. "Actually I'm an artist, just an engineer by virtue of training and a fascination with materials and structure." He leans back in his seat a little, draping one arm across the back of the booth asa he regards Vinnie across that short distance between them. "Boredom," he admits. "I haven't found a space to open a studio yet. I'm mostly idle for now, and haven't begun any projects. It would give me something to occupy my mind while I settle into the city. Some people do puzzles. For me, it's a kind of puzzle, and if it doesn't pan out, you're no worse off than you started, hm?"

"Who knows," Vinnie replies in a deadpan, definitely seeming like he's getting a little edgey from someone invading his space for so long. And a stranger at that. Which is most likely the reason behind his suddenly saying, "If it will sate your boredom and get you to leave meto the rest of my mela in peace, fine. Go solve this puzzle for me; find something that will be more comfortable, while being able to still keep the sun off me, and making sure I don't look like an idiot in the process." A forced grin is given as he meets the other man's gaze. "Alright? If you need to get in touch with me again, I usually come around here for lunch every other day."

Nick studies Vinnie for a moment more, and then dips his head. He then rises without another word and gathers up his things, moving back to where he'd been sitting before, leaving the table neat and Vinnie alone just as he'd found him. He pays his bill there, where he sits, waiting for the waitress to come and go, and then eventually he wanders on out without another word.

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