1964-08-08 - Healing Kaleb
Summary: Because Kaleb needed healing.
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Jay makes good on his promise to Kaleb and early the next morning heads to the community center to see if the doc is in and bring him back to the apartment for a complicated house call.

At the community center, Josh is there teaching a class on first aid: he's decided that absolutely everyone in the world really needs to know at least how to keep things alive until they can get to him. So, he goes with Jay when a house call is needed. Once they arrive at the intended house, Josh follows Jay's lead: but for his part, the young man is wearing a tan hooded overcoat, with the hood pulled down over his head, and he tends to walk with his hands in his pockets and his head held down with bad posture. Either he's some old man or he is doing everything possible to not show off his skin. Really its the latter, but he hopes most people assume the former.

Julie has come by the subway: not cause it might be the last thing anyone tailing her might expect, actually, but because she took the train into town this morning, since there's something to drive back for someone else, later. She takes the stairs up to the indicated floor, though, since on Fifth Avenue she surely looks like 'the help.'

Kaleb was in his room. It was dark so he didn't have to hear the hum of electricity travel through the bulb right now. He was barefoot, in trouser (still with pressed seems), and a plain t-shirt. His hair was down and hanging in his face almost making him look more like his brother was having a dress up day rather than the errant Kaleb Miller being at all dressed down. Ever. This one went on the calendar folks.

He looked like hell really. He'd gotten sleep but he still looked tired and drawn, and someone recently went ham on the IVs in his left arm. It was summer, but he was wearing earmuffs. Still he promised Jay he'd be resting and by resting he wasn't napping but instead busy peering out the window at the city accusingly while his chin rested on folded arms at his drafting table.

Kellan was there with his brother. He'd been keeping vigil most of the time since Kaleb got home, probably trying to make sure that no one else took him and that he was still there. But he was staying mostly out of the way, just kind of hovering, like he do.

Vic has been keeping things in the apartment going smoothly, making sure everyone gets fed. Even now, he pokes his head in to see if Kellan or Kaleb need anything to eat, and he blinks a few times as he sees that the twins are far from alone.

Julie is just making her way in, sort of eyeing the place carefully, as she comes, going so far as to extend her senses for the turning of any recording devices or any such things, …cause who knows who's behind all this, really. Raps softly on the doorframe, when she gets to where people are.

Once reaching the apartment with his guest, Jay's unusually quiet suring the trip, serious and aggitated about one thing or another, his wings twitching mildly, unsheathed and in the open. "Guys, this is Jo—". Jay frowns and turns his head when someone walks on in to their apartment without knocking. Paranoia pings /hard/ after this last happening and Jay leaves Josh with the guys, turning with a murmur, "'Scuse me…" The red head's wings rise, making his silhouette larger than before as he approaches Julie when she strolls in, ready to throw the fuck down. Startled when he sees who it is, he stops her before the bedroom. "Julie? The hell, you just walk in't peoples homes, man?" His heart racing in preparation to beat someone down, the young man breathes out a light curseword and shoves a hand through his hair several times in aggitation, wings twitching.

The moment he's in the apartment, Josh is shrugging out of his overcoat, because its freaking out. This immediately makes it obvious why he was hiding to begin with: his skin is gold. Not orange, it bears no resemblance to oompa loompas, but metallic gold. Even his hair looks to be spun gold: even what was the brown of his eyes has shaded to gold. He looks around, and shakes his head, "Who needs healing?" He gets right to the issue that's important to him.

Julie looks pretty tense, too, obviously. Does relax a tad. Shrugs. "All's I got was a phone call, so if someone still had Kaleb, I figured he'd at least be the first to know I was here that way." A wrench slips out of her sleeve and into her back pocket. Josh gets a little wave. "I guess they still got Lorna?"

Kaleb was in his room talking to Kellan on and off in his brother's head and trying, earnestly, not to bitch constantly but let that dialogue sort of hang there in case it was needed. He'd taken the call from Dizzy reaching out to them looking for Lorna and finally had the message relayed to her that coming by was just easier to explain. Also didn't involve a phone, background noise, and holding a phone anywhere near him. His fatigue was doing great thanks to Vic whom he made a mental note to get new pans for.

He spun on the stool and looked to Kellan with some expectation to man most of the talking right now , though, he did make an effort to make it to the doorway of his room lifting a hand to Dizzy in greeting as maybe she was expected. Glassy blue eyes looked at Josh. An eyebrow raised. Well that was impressive wasn't it. Now he got what Jay meant about Josh fearing being taken by his neighbours to pay for one month's rent. Huh. Don't that beat all>

"Kaleb does," Kellan says to Josh when he asks who needs healing, and he gestures to the glassy-eyed twin. "This is my brother Kaleb. I'm Kellan.. I know you know Jay.. and it looks like you might know.. her." He was never introduced to her that one time they met in passing. "Some folks took him and they pumped him full of something that made him all woozy and weird, and it's been a bit and he still is kind of out of it." He then moves a bit out of the way again, able to sit in the livingroom on the arm of a chair without needing to invade the smaller room.

Vic waves a little and says, "Hey, everyone. I'm Vic. I live here." He glances at Josh and Kaleb, and he says a little uncertainly, "I was just coming in to ask if anyone needed anything. Something to eat? Drink? A pickmeup?" He hangs out near the door, trying to keep out of the way.

Jay looks harried when he stops Julie short, his relief short lives as the mild-mannered young man closes his eyes with a very nearly pained look of frustration and very softly, almost a whisper in deference to Kaleb in the other room, explains very slowly to Julie, "An' you didn't think…that knowin' we have an abduction problem, that /maybe/ it's a bad idea t'not knock?" Green eyes pop open to plea at Julie, hands poised and pressed to his hips as he stares slackjawed at her. Without waiting for an answer, Jay shakes his head pivots aside with a sweep of an arm toward Kaleb's room to shoo Julie that way if she wants. The red-head gives Kellan a pleading look as he walks back into the livingroom with them, then walks back to that room as well, patting Vic on the shoulder and almost whispering, "Thanks, Vic. Waters? Hot out." Sliding back near Josh, Jay leans in and hovers somewhat near the man's shoulder, still whispering, "We're hopin' you can tell us what's goin' on with him." Backing away, toward the balcony door, arms crossed loose over his chest, looking worried.

Josh gives a nod to Julie, though his brow furrows, "What's this about Lorna?" He nods his head to Jay, "I'm sure whatever it is, I can handle it." When Josh lays eyes on Kaleb, just who 'Kaleb' is becomes obvious, so he approaches the young man. "I'm Josh, I'm a doctor and a healer. I'm also known as Elixir. I have to touch you to do this." He reaches out to take Kaleb's hand, and he closes his eyes for a long moment. "There's severe damage to one eardrum, and the other isn't far behind… along with just some general stress and damage all over— but that's all easy to fix. There's no less then two foreign active agents … hm, one seems to be trying to cause expression of the X-gene, somehow, or at least its interacting with those loci. The other is a blocker. Those will take awhile to handle." Josh hesitates, saying in a gentle voice, "This will feel odd, you'll go numb all over— you're fine. I'm just going to numb the nerves sending pain signals, okay? You'll feel a little like you're having an out of body experience because all sensation will feel… distant. Its temporary, I promise. Are you ready?"

Julie rolls her eyes a bit as Jay turns away, herself, letting Josh get in there and get to work, first, since he's on the scene, and shrugs to Vic, and says, "Nah, I'm on the clock pretty soon, but thanks." Wags a pack of Chesterfields in a 'Mind if I smoke' gesture, though. Glances back to where Josh is diagnosing. "Ah, if you got some milk or food, though, Elixir's gonna need it when he gets done."

Kaleb held up a hand with a flinch to them all and made the effort to make words trying to be very careful with them as to not have a repeat of Sophomore year. "I told Julie to come over." At the direct question his jaw tensed though he relented civilly, throat dry, "Yeah. They still have Lorna. Different people. I didn't… mean for it to happen." Obviously, but still he felt a need to impress that to Julie as more of a liaison back to the school and likely, the wall of telepaths that seemed to unnerve him.

His fingers pushed his hair back making him look more like himself until it fell forward again. Wisely he sat and when Josh asked permission or started to Kaleb took his hand like one might a handshake. Very quietly he answered the greet tiredly, "Echo. Thank." He'd fire the rest out though Kaleb's entire curiosity on what was done to him. He wasn't a man of many expressions but for a moment there was a new concern that took flight in his features with news that his right ear was taking damage. "Kell…I don't wanna lost the other ear…" he was glad for that mental connection for his distress but either way this was … Yeah this was not okay. He looked from Kellan to Jay and left a long question there for a moment. Jay trusted this guy. It was good enough for him. Looking back to Kellan he thought to him "Can Vic make pancakes?" Because if his stomach flipped back insider out from this pancakes were the best fix. Hooray flapjacks. His hand gripped Josh's and he took a deep breath nodding with disappointment.

"Not in here," Kellan says to Julie as she waves her smokes around. "You can smoke on the balcony if you want to." At the mention of the need for food, Kellan nods and says, "Vic, wanna help me put something together while they do their thing?" Since Vic had already offered and Kellan decided he could perhaps make himself more useful than sitting around and staring. He grins a little in Kaleb's direction and gives him a thumbs-up. "We've got stuff for pancakes, right?" Sure they do.

Vic glances to each person as they suggest, and he nods, taking it all in. "Sure," he tells Kellan. "We can do pancakes. I'll get everyone some water, and we'll get started on that." He throws Kaleb a pensive glance, but the stranger working with him seems benign and trusted, so he releases his worry enough to extract himself from the room. "Food coming up," he reassures everyone.

Jay stood very still near the patio door, wings compressed tight against his back so they don't move, focusing on making as little noise as possible. Attention fixed silently on the interplay between Josh and Kaleb, Jay exchanges looks with the latter and attempts to impress upon him an encouraging, positive look with the faintest smile and nod. He's confident in Josh's abilities. He stands by.

Josh's skin feels warm and natural— though it looks like metal, it moves like flesh and feels to Kaleb's touch like anyone skin at all. The gold is, apparently, entirely cosmetic. But, that gold blurs for a moment, as if his body became indistint— only what is happening is a golden glow rises up from golden skin and pours over into Kaleb. The numbing effect is immediate, and softly Josh murmurs, "First I'm going to do the easy stuff— the trauma to your ears, and the random damage throughout. This will be fairly quick and won't hurt because I've numbed you. Don't worry." He closes his eyes, and the golden glow spreads until it envelops Echo. The trauma and then general physical stress is healed in what measures moments: in truth as bad as Kaleb might feel, the damage is minor: its not like he's missing an arm or anything. "I should be able to render the first chemical inert in a minute, flushing the second will take awhile, Echo, but I'm going to keep you numbed until its done." He glances sidelong towards the residents, "Coffee would be appreciated. With lots of sugar. If not, tea? Anything with caffeine and sugar?"

Julie nods to Kellan, and Vic, just tucking the smokes away, since that was more a gesture of accepting hospitality than any real need. Social smoker, apparently. Glances back a bit to Vic and Kellan, who seem to be at home, here. "Anyway, sorry to sneak in like that, but I figured it could be better that way, considering." Offers a hand. "Dizzy Bottero, kind of a friend from school." Also someone that worries about Lorna a lot, it seems to be, lately. Tilts her head as the golden glow appears. Says, reassuringly," That guy's really something else."

Kaleb looked…well… even terrified the expression has been officially declared as 'deeply concerned'. Granted it was a good thing he wasn't missing an arm because he was in no mood to have all of his suits re-tailored. Seriously they had things to do this week. Important things like assist a friend and kick an ass and likely smelt a lab. Important things that didn't need limb repair added to the list.

Really though Josh was something else at his and while it didn't hurt as the eardrums healed the world got loud. His hand clamped tighter around Josh's though it was hard for him to tell having a general anesthesia zipping through his system. His eyes got wider and watery with that look of 'please make this stop soon'. Pancakes he told himself… think of pancakes….

Pancakes were a thing and Kellan had retreated to the kitchen with Vic. Vic must be a good influence on Kellan because he's managed to learn how to make coffee, at the very least, and so he says "Coffee, sugar, got it." Then he helps get out things for pancakes. He has no idea what to do with the things once they're out, but then, that's what he hopes Vic will help with, while he tries to be as helpful as possible.

Vic bustles. First he fills a pitcher with ice and water. Gathering up some glasses, he balances them admirably and brings them to Kaleb's room. He sets them down where people can come help themselves. Then he heads back into the kitchen. "He's gonna be okay," he tells Kellan as he pulls out the ingredients for pancakes. He also takes a package of bacon out of the fridge, and some eggs. Time to pay homage to all the breakfast foods. Besides, making huge breakfasts is how Vic unwinds.

That glow becomes intense and Jay recalls the last time he saw it, spilling across the lawn. One pale cheek hollows as he chews on the inside of it, watching Kaleb's expression shift and morph while Josh explains each step of the way. A distracted smile of gratitude to Vic when he brings water in and sets it down at easy reach. Appreciating that support role he usually finds himself in, it's a relief so he can…well so he can stick by Kaleb and Josh and worry. The panicked look makes him take a small step forward, not in concern, but trying to lend any sense of calm and support from his distance. Not a word though, not while the Kaleb can hear the fly on the dog down the street, cleaning itself.

Josh becomes aware of the sensitivity of Kaleb's hearing as he studies the effects his healing has on the young man's body, "Do you want me to .. de-sensitize the nerves from your ears? Temporarily?" he asks Kaleb softly, even as he otherwise starts flushing the foreign agents from his body. The glow continues: and where trauma is relatively easy, this is far more intricate, and his expression becomes a bit strained. He glances at Jay and smiles, "Its okay to like, put your arm around his shoulder for support. It won't interfere." he suggests.

Julie may be used to being the only girl around a *garage,* but less so perhaps on an occasion where there's kitchen-bustling going on. But Kellan seems to know what he's doing. She hehs a bit, then looks a bit concernedly as that light gets brighter. She does slip into the kitchen, though, since Kaleb's hearing's got everyone silent. Winks a bit to Vic and pops one of the beaters off the mixer, then holds it upright, …funny enough it spins in her fingertips with a quiet 'vvrrr' that isn't precisely sound. Then points at the mixing bowl for the pancakes.

Kaleb squint his eyes shut and held the earmuffs. Oh he heard Josh but thought about it and maybe it was because of the conversation he had with his roommates, but after mulling it over Echo decided that dulling his hearing was how he wound up in this situation in the first place. Finally he shook his head 'no'. "I have a..um… fallback plan. If I can get the sludge out of system I should… fuck this is loud." He wasn't even speaking up, but he was trying as he could. There was a look to them and a patient nod to let them know he was okay. His eyes were watering up from the barrage of things flooding his senses. On the upshot he wasn't passing out or nauseous. We were moving up in teh world here.

There's a grateful smile for Vic for that reassurance. He leans a little against Vic's side for a moment or two and murmurs, "I know. From everything I've heard, he's in good hands. I just want him to feel better." The words are very quiet. He nods to Julie when she offers to do the mixing and passes the bowl over to her so that he can lean against Vic for a little bit longer.

"I know it's been rough for you two," Vic says gently to Kellan. He gives his arm a squeeze. "This is gonna be great. He'll be all fixed up." Vic has no concrete facts to support this, but he's an optimistic sort. He grins as Julie starts to stir the batter with her own version of a mixer. There's a look of gratitude in his eyes before he turns to wrap Kellan in his arms. He can do holding without words.

Jay's worried expression slips away a moment as Josh talks to him, green eyes flickering toward his gold friend, the young man smiles faintly and nods in gratitude. "Ah remember." He held on to Rose when Josh saw her, and he recalled. Jay whispers his explanation, "Kale doesn't like bein' touched." Jay does, however, touch Josh's shoulder briefly. "Thanks." Just briefly, then falls silent again so to spare Kaleb the noise.

"It's only a little while longer." murmurs Josh as quietly as he can. He nods to Jay about the touching, "Ah." And an apologetic look to Kaleb, "Without touch I can affect only the most minor changes, apologies." And then the glow simply vanishes, and he takes a step back, rising and looking a little bit weary. "You're as good as new." he murmurs softly, "I cleared out the fatigue toxins while I was there, boosted some blood production— it seems they took blood and replaced it with saline, which might explain some exhaustion— insufficient oxygen supply. That'll take a bit to recover completely, but it'll happen naturally."

Kaleb murmured to Josh quietly enough, "I'm just not a touchy-feely guy, I'm not pathological about this. It's fine. DO… the thing." Words chosen selectively, focusing on keeping his head together. Having one's blood run through dialysis at high speed was… something. Yes, Vic, so many pans purchased for you cause he was gonna lean on him for that recovery ability. Whoo damn. He didn't look but he reached out with a hand as if 'feeling' for…something. Sound trying to wrap his proverbial fingers around it. It'd been an impossible feat the last week and a half and now only marginally manageable. At being told what the expectation time was there was a nod and he replied with, "Can do, Doc." There was a flicker for a moment on and off where the sound died in the room on and off in parts as Echo tried to reach out and calibrate at all. Okay that was going to take time just adjusting to. "Got like two days… to get on our feet. This doable?"

Julie sort of glances over her shoulder, a little, as the boys get affectionate, out of some habit, perhaps. But there's a warm little smile as she pops out the other beater attachment and starts folding batter ingredients together. Because, despite some stereotypes, Dizzy can be a walking Kitchenaid. She also defies Brooklyn stereotypes with somewhat more effort and says more quietly than 'between rooms' would normally indicate. "Kaleb, I'm going to want to know what you know about when and where about everything as soon as you can talk, though. These bad guys ain't fooling around, so we shouldn't, either."

Kellan leans in against Vic and nods his head, but he does seem a little bit relieved. They're surrounded by friends and friendly faces, and he seems to be doing okay, so long as his brother is in good hands. He smiles and returns the warm hug, leaning into Vic and smiling. He takes a deep breath and gives Vic another squeeze before saying. "I'll get the coffee while you guys," who know how to cook, "get the pancakes going." He then goes to fill up a cup and brings the coffee and sugar and creamer over to Josh, setting it down nearby so he can use it when ready. He gives Kaleb a reassuring grin as well, reaching over to squeeze his shoulder before getting out of the way again.

Vic would be so thrilled at new pans. The youth gives Kellan one last squeeze before he lets him go, then he moves about, putting the griddle the heat, and he puts down another pan to fry bacon. Soon the smell of heavenly pigmeat fills the apartment along with the sound of it sizzling. No one asked for bacon, but there's going to be bacon, because that's how Vic rolls. To Julie, he says, "If you want to set the bowl down, I can slap on some cakes. Are you any good at frying eggs? I have a feeling we're going to have a few hungry mouths to feed." Including his own. There's a reason he's geared toward cooking large amounts.

Right there already, Jay reaches over automatically to try to brace Josh by the elbow and shoulder a bit until he's certain the guy's got it. "Y'allright?" A couple claps on Josh's shoulder. "The guys're makin' breakfast. You'll be right as rain in no time. C'mon, it's the least we can do." Taking care of the man who put himself through that fatigue to fix the other, Jay flicks a smile mildly to Kellan the coffee bearer as he comes and goes. Jay turns his attention to Kaleb. "We'll be ready, an' you'll either be okay or yer stayin' back. We'll make it work." Firm in his thought on the matter while sound flickers, expands and contracts. "We'll give ya a second t'get in order." Jay turns Josh out toward the living room, but only after the doc is done looking after his patient.

Josh leans on Jay a bit, "Filtering chemicals is a lot of very precise biokinetics: healing is easy. Your body knows how to heal, it knows what shape its supposed to be in. Pour in some power and wounds knit back together, damage goes away. But once a chemical suffuces your body… I have to find it and either design a protein or enzyme that will nullify it, or force it through the body to deposit in the urine. That's… extremely fine work." he explains. He looks back to Kaleb, "If you need help with your sensitivity, and change your mind — let me know. I don't know how it doesn't drive you nuts." He glances in towards the kitchen, and when Kellan brings coffee, he eagerly accepts it with a smile, "I'm Josh." he takes a long drink of the coffee: if its hot he doesn't even notice. He turned off the nerves and healed any minor burn done without really thinking about it.

Kaleb hunched up holding his head. Okay he was getting things sort of directed. This was… yeah he was going to need practice again before he accidentally knocked Jay off the porch or broke Vic's coffee pot. No bueno. On the concept of how it doesn't drive him mad there was a faint smirk and Kaleb mumbled, "Some might argue it has. When I can I try to pick and choose what comes through. So much right now though." But Jay said it and really were it a different life Kaleb might encourage Jay to work on being one of those personal trainer. He knew how to motivate people because as soon as he said stay behind Echo stood up. Okay well he stood. One foot in front of the other would come in a moment. "Jay, they have Lorna. She's in this for knowing me, I'm fixing it… or I'll never hear the end of it and even if I made her sound like a chipmunk? Won't top." He put a hand out and leaned on Jay's shoulder trying to make an illusion of mobile progress. Really he was re-calibrating with a clean system. He should be letting that go about in extraordinary fashion but he was, if nothing else, an obstinate ass. "Ms. Diz, Saturday night some people, hired drugged us, put us in a van. Off we go like laundry. To different places. I was able to find she's going to be at this place Thursday around 8ish. It's not close, could use transport. Thoughts?" Totally back to business or was trying like hell. His eyes fluttered trying not to flinch as he summed it all up.

Julie waggles a levelled hand to Vic on the question of fried eggs, So-so, perhaps, but there's some kind of standards there. In her case, Italian ones-American Mama Plus All The Aunts ones. She passes the bowl over, beaters and all. For the Pouring Of The Pancakes. Then, bacon-grease is swiped with a potholder and the tilt of a pan, eggs are cracked, and Dizzy's looking for a spatula. "Thoughts is, sooner's I know where 'this place' is, is the sooner I can park a thing or two where we might want without it looking like much. And what's one good reason one of those things ain't Lorna's Papa?"

At this point, Kellan looks relieved that Kaleb seems to be looking in better shape. There's a smile when Josh introduces himself and he grins, "Figured. Nice to meet you. I'm Kellan," he re-introduces himself, "Thank you for taking care of my brother." He smiles over at Jay as well. There's a glance over to Julie and then back toward Kaleb, and he says, "We thought we'd find her with Kaleb and everyone would be home. But she wasn't there."

Vic settles into a rhythm, moving with and around Julie to make fat stacks of pancakes, a mound of bacon stacked on a plate, and eggs. He stacks plates for people to help themselves, and he goes rummaging for the pitcher of orange juice in the fridge. He knows not of making plans when there's breakfast to be made. "Soups on," he says, interjecting his voice gently. "We got plates in the kitchen to come help yourself, and more fixings if you need it." Because mountains of food might not be enough.

Steadfast, Jay bears Josh's weight easily, keeping a hand at his shoulder for support while he explains the process he just went through. Wings relax and pull away from his back slightly, edges curving around to touch his own shoulders and biceps, less tense about making noise now. He plays support in the room while the others take care of out there.

Jay stood steady as well under Kaleb's weight as it's added to his shoulder, very calmly retorting, "There are worse things than yer girlfriend bein' mad at you fer a while, Kale. So, if yer so fixed on bein' there, then listen t'Josh an' take it easy." Jay emphasizes to Kaleb with an arch of his brows, kind but firm. "Heal up. C'mon. Vic's done makin' magic. Ah'm sure y'all could both use some chow. You don't need to be yellin' through the house." Jay, sounding like someone's father. He help Kaleb and/or Josh along and into the livingroom if needed.

A small smile exchanged back to Kellan, not quite touching his eyes, but still kind. "Sorry, introductions were mah mistake. Ah got distracted." Jay apologizes all around. "Josh, this is Vic, Kaleb an' Kellan. Y'seem t'know Miss Julie. Guys, Josh. One'a the first folks Ah met round here when I was floatin' 'round Mutant Town." Jay explains easily and agrees with Kellan, adding to Julie, "We haven't gotten 'round to it yet, we just stole him back. We mean t'tell her kin soon as possible."

The coffee seems to help, and after the initial stumbling, Josh smiles to Jay and pulls himself straight. He can walk the rest of the way himself, his bodylanguage says. But he nods Jay to Kaleb, murmuring, "Until his blood replenishes he'll be not on top-shape: I could force a rapid growth but I'm trying to learn to restrict the more intensive healing to … nessecary." He nods around, "Vic, Kaleb." Since he and Kellen already had their intros he doesn't renod on that front, "I spend half of each day at least at the community center in mutant town— I teach first aid there, help out, heal. If anyone ever needs anything, come get me." He pauses, "If anyone ever dies, come get me." The clear implication in his voice there is: I can fix it. Death, even. "But quickly." But now he goes right for the food. Because he's suddenly ravenous.

Kaleb worked on taking it carefully and not undoing everything Josh just did. The sonic was at least cognizant that healing his injuries took a toll on those doing the healing and that seemed to matter to him. He stood and considered everything that was being discussed around the room; the subtle noises still making his eyes flinch. "I really appreciate this. Friday night you bein in Mutant Town in case there's an issue getting Lorna back?" He took a slow, deep breath processing all of that. Deep breaths.. Do not lost your shit at the dinner table and hurt half the room. Kay. So far so good. "Ms. Diz? I never said not to bring her father. I think he needs to know, and he has every right to know. And if he's got issue with me after all this? Fine. But we need to get her back."

Once everyone's been taken care of, drinks, coffee, even food has been distributed, Kellan kind of withdraws quietly after saying a quiet thank you to Josh for looking after Kaleb, and then a quiet thank you to Vic for helping with the feeding of the troops. Then he slips away, back into his room while the eating is going on, reassured that Kaleb is okay for the time being.

Julie nods, a bit, ass she's amassed a number of fried eggs as they're doled out, "Anyone wants hard yolks, speak now, but how's about we get everyone fed, I guess." Past that, she turns off the burners on the stove with a gesture, and in fact grabs a plate for herself, after all. Looks toward Kaleb, and says, "I still gotta know the wheres. And anything you know about where they're coming from."

Vic watches Kellan go. He hovers near the breakfast area, making sure things get distributed properly, though his attention strays to Kel's bedroom door. He waves a little to Josh and says, "Heya, it's nice to meet you Josh. Everyone, make sure you get enough to eat. I can make some French toast too." While he talks, he fixes himself a plate with no small number of pancakes on it.

Jay takes it easy with both recovering fellahs until Josh seems okay and straightens himself to make it to the table. Helping Kaleb along at whatever pace he sets, Jay gives Josh a look. "You' have t'wrestle me before Ah'd let you put more juice int'him raght now. Eat up," he phrases it jokingly, but the intent is sincere. Settling the newly healed guy at the table as well, Jay busies himself about with the others to make sure plates are made, drinks are fetched and all that before he sits down as well to chow. His attention, too, goes toward Kellan's bedroom, an attempted reassuring smile flickered briefly toward Vic while he focuses on eating and fetching anything else needed. "Kale knows where they'll be in a couple days. Gotta wait til then."

"I'll make a point of it, Kaleb. I know Lorna. I'll spend the night in the clinic at the Center, just so in case something happens you don't have to search for me between my apartment and there." Josh eyes Julie a long moment, "Hard…yolks? Woman you speak greek. You say these words as if they made sense. As if anyone in their right mind would ever choose hard yolks." He sounds aghast, but only playfully so. He nods to Vic, "I don't need a lot. It just… helps. It doesn't burn calories to heal, but eating seems to ignite something in me that stems the weariness." He eyes Jay a moment, trying to decide if he's serious or not, "For his sake or mine?" he wonders with a wry grin.

Kaleb upnodded and was happy to just …sit. "I have an address to Utica that says sometimes after 6pm on Thursday they'll be there. Just…be careful " Kaleb stopped and stared at his plate for a moment and then looked up. "Don't need you gettin nicked too. Aso if we're found out could change drop times."

Julie tilts her head to Jay, "Where *they're* going to be in a couple days is where *we're* gonna be in a couple days. That's why we need to know the specifics. Cause there's some distance between here and there, and for those of us who can't fly without a helo, at least one change of vehicle's in order between there and here." Yes, Dizzy's the 'wheelman' and she'll take that part seriously. She looks between Kaleb and Kellan, points at the latter, "If you can be the decoy, (how little she knows, there,) I could get this guy to the Professor by tonight while no one's the wiser." "Write down the address, then. And, like I said, I can get you to the Prof if it got fuzzy all's a sudden."

Once Vic's plate is piled high, he slips out of the kitchen. With a grin at Josh, he says, "I just keep burning through fuel. Whatever doesn't get eaten will find a good home." He pats his belly. Then he nods toward Kellan's room and says, "I'm going to go see if Kel needs anything."

Jay doesn't seem to have anything to say one way or the other about location, so with a mouth of pancake he glances back and forth slightly and shrugs at Julie. Swallowing down, he points at Kale with his fork. "Yeah, Ah know…that's why Ah said Kale knows." He responds, innocently as can be. He turns back to Josh while the doc ponders if he's serious or not. Jay offers a confident looking crooked smile as he looks back at Josh. "Does it matter?" He shrugs and spears another pancake, speaking around the small bite, pointing his fork at Josh, answering his own question. "Yers." The rest of the details left to the others, he listens.

"Yes, because if you're concerned about me, trust my judgement: the worst that will happen is I will go into a coma, proportionate to however much I overextend myself. There's no permanent harm: I won't die. You know that: we share that particular curse. As for if the concern is for him, again, trust my judgement." Josh smiles, despite this. He just otherwise shovels food.

Julie says, "Yes, Kaleb knows. Of course it *matters.* What, you think maps and routes and stuff just appear at your fingertips? Utica's hours away, we can't be sitting here waiting for the big revelation when things come down.""

Kaleb shook his head. "Can't travel yet. I'll give you what you need to know, Ms. Diz. However they want to run this? Sure. I don't need to be a cowboy. I just need Lorna to be okay. Can you get the info back and see what they want to do." He paused and looked to Jay and Vic and Josh, "Ooh What if Lorna's not the only one in there. We should be prepared in case." He bit into his pancakes eating slowly. "Food first. Then business. Again…thank you."

Jay looks oddly at Julie and tilts his head. "Ah…was talkin' to Josh." He says again, innocently as can be. He turns back to his words with Josh and arches his brows some. "So it doesn't matter, cuz yer reply is 'trust mah judgement'?" He quirks a half smile. "You don't need t'be coma'ing for somethin' that'll be fine. /That's/ why Ah said you'd have t'wrestle me down fer it." he continues the discussion on his joke just because he can at this point. It all becomes chatter. He shrugs. "Prof's been here before, too. Sure he could drop by again."

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