1964-08-08 - Managing a Trois
Summary: Delphyne and Josie visit Babs. Plus CAKE!
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Most night were…busy things. Certain nocturnal activities held by some people tended to mean that one couldn't have the biggest of social lives after the sun went down all the time. The days however? They tended to be a little better if one could find the time. Somehow? Barbara had done just that. She'd cleaned, she'd cooked, she'd stuffed her weaponry somewhere out of sight and she'd invited a certain pair around for lunch. It wasn't anything too fancy, but it was an attempt after all. The restaurant had been nice, but likely a little…odd by the nature of its setting alone. This was ment to be comfortable and relaxing.

Yep…relaxing, that was why Babs was boiling the kettle for the sixth time as she waited for Del and Josie to arrive.

There's a knocking on the door, as Delphyne grins over at Josie. Currently the gorgon is just wearing a nice pleated skirt as well as a cheerful sky-blue blouse, rather modest but still fashionable. Then she looks over at Josie, "So yes, I ended up being chased around by ninjas on rooftops, until this other Amazon showed up to back me up. It was a bit surprising, but most welcome. But, got the item, and more importantly with this society, got paid." Her eyes seem to sparkle amusedly at that, "Making a living as a detective is interesting, to say the least."

"That's funny," Josie is replying to delphyne, her head cocked slightly to the left while she does, "Most detectives just spend their time tracking your ex's lover so you can try to get out of alimony payments." Josie shrugs at this and leans into Delphyne slightly for a second before stepping away from her. "OH well, at least it's less boring when you do it. Maybe it's because you're geen. "Josie has, perhaps unbelievably, actually dressed 'respectably'. That is to say, she dressed to match the Gorgon, though the Catholic prep school routine looks very natural on Josie. As opposed to when it's worn by a green Gorgon girl. She's even comed her hair out properly and let it loose to curl slightly as it falls down her back.

After what she'd seen at the restaurant, it might seem rather strange to see Barbara in 'casual' dress for Josie. It was only likely less-so for Delphyne in that she'd seen it before. Simple black shorts that were probably a left-over of the fading warmer weather and a dark green button-up blouse of her own decorated the redhead's form. This was her house after all, she was ment to be comfortable…but she had still tried to look neat. Moving her way over to the door, she actually pauses a little as she catches the tail-end of the conversation through the wooden barrier before she opens it with a smile. "Hopefully no Ninja attacks this evening," she jests lightly before stepping to one side. "Just lunch and cake. Come on in!" A smile to the pair, she gestures with one arm for them to enter the appartment that was probably a lot cleaner today than it had been in a very long time.

Del grins and gives a hug to Barbara, "Hey, it smells great, though I was hoping the ninjas might be after-lunch entertainment." She then reaches back towards Josie, taking her hand and squeezing lightly as she laughs a little at Josie's comment, "Yeah, for some reason I seem to be attracting the weird cases. Not sure why. Though I think I might look at some sort of partner if I keep getting more cases…" She winks at Josie with that, then looks around the apartment, whistling softly, "Nice work on the apartment. It looks amazing, Barbara."

"Yeah. A lot better than my dump," Josie agrees, looking around as she does. "And I dig the hairdo," she contiues, tilting her head slightly to theleft as she does. "Might be the same one asl ast tme, to be hones. Not that that changes anything." There's a faintly rueful smile from Josie and then she takes a deep breath, walking through the apartment with slow, purposeful strides. "Okay. Ninja, no ninja. We canworry about that after wea eat. Maybe if we give them cake they'll stop trying to fight us and everyone can be happy. I don't know. Might not be worth giving up the cake."

"After how much work it took to find the recipe and get it baking right? I think I'd rather fight the ninjas then give up the cake," Barbara shrugs, grinning a little. The comment about the apartment earns a little whince but she nods as she closes the door. "I thought it wouldn't do to have you both here trying to step over papers and takeout boxes. All things concidered." The complement from Josie is taken with a nod, even a little smile as she moves towards the kitchen. "Can I get you anything to drink? I don't really play host much…usually it's just pizza at odd hours, but we can see what we manage."

Delphyne grins, "But papers and takeout boxes are cozy, Barbara…" She looks a bit wry at the mention of odd-hours pizza, "Well, a Coke would be fine with me, I suppose." Then she looks over at Josie, "Yeah, I'm not giving my cake to some ninjas, they can get their own cake from the… ninja baker or whoever." She sounds pretty firm about that.

"RIght, we'are all agred. If Ninja attack I get all the cake," Josie replies, nodding as ifshe'd said nothing unusual. Then she tilts her head and studies Barbara briefly from eha o toe. "You look amazing by the way. ANd, um. I'm fine with acoke too. Thanks." Josie fidgets a little bit before making her way toward the nearby couch. "So I see we have something in common… The ninja thing, at least."

"I don't know about 'all'. I'd fight you for a piece. I'm tougher than I look!" she grins with an earnest humor, even flashing the clearly uncomfortable Josie a wink with her words. Banter was a good way to break the ice afterall, or at least Bab's hoped so as she poured out the soda. "I know it's not the restaurant. But I thought that maybe, if we were all going to try and make this work, Josie should see this place. you know, be as comfortable here as you are," she says with a nod to Delphyne and a gesture around. "Midnight pizza and all."

Delphyne grins, "Well, this is very true. I admit, I'm…" She blushes a bit, looking between Josie and Barbara, "I never thought to meet one person who saw past the surface, let alone two. Especially here." She looks a bit sheepish, then she raises her glass, "This is where you offer a toast, right?" She looks between the other two ladies, tilting her head curiously.

"I mean. We could do a toast," Josie agrees slowly. She looks between the other two women beore adding, "Don't expect me to come up with anything, otherwise I'll probably toast hot redheads or something," she half mutters. Babs is flashed an insouciant grin at this and she takes the soda with a quiet "Thanks" and a nod. "We never actually settled on what 'this' was going to be though. So, um. A toast to finding out what the future holds, and the people who only judge us for who we choose to be?" Josie bites her bottom lip.

"Sounds like a toast if I ever heard one," Barbara speaks as she hands out the drinks, cheeks just a little red at Josie's words in spite of herself as she moves to join the pair on the couch, sitting between them or to one side of Delphyne depending on how close the other two are already sitting together. Taking a sip from her drink she gives a shrug of her shoulders. "I…find things that I don't understand or have completely planned out on some level rarely. Usually they're…a little stressful. But this? It's…kinda exciting to see where it all leads."

Del is sitting in the middle, as she figured that would be the most likely spot for her. Then she smiles a bit, "I agree. I don't know where everything leads, but…" She clinks her glass against the other two, "Well said, Josie. Particularly regarding alluring redheads." She flashes a wink at Barbara, and gives both of you a kiss on the cheek. Josie first, then Barbara, as she says, "I think I'm willing to try just about anything." Her eyes dance a bit, as that can be taken so many different ways.

"I'm willing to try pretty much anything too," Josie agrees, nodding once at Delphyne. "Except for grapefruit. I mean, what the fuck is up with that?? Grapes are supposed to be red or green, dig? I don't even trust the blackish ones." She shrugs then, silencing herself with a gulp of soda and then takes a deep breath. "I guess we just need to- decide what we want to be." There's a pause while Josephine considers this for a second or so. "Honestly, our bed is way too big. I have no idea what Iwas thinking when I bought the fucker."

Barbara herself is a little less poised with Josie's comment. She wasn't quite so naieve as to not get the subtext of Delphyne's comment, but Josies' blunt comment has the woman suddenly coughing and holding her hand to her face as she deals with the after-effect of accidently inhaling soda through one's nose. Managing not to cough and sneeze by sheer force of will, Barbara actually takes a full moment to catch her breath before she exhales and does her best to counter. A tilt of her head and an arm resting on Delphyne's shoulder as she leans past to look at Josie a little closer. "Well…" a pause heavy with Babs' attempt at sultry. "I've rarely use mine."

Delphyne grins a bit at Josie, the fact being that Del knows Josie gets more profane when she's nervous, and also adores the fact that Josie is so direct… but when Barbara says her comment, the gorgon does a rather good impression of Babs as well, namely choking on her soda a bit as she barely avoids the spit-take. Barely. Coughing very softly once she manages to clear her throat, she looks over at Barbara, idly running a hand through the redhead's hair as she then glances back at Josie… just wondering if the bluff is going to be called.

Or even if it's really a bluff?

Even Josie is taken aback, though she covers it quickly. Both brows loft as Barbara leans toward her and she offers q uiet smile. "Well…" There's a pause while the brunette is considering this. "I'm not a redhead. But somehow I think.." She pauses for a second and then takes a deep breath. "Dinner's going to get cold." There's a half second allowed for Babs to process it, to allow their hostess's attention to be stolen away by other important things. That's when Josie leans a bit closer and kisses Babs, hard. Right on the lips. It's a little awkward, in that Delphyne would end up trapped between them, Josie's arms around her so she can place her hands on Babs' shoulders. But maybe that's half the fun? The logistics will no doubt be the subject of many future conversations.

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