1964-08-09 - Leftover Pancakes
Summary: In which Kellan has leftover pancakes and talks with Vic and Kaleb once the healin's all done.
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Everyone had finally cleared the fuck out of the apartment, leaving the twins and Vic to relax a little bit after Josh's visit. Jay likely went with Josh to see him out or something, leaving Kellan to finally come out of his room after retreating from everything for a bit, and have some of those leftover pancakes.

Vic has been his usual self all night, more or less, but as he's washing dishes, he seems to be favoring his right right shoulder. In the back, there's a little spot of red seeping through the blue fabric. "I think that went really well," he says. "I mean the difference is amazing, really."

Kaleb was balled up at the table leaving those earmuffs on. Everything was a bit too much. He occasionally snapped his fingers on the left side of his head and flinched a bit. His hearing hadn't been present naturally on his left side in several years. This was as ill-timed as it was fascinating.

Kellan reaches over and gives Kaleb's shoulder a little bit of a squeeze. He doesn't say anything to him but he keeps his voice low as he murmurs to Vic, "Yeah.. I think so." He smiles a little lopsidedly, showing some relief, especially now that things have quieted down in general. He slowly eats his way through his pancakes. He'd missed out on the eggs but there was a strip or two of bacon. As Vic turns away though, he notices that red spot and he says, "Hey… Vic.. what happened to your shoulder?"

Vic looks up and over at Kaleb, checking on him despite going on about how good everything is. He's not blind, just aware of now compared to a little while ago. Then he glances to Kellan. "Hmm? Oh, I got shot. There was a mugging, and some lady fed me a rack of lamb. That's why I was late."

Kaleb looked up to Kellan tired, and pained from so much movement in the room. He was a solitary creature but his twin was still an xtension of his own self and he felt ripped in half by someone else's process for too long. He went to eat another bite of his pancake, and froze. His eyes went to Vic and held. The reat and living hell is this?

Kellan blinks and then in a moment he's up on his feet and he's taking whatever is in Vic's hands out of them and saying, "Why didn't you say something? Did you bandage it? We should have had Josh look at it while he was here. If it's seeping we should change the bandage if there is one. Who got mugged? And who fed you lamb? When did this happen? Was it just before you got here?" Oh and there it is, the flood of questions.

Vic relinquishes the bacon pan and says, "It's mostly closed up on its own. I guess washing dishes must've opened it." There doesn't seem to be any bandage, though it's hard to tell through the shirt. "Josh looked really tired," he says, "and it'll heal on its own pretty quickly." He takes off the shirt so as not to ruin it, and sure enough, there's an entry wound from where he was shot from behind, and it's bleeding, just a trickle. It's a fresh wound, and it looks days healed already. "This guy was getting roughed up by these street toughs, and me and this powered lady went in to rescue him. I didn't see the guns til after we were in it."

Kaleb pushed himself up from the table with a wobble. His brow creased and he was, notably quiet. Kellan was asking the 82,000 questions there were to ask. Stillhis concern showed in the usual manner; not by rushing over and certainly not with any of a normal perosn's expression of compassion. He looked affronted. Someone was screwing carelessly with their people. He couldn't help Lorna; that was intangible as much as that was tearing him up, but this was a third strike at their home in one week. The sound was very faint, like a teakettle, but his glass broke in front of him as it resonated at too high a frequency for the glass to handle. His eyes had no concern for the glass though as he watched his brother move to fuss over Vic.

When Vic pulls off his shirt, Kellan examines the wound and says, "Hold still. I know you won't need it for long but I'm going to at least put a bandage on it for now so you won't ruin your shirt or anything." He turns about then to hear the glas shatter and he glances from it, to Kaleb, and then back to the glass again. "And I'll pick that up in a sec." He motions for Kaleb to relax and then he dips into the bathroom to come out with some gauze and some tape and whatever else he needs to patch Vic up. He takes no argument on this point, and makes sure that Vic has a nice clean bandage on. He then kisses his shoulder and says, "You have such a good heart. Be careful, though. I don't like anyone perforating you."

Vic starts to go for the glass to clean it up, but heeding Kellan, he settles back. There's no argument from him about getting bandaged up. "I didn't think it was all that bad but I think cooking and washing up overdid it," he says. His brow knits after the glass breaks, and he regards Kaleb with mild-eyed worry. "It's okay, Kaleb," he says softly. "It's not all that bad, and the guy we were saving got away." He proves to be a good patient, holding still while Kellan fusses. When the bandaging is done, he slips his good arm around his boyfriend and kisses him on the temple. "I'll keep a better eye out," he promises.

Kaleb sa with his eye twitching and mildly bloodshot. This was not taking it easy, but ya know, he had an investment in Vic and though Echo was usually clinical at best, his ability for concern manifested itself in its own way. When Kellan turned around and assured him to calm his tone back down there was a pause and the piercing ringing ceased a moment. Vic was too casual about this. His hands went to his face and he sighed. Finally after his fingers rubbed from his eyes to his temples to stay the many angry sounds coming out of him he asked quietly and calmly, "Vic… you ok?" The glass was left as he was bade to do.

Kellan wouldn't dare tell Vic to stop, but he is concerned that he not get grievously injured. When Vic puts his arm around him, Kellan leans into it and rests his cheek against Vic's shoulder. Promising to watch out is all he asks, and so he nods his head a bit and says, "Thank you. I worry about you." Then he looks over toward Kaleb. Pulling away from Vic only reluctantly, Kellan cleans up the glass for the moment, letting the two injured parties refrain from dealing with sharp objects. It doesn't matter that Vic can heal.

Vic regards Kaleb with caution. That voice is so quiet and calm, too much so. "Yeah," he says tentatively. "I mean no, I got shot, and it hurts and I'm still human enough to have all that flight or fight stuff going on." He drums his fingertips on the counter, distracting himself from going over to help Kellan clean up the glass. He's being good. "But, I mean, realistically, I heal fast and it's just a flesh wound. You needed the help more." He shrugs his uninjured shoulder, like that's that. What it all comes down to: Kaleb had the greater need, so Vic took a back seat. Vic-logic.

Kaleb watched Vic with a calculating stare. Drily he added, migraine withstanding, "On the upshot, Kellan, you're up 1 of 3. VIc wasn't stolen. Really, VIc, I think we need to bring downthe threat level for our damn team. This isn't fair to Kellan."

Kellan is worried about Vic, but at the same time, he doesn't know what to do to help any more than he does with Kaleb, and so he cleans, and gets rid of the glass, and tries to reduce what small danger that he can in an effort to do something that is within his power to control — which is not much. There's a glance shot over to Kaleb that is almost unreadable, but it's trying to hide concern, for both of them, as best he can. Finally he returns and he inserts himself against Vic's side under that good arm again, just holding onto him for a little bit.

"I'll be more careful about running into danger," Vic says with painful sincerity. Oh, he's going to run into danger, but he'll look for guns first. He waits til Kellan is done with the glass before wrapping him carefully in a hug. "I'm okay," he says quietly. "I'm just going to lay down for a bit and rest, all right? Make sure it doesn't tear open." Looking to Kaleb, he adds, "You're right." Sure, keep telling Kaleb stuff like that, Vic.

Kaleb relaxed slightly and nodded in agreement with Vic. "Well yeah. I am. Not always, but right now yes." He sat up a scant bit straighter and combed his hair out of his eyes with his fingers. His eyes drift back to Kellan picking up what he was laying down. Nothing was alright. At Vic's thought of laying down he said what could only be done in reference to Kellan, "Good idea VIc. You guys go relax a bit, and we'll stay here." For multiple values of Kellan.

Kellan hugs Vic tightly, though from the uninjured side and he says quietly, "As long as you're more careful." He leans up to steal a kiss before saying, "I'll come join you in a few." He shakes his head a little bit to Kaleb. It seems he plans to stay for a few more minutes and then go curl up with Vic, perhaps to rest, himself after he finishes off the remainder of his breakfast.

Kaleb watched but dropped his eyes to the table. It wasn't he ever cared about the PDA, he just really missed Lorna and blamed himself for dropping the ball. Everything hurt still. His ears, sure he was used to that. These feelings things were new. It itched. Jay was right, it was itchy and terribly unpleasant. WHy couldn't she just be okay? Looking up to Kellan he assured, "I'll be alright. Go."

Vic slips into the bedroom. Truth be told his shoulder does ache, and he needs a little nap. He closes the door quietly behind him, and curls up, soon to be snoozing.

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